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I have always love this dish. It is not easy to fine a local restaurant that serve a pretty good one. Could be cost of it is high. Cause of white wine that I use 150ml which is near to a actual serving glass. Sharing with all of you is my version of Spaghetti alle Vongole Recipe for less than 30 minutes cooking time. Hope suits you.

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Spaghetti Vongole (1)

Cook for 2

  1. 150 ml wine
  2. 600g clams
  3. 180g Spaghetti
  4. 30g garlic
  5. fresh rosemary

1. dry basil leaves (mccormick basil leaves brand pretty good cause its strong fragrant)

Spaghetti Vongole (5)

Spaghetti Vongole (3)

Outback Jack – Semillon Souvignon Blanc 2017 – fruity and dry for easy drinking yet reasonable. Perfect for seafood and fishes.  Can be with any other white wine as your liking.

Spaghetti Vongole (4)

Prepare Fresh Clams:

  1. Optional can be with any other hard shell seafood.
    1. wash clams in salt water for 45 minute
    2. after that rinse with water a few times to clean it off

Spaghetti Vongole (6)

my cooking method:

  1. add in oil (agak agak – not too much)
  2. quick fry on garlic till aroma is out
  3. add in clams
  4. mix well with garlic for 3 minutes
  5. Seafood soup stock (best to have or find substitute) – add in 20 gram of chicken stock
  6. add in 20-30ml water
  7. add in Rosemary (1 stick is good enough but if you like it strong like me then 1nhalf stick of rosemary) – caution rosemary is strong herbs.
  8. Stir well for another 3-5 minutes – (depending on your pan)
  9. After 5-7 minutes prep  your spaghetti while shimmering your clams in medium fire.

Spaghetti Vongole (7)

Last step: add in 150ml white wine before adding in spaghetti.

Spaghetti Vongole (8)

Spaghetti Vongole (9)

Cooking Spaghetti:

  1. Add in half table spoon of butter
  2. dash of olive oil
  3. 2 pinch of salt
  4. San Remo Spaghetti – cook for 13 minutes

Spaghetti Vongole (11)

after add in spaghetti, mix well for 3 – 4 minutes in high temperature till all the herbs coated onto the spaghetti. Then it is good to plate up.

Spaghetti Vongole (12)

this is my quite prep of Spaghetti Vongole. A simple dish to prepare.

Spaghetti Vongole (13)

Spaghetti Vongole (14)

Happy cooking for this home cook recipe.

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One of our favourite cooking dish when back in Uni days in Melbourne. Totally forgot out to cook this and lets re-start this again. We used to buy 5-10 packs of A1 curry chicken paste back for home cooking. Re-starting my Chin Chai cooking again during this MCO of 30 minutes quick cook on Malaysia Curry Chicken Recipe.

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Platting: up to you loh, how nice you want to plate it.

video prep at the bottom.

curry chicken recipe (1)

Because of MCO, I only use what ingredients available in my house at the moment.


  1. Potato  – 750g
  2. Chicken – 800g
  3. onion slices – 85g
  4. fine cut onion – 80g
  5. garlic – 30g
  6. A1 Curry Chicken paste 1 pack. (if you want more fragrant thicker gravy, then use 2 packs)

curry chicken recipe (2)

curry chicken recipe (3)

curry chicken recipe (4)

my cooking method:

  1. bit of oil into the pan (if measured estimated 4 tbs) make sure the pan is hot first.
  2. add in garlic quick stir fry of 30 seconds of garlic dig all the paste out
  3. stir fried the paste only for 5 minutes till it sting your nose (means it is ready)
  4. add in onion, stir fry it till all well coated
  5. Then add in chicken by pieces (as I do not want the chicken water into it)

curry chicken recipe (5)

curry chicken recipe (6)

curry chicken recipe (7)

6. Stir fry till the paste all well coated onto the chicken

7. Best to add in water 3/4 of the chicken (or estimated 600-700ml water)

curry chicken recipe (8)

Shimmer the chicken for 10 minutes in high heat. Then it is ready to serve. Do note to test your cooking in between the time frame. Bacause I add in too much water, I add in 2 pinch of sugar, 1 table spoon of soy sauce and 1 tea spoon of Korean spicy chili flakes.

curry chicken recipe (9)

curry chicken recipe (10)

Scramble egg just for the side to make it fusion.

curry chicken recipe (11)

30 minutes cook recipe for your quick curry chicken.

curry chicken recipe (12)

If your curry chicken become thicken’s then it is not right. Curry chicken suppose to have the curry gravy slightly watery or 20% thick.

What yo use in my video is I have done wrong.

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Since this is a big hype at the moment and read some comments that this is a very common drink in Korea. Dalgona coffe

Hence this #dalganocoffeechallenge is viral now. Everyone have their own secret recipe and this drink is very easy to make.

watch my youtube video on how to make Dalgano Coffee

Dalgano Coffee (1)

this is like the most hype thing during this MCO lockdown. Everyone is getting creative on their cooking, dessert, coffee and others.

Dalgano Coffee (2)

3 simple ingredient to mix it, with 3 spoonful each.

  1. 3 x spoonful of nescafe (not 3in1) have to be teh bji bji format
  2. 3 x spoonful of sugar
  3. 3 x spoonful of hot/warm water

Dalgano Coffee (3)

Whipped until your hand cramp and patah.  the texture should be smooth and thick (like melted chocolate). Use machine the best!

Dalgano Coffee (4)

Dalgano Coffee (5)

final step – add in  milk as the base – then pour the thick dalgona coffee cream on top. It will float. If your recipe dalgona kopi tenggelam, means ratio or beating process it not right.

Dalgano Coffee (6)

My final product.

Dalgano Coffee (7)

Dalgano Coffee (8)

Thick, creamy, and those of you find that the dalgona coffee could be too sweet, substitute it with brown sugar, and use kau kau coffee powder like Nescafe Classic Dark Roast!

Dalgano Coffee (9)

Enjoy your afternoon tea.

Quick Cook – 30 minutes Pork Leg Cabbage Recipe

Been wanted to do some cooking video but yet not sure what to do with it.
Here you go on my first cooking video.

Pork Leg Cabbage (1)

Chin Chai / Agak Agak cooking video for your reference.

1. Dry Shrimp 20g
2. Garlic 20g
3. Carrot 160g
4. Cabbage 700g
5. pork belly 40g
6. 1 can of tu kar

others: Soak dry shrimp for about 10-15 minutes

Pork Leg Cabbage (2)

Pork Leg Cabbage (3)

Pork Leg Cabbage (4)

1. quick fry on garlic till the fragrant is out
2. add dry shrimp and cook till the salted flavor is there
3. Add in carrot (fry for 2 minutes)
4. add in pork belly (fry for 3 minutes)
the whole process is about 5 minutes with all ingredient above

5. add cabbage in (then mix well with other ingredient). Keep frying in till there is water out from the cabbage
6. add in can pork leg
7. Then shimmer it for 10-20 minutes (Depending on your own preference of cabbage texture)

Pork Leg Cabbage (5)

Pork Leg Cabbage (6)

Pork Leg Cabbage (7)

do test the cooking – if lacking of flavour do add in a bit of sugar / salt or soy sauce

Pork Leg Cabbage (8)

Pork Leg Cabbage (9)

Pork Leg Cabbage (10)

Pork Leg Cabbage (11)

Pork Leg Cabbage (12)

Pork Leg Cabbage (13)

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