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Malaysian Theme Park – Sunway Lagoon, Legoland & MAPS

Travellers come to Malaysia for a few reason. Of course with our great tall iconic towers like KLCC and KL Towers is one of a few main architecture attraction. Besides that, Famous street food in the city like Jalan Alor captures a lot attention too. Other than those usual things to do, Malaysia is also well known for Theme parks too such as a few main ones like Sunway Lagoon, Legoland & MAPS. Some is located within Kuala Lumpur itself…

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Legoland Malaysia @ Nusajaya, Johor

Legoland. Who is not a fan of Lego? I believe most kids would wish to have a set of it even when I was a kid. Great news was when it was first announce a few years back that it did make a buzz that finally a theme park that is what Malaysia need instead of those tons of water theme park that keep rising that do not make any special attraction at all. Still Sunway Lagoon top in the…

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汶強粿條仔 Restoran Woon Kiang (Kway Teow Kia) @ Stulang, Johor

As usual, as we head to some where new, the first thing that lock in our mind is where can we find good food? Then I called up my best friend and ask her on where to get good meal. One of her highly recommended place is this Restaurant Woon Kiang that serve very good Kway Teow Kia, that is one of a signature food in Johor according to her. Without any hesitation, we Google up and found the place.…

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Johor Premium Outlets (JPO)

When you heading down to Johor, I am sure many of you heard about this place – Johor Premium Outlets that sells alot of branded item at a warehouse price in the mammoth Iskandar Project which is coming up drastically. This huge outlet is located at Kulaijaya district that is accessible by the Indahpura Interchange of the Second Link Expressway and the North-South Expressway Southern Route. Reading an article in Google, this outlet had made a mark to become the first…

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Amansari Residence Resort @ Johor

Since year 2014 is Cuti Cuti Malaysia year and my first short trip of the year over weekend is heading down to Johor and head to one of our first of its kind theme park, Legoland, and I have decided to stay over at Amansari Residence Resort which is know as one of a premium hotels in Johor Bahru and its situated and surrounded by middle and high-end residential housing within the Eastern Gate Development Zone of Iskandar Development Region. The place is…

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Relax & lets Golfing at Pulai Spring Resort @ Johor

Last holiday, all of us went for a road trip to Johor and upon arrival we check into our first hotel Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa which is a beach resort with superb room and view. . Pulai Spring Resort Then second day as we head to city area, we check into our second hotel at Pulai Spring Resort nearby Johor town . .One of the reason we get this hotel because its not too expensive for a 5 star hotel and…

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Best ever Malay Food – Kampung style home-cook @ Johor

To further our experience in Johor, things got more interesting after we have check into our lovely hotel Pulai Desaru Beach Resort then most of our schedule for the day got arrange by the hotel person, as we requested something unique. . . Then we were brought to this lovely kampung (village) after 35 minutes ride from the hotel which is quite a journey . .. Honestly, this is my very first time visit a rumah kampung that I step…

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Holiday gateway to Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa @ Johor

What did you do during last week of Malaysia Day? I guess some of you will have plans as its a bit long weekend for us. As for me, me and my friends heading wayyy south to Johor for holiday which by far the furthest I have travel down south is only Melaka. Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa All of us work hard, just that once a while, we need to take a break, to cool us down, chill…

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