During my very first visit to Solaris where I was hunting for a restaurant to make a dinner arrangement, this shop had caught my attention from the first time I was there. Written on the shop which serve Croatian restaurant that create curiosity in me that wonder how the food taste like, till 2 weeks ago, got an invite from Guldip-Alice George Communication to get a review on that restaurant. I was excited and no matter what, will try to make my way there on that day.

Now it’s a good news for smokers that the restaurant had extended its dining area to outdoor.

Very nice and cozy interior in the area and we were seated we were told that we will be seated upstairs.

When I first reach there, I was like wow, how many people la tonite..so long table. It was nicely prepared and decorated where it was suppose to be.

More bloggers arrive, and this is the first time I see many people that I have not met before. Totally another brand new group to me but I am sure I recognize a few, and exchanges name and website only realize that, I know them online or cyber world cuz I do read their blogs.

A lil intro on this young pretty girl that is Dina, which is the owner (chef’s daughter) and the one that operating the whole restaurant which involves on company events, private functions, marketing which anything that related to the restaurant. Her dad is the head chef that preparing most of the good food.

Start off with a brief introduction and remarks by Alice George (the PR company) and Dina telling us some little history of herself and the restaurant.Actually the restaurant was name after a city in Croatia which represents their country and the place that they were from which I thought a good idea. Without the explanation I thought it was just a name created by them.
Giving our full attention to what they are saying.

The very next thing that I notice that, there is a waitress keep bringing up this mock tails and cocktails and was served on the table. Another cup filled with straws were sitting next to it. After a brief introduction on the drinks then we were told to try out the drinks by passing around. I was like huh? Like dat also can argh? Izint that is gonna be 10 people’s sliver in there? Stunned me a moment but what they heck. Just try la.

Cranberry Palmer
Blueberry Smoothies
Ananas Refresher
Macha Soy Milk Blended
Mummy’s Hope

Malibu Surf
Peacharita Croatia
Tito’s Foo Foo Drink
Croatian Limoncello Margarita
Adriatic Mudslide

I cant remember how the taste, taste like already by trying 10 drinks in a row by just a sip, the memory of recalling it back iziint so strong, but there are some of the drinks I remembered that, 1 do taste like bubble gum, cough medicine, Sunkist or lime.

In the first page of the menu shows the city of itself Dubrovnik, it’s a wonderful city if you Google it up.

‘Prawn Orzo’ is the very first dish that been serve looks quite normal to me. What we have been told, orzo is a type of rice pasta. I thought it was Risotto. To me it looks the same but I have underestimated this dish. To my surprise, it looks simple, when you the first bite is put into your mouth and the very first bite, aroma of the orzo just burst into wonderful flavor in your mouth. The orzo was cook evenly with the tomato which had soak well with the orzo that make it such effect.The prawns were fresh and accommodate well with the dish. I like it a lot.

It was not in the menu yet, in review state and were ask should she include in the menu, I gave 2 thumbs up for that. Yes! She should.

Another simple dish ‘Spaghetti ala Buzara’. This round I am not going to underestimate this but I was like ha why Olio Aglio. A simple dish that indulge with white wine base, garlic, chopped parsley that created out something simple yet nice.

‘Lamb Peka’ the next hit dish. It looks like the documentary filming in Mongolia that they eat this with goat cheese and by just looking them how they eat, I am hungry and now here I am eating something similar.

I was thought to get those ribs area or the bone area which is always the best part. So my aim is on that fine pieces of the ribs area. Let me tell you, I love the lamb meat a lot. As the lamb aroma is there which is izint too cook, juicy with tender meat. Yummm~

‘Cream Spinach’ which is served as side dish, it accompany well with the lamb. Something a bit creamy, cheesy milky type with greenery in it, goes well with the burger too.

Sauteed Mushrooms with Vegetable was cook till the mushroom taste arise and soak with the vegetable. Not a bad one.

‘Gratinated Jacket Potatoes’ something which is not bad that was baked with herbs.

The ‘Mini Lamb Burger’ reminds me of the show White Castle which is one of a fast food chain from US that serve mini burger. The lamb patty is thick and was grilled well, filled with a minu cube of cheeze too in the middle. . As the serving itself it taste not bad and it would have been even better if it is alil more juicy.

If you are looking for something light in taste, then ‘Sautéed Mushroom’ is the recommended choice.

I love this a lot or maybe I haven’t eat lasagna in a while. Love the taste as it is very cheesy and there are 2 version of it. One is lamb and one is beef. I cannot differentiate which is which as both tastes about the same but I still enjoy it as the meat is soft, very cheesy taste like pizza, when you pull the meat up the cheese is like string and all the way up with the meat.

Since we have savior the meal, now lets proceed to desert as the Chef Zoran Djumic will show us live how he cook this special dish, ‘Creppe Suzette’

Telling us how is this is gonna be prepared and here it goes.

First you need to warm up the pan first.

Oh, do not forget alcohol and for this I am using Hennessy to make it flame and the dressing is homemade special sauce.

Then you put in butter, sugar…..

Stir and stir till it get a bit thick then pour in the homemade sauce and add in the crepes and wrap it in there.

When your pan is filled with a few slices of crepes, then pour in the alcohol to make it flame a bit as shown.

Then tadaaa, here it is, the crepe is ready to be eaten. Advisable, eat it while it is hot. Your tongue will get to enjoy the bursting flavor of the mild alcohol taste, covered with a bit sour orange flavour and get abit of orange slices and the crepe had abit butter taste. This had been added into one of my favourite desert list. Will try it one day at home. Kekek!

After showing preparing us his desert then he explain to us the selection of wine that he had chosen from what he felt is good which is from Rhone Valley.

Might want to try out one day.

And of course as always, we were busy taking pictures, mingling around with FatBoysBakes, Wilson, Yatz , May (Cumi n Ciki), Qguides, Ruth (Perutbesi)

Me, Becky (thenomadGourmet) and May (Cumi n Ciki)

Me, Yatz and Wilson

Me and the lady Boss, Dina

Bangsar-Babe and Me.
A great experience in this restaurant, definitely would not mind coming back again and of course by meeting up with a group of blogger.

Dubrovnik Croatian Cuisine Restaurant
J-0G-14, Solaris Mont Kiara
2, Jalan Solaris
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: (+603) 6203 6780


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