For year 2015, Chinese New Year is not only around the corner but also Valentine’s Day is just a few days before it, and of course when comes to Valentines Day, usually couples would spend of dinner along with a nice bouquet of flowers for some couples.

As far I as heard for this year flowers are pretty limited because of weather and landslides that have cause it. There is already a sudden price hike on roses as demand are high for this round. Then also suddenly my friend called me up as well and offer me do I need flowers for this Valentines Day and I was like why not. Went over to her place which is located in Damansara Uptown and her shop sits in this huge lot and found that her brand could be as an alternative, LavieFlo flowers would be another option for you to seriously consider.

leviflo (1)

LavieFlo is the first in Malaysia to introduce preserved flowers using safe and revolutionary technology by horticulture experts in 2012. The meaning of LavieFlo is the combination of the words “life” in French and the short for “flower” in English.

leviflo (2)

I am totally impress with the range that they are offering, from office desk, table top flowers to huge decorative type of flowers, can be done/ cater at your own needs.

leviflo (4)

Another great offer that I found out as many wedding couples do spend money on actual flowers as an alternative, surely can consider this, as it can be kept after that and also especially those who are travelling to another desination for another wedding, the flowers can be kept and use again.

Not only that, as they do offer another great package if you want to have great cost savings which is, these beautiful flowers can be rent too. If you are looking to decorate your office/home in theme according to season, they do have this special package to cater for you. You can check them up at their website – or call them for enquiries.

leviflo (5)

leviflo (15)

One of the table top flower for wedding dining tables.

leviflo (6)

Some of these display preserve flowers are rather impressive as they are near 2-3 years old and still looking good. It had been sent to display in many other occasions and they reorganise it again to give it different look.

leviflo (7)

I really like the decorative flowers as its nicely done up, in shape, and careful thoughts of the combination of it.

leviflo (8)

leviflo (9)

leviflo (10)

leviflo (11)

This pot is one of my favourite, because of its colour combination and it would be nice to put it at office or house.

leviflo (12)

leviflo (13)

leviflo (14)

For those who own big bungalow/ offices, this is for your consideration and also if you do have a nice vase.

leviflo (16)

The flowers are being nicely box up as a gift pack and ready to be carry out.

leviflo (20)

Just my own preference as I always prefer mix colour roses as it looks nicer.

leviflo (17)

leviflo (18)

Nicely wrap with its high quality ribbon, and grip at the bottom. Best of all you do not have to worry on the spill of  water when you place it vertically.

leviflo (19)

Comes along with a mini card for your own personal message.


I find that their price is very reasonable and best of all, after spending XX amount of money for rosses and let it site at one corner, died after a few days, now you can recycle it by decorating in your house or office. (for my own personal thought)

Good news is that now they are open for PRE-ORDER PROMOTION FROM

JAN 10 – 31, 2015
100% Real Flowers, Preserved to Last! Gift your special someone a unique
bouquet this year with LavieFlo’s Preserved Flowers.
Enjoy our 20% discount for Valentine pre-orders from January 10 – 31, 2015!
Place your Order Online @
Limited Quantity Available. Book your ever lasting bouquets today to avoid
MORE INFO : [email protected] OR 03-77288333


Tips of taking care of the flowers:

• Do NOT water
• Do NOT expose to direct sunlight and strong light
• AVOID direct contact with anything wet
• Store and display at temperatures below 35℉C
• Keep humidity levels at approximately 40% – 60%
• Blow with hairdryer from a moderate distance when dusty

Lavieflo International Sdn. Bhd. (980261-D)
32 Jalan SS21/1
Damansara Utama (Uptown)
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603-7728 8333
Fax: +603-7728 8334

Modern society, every one is working hard to go thru every day living and to support family. Well for me, is to work hard, play hard and enjoy life. I travel a lot and I guess I need to start to learn how to safe money, with recent hike in petrol also starting to create little impact on me. I do not know about the rest of you.


Living in a big city, there is always a huge temptation especially year end, with massive sale and warehouse sale every where.

Every time when look into my bank account, this is what I have in my thought. Why? Why and what did I spend again to see my money getting less and less by the time I hit ATM most of the time.


By the end of the month, I have seen many people opening out their wallet at ATM trying their luck to check how much money left to withdraw is quite sad.



