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A  Cocktail bar that gives you a nice vibe is this nice heritage interior at JANN Bar in Four Points by Sheraton, Chinatown, KL. As  for their new opening of the hotel and also this bar, we get to enjoy a 30% off on all their cocktail till 31st January 2020. This is indeed a great bargain.

A place you get to sit outdoor to enjoy the direct view of Petaling Street or the new 4 skytower of KL. KLCC, Petronas Twin Tower, The Exchange 106 and Merdeka PNB118

Jann (2)

Jann (3)

check out their menu as all their cocktails are specially crafted out to infuse with inspiration of all the best hawker or a trail of heritage around the area.

Jann (4)

We are trying out quite number of cocktails for the night. One of the must interesting cocktail is this Bak Kwa – Jalan Hang Lekir @ RM 45 – Inspiration from  Jalan Hang  Lekir famous Oloiya meet Jerky artisan, who made this by selling orange juice. Who knows that vodka and blood orange pair well with dried orange.

Interesting combination which turns  out  to work  well.

Jann (5)

Jann (6)

One of the girls favourite is this Dear Jann @ RM 50. A drink which is smooth, fragrant and fruity end is indeed a drink that is easy to consume. Gin base and pink Himalayan  Salt.

Jann (7)

Little Devil

Jann (9)

To my surprise, Asam Laksa – Madras Lane @ RM 45 turns out to be better than  what I expected. Flavourful, tangy and hint of spicy . A gin base with Olmeca Reposado, ginger flower, asam keping, orange and calamansi. A drink that makes your palate dance.

Jann (10)

Jann (11)

Jann (12)

Have you ever thought  that our normal dessert taufufa can become a cocktail? Well, Tau Foo Fah, Jalan  Petalin @ RM 40 – an actual taufufa, with grass jelly and infuse with rum. A good taste experience, as a hint of nice aroma of soya infuse well with the rum. Not too overopowering  yet a nice balance of flavour.

Jann (13)


Right next to it is also indeed a unique drink by its own. Rojak – Jalan Sultan RM 40. Baradi Carta Blanca, Rojak Sauce, Ambra, Pineapple, Mango, Calamansi. I would best advise for all of you to share this drink. Not only a strong knock on your palate that gets you confuse but an very interesting drink.

Jann (14)

Jann (15)

This is the most unique drink of all. It is a love hate relationship. by the name The Tailor – Jalan Sultan @ RM 45 is indeed a drink that is created to suits on the odor of the shop. A century old tailor shop at Jalan Sultan still uses traditional sewing machine. A drink with Jack Daniel whisky with infusion of bonito flakes. A drink that give you a strong knock on both smell and taste.

Four Points by Sheraton, Chinatown
2, Jalan Balai Polis,
City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-2035 7333

Operating Hours: 4pm – 1am

One of the latest hype brunch place is this Rise & Shine by Tapestry located in Chow Kit, KL that sits right opposite of Hotel Stripes KL. A place currently well known for its insta worthy brunch place in KL. A place is indeed crazy for long queue over the weekend. If you are here inbetween 9.30am – 3pm, do prepare to queue for at least 60-90 minutes.

Tapestry (1)

Tapestry (2)

alot of sunlight comes up from the natural lighthing from the above. It do get pretty warm if you are seated in that area. But for picture purpose, many are willing.

Tapestry (4)

Tapestry (5)

Tapestry (6)

Tapestry (7)

Believe they partner with 8ounce for their coffee.

Tapestry (8)

Tapestry (3)

Tapestry (9)

When it comes to food, there are hits and misses as alot people say it is over hyped and not worth it. I have different views as there are some items worth to order and some are not.

Tapestry (11)

Alot people are here for one of their well known signature dish – Rise & Shine Egg Drop @ RM 22 . Indeed I would rate this as a must order item. Filled with fluffy soft-scrambled free-range kampong eggs with cheddar, caramelised onions, sriracha aioli on a hot cross bun. We ordered both to try out and thinks that the normal one is suffieicient to hit a satisfaction spot. The Sarsi-glazed beef at Rm 8 does not do much impact on the taste.. – recommended

Tapestry (14)

Tapestry (10)

LINGUINE with battered edamame, seasonal vegetables, tomato stew, served with freshly grated Grana Padano choose to add lamb meatballs. For a simple dish as dish, they have done it well.

