After taking along break from MCO last year till now, I am quite sure some of you are craving some kampung flavours. This year, Quan’s Kitchen at the Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown preparing their Ramadan 2021 with Bazar Selera, a culinary marketplace back to the ancient Silk Road and nostalgic Malay flavors.

Bazaar Selera


Bazar Selera (1)

Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown

Inspired by the country’s melting pot of culture,  which was once a major stopping point and important centre where intellectuals from all across the world gather to share ideas and exchange goods. The cross-cultural interactions and civilizations introduced a unique and complex fare using trade ingredients and cooking methods influenced by traders and conquerors in the early years.

Bazar Selera (4)

Bazar Selera (5)

A curated a menu by Executive Chef Gerald Chong that will bring you on an epicurean journey back to the ancient trade route of Silk Road, bring you the flavours like Live Lanzhou La Mien, Xinjiang Roast Lamb, Uzbek Plov, Ikan Patin Tempoyak, Sambal Udang Petai, Kari Kambing, Satay, Lemang, Satar, Otak Otak and many other classics..
Ending with manis note of Persian Saffron Brittle or Soham e-Qom, Fried Ice Cream, Kuih Muih, Cendol, Ice Kacang and Teh Tarik!

Bazar Selera (6)

Bazar Selera (7)

Bazar Selera (8)

Xingjiang Roast Lamb is a meat station that must hit on.

Bazar Selera (10)

Bazar Selera (11)

If you had not enough, then perhaps seafood station?

Bazar Selera (12)

Bazar Selera (13)

The traditional hand pulled Lan Zhou La Mien, is the first station that I hit on. Rarely say no to hand pull noodle station.

Bazar Selera (14)

Bazar Selera (15)

Topped with some chili oil , meat and own cook broth. Just nice.

Bazar Selera (16)

Bazar Selera (17)

Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur

ramadan buffet 2021

pasar ramadan

Ending myself with some manis note of Persian Saffron Brittle or Soham e-Qom, Fried Ice Cream, Kuih Muih, Cendol, Ice Kacang and Teh Tarik!

quans kitchen

Quan’s Kitchen Bazar Selera is available from now till 12 May 2021, daily between 6.30pm to 10.30pm. Priced at RM158nett per pax. More details available at Facebook

Sake that looks like purity of a water is one of the hardest to make. It looks so simple yet the process of it is so complicated. Sake is a signature icon in Japan. Every province have their own specialty and signature. In heart of Japan lies this small province Ikeda Town that have 2 sake brewery know as Daisekkei Sake Brewery and Fukugen Shuzo.

Rise from this small town, yet both of the taste is so huge different.

sake tasting

Not only coming small from the town, this boutique brewery Fukugen is more than 350 years old that founded in 1758 has earned many top honors in the National Sake Appraisal competition, a medal at The International Wine Challenger (IWC) and has been selected SAKE for the Sake for the 21st Century by the Maestro of Sake Tasting.

Ikeda Town

What makes this province have such a unique taste with award winning. The town are enjoying mineral waters from n Northern Japan Alps provides Fukugen with the most appropriate water for sake production . As the ice top melts from the top of the mountain, flows the water from the top all the way to the river. The water are being used to make sake. With long historical art of brewing and skilled artisan that continue the traditions to preserve the sake brewing formula.

Fukugen’s sake is brewed using healthy brewer’s rice grown with minimal pesticides and the cold, clear spring water from the Northern Alps, with brewmaster techniques that have been passed down for over 360 years.

Ikeda Town Mayor (Mr Kiyoaki Motai)

In this meet up, we are honor to meet the Ikeda Town Mayor (Mr Kiyoaki Motai) Daisekkei Sake Brewery, Senior Managing Director (Mr Yuuki Usui) Fukugen Shuzo, General Planning Department (Ms Seiko Hirabayashi 18th Generation Owner). Sharing their passion both from the Town Mayor and also brewery masters.

