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Restaurant Zim Sum @ Macalister Road, Penang

Restaurant Zim Sum in Penang is indeed a famous place for Dim Sum. I was told by my dad that they are the old operater that used to operate the kopitiam opposite KDU, over past 2 years they have move to this new premises and they are well known for cheap dim sum in Penang. One good thing about this dim sum place is that they are pack with variety and I really mean lots of variety. I remember that…

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Foo Hing Dim Sum @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

After heavy drinking a night before, on the  next day, Foo Hing Dim Sum is one of the recommendation to hunt for dimsum. Apparently that, my friend, May told me Fong Hing Dim Sum is her favourite place for dim sum and currently one of the famous dim sum place in Bandar Puteri,Puchong. I am surprise on the place is pack with people and to take number to queue for a table. There are tons of tarts and only was…

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I Love Yum Cha (我愛飲茶) @ Plaza Menjalara, Kepong

I seldom explore Kepong side, as if I do go around that area, I also always go back to the same few old places. I have pass this area a few times and this outlet I love Yumcha certainly do stand out compare to the rest of the eatery around the area with their bright red signage. From the moment you enter this outlet, you know that their concept is totally different compare to other places around the area.I am…

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Enjoying My Dim Sum Buffet – RM 88++ @ Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial KL

Its been a while since I last eat my dim sum and I did crave for it recently just that did not manage to find friends to go along with me as when I wake it is already about brunch time and my friends already have different cravings at that time. Then a few friends invited me along to go makan makan with them and of course I would follow suit as they did mention that recently Celestial Court Chinese Restaurant, Sheraton…

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Restaurant Oriental Maju Palace @ Maju Junction Mall

I have know this mall Maju Junction, and never step foot into this mall before. Last round nearly ended here for a review on Pizza and last minute I have to work then I have to skip. This round, we are here to hunt for dim sum. I was a bit skeptical when Chris told me Restaurant Oriental Maju Palace  a pork free restaurant. Mostly for dim sum, in my mind pork is needed as I have tried a few…

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Best Dim Sum at Foh San (富山) @ Ipoh

Road trip for food is definitely fun, especially when you go with a bunch of all hungry eaters that are responsible to eat and pay only, as on the way up north to Penang, we decided to do a little food hunt in Ipoh for early breakfast at Foh San (富山), and I have dine before at Ming Court Dim Sum which is quite disappointing  . .This round, we all agree to try out the famous Foh San Dim Sum which I heard so…

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