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Pork Satay at Puribambu Family Restaurant @ Bandung, Indonesia

Another outlet I found out during my trip to Bandung on Jan 2015 is this place which is recommended by many, with its well know Pork Satay. Puribambu family restaurant which is not too far away from Rumah Mode and it is certainly worth a visit. Could not eat much as this was the 4th location right after a few meals and tried their signature – Sekra @ RP 37,500 (RM12.50) . Pungent in flavour with a good mix of…

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Sukha Delights @ Ruko Paskal Hyper Square, Bandung

When I reach Bandung, my best friend insisted that I need to visit this shop – Sukha Delights which she rate at that moment is one of the best shop that serve Patisserie, Boulangerie, and Croissanterie. Not too sure about now if there is any shop which is better than this as this is much a backdated post as I visited Bandung again on Jan 2015. Indeed the place here is very nice, as on this narrow walkway with 3 tables at…

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Badung Bar & Restaurant – San Miguel @ Bandung, Indonesia

During last night of my stay in Bandung, my friend brought us to Badung Bar & Restaurant that I believe San Miguel is their main beer in this outlet. As my friend told me that this is their latest hangout spot that newly opened end of last year and its already famous among its neighborhood. It was weekdays and it consider it alot people . . Will walk in and at the side its filled with greens. . and this place…

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Chill and enjoy the breeze at The Valley Bistro Cafe & Bistro Hotel @ Bandung, Indonesia

In KL I have never been to Lookout Point before where so many bloggers had blog bout it, yet still have not find a time to head there. . . .During my last trip, I believe this place would be similar to Lookout Point, where is called The Valley Bistro Cafe & Bistro Hotel located at northen Dago area, Bandung. This is one of a famous restaurant especially to couples that filled with very romantic ambiance, open air concept where…

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Taliwang Bersaudara, Masakan Khas Sasak @ Bandung, Indonesia

One of the local delights that I keep bugging my friend to bring me is one of their favourite shop that serve super spicy food which I did not know until I have tasted it. Taliwang Bersaudara The restaurant deco feels a bit modernise kampung style with wooden walls. . . . as most of the people here eating with hands with more towards their culture and did not really switch on fan also . . Bamboo partition, ceiling deco and chairs with wooden…

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Bandung Food Hunt –> Surabi Imut –> Siagian, Pork Warung

After our sightseeing from Tangkuban Perahu, which a place to visit inactive volcano at Bandung, then on the way back to Bandung Town, my friend introduce this stall which is one of her favourite eatery place that I said I want to eat Local delights only. Bandung Food Hunt Surabi Imut known as one of their local delights that origins from the West Java. On that side, this little snacks are only available in 2 flavours, sweet surabi and Surabi Oncom.…

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