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Nam Heong Ipoh

Nam Heong Ipoh had become one of a home brand that me and my friends do know about especially when it comes to visit Ipoh. Famous for their coffee and egg tart. However, over the years, they have spread their wings around Klang Valley and with their latest Nam Heong outlet in 1 Utama into their latest addition. Good news is that Just flash this discount code MLINGTFL or screen shot to get 10% discount I still remember, I came across…

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MONTT Restaurant @ Puchong Utama

At times we are just too lazy to drive all the way to KL for certain occasions and just wish to find some where near for nice dining. MONTT Restaurant & Bar located in Puchong Utama is one of a restaurant and bar that you can look forward to. Ambiance that had been done up tastefully luxury for Puchong neigbourhood. Ample of parking space and Valet available for those of you whom wish to park right at the door step.…

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Foo Hing Dim Sum @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

After heavy drinking a night before, on the  next day, Foo Hing Dim Sum is one of the recommendation to hunt for dimsum. Apparently that, my friend, May told me Fong Hing Dim Sum is her favourite place for dim sum and currently one of the famous dim sum place in Bandar Puteri,Puchong. I am surprise on the place is pack with people and to take number to queue for a table. There are tons of tarts and only was…

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Texas Chicken – NEW BIG DEALS starting from RM 3.80

Fried Chicken is our most common food in Malaysia. Being one of our favourite brand, Texas Chicken now launched a new range of New Big Deals which is light meals starting from RM 3.80. Certainly it is good for someone whom is light eater or quick meals. Sometimes, I would prefer something light and these certainly would be a great options.. There are 6 choices for us to choose from: Each of it have 2 choices. Starting from: Japanese Roasted…

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Donutes @ Puchong Jaya

I still remember a few years ago when Donutes open its door to public  back in 2013 that marks them the first outlet in Malaysia, they were on the hype as one of a bakery cafe that started off with 24 hours cafe operational and won many of the neighborhood crowd to hang around there. Only then I realise it is actually a Taiwanese brand. Donuts established in the year of 1989 in Gao Xiong, Taipei, where they started as…

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Top 5 Eatery at Bukit Puchong

It had been a while since I last surveyed and look into property industries till recently, I have been actively observing around. Economic are bad and many developer had hold on their launch, however there are those few development that have completed their handover to new owners. There are serveral new township been born over the past few years. Bukit Puchong is one of them where Epic Residence is one of the finishing project with handover keys soon to the…

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