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Pulau Redang

Redang Bay Food

In our package to Redang, food was included. Can say that the food is worst than the food in my company canteen. Arrival of Day 1 lunch: The vegie is tasteless. Have to add soy sauce on myself to bring up the taste a bit. The fish is not really fresh and the tomato in the meal is just more like a decoration rather than the taste. Fried Wantan with our rice?seems abit weird. Eating more of the skin rater…

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Island Escape Pulau Redang

At last or Finalllllyyyyy, I am going to Pulau Redang. Been talking bout this trip since college time and always the timing is no ngam. When the time was right, the group that I planned with they FFK me…Did not inform me and went themselves few years back. I was lucky, got to go with my friends that get to know not long ago~ I didn’t sleep alot as have to wake up at 3am and catch the shuttle bus…

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~~ Under the Sea ~~

It has been quite a while since I last went to snorkelling and this is the famous Marine Park nearby Redang Island whereby the most satisfying so far. The amount of fishes they have there at least it looks like a ocean and something to look for. FISHES~ To get a pack of the bread to feed the fish cost RM1 only to lure the fish to take pic with you. If I am not mistaken I still think that…

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