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Hakka Marble Restaurant @ Taman Bukit Anggerik, Cheras

My friend recently introduce me to this classic Hakka food in Cheras, Hakka Marble Restaurant 美浩天 at Taman Bukit Anggerik, Cheras. Run by a few family members and their food range is pretty limited. The whole menu is on the wall and there are a few signature item to hit on. One thing I like is their vinegar. Fragrant, and taste pretty good. One of the classic dish that must not miss if you dine in any hakka restaurant place…

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Top 3 China Spicy Hotpot in Sunway Velocity

It seems that now Sunway Velocity is becoming like a mini ChinaTown. It turns out to be alot of China Hotpot is operating in this area and there are more popping up over next few months. I have been to both outlet a few times except Chuan Chuan. 1: Xiao Long Kan Hotpot 小龙坎重庆老火锅 Standing tall in the list is this place that stood top in my list. One of the best China Szechuan hotpot in this area or easily…

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Harriston Signature Chocolate @ Cheras

Being a Malaysian, I am quite surprise that there is actually a hidden chocolate factory that produce quite good Malaysian Chocolate that symbolize A Unique Malaysian Chocolate Experience. Harriston Signature Chocolate located in Cheras is one a major hive for tourist as they serve 8 millions customer a year. That is massive for a local brand. In tourism sector, Harriston Signature Chocolate is one of a Malaysian souvenir to be brought back to their home country as well known for…

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Xiao Long Xing Jiang Hu Malat Hotpot @ Sunway Velocity

Their new shop name is currently known as Xiao Long Xing Jiang Hu instead of the famous Xiao Long Kan at Sunway Velocity. updated 19th May: I was told by my friend that Xiao Long Kan in Sunway Velocity is not original and it is a copy cat. I was told Xiao Long Kan Original Brand going to open first outlet in Penang then Bukit Bintang. So went to check them out on 25th May 2019 and indeed they have…

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Spag & Ju’s @ Sunway Velocity

I guess many people like me will read this place as SpagJus or I might be wrong as when you come closer to their outlet then known as Spag & Ju’s in Sunway Velocity. Honestly, they are great peeps as I have seen them grow from Food truck which they gave me strong support in my event back in my past previous job. Today they are now operating food kiosk in major malls by serving all of us their signature…

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Chicken Plus finally landed in Malaysia @ Sunway Velocity

One of a upcoming prominent in Korea that currently is in massive expansion mood in the country, have about 100 outlets across Korea. Not only that, as Chicken Plus finally landed in Malaysia at Sunway Velocity being their first outlet and there will be more to come  as they are aggressively expanding in Malaysia too. It was election week and while returning to KL and craving for Fried Chicken, then stumble upon this outlet that it is new and running…

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