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September 2009

Restaurant Rebung Chef Ismail @ Bangsar Park

Quite some time ago, we went to this place for lunch with the purpose of getting back an item from them. Their chef was selection on a mission to Africian countries to promote Malaysian food. Therefore, since it was a selected chef to promote Malaysian food on another country, thought that it would be nice and we decided to give it a try. In this restaurant was located on another side of Bangsar which I never pass by also. Quite…

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Prewedding Film – Imagine by Susanto Widjaja

Recently been looking alot on photography pictures till my friend email me this link. I think this video now had been widely circulated and this guy Susanto Widjaja surely deserved to get the 2 Australian Awards for his work creativity. A great piece of work of videography and how his idea of the whole wedding shot with this MV like video is surely impressive. I could say that I am a fan of this video. Its a sweet video that…

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A Perfect Gateway

Genre: Drama/ Horror/ Mystery/ Thriller From a famous actress of Resident Evil that caught my attention to watch this movie. Thought it would be another impact geng chow killing movie. It was about a couple that just got married and went to Hawaii for honeymoon turns out to be. . . . . the killer themself. The whole movie, we thought that it was another couple but it was pretty boring though. Talk all the way and the action just…

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Accident Movie

Genre: Action/ Thriller The show is about a group of assassin being paid to kill selected target. The group was lead by Louis Khoo and he is the mastermind behind all the ‘Accidents’. All the target that got killed was plan accordingly to happen like an accident. During middle of an assassination, an accident happened that killed one of his team member… People that who eat chili know what is spicy being very suspicious that he thought the accident happen…

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Portuguese Grill @ Food Court, Mid Valley

Mid Valley is one of the central location that everyone would go. I have recently just discover that, this place is actually hidden in one of the Food Court in the mall. Little did I know that, the price is cheap yet the food is nice is located in this food court that I only walk through once till my friend actually bring me to this place. One of the stalls that actually with a grill stove like that and…

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Penang Village @ Times Square, KL

Few weeks ago, I was station to work in one of the retailing outlet in KL. Manage to ask my friend to have lunch with me. So this shop was selected. Without hesitation we walked in quickly as the shop looks nice. Penang is one of the Malaysian choice to eat but this shop. Doubt it. Since there is a set lunch, of course would try out their package. The chicken is over fried and abit hard on the crust.…

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