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There is some left over from my over bought of roast pork previous day. Then not sure what to do and craving for Kimchi Fried Rice (previous recipe here). then suddenly have they thought why not add in. So I turn it into Roast Pork Kimchi Fried Rice. Recipe as below:



120g SPAM
20 g Garlic
70 g onion
350g kimchi (2-3 weeks old prefer)

1 tbl spoon sesame oil
1 tbl spoon soy sauce


This round I enhance with more ingredient, like kimchi then final, add in 150gram of roast pork. Do a quick stir fry when your rice is about ready.

kimchi fried rice

Make sure the colour of your roast pork turn to kimchi colour then it is then more than ready to take up. This shows that the kimchi taste had gone into the pork.

roast pork fried rice

Of course need to top up with sunny side up!

roast pork kimchi fried rice

Toadaa my Kimchi Roast pork fried rice. Yumz!

IKEA furniture is not only famous for their DIY furniture. There is another area that is always super pack with area. Is their cafeteria. Heading to IKEA is never complete if did not hit onto their famous IKEA meatballs. Since this MCO, I came across some of the article that IKEA Releases Famous Meatball Recipe to all of us. I am sure  many of you misses it and dying to hit onto the kitchen next few days.

ikea meatball

This portion can make about 16 to 20 meatballs. Take note that it’s a non-halal recipe, but you can substitute the pork with your preferred meat.

– 500g (1.1lbs) ground beef
– 250g (slightly more than ½lb) ground pork
– 1 onion finely chopped
– 1 clove of garlic (crushed or minced)
– 100g (3.5oz) breadcrumbs
– 1 egg
– 5 tablespoons of whole milk
– Salt and pepper to taste

1. Combine beef and pork mince and mix thoroughly to break up any lumps. Add finely chopped onion, garlic, breadcrumbs, and egg, and mix. Add milk and season well with salt and pepper.

2. Shape mixture into small, round balls. Place on a clean plate, cover, and store in the fridge for two hours (to help them hold their shape while cooking).

3. In a frying pan, heat oil on medium heat. When hot, gently add your meatballs and brown on all sides.

4. When browned, add to an ovenproof dish and cover. Place in a hot oven, 350ºF or 180ºC, and cook for a further 30 minutes.



– Dash of oil
– 40g (1.4oz) butter
– 40g (1.4oz) plain flour
– 150ml (5fl oz) vegetable stock
– 150ml (5fl oz) beef stock
– 150ml (5fl oz) thick double cream
– 2 teaspoons soy sauce
– 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1. Melt the butter in a frying pan. Whisk in the plain flour and continue cooking, stirring continuously for two minutes.

2. Add the vegetable stock and beef stock and continue to stir. Add the thick double cream, soy sauce, and Dijon mustard.

3. Bring to a simmer and allow the sauce to thicken. Continue to stir.

4. When ready to eat, serve with your favorite potatoes – either creamy mash or mini
new boiled potatoes.

Lets get your kitchenware ready and also dig into the IKEA Sedish meatballs meatballs after you have done it.

MCO week 3, I am sure many of you cook till out of idea. I thought of this and decided to chin chai cook out Hong Kong Tomato Noodle Soup Recipe. To emulate back what I had when I was visiting Hong Kong many years back. A simple Hong Kong street food that I truly enjoy.

Hong Kong Tomato Instant Noodle Soup:

Cook for 2 : Ingredients”

1. water – 1 Litre
2. tomato – 200g
3. tomato puree- 150g
4. Chicken Stock – 1 n half cube

Others: (in this is at your own creativity)
1. 2 eggs
2. 1 1/2 cube of chicken stock any other ingredient you like to add in
3. 2x pcs Vits instant Noodle

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (1)

First time bought this brand Coppola tomato puree. I was actually looking at can tomato and this is the only bottle available and thought of to keep and cook a few more times. only RM 7.80 which is not bad.

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (2)

I have this left over from the other night and decided to add it in.