Founded in 1898, Daisekkei Sake Brewery (Ikeda Town, Nagano Prefecture) at the foot of the Northern Alps, continues to produce sake using melt-water that can be enjoyed at ordinary dining tables. Since it is a mountainous region, there is a large difference in temperature between daytime and night in summer and winter, and as such it is an environment suitable for making rice used for sake. Being blessed by nature, we value the difference in taste five to ten years down the line, and our commitment and attitude to continue making good sake at a high cost cannot be imitated overnight. In 1953, it won the highest award at the National New Sake Awards Ceremony and was selected to be presented to the Imperial Household. In 1966, the chief brewer at the time received the Yellow Ribbon Medal (given to those who have devoted themselves to the work of agriculture, commerce, industry, etc., and have other exemplary skills and achievements).

The sake is named after Mt. Shirouma, one of Japan’s three major snowy valleys, and represents the awe for the mountains and great nature that we look up to every day. The clear air, pure water, abundant rice, and harsh colds of winter that nature creates, all nurture the sake of this region.


sake tasting (2)

As Master Saké Sommelier and saké and food pairing specialist, Danny shared with us on the area that produces the rice are cultivate organically. that enjoys natural resources as water and weather like deep winters and cool summers, with majestic mountain vistas of the Northern Japan Alps. The people of this region take great pride in the richness of their natural surroundings of the Nagano prefecture, host to the 1998 Winter Olympics.

Different types of rice being used to brew sake.

sake rice wine

sake tasting (5)

Sake from the same province. Blown me away with the huge difference in taste. to start off with, we have to kick start with from Left to Right as where the flavours of sake building from the lightest to the heaviest. which is the first 3 bottles is from Daisekkei and last 2 bottle is from Fukugen.

We are lucky today as the sake were bottle end of March and we get to taste it first hand. It is like drinking sake from the province.

Fukugen Shuzo

This is our tasting platter for the day.

Daisekkei Sake Brewery

Bottle 1: Daisekkei – Karakuchi Honjozo. The clarity of it is near to crystal water but the movememnt is slightly heavy where you can see the presence of the alcohol. A bottle that can pair easily with any fresh sashimi or food. The light cripsy body texture is there.

sake tasting (3)

Bottle 2: Daisekkei – Tokubetsu Junmai is one of my favourite bottle. One of the reason of this amazing bottle is that, if you drink in hot, room temperature and cold, it gives you 3 different flavours profile. It is just amazing that how this master brewer able to build the proflile of this in such a huge variance. I find that this is best to drink hot, where you can get to taste clarify, mild body crips and thin paper layer of floral.

A perfect bottle for you and your friends to those who prefer to drink hot or cold. A bottle that brings 2 worlds of preference together.

Fukugen Brewery

Bottle 3: Daisekkei Daiginjo Yamadanishiki is my favourite bottle of the night. I find that this bottle is very universal. that can easily pair with any food. If pair with saashimi, I find it brings sweetness from the fresh and floral of the sake that blends well. If you pair with meat, it goes perfectly well too. It makes the meat juicy yet can separate the flavours in your mouth. Eating with the pickled raddish, it brings a perfect balance of the hint of sourness and sweeness together.

fukugen Sake Brewery

Bottle 4: Fukugen Kita Alps Daiginjo as the serires which is award winning. The sake definately brings different dimension to your palate. It is like drinking aged wine, perhaps 2012/2013 years. Sake body is slightly heavy yet it is so easy to drink. Hint of sweetness notes is presence first follow by the slightly burnt rice flavor.


This is the master flavour of all. Bottle 5 : Fukumimi Junmai Daiginjo Genshu is the most heavy flavour among the 5. I find that either you like it or do not like it. The taste for this is quite drastic and when after you drink this bottle and you drink back the first bottle, you could not taste the freshness of the taste anymore.

sake tasting (6)

Nihon Tsukemono – Pickled Daikon as Master Saké Sommelier specialist Danny taught us to be explorative with our palate. By biting abit of pickled radish then drink a sip of sake. You will be mesmerize how this pickled change the flavour of each sake that you are drinking with after you bite  abit of radish.

sake tasting (7)

Gindara misoyaki – Japanese Styled Grilled Cod Fish. fish that cook to perfection with glazed kind like miso on the too. Every bite is filled with explosive of flavours when you pair with the sake. I like it most with bottle 2 and bottle 3.

sake tasting (8)

Wagyu to Kinoko Isote : WagyuA5 with Saute Mushroom

sake tasting (9)

I never really like oyster in big size. I find that it is too moist. However Nagasaki Nama Kaki : Fresh Oyster from Nagasaki I am going to give this a highway green light. The meat is not so soft yet solid. It was only 3 days old from Japan. The freshness is absolutely top notch and the meat is sweet!!! Drink with hot sake of bottle 2 is the best pairing on my personal thought.

