I was sitting in my room on Sunday afternoon then saw on my phone rang…with this person punya name appear. Then pick up and kena ask..woi…doing what tonight. Kia go concert…then I was like ha.. ApA concert? Air Supply..*I nearly fainted cuz its like ah pek and auntie go one and their songs like I only know 2 or 3 songs but what the heck, just go la since its invites from Wilson and going Genting sounds like a good choice. On the way there, Wilson was like, hrmm..don wan fast fast watch ah, don know when got chance liau. Then I was like agree to his statement also la.

On that night up in the hills, I just enjoy my time there with strong wind and clear sky can see through the whole KL is just so beautiful. All the pictures I have to steal from him as we thought cannot bring our camera in so I left my camera in his car. Mana tau when went it, all those crowds equip themself with camera. Deng!!! Miss the chance.

Here we are going into the whole of darkness.

Wilson and me
Of course we have to camwhore abit before going in. Guess now this is the trademark of holding tickets with a post behind..kekek
Usually a concert will start off with a special guest on itself but that night when the Emcee annouce that a guy Eric Lim(if not mistaken) will be the special guest from Malaysia, all of us were puzzle that har..who is this guy la…. with the ppl behind us also wondering. Amazingly, he surprise all of the crowd with his good voice. Another upcoming local artist.

The first few songs there were like only 1 guy singing and till I asked Wilson, ‘oi, izint that there is two people on the group eh? then where is the other guy till he pointed to me..the guy with the guitar..alamak.. I thought he was the guitarist for the night.’

They sing all their oldies and hitz song.

I was amazed by the lighthing of the stage. Tell you, that I am totally impress.

The ending part which the song that I surely know but I don know what is the song title..keke. The concert is like about 75 minutes but I respect both of them. With their age, they are still able to perform and sing so well, makes the crowd go crazee and even some of them shouted ‘ I Lurrrveeeee youuuuu’…. The old and young enjoying themselves except me. The blur blur person sitting there yawning cuz do not know their songs. Now I know that why some people don enjoy because they don know.

I enjoyed myself towards the end end part. It was a great show they have put up to 90% capacity. Air Supply really rocks the whole arena. It was another total different atmosphere and enviromont compare to other concerts that I have been to.

Wilson, Have to kam sia you.


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