I guess I have to learn to save money from the expert as need to fix an saving amount of 20-30% of income aside and make it untouchable. Start spending less on all unnecessary stuff especially shopping. Will learn try to buy less in shopping and travel less to put it into savings.


One of our favourite fast food, McDonald’s understand the burden of people that are going though then they previously done a huge value meal for their lunch and dinner set yet the latest in their list is they are coming out with Jimat Jimat McD.


Eating out now is not cheap yet during my purchase of meals, I see quite a lot of people buy Jimat Jimat McD promotion.


With the buy 1 free 1, there are many of them are sharing this to safe their lunch cost. A few tables around me also doing that.


Certainly now a lot people are tightening their belt for upcoming storm. One of the good bargain, is this Fillet ‘O Fish buy one free one as if you buy ala-cart, 2 burger cost RM 12.60.


Now with buy 1 free 1 promo, I am only paying RM6.30 for 2 burger which is a good bargain for a lunch meal. This promo is from Monday to Friday, 11 am to 4 am.



If you could not finish 2 buy yourself, you can share. Sharing is caring now as it break down the cost to RM 3.15 for 1 simple lunch.

Now I can safe some additional money for any additional expense again from lunch money.

Do watch this funny video with comedian Jason Leong on Tips how to save money Lah!

If you wish to know more about Jimat Jimat McD and other promotions, please visitMcDonald’s Malaysia


Facebook Page:

#ShellEasyWin had been running for quite a while and what is your reaction about it? For me of course stop by to the nearest Shell and refill it.


Now its down to the final few weeks before the contest ends and of course when run dry with my petrol, I constantly head to the one near my house which is Shell Hartamas.

image (1)

Why do you do that for? Its all for this prize babeh. As you can see its a weekly winner and you can stand a chance to walk away with pure cash of RM20,000 and lucky draw luck is always not on my side. Well, its no harm trying like those guy winner as below does:

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 10.24.12 PM

Trying my luck out & Hurry . . . you might stand a chance too. . .

shell 1

For more info, visit

What is the daily rants you see in your Facebook, newspaper or your conversation with your friends or the new generation people are facing? One of the most common topic that every one face or discuss is the rise of living cost or the inflationary that happening at the moment is faster then what we can earn. Shell Easy Win



Imagine that you plan to buy a house in 2 years time that would need a downpayment of RM20,000 and you work very hard to save it as when 2 years later RM20,000 is very much different from what we have now.

Well, there is a way that you might stand a chance to walk away with RM40,000 and what can this value do to you? Might be able to put downpayment of the house that you have been looking for/ cars that you have been keen to change for the past 4 years? Or for me, will be lots and lots of food with traveling around the continent. . 😀

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 1.23.44 PM

If you are a loyalty customer of Shell you stand an advantage now and those who are not you can change to use Shell for this period of campaign.

What you need to do is rather simple:

How do I join?

  1. Spend a minimum of RM30 at Shell.
  2. Fill in the contest form and answer a simple question.
  3. Attach your receipt and drop your entry into the contest box at any Shell station nationwide.
  4. Stand a chance to WIN the Weekly Grand Prize of RM20,000!


Spend a minimum of RM30 on Shell V-Power to DOUBLE your winnings. Not only that, chances of you winning is higher if you use Shell V-Power!


1 x RM20,000


250 x RM300

Instagram Contest!

To all Instagramers ,this would be another great option for you to participate especially when you love #selfie! User with the most creative caption (with hastag #ShellEasyWin) with Polaroid Visual from either on the contest form/box/posters and you could win an additional RM 50. Like my contest below!


Digital space sure take us to another level since modem was created, it takes the whole world to be a nearer space and even like this year World Cup 2014 had achieve another new milestone that mobile technology had contributed quite a number of it.

Since then, many creations had came up and one of the latest device that I find it very suitable for me as I seldom on my TV or my TV time spent per year is less than 120 minutes. Astro is not applicable to me as its too expensive and yet I got too many things to do when I am back at home. Till 10TT which suits me alot as I just paid only RM 429 for lifetime membership and I got loads of TV app to view from. Actually more than 60 live channels in this LIVE TV contents from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, and video-on-demand contents including English, Korean, Japanese, Cantonese movies and dramas.