However for clarity it does goes well with bottle 1 and bottle 3.

sake tasting (12)

Mukimi Shiro Ebi to Kampachi Sashimi : White Shrimp and Yellow Tail Sashimi as for this. Need not need to say. Bottle and 2 is the best pairing.

sake tasting (11)

As for some of you out there, was wondering which bottle should I buy. I would recommend:

  1. Bottle 2 for universal easy drinking that suits your mood from cold to warm.
  2. Bottle 3 is for easy drinking or any food pairing as it is very universal. I think might goes well with dai chow also.
  3. Bottle 4 is a bit stronger in taste of its own. But after drinking a while it had its unique unique palate
  4. Bottle 5 is the most unique of all. If you want weird, unique yet strong in taste with perfect smooth body then this is the bottle for you to hunt for.


01. Tiger Crystal Cans

Beat the Heat with Tiger Crystal

Been feeling the heat lately? Stepping out of the house makes us think twice, let alone doing some fun activities out in the hot sun. Be it a BBQ gathering or a fun day out in the sun, getting through the heat can be a real challenge. Add in Malaysians’ love for spicy food, and it’s clear we’re in need of a way to cool down! Tiger Crystal has just the way for you to Beat the Heat and carry on doing what you love!
Brewed at a crystal-cold temperature of -1 degree Celsius, Tiger Crystal is not only refreshing and less bitter, but absolutely perfect for the hot weather! With the amazing promotions ongoing from now until 31st May, now is the time to pick up some ice-cold Tiger Crystals for ultimate refreshment.

For starters, there will be 10,000 free cans of Tiger Crystal given away on the weekend of 10th and 11th April. All you have to do is check out the Tiger Crystal booths at any of the participating outlets listed here, complete the simple registration process and bring home a free can of Tiger Crystal, while stocks last!

04. Tiger Crystal Flask

That’s not all, from now until 30th April 2021, you can purchase two 6-can-packs of Tiger Crystal from Giant, Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocers, myNEWS, 99 Speedmart, 7Eleven as well as selected supermarkets in East Malaysia and get exclusive Tiger Crystal flask (available in two designs), Tiger Crystal multifunctional pen or Tiger Crystal 3-in-1 charging cable. Of course, if stepping out of the house to purchase is a chore in this hot weather, you can also opt to purchase them from online platforms such as Drinkies and Shopee without breaking a sweat!

Basic RGB

To further cool you down, from 15th April until 31st May, you may check out even more participating hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide, namely AEON, AEON Big, Jaya Grocer and Lotus’s to purchase two 6-can-packs of Tiger Crystal that are also accompanied with an exclusive Tiger Crystal flask!

More information on this promotion and list of participating outlets can be found at

Tiger Crystal and its promotions are available to non-Muslims aged 21 and above only. Tiger advocates responsible consumption and urges consumers to not drink and drive. To find out more on how you can Beat the Heat with Tiger Crystal, visit or Tiger’s social media pages at and

Kwai Chai Hong is gaining is popularity since they have started about 2 years ago. with constant different themes being organize at the area had been drawing alot of tourist from both local and international before covid period. Now withour CMCO status, Kwai ChaiHong Presents Everlasting Beauty Featuring A New Art Sculpture and Traditional Fabric Dye.

