Ishin Japanese Dining @ Old Klang Road

Ishin Japanese Dining is still one of my favourite Japanese restaurant in Old Klang Road till date, if you are willing to dig slightly deeper into your pocket. Over the years, their quality is still remains the same. Consistency and quality had always remain their priority.

Ishin (1)

This round we are seated upstairs as downstairs is full with customers for a Tuesday night. Quite impressive.

Ishin (2)

Ishin (3)

Ishin (4)

Moving to ala carte this round and start to hit onto Tatami Iwashi – Grilled baby Sardine @ RM 22. If you do have a glass of sake, this would be perfectly paired. it is so fragrant and crispy every bite.

Ishin (5)

Ishin (6)

Next is one of my favourite – Chuka Kurage – Marinated Jelly Fish @ RM 13. Fresh and refreshing. Just perfect.

Ishin (7)

Then we next move to Sashimi Moriawase @ RM 80 – 5 types of sashimi. Worth the order as every piece is fresh. Clam is awesome as comes with slight chewy texture and dip with some fresh wasabi is perfect!

Ishin (8)

Ishin (9)

Ishin (10)

Double Boil Toro Soup – Clear Soup with Toro and mushroom @ RM 61. this is indeed quite a unique soup as this is a seasonal item. Broth is thick and goie. Indeed quite special as the thick soup is pack with flavour.

Ishin (12)

Ishin (11)

For clear soup, then Dobin Mushi – Tea Pot Clear Soup @ RM 30 is quite good. simple, spot on with prawn, mushroom and fish bone flavour, a drip of lime enhance the soup to another level.

Ishin (13)


Ishin (14)

Teriyaki lamb

Ishin (15)

Gindara Teriyaki – Grilled Cod Fish with Teriyaki Sauce @ RM 72

Ishin (16)

Cheese Bakes Scallop one of a must order item .

Ishin (17)

Teppanyaki Seafood

Ishin (18)

Fresh Corn from Japan, is white, fresh, juicy, and SWEET! I can just have 3 of this

Ishin (19)

Ending our meal with Unagi Avocado Oshizushi – Unagi Box Sushi with avocado @ RM 51. eel grill to perfection, meat is soft tender and juicy.

Ishin (20)

Ishin (21)

Phoenix Roll – Fried Breaded Tiger Prawn Wrapped in Avocado @ RM 40

Ishin (22)

First time had this Fresh Japanese Grapes. Love the after taste dryness of it and it is indeed quite huge, very sweet and fresh too.

ISHIN Japanese Dining
No. 202, Persiaran Kelang Off 3 3/4,
Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 KL.
Business hours: 12pm- 3pm, 6pm-1am (kitchen closes at 10pm)

Tel: 03 7980 8228

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