This afternoon while waiting for Tatt they all to reach the jetty, I was sitting down with the guide and asking him where got nice food. So this were the place for dinner which he claim to be very very nice. Lunch was so so but he mention alot about this, so decided to go along with his recommendation.

When we reached the shop, we feel damm hot even though it was cloudy that day but still hot. Inside the shop is even worst. Its like hell, whereby inside is like oven. Usually you will see a coffee shop that all the stalls are arrange in L shape or most of them store inside but this, the hawker are store all outside it that had cover outside air to come in. With most of the stores that are cooking at that time and the heat that came in is just hot and bloody warm.

The moment we went in, we were like wanted to get out ASAP. Doesnt feel comfortable but then just go along with it since the guide had promote so much bout this shop.

This is a very safe restaurant to save your ass with pisau Parang. Whereby you will just eat lah dulu…then bayar kemudian. The next thing you know was your bill is so much high!

This is what I have order, ‘Air Limau Kasturi’. I like the taste alot as the first mouth it is a quench thrist drink. Very refreshing. Quite thick in flavour enough cold and perfect to drink in such environment. RM2

‘Mee Soto’ which cost RM 3. I just feel weird on the taste or maybe I had just eat before a nicer 1. To compare it with what I ate in Jakarta or Ayem Penyet is quite much diff. 3 tastes different. The soup base is lack of salt, the taste I just feel something is not there. Don know what.

‘Nasi Dagang’ which cost Rm5 turn out to be the most disastrous which was highly recommended by the guide, which turn out to be a piece of shit ass dish. Most of the ppl ordered this and my buddy Tatt who bite on the first mouth of this and asked me, Bok…this call hoh chiak ah? I asked him back..Beh ki meh? Then you eat and see…After I eat I have no comment and faster faster cancel my order. The worst food of the trip!!!! Its plain. Tasteless. Curry is like water, color red is just the color. One word for this. Shit ass dish!

For me, I don always order the best food, only order 1 and try the rest. So this was in my order which is ‘Nasi Minyak’ RM5. There is no flavor in there, tasteless just like white rice. Just looks good on the whole thing yet another disappointed dish~

So I ended up order, ‘Nasi Beriani Ayam’ which I always thought, worst come to worst this would be alrite. Mana I tau, I am just speechless. The meal is far most worst than the 1 in the afternoon. So much lack of the spice in the rice, no keharum’ness in the rice, the chicken is over fried which make the meat near solid hard whereby you can take and throw a dog the dog also soink~ and the amazing thing cost RM7.

The whole meal taken by the guide which he introduce to us just SUCKS and far the worst meal ever. We all assume that, just he wanted to earn commission and promote the wrong thing to the wrong ppl. So this ended up the review they gonna get. Disastrous food so far.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 1/10 , -BANNED, Will NEVER go and WIll never INTRODUCE~

–WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

AZ Selera Timur
47, Jalan Hiliran Masjid,
21000 Kuala Terengganu.

Tel: 09-6231902


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