Transforming an alley into a signature cultural icon now. A hidden alley where you have to locate to take some instagramable shots. This area is a restoration project of heritage 10 shophouses and a laneway hidden in between Lorong Panggung and Jalan Petaling in Kuala Lumpur, has consistently introduced exciting art installations and activities to transform the space. Marking the year 2021 by presenting a new permanent art sculpture by Alice Chang of Lai Lai Art Studio and a traditional fabric-dye installation in an effort to celebrate Chinese culture and heritage.  classic combination of art culture to the streets.

petaling street

Drawing from a central theme of “Everlasting Beauty”, this installation pays tribute to the classic Wan Shou Wu Jiang (万寿无疆) porcelain design which is often found in the homes of Chinese families, and is also infused with inspiration from the popular Chinese floral design, Bao Xiang Hua (寳相花). Together with Alice, Kwai Chai Hong presents a masterpiece sculpture made from hundreds of porcelain pieces created as an expression of turning waste to adoration, giving it a new lease of life. The idea came about when Alice saw how a beautiful porcelain plate that has served hundreds of memorable dinners was disposed-off instantly the moment it was chipped. Chinese superstition believes that a chipped plate is an omen of misfortune.

“There is so much memory behind these plates that it breaks my heart to see them thrown away. Now I can give it a new purpose; an art-piece that people can appreciate for a long time,” Alice said. Thus, the creation of “The Lady” (小姐) sculpture now sits gracefully to greet visitors as they enter Kwai Chai Hong. This concept is further channeled through the installation of a setup mimicking a traditional fabric-dye factory with colourful textile hanging over bamboo stilts to dry. With the help of technology and in collaboration with Epson Malaysia, the traditional fabric-dye installation represents how old and dying crafts are innovated and transformed into various forms, including art.

kwai chai hong

who would imagine this place is deck up with such a classic beauty.

kwai chai hong everlasting beauty (2)

jalan panggung

Swing by to take many pattern pattern shots like me. Still failed. What about you?

cloth dye

kwai chai hong everlasting beauty (4)

kwai chai hong everlasting beauty (3)

kwai chai hong everlasting beauty (1)

Kwai Chai Hong will be open to the public daily from 9am to 12 midnight, with strict SOPs observed within the vicinity. The Everlasting Beauty art installation will be available from 26th March to 2nd May 2021. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the traditional fabric-dye art installation like never before.

We have all missed some important celebrations in the past year. When the St. Patrick’s Month kicked off, Guinness fans jumped at the chance to share their missed occasions with the hashtag #31daysofstpatricks. Little did some lucky fans in the Klang Valley and Penang knew that they’d be able to make up to their missed occasions with the exclusive Guinness Celebration Kits!

[Klang Valley] BBQ Platter - Makhan by Kitchen Mafia 02

Each occasion, be it birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day, graduation ceremonies or even just gatherings with friends, were catered to with specially curated celebration kits in the spirit of St. Patrick’s celebration for 31 days. During this ongoing celebration, five fans are selected each day and rewarded with these kits that are prepared in collaboration with renowned vendors in the Klang Valley and Penang.

Andrew Anel Anbalagan, a 21-year-old student from Selayang was devastated to miss his friend’s bachelor party and wedding when it was postponed. Guinness sent him a burger set with some cans of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (GFES) to help make up for it. “I invited my buddy over to join me, and we had a great time drinking together and planning the fun when things get back to normal,” he said. Andrew received the scrumptious Tipsy Lucky Guinness-infused Lamb Burger kit curated in partnership with myBurgerLab and Tipsy Boar.

[Klang Valley] Burger platter - MyBurgerLab x Tipsy Boar 01

While Andrew missed his friend’s wedding, another Guinness fan, 27-year-old Natasha Marie Francis had to reschedule her own wedding for three times. “Planning the wedding all over again is not so bad after all when I get to manage it while having the delicious Guinness ice cream by The Ice Cream Bar,” said Natasha who received the ice cream kit inclusive of Guinness-infused Patrick’s Treasure and Guinness Brownies, alongside a 4-can-pack GFES.


[Klang Valley] Cake by Anniekins Cakehouse

Thanks to the digital advancement, we all still get to meet our loved ones virtually especially during the festive celebrations. Such was the case with 28-year-old Clarissa Chew from Subang Jaya, whose virtual gathering with her relatives from different states and even different countries was made better by Guinness with the Take Home BBQ Set, prepared by Makhan by Kitchen Mafia. “Now I have even more fun stories to share with my fam-bam over some scrumptious grilled food and cold Guinness over a video call,” she said.