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (3)

Any chicken stock will do. If you have Cintan Noodle Chicken flavour. I think that’s the best.

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (4)

step 1: add in 1 n half cube chicken stock. Stir it let it dilute and let it boil.

Step 2: I add in sausage. At this point you can add in any ingredient you want.

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (5)

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (6)

Step 3: prepare another pot, add in a bit of water and pour in tomato cut cubes

Step 4: cook the tomato till soft

Step 5: add in tomato puree

Step 6: cook till the it thickens then off the fire.

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (7)

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (8)

Add in Vits Instant noodle, do not over cook it. A simple 3 minutes would be just nice. Depending on your stove / electric cooker.

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (9)

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (13)

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (10)

When about to get ready, I add in my egg bag.

hong Kong Tomato noodle soup (11)

fried egg bag

My mini egg bag

maggie tomato

Taddaa: a simple famous Hong Kong Street Food, Tomato Instant Noodle.

kim garry menu

comfort food that takes you less than 15 minutes while cooking at home. A simple home recipe you can improvise or add on anything you want.

tomato noodle soup recipe

tomato noodle soup

hong Kong Tomato noodle recipe

Soup base is slightly on the watery side. If you like it thick then add your puree more.

hong kong street food

One of a food I miss alot is Tomyum Fried Rice is one of a famous Thai Street food  must have but donkey years ago that I ate during high school days in a cafe – Strawberry Cafe in 1-stop Penang. They indeed has one of the best fried rice but no longer in operation. Whenver we visit Cyberjack, for Red Alert, Warcraft or Counter strike, Tomyum Fried rice with sunny side up in that cafe is a must. This round I just chin chai cook at home, see can emulate something like that or not. Results: 80%!

During this lock down period, do on and off crave for certain things. Well some of the recipe I chin Chai cook and most of my recipe is my first time doing it. So alot of ingredient and cooking time is agak agak.

Video is shows how to cook and prep but in ASMR cooking version.

tomyum fried rice recipe (1)

Tomyum Fried Rice : Cook for 2

  1. Garlic – 20 g
  2. Onion – 30 g
  3. Carrot – 50 g
  4. Pork – 90 g
  5. Green Chilli – 10g
  6. Lemongrass – 15g
  7. tomyum paste – 2 tbls with 10 ml water
  8. Calamansi Lime – 5 biji (prefered)

tomyum fried rice recipe (2)

Tomyum paste that I use is customade by my best friend himself.

tomyum fried rice recipe (3)

tomyum fried rice recipe (4)

tomyum fried rice recipe (5)

You have to cut your lemongrass into this fine or grind the gren chilli and lemon grass together as 1 plate. The rest of the ingredient into another plate.

tomyum fried rice recipe (6)

tomyum fried rice recipe (7)

Squeeze your limau out.

tomyum fried rice recipe (8)

Step 1: Stir fry lemon grass and green chili together (fry till the aroma of lemon grass is prominent)

Step 2: add in garlic, onion and carrot – fry evenly

Step 3: add in pork fry till it is cooked

Step 4: add in tomyum paste: fry till it is well coated or evenly into the ingredients

Step 5: add in rice and fry it evenly – do not fry it too dry. Best to have some moisture.

Step 6: ready to plate : best to add in sunny side up.

tomyum fried rice recipe (9)

My version of Tomyum fried rice with sunny side up.

tomyum fried rice recipe (10)

tomyum fried rice recipe (11)

tomyum fried rice recipe

Pack with hint of lemongrass, onion is just nice and tomyum paste has the sourish and mild spicy it needed.

tomyum fried noodle recipe

Or you can replace rice to noodle to become Tomyum Fried Noodle. My version is Tomyum Fried Maggie Mee.

In this MCO period, stay safe and do take care everyone.

Another of my favourite dish whenever I am in Korean restaurant is Kimchi fried rice. Not every one can cook a nice one, as every one have their very own Kimchi fried rice 김치볶음밥 recipe. This is what I learn and I DIY my own How to cook Kimchi Fried Rice Home Recipe.