1OTT is known as a smart TV streaming media player invented by Cloud Media which is widely known by their award winning Popcorn Hour Media Players. This little box weighing only 120gm gives direct access to both online and video on demand channels and to stream these content on your big screen television.


1tt (1)

 unboxing my little social TV

1tt (2)

 In this box it comes with Remote, battery, cable plug, cables and the TV box itself.

1tt (3)

Amazingly light, that weight only at 120 g, as you can take this little tv with you any where in this world that have internet connection then you can plug in and play to watch it anytime, anywhere.

1tt (4)

To connect this device, its as simple as ABC. You have 2 ways to install it as I choose to buy a new Ethernet cable then plug into the modem and pull it over and plug into this device as compare to use another method connect via WIFI. Right after its connected and install, what you need to do next is to press NEXT till the end.


1tt (5)

Jeng Jeng Jeng. . .you have all the basic TV app with you and they do give a promo code to install the rest of the TV app chanel to make it more perfect. It can be key in under Enter Package COde on the top right.

1tt (6)

Just Enter the code accordingly and many channels will be added once completed.

1tt (7)

The key media features of 1OTT player are listed as follows:

1. Social TV – Direct SopCast link over Facebook and Twitter
2. ChinaTV Channels – Over 60 Live TV channels and VODs from ChinaTV available anywhere in the world
3. Support for PLEX Media Server, iOSCast (Airplay), DLNA and Miracast support
4. Education TV channels – Over 10,000 free videos from sources like TED, Khan Academy, and universities such as Tsinghua, Peking, Harvard, and Yale.
5. 3rd Party Apps – Get more free and premium video and audio contents from 3rd Party app developers.

1tt (8)

Parents would love this as they have tons of Anime and also Kid’s Channel is filled with all kids favorite character.

1tt (9)

1tt (10)

My most frequent watch channel is certainly their English Movie Channel as it comes with quite alot of new latest movie. Lets just say 2 months after it screen which is not too bad for some blockbuster movie that I have miss and they do have some other great shows in it too that did not show in Malaysia.

1tt (11)

For those who are into English SEries, there are another area for you guys to explore. My brother is glued to this channel.

1tt (12)

1tt (13)

Korean FEver or a huge fans of Korean stuff, then they do have latest K-POP music Channel, K Drama and K Movie too.

1tt (14)

1tt (15)

1tt (16)

Its a great device for me that suits me pretty much that I did not need to pay monthly or yearly fee. With only RM 429 is enough to fits my criteria for my home TV and best of all the latest shows are all updated by itself as long as its being plug into the internet. Comes with 1 year warranty.


To find out more details or purchase the unit, you can check em out at:

WEbsite :

Facebook page at: to follow us on updates for 
the 1OTT player.

Or contact: Ms. Laurene Loh at [email protected] or call 03-64190889.

****Best of all after a few feedback, now they are avail in HD.. . woooohoooooo . . .  (its based on your internet connection as if you run on HD it might lag)

Its weekend and headache over looking for places to date? Why not try something unique where you prepare your own pillow, matt, teddy bear or anything that you can think off to make you comfortable. Over this weekend or next weekend you can make your date very interesting by sitting on the floor gazing towards the sky is something you can add on for Samsung Galaxy Life event.

pssstt. .. . let me ask you? Something is free if you were associated with this brand. Just go to the market place and look for Galaxy LIfe. Just follow the simple procedure.


Taking out your phone, download the app (click here), follow all the instruction then whooolaaa ..  .your ticket is done

samsung (0.5)

samsung (1)


samsung (1)

AS you enter into the area, there are some item sold there. A mixture of some fashion and mostly the rest are all f&B.

samsung (3)

samsung (4)

samsung (1.0)

At the F&B area, there are quite number of redemption you can get in there. Just point to  any item you want to redeem then flash it to the vendor and jeng jeng jenggg. . . .its all free.

samsung (5)

Right after you done all that, pick your spot with you still holding on your food at the open space Starlight CInema then park yourself there. ITs a pretty new concept that we always see in movie and now its our turn to enjoy this kind of movie. People sitted around there are actually  friendly. I watch both movies tonight Paranormal Activity and The Counjuring. Relaxing yet have fun. Will come again for their Batman sequel.

For more info you can log in here: Samsung Galaxy Life

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