Tapestry (12)

As first we were skeptical on this dish as we already ordered most of the item. However most of us are still not full from the first round order and decided to make this FRIED CHICKEN as add on. Lightly-battered fried chicken brushed with honey sriracha glaze and served with a side of fries and fennel salad. turns out to be better than we expected. The glaze is good, fill with mild sweet, souries and bitter taste that suits on the sauce and also fried to perfection. – recommended

Tapestry (13)

Tapestry (15)

A typical breakfast for RISE & SHINE EGGS BENEDICT, on bubble and squeak, poached eggs and bunga kantan hollandaise. you also can choose one of the 3 options below:
1. Beetroot-cured salmon
2. Sarsi-glazed beef bacon
3. Halloumi (v) @ RM 28

Tapestry (16)

The rest of the dish below are all sub par or so so  such as:

MEATBALL SUB Lamb meatballs drenched in tomato stew finished with Grana Padano shavings on a sub roll served with onion rings @ RM 28

Tapestry (18)

FRENCH TOAST, with fresh berries, mixed berries compote, Earl Grey gula melaka (v)(s) choose to add Sarsi-glazed beef bacon or ice cream. A dish which is not too bad which I think at this price they could have do much better.

Tapestry (17)

Tapestry (20)

PANCAKES, with mixed berries compote, fresh berries, edible chocolate soil and Earl Grey gula melaka (v)(s) choose to add Sarsi-glazed beef bacon or Halloumi (v) @ RM 25. Pancake is dense and hard. not the fluffy type. Give this a pass if you can.

Tapestry (19)

Tapestry (21)

Love their coffee as we ordered total of 8 different glass as it was a big group of 10 of us for birthday celebration. flavourful Long Black @ RM 10 & Latte @ RM 13. Coffee is pretty good and we all agree to it

Tapestry (22)

Tapestry (23)

Cakes were alright as there were 4 options on that day.

Tapestry (24)

If you are looking for some nice brunch place to try in KL or a nice cafe to chill after 3pm, I overall think this is not too bad. But if to wait for 60-90 minutes for a table I would say it is kinda waste of time.

3 item if you are not sure what to order and I think it is worth to try for first timer are:

  1. Rise & Shine Egg Drop
  3. FRIED CHICKEN or Linguine

The rest will be depending on your personal taste bud and they might improve along the way.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, good. do give it a try if there is not much queue.-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Rise & Shine by Tapestry
No. 28, Jalan Kamunting, Chow Kit

Operating Hours:
Mon-Tues: 8am-4pm
Wed-Sun : 8am-4pm / 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Tel: 03-7622 8720

It had been a long time since last attending a party organize by Hennessy and this year they are back, with different style that feature finale of Beer Pong Challenge with winner walk away with amazing price by bringing home RM5,000 cash and 8 bottles of Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Felipe Pantone that took place at KL Live Center.

Hennessy Very Special (2)


Hennessy Very Special (4)

Hennessy Very Special (5)

not only that, as this special limited edition series take over also had some slight difference as this round there are more instagramable corner. With the night fit with a theme “ Remixing the Present” inspired the event concept in collaborating local & urban culture of craft and art, bringing everyone together who shares the same passion

Hennessy Very Special (6)

Hennessy Very Special (7)

A night that is not only featuring one that is vibrant, dynamic and creative. The brand showcased Hennessy V.S’s versatility and strong character with a compelling appeal to experienced drinkers and those who are new to cognac, highlighting Hennessy V.S’s nuanced yet intensely expressive flavor. That fits with alot of photo corner and not to miss out their mini arcade corner which is pretty amazing, from classic games to VR.

Hennessy Very Special (8)

Always reinventing itself, the collaboration between Hennessy and Felipe Pantone this year has inspired the brand in creating an experience at the party that allows guests to immerse into the artist’s universe and artwork that was brought to life in Malaysia. Hence with this special limited edition bottle of Hennessy Very Special by Felipe Pantone.

Hennessy Very Special (9)

The night end up with more high beat feature that portrays Hennessy V.S’s youthful spirit, Chinese rapper Blow Fever of ‘The Rap of China 2018’ 《中国新说唱2018》 made his Malaysian debut at the party showcasing his outstanding stage presence as he hyped up the crowd. of course not to miss out our favourite local classic and to those of you who remember them such as Local trending DJs such as Bass Agents, DJ Jenni F, DJ Tchuno and DJ Reeve.

Hennessy Very Special (10)

The night would not be complete with partying people and the usual few that is in this event.

Hennessy Very Special (11)

Looking forward again for such an event in year 2020. Hopefully will be bigger again, like the days of Hennessy Artistry back 7 years ago. #hennessyMY

Recently I crave for Ramen again and was browsing through blogs to see where do have new ramen shop to hunt for. Stumble upon this very new shop Tomo Ramen Bar at Uptown Damansara, PJ and it seems that they just operate over here as flowers are flocking in their main entrance.

