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Kafe Strawberry Fields

Heee, at last I have decided to try the cafe next to this duck rice last weekend that I always eat which is one of my Favourite stall. Heard by my friends and colleague saying that the food next door is quite nice, so me and my friend decided to give it a try. The cafe definitely have nice ambiance as that day was a match of ManU against ManC. Quite a nice place to watch football also. Never really…

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Mamma Mia! The Smash Hit Musical

Hee, when I came to work and stand on the reception area in the morning checking out on the front page newspaper and the poster caught my eyes.’ Mama Mia’. Quickly read thru it and I am so happy when I saw the column saying that Mama Mia have extra shows. Quickly back to my cubicle called a few of my friends to check on them whether are they still interested. Getting very nervous and anxious siting in front of…

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  This is another show that I watched last week. During movie day and it was lucky that I watch it on that day. Honestly its kinda boring show as for the first half hour because it is in mandarin also. It is because the show is about how the kids grow up in Wushu School in China and participate in the reginal competition and gain their entry to Sports school. One of their senior went off track from Wushu…

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Sony Vio IRO Code Game

I just got send a link by don know who. its a game currently Sony is doing. Well, me never believe myself in winning this kind of thing but no harm trying. I wantttt Sonny Viooo…Its just so nice.(craving for it) Guys, click to join me.;)…

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Bolt Movie 3D

Last week I watched the movie Bolt when it got release. watched with the 3-D version..The glasses are so cool. Now i believe pixar is moving into the direction of 3-D animation with most of their upcoming movie are available in 2 versions. 2-D and 3-D with all their preview in 3-D version which is pretty cool. This picture the quality of the colours are so fine and so nice. For this movie, i would only recommend to watch in…

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Crazee Weekend

Har, guess that i am goin to continue what i left behind 2 years ago when i said i wanna start blooging, by thatt time just write 1 paragraph, find it kinda lame…. Y back here, cuz next month would be a kinda free month for me, workload had decrease alot so learn back what a blogging world does. let me start by this week. A busy week for me that i have done shopping(warehouse sale shopping) week and party…

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