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Hadongkwan serve traditional Gomtang @ Myeongdong, Seoul

Woke up early around 9 am and 2 minutes walk from my hotel to this famous place Hadongkwan serve traditional Gomtang in Myeongdong, Seoul for breakfast. A restaurant that serve this for more than 80 years and have rich history that is well know to both locals and tourist diners. It is actually beef porridge Korean version. Their menu is very simple. ONLY 4 item. We have to order 3 portion as they have minimum spending too.  this is one…

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Cafe Bora カフェボラ – Purple Bingsu @ Bukchon Village, Seoul

I was told that if I do visit this area, Bukchon Village or Samcheong-dong, I must drop by at Cafe Bora カフェボラ which is one of the latest hype in Seoul over last summer. What I found out is that this little cafe, product most of their item in purple sweet potato and also in limited quantity. Bora also means purple where you can see that most of their item are in purple. To spot this place is pretty hard…

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Menon Pink House @ Hongdae, Seoul

Menon Pink House is another cafe located in Hongdae or Hongik University that my sister wanted to come because of the colour theme and their pastries. To me, it seems that brand and cafe collaborate as this outlet is known  as MENON x VANT 36.5. Slightly luxury look as this outlet divided into 2 levels. Ground – cafe , 1st Floor – VANT 36.5 (so it turns out to be a cosmetic brand cross over with this cafe as in level one,…

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Stylenanda Flagship Store Hongdae, Seoul

Stylenanda Hongdae Flagship Store Hongdae or Hongik University (스타일난다 홍대점) is one of the latest shop that operate not too long since last year. For Stylenanda Pink Hotel at Myeongdong Outlet (click here) Another pretty cool building opposite them. In this outlet, they do have a photobooth for you to take picture too. Felt that the clothes here are nicer compare to Myeongdong Outlet or maybe is because of the brand KKXX, also the price is quite reasonable too for…

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Stylenanda Pink Hotel in Myeongdong

Stylenanda Pink Hotel in Myeongdong, Seoul (스타일난다 – 명동점) is one of the place that my sister keep bugging me to drop by. It is one of a famous cosmetic brands among the younger crowd known as 3CE. Located in the heart of Myeongdong which is not too hard to find. The decor of this shop is rather cool. Interior that give me the vibe of classy hotel in New York back in the 70’s and this shop is 6…

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Onion Cafe @ Seongsu-dong, Seoul

Seoul, still remains one of my favourite city to go back. If you are a cafe hopper, Cafe scene in Seongsudong or Seongdong-gu remains as one of the upcoming local hipster cafe joint that is popping up like mushroom. In the area, Onion Cafe remain one of the top choices for many local visitor because of the structure and also the serve one of the best pastries in the area. Currently this area is also known as Brooklyn of Seoul.…

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