Tomo Ramen Bar (1)

From other blogs mentions that the founder travel to Kyoto and I think it is inspired or a recipe from that region.

Tomo Ramen Bar (2)

The ambiance of the shop is chic and hip, filled with neon lights. For picture purpose, at night it is a huge challenge as the red neon lights are the culprit of it. Picture will turns out red. Seating here is limited. As what you see in the picture. Once gotten well known, I guess you will need to queue.

Tomo Ramen Bar (3)

In the menu, “miso soymilk” certainly capture my attention as this is not the usual soup base that you will get to find and it seems its a recommendation by the Japanese waiter. In the menu also mention that the pork broth is being cooked for more than 20 hours and also the price seems quite average.

Tomo Ramen Bar (6)

Tomo Ramen Bar (7)

Tomo Ramen Bar (8)

Tomo Ramen Bar (15)

usually will go for The classic – Tonkutso @ RM 28.90 filled with classic soup broth that been cooked for 20 hours and it is absolutely thick. Not your usual classic. Love the piggy mild after taste and it feels like a layer of pig oil had been diluted, that gives a nice layer of paint fats in your throat.

Tomo Ramen Bar (9)

Chef Special Miso Soy base Ramen 

Tomo @ RM 30.90 – chasu pork belly, nori, soft boiled egg, wood ear fungus, scallion, bean sprouts.  It is indeed a very interesting soup base. Love the thick soup base that punch with light soy, miso and pork bone soup after taste. Both are well balance and did not overpower each other. Sounds weird but taste awesome – recommended for first time order

Tomo Ramen Bar (10)


Tomo Ramen Bar (11)

Tomo Ramen Bar (12)

Spicy Jigoku @ RM 25.90

Anything spicy in ramen soup base is my second choice of order and turns out to be better than I expected. IF you love a punch of flavour in your first bite then this is the perfect bowl for you. A fragrant spicy that you must eat and slurp with care. Once over you will choke quite extreme as the spiciness level is there. One of the best among the 3 and certainly a recommended one.”

all the eggs done to perfection as you can taste a nice soy after taste and runny egg yolk is perfect! The slices of meat is torch burn that gives you a nice burnt smoky aroma.

Tomo Ramen Bar (13)

Tomo Ramen Bar (14)

Tomo Ramen Bar (16)

Finally found another ramen shop that is worthy to dine in. I felt that the portion might be a little too small compare to any ramen shop out there. Would be great if they can at least add on additional 50g of noodle to make it up.  I think that because of the long cooking broth hence that’s my justification of the slight small portion. Also I also think that they portion it small because of the broth is thick. If it is too much then I guess might be too over.

However, this place will definitely be in my top 3 recommended place. A place that worth to pay a visit. I am certainly going to come back again. Do note that, if you are not a thick broth lover, you might find this too “”geli

Some of my other favourite:
1: Menya Shi Shi Do (great bargain)
2. Menya Hanabi (didnt blog)
3. Menzo Japanese Ramen – Solaris, KL

could this be one of the best ramen in PJ or perhaps one of the best ramen in KL? Well, to me it is different level, cant really be compared as none in the market yet.

My recommendations:

  1. Soy base
  2. Spicy


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9/10 , pretty good ramen if you love thick broth ~ -Stamped-
-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Tomo Ramen Bar
75, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Open Tues-Sun, 11am-12am.

Tel: 03-7733-7755

The Singleton Social that took place at Lavo, Tropicana is indeed a place to get together with friends. No doubt that when comes to year end, there are alot of celebrations and festives that will be taking place. Agree that, great moments with friends are a cause for celebration, and usually if we get to choose, single malt whisky will be prefered.

Singleton at lavo (9)

Singleton at lavo (1)

Singleton at lavo (2)

Singleton at lavo (3)

Singleton at lavo (4)

The pairing of Singleton with uniquely curated sharing platters gives consumers the experience of the great taste that Singleton has to offer – a result of the slow batch distillation and fermentation process. The rich and smooth taste of this single malt whisky is best enjoyed at any casual get-together at gastrobars around Klang Valley.

Singleton at lavo (5)


Singleton at lavo (7)

Singleton at lavo (8)

Singleton at lavo (10)

The Singleton is filled with notes of cherries and apples on the nose; dried summer fruits, rich raisins and apricots flavour on the palate at first, followed by a smooth, rich chocolate finish, Singleton will encapsulate senses with its rich and smooth flavours.

Singleton at lavo (11)

Singleton at lavo (12)

Singleton at lavo (13)

Consumers are able to indulge in uniquely curated sharing platters and Singleton together with friends at various gastrobars – Powerplant Malaysia, #MiyagiSays and LAVO – to uncover the rich and smooth flavours of this single malt whisky when paired with different types of food. From meats to sides, each outlet has an array of different sharing platters to complement the 200 years of expertise Singleton is made of.