[Klang Valley] Cocktails by Coley 01

All the way up-north, Penangite Annabelle Chai missed being the bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding. “My friend decided to get married within a 17-hour notice, I couldn’t be with her then but I am definitely inviting her to have this beautiful Guinness cake and to catch up over a couple of cold Guinness,” she said. Anabelle received the Guinness Chocolate Butter Cake kit by Cake By X.

Guinness also partnered with Coley and Anniekins Cakehouse in the Klang Valley as well as Mish Mash, Cake By X and Three Tiers Ice Cream in Penang to create the celebration kits. Each kit is carefully curated with a dash of Guinness and St. Patrick’s elements to it, ranging from scrumptious burger platters, mouthwatering cakes, exquisite cocktails, ice creams for the sweet tooth and juicy at-home BBQ platters.

[Klang Valley] Ice creams by The Ice Cream Bar 02

Available only throughout the St. Patrick’s Month, fans can also purchase these celebration kits at each vendors’ respective outlets or platforms. More details on this can be found here.

[Penang] BBQ Platter by Mish Mash 02

[Penang] Burger Platter by Mish Mash 01


[Penang] Cocktail kit by Mish Mash 02

[Penang] Leprechaun_s Bite by Three Tiers Ice Cream

[Penang] The Pure Irishman by Three Tiers Ice Cream

That’s not all! For an added touch of St. Patrick’s merriment, Guinness lovers can also score themselves a free limited-edition Guinness tumbler that comes in three designs, with any purchase of Guinness Draught or Guinness Foreign Extra Stout all through March. It is time for fans to check out participating outlets nationwide or e-commerce platforms too, and pick up a Guinness to make up for all their missed celebrations!

Guinness and all promotions are available to non-Muslims aged 21 and above only. Guinness Malaysia advocates responsible consumption and urges consumers to not drink and drive. For full terms and conditions and to find out more about Guinness St. Patrick’s Month, visit or Guinness Malaysia’s social media pages at and Slainte!

Korean Wave is indeed hitting Malaysia hard! Shaker Fries, Korean fried chicken, and many more other Korean street food is now available in our shore.

Annyeonghaseyo!! Hail all the way from Korea – CunFry offering authentic Korean street food will be operating their first outlet in Malaysia!

I am excited and can’t wait to try them out! Got to know that CunFry is using only the finest ingredients and recipes from all over Korea to deliver unique, flavourful and downright addictive Korean Street Food!

I have always been a big fan of Shaker fries and YASS! They have Signature shaker fries. Shepody Potatoes imported from Canada are freshly fried, coated with in-house special fried powder and double fried to yield a crispy and golden perfection. Most importantly, sprinkle with CunFry’s unique homemade spices and shake it vigorously. Can’t wait to get a test out!


Next, as famous street food is Korean Fried Chicken. Each of the fried chicken are carefully selected 100% fresh chicken and marinated with in-house special sauce. Every piece is coated with CunFry special fried powder, deep fried to golden brown and moist perfection. Finishing it with hand-brushed to crispy perfection. As a saying to let you enjoy mouthful of crispy chicken experience!


Be sure to enjoy with a few selections of flavours:

  1. Hot and Spicy – a great choice for spicy lovers that they are sure to give you kick in your palate!
  2. BBQ – sweet and smoky will be a nice blend for BBQ sauce lover.
  3. Honey Butter – filled with sweet sauce then fried till golden and crispy. The sound of it is yumz!


Korean street food will never be complete if we are missing out Topokki. It is hard to find nice Topokki in Klang Valley, as the texture have to be like sort of chewing gum yet not too soft. CunFry’s toppokki is drench in sweet red chili sauce, creates a fiery, savoury and slightly sweet food perfection!

According to source, there are no official outlet have been announce yet but but but. .. …. They will be collaborating with Black Whale Malaysia, to be known as CunWhale.

3      4

One of my favourite tea brands elevating their drinks up with cup holder and topped with Korean street foods. CunWhale is the all-in-one go-anywhere solution allow you to enjoy Korean street food while sipping on bubble tea at the same time.

Black Whale will be introducing 3 new soda beverages in this collaboration with CunFry. The crispy hot Korean street foods are paired with cold soda beverages, allowing you to experience an unprecedented refreshing sensation with every bite!

CunFry Official Facebook, IG



Looking forward for the official announcement.

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