Prep time: 5 minutes

cooking time : 10 minutes.

best kimchi fried rice


  1. 120g SPAM
  2. 20 g Garlic
  3. 70 g onion
  4. 350g kimchi (2-3 weeks old prefer)


    1. 1 tbl spoon sesame oil
    2. 1 tbl spoon soy sauce

Over the video, I created an ADSMR cooking for Bacon Kimchi Fried Rice for you to follow.

classic kimchi fried rice

There are a lot of SPAM and I got this bread as there were not many choices left. SPAM – Portugeese Sasuage – so so only this spam. Do avoid as it doesnt have the spam fragrant.

kimchi fried rice (4)

I only use 2 slice from the whole can cuz there is only 2 of us.


  1. Fried onion and garlic first, for about 2-3 minutes.
  2. Add in spam to fried for another 3 minutes
  3. add kim chi for a quick fry of 2 minutes
  4. Add in rice (do not use Basmati rice as it taste weird and the texture is not right) – normal jasmine rice should be ok.

Pork Belly kimchi fried rice

15 minutes later. Tadaaaaa. My Korean Kimchi Fried Rice, topped with sunny side up.

spam kimchi fried rice

simple and hearty.

vegetarian kimchi fried rice

bon appetit

My other home cook recipe:

  1. Kimchi Jjigae 
  2. Spaghetti Vongole
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  6. Malaysia Curry Chicken

One of my favourite dish in Korean food is this KimChi JJigae. How is everyone doing for the past 14 days? all #dudukdiamdiam? Some of you did request my version of  Homecoko Kimchi jjigae 김치찌개 Recipe. Sharing with all of you. It is a very simple dish to cook. You can add in any ingredients you like.

Prep time: 5 minutes

cooking time : 15 minutes.

kimchi jjigae (1)


  1. 100 ml stock (can be any)
  2. 150 g kimchi (prefer 2-3 weeks old)
  3. 80 g pork belly
  4. 80g onion
  5. 1 japanese tofu stick (usual is the rectangle soft tofu)


    1. 1 tbl spoon sesame oil
    2. 1 tbl spoon spicy chili flakes
    3. 1 tbl spoon Gochujang sauce
    4. 1 tbl spoon soy sauce

Step by step on video:

kimchi stew


Why when you eat some kimchi jjigae taste so good. I believe 2 main ingredients that make it outstanding is Broth/stock and kimchi. Broth can be many kind. Chicken, fish, pork and others. Up to you to add in. If you do not have, just add in more kimchi!

kimchi jjigae (3)

Gojuchang – is another important ingredient. That depends on you as they have a few flavours out there. Mine is Spicy gojuchang and there are 2 brands if not mistaken.

kimchi jjigae (4)

most important of all. Kimchi. Doing kimchi soup without kimchi?

kimchi jjigae (5)

Pork belly is one of the best ingredient to add into this. Some times you see pork kimchi jjigae or tuna kimchi jjigae is pretty good too.

kimchi jjigae (6)

1 table spoon each. 

kimchi jjigae (7)

kimchi jjigae (8)

kimchi jjigae (9)

stir and mix well

kimchi jjigae (10)

add everything into your pot. add 2 pinch of sugar and 1 pinch of salt

kimchi jjigae (11)

add the stock 100ml + 400ml water mixture in. total is 500ml water for 2 pax.

kimchi jjigae (12)

bring it to boil for 8-10 minutes. In between do test the soup base.

kimchi jjigae (13)

add in tofu when it is near ready. boil it for about 1-2 minutes.



kimchi jjigae (15)

Here you go. My homecook kimchi jjigae 김치찌개 or Kimchi Stew recipe for your reference.

kimchi jjigae (16)

kimchi jjigae (17)

kimchi jjigae recipe

kimchi jjigae 김치찌개

enjoy and eat well.

  1. ADSMR Kimchi Fried Rice
  2. Spaghetti Vongole
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