Singleton at lavo (14)

The Singleton Social Platter Package


  1. Powerplant Malaysia
    • One (1) The Singleton of Glen Ord 12 YO bottle @ RM370++
    • One (1) The Singleton of Glen Ord 12YO bottle + one (1) The Singleton Platter @ RM420++ (add on RM50++)
    • One (1) The Singleton Platter @ RM85++
    • The Singleton Platter includes siu yuk, mashed potatoes, cross trax fries, German black pepper sausages, boneless chicken, garlic mash, and assortment of cucumber, carrot, celery sticks and cherry tomatoes, accompanied with gochujang mayonnaise, pineapple sauce, kimchi mayonnaise and mango salsa.
  2. #MiyagiSays
    • Promo 1: One (1) The Singleton of Glen Ord 12YO bottle + six (6) The Singleton Sharing Platter @ RM430++
    • Promo 2: Five (5) The Singleton highballs + two (2) The Singleton Sharing Platter @ RM90++
    • The Singleton Sharing Platter includes Miyagi fried chicken, Miyagi potato chips, tamago fries, buttermilk kai, tandoori chicken, satay ayam.
  3. LAVO
    • One (1) The Singleton of Glen Ord 12YO bottle + one (1) The Singleton Meat Platter @ RM470++
    • The Singleton Meat Platter includes breaded calamari rings, smoked chicken, baked chard potato, grilled lamb shoulder, grilled pineapple, Chilli Beef Con Carne, mint mayonnaise and citrus lemon sauce.

The scene of dining in KL is getting more interesting. From scent experiancial to story telling. Currently running is the The World’s Smallest Chef KL known as Le Petit Chef, In The Footsteps of Marco Polo happening in Elements, TREC KL.

A 5 course dinner that brings you to different country. Quite a great story telling and journey though.

Le Petit Chef (1)

ambiance is pretty nice as can be set up according to the number of pax have made during reservation. For night session on weekend, they have 2 session in total. They start on the dot and I mean on the dot. If it is 7pm means 7pm start. The most also delay 5minutes as they need to cater for another session after that.

So do take note that on weekdays with traffic jam, do really plan your time accordingly.

Le Petit Chef (2)

Let the dinner story begins.

Le Petit Chef (3)

Le Petit Chef (4)

A story about Marco Polo with Le Petit chef heading for a flavour adventure.

Le Petit Chef (6)

Pacific Oyster Cream | Fourme d’Amber, toasted walnut brioche, honeycomb

Le Petit Chef (5)

Le Petit Chef (7)

Charcoal roasted beetroot, chickpea hummus, parsley, feta cheese | Marinated lamb, shallots, pomegranate, yoghurt dip | Lebanese onion, raisins, smoked duck, hazelnut

Quite impress with this dish as they are quite flavourful, fragrant and hits most of the taste of a middle eastern.

Le Petit Chef (8)

Le Petit Chef (9)

Le Petit Chef (10)

The host also change his costume according to the theme.

Le Petit Chef (11)

Rasam, green lentil, mint leaf, deep fried sweet neem leaves | Polos salmon, green pea masala, curry leaf, spicy shallot | Rice idli, tikka chutney, kurkuri bhindi, salted chili

Le Petit Chef (12)

Le Petit Chef (13)

Le Petit Chef (14)

NO2 raspberry sorbet, kaffir lime soda, mint jelly

This is indeed very refreshing, especially with the dry ice effect, most of the kids love it.

Le Petit Chef (15)

Le Petit Chef (16)

Le Petit Chef (17)

Le Petit Chef (18)

Le Petit Chef (19)

Le Petit Chef (20)

Corn fed chicken, monkey ear mushroom, candied ginger, mushroom foam, baby leek, flat rice noodle

chicken is juicy, skin is slight crips and it is pretty good.

Le Petit Chef (21)

Le Petit Chef (22)

Le Petit Chef (23)

Le Petit Chef (24)

Le Petit Chef (25)

Tonko creme brulee, chocolate mousse, blackberry, freeze dried orange

A nice ending with 2 types flavour of dessert. creme brulee is sweet enough to my liking and the chocolate mousse

Le Petit Chef (26)

Le Petit Chef (27)

A food adventure with 5 different countries and I think it is not too bad. Do see alot of kids enjoying it and also the dishes serve are above my expectation. No wonder they are quite filled up.

Le Petit Chef at Elements KL
Hive, Unit H-G-11, TREC KL,
438, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

Phone : +603 2282 6413

Email : [email protected]

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