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Seni Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice @ Brickfields, KL

I was introduce by my friend that the original Seni Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice is hidden inside Brickfields. The heart of Little India in KL. He mention that, currently this is one of his favourite place for this Indian Curry Claypot rice that brings a satisfactory kick to him. A place which is rather newly operated which is about 9 months old and did ask the owner on the other outlet mention by other media platform. He mention that that…

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Chef Lim Organic Kitchen @ Scotts Garden, Old Klang Road

How  many of you will turn down a review or when a friend ask you to eat vegetarian or organic food? For me, I its a new discovery, cuz often on the month of Nine Emperor festival its very hard for me to locate nice organic or vegetarian place in KL as not as widely celebrated compare to Penang whereby alot of vegetarian stalls are set up every where. Chef Lim Organic Kitchen. [Update Jan 2014: close Down] Nevertheless, I had…

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Shin Yu Japanese & Chinese Healthy Restauran @ Taman Maluri, Cheras

During this season, if you are craving for Japanese food, this is the restaurant that you should be looking for. My very first time encounter Vegetarian Japanese Restaurant. A Japanese sushi menu. While I was looking at the menu, then do not know what to order and I ask the person to introduce me what is their signature then she request me to try out ‘Shin Yu Sushi’. Even though the structure doesnt look nice but it was something that…

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Loving Hut @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

This week I have been actively google up a few places to eat for vegetarian and this is one of the restaurant that attracted my attention. With a nice cosy interior and a another style of serving Vegetarian food that set food in one of my food hunting area, Bandar Puteri. As usual, this area is always alot of cars but nothing to worry much as there are alot of parking space available. To pay the ticket is up to…

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Yuet Sum Hin Vegetarian Restaurant @ Jalan Pudu, KL

For the first round I didn’t manage to find this restaurant as double K’s told me is along that stretch of Public bank and just right beside it. I have turn in rounds to make sure the place or I wasn’t too concentrate on searching. After the very next day I told them they said cannot be what, then only realize that the last time the dine was few years back. Maybe change location or Chap lap liau (bankrupt). Google…

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Kechara Oasis New Age Vegetarian Cuisine @ Jaya One, PJ

Today was a special day, suddenly a person treat us to eat. So happily we search for a nice Vegetarian restaurant to eat. While browsing through, then my friend was looking through at a list of restaurant and ask me to check with her and suddenly I saw this name, Kechana which I remember a few blogger had review on this place before. So quickly check it out and yes, it was the place that they have review before, so…

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