Tiger Beer announced today that it will donate RM1.5 million to support Malaysian street food during the Movement Control Order (MCO). The funding will be used to help cover rent for street food vendors, coffee shops and food courts across the country as they face reduced income due to ongoing restrictions. RM1 million of the funds will be made available immediately, and will benefit street food vendors operating in more than 1200 coffee shops and food courts nationwide.


Tiger Beer is also giving the public a way to support their local coffee shops and food courts through this tough time, by purchasing vouchers to be used once restrictions are relaxed. Supporters can log on to and purchase a voucher for a big bottle of Tiger or Tiger Crystal (RSP RM17) at only RM10. This voucher can then be redeemed at any participating coffee shops and food courts across the country when they reopen. The outlet will receive the initial
RM10 voucher price, plus the full RM17 RSP value from Tiger Beer for each voucher redeemed.

Roland Bala, Managing Director of Heineken Malaysia Berhad said, “Tiger has long been a champion for Asian street food, so it was important for us to help support the people who create the dishes we all love. We hope that the Tiger ‘Save Our Street Food’ fund goes some way to easing their financial burden during this tough time, and look forward to supporting them further as conditions improve.

We also invite the public to join us in supporting the local coffee shops and food courts where many of our favourite street food vendors operate, with the purchase of vouchers to be redeemed once restrictions are relaxed. For every RM10 spent, Tiger Beer will contribute another RM17, helping these outlets get back on their feet.”

Meanwhile, Tiger Beer is also working with the Malaysia Singapore Coffee Shop Proprietors’ General Association on additional initiatives to help the wider industry.


The Tiger Save Our Street Food fund is part of a comprehensive package of support for F&B Operators and the wider community by Heineken Malaysia Berhad (HEINEKEN Malaysia). HEINEKEN Malaysia recently announced that it was providing 80,000 meals to more than 3,000 B40 community members located around the brewery premises. More measures aimed at helping outlet owners and other associated business partners are expected to be announced in due course.

Tiger Save Our Street Food is part of a wider regional initiative from Tiger Beer, #SupportOurStreets. In addition to supporting street food vendors across Asia, #SupportOurStreets encourages consumers to stay off the streets as part of continued safe distancing measures across the region.


To find out more about the campaign and purchase a voucher to help support local coffee shops and
food courts, visit For more information on Tiger Beer, visit

Sometimes for guys, it is quite hard to find a nice comfortable every day shorts. It is hard to find a pair that you get a nice cutting but only to wear it for specific occasions, could not be your all in one pants. Is there any shorts/pants which is kinda like all in one? What if there’s one that is all in one? There is one actually, but again depending on your fashion style. Thousand Miles is one of the new start up that offers you all-in-one shorts depending on your fashion style. Personally, I’d say this suits me pretty well.

Thousand Miles (1)

Not only it is comfy, it is perfect for sports person too where the shorts is made like kinda dry fit concept. So, this is light, airy, easy to iron unlike our normal traditional shorts and perfect for travels too as it is pack-able into a rather small size and does not take up a lot of space.

As for this, I got a pair of this shorts in their website Duo Pack that comes with Urban Grey and Midnight Blue.

Do note that I am standing at :
height : 185cm
weight: 90 kg
average size for my jeans/pants : 34 -35 inch (some cutting like Zara/ H&M is 36 inch)
– The size I got for my pants is SIZE L

Thousand Miles (2)

Love the Urban Grey colour as it easily fits with my colour of t-short/shirts that I have. Wore the shorts out over the weekend and find it very comfortable, and light. Both front pockets were quite deep to fit both my handphone and wallet as usual. The shorts lenghts are about 2-4 inches away from my knee.

Thousand Miles (3)

Thousand Miles (4)

A little side view of both front pocket and back pocket.

Thousand Miles (5)

Thousand Miles (6)

both back pocket comes with a zip.

As I was eating in the restaurant and got some water drops onto the pants. To my suprise it dries up pretty quick.

Thousand Miles (7)

Thousand Miles (8)

On the front side, it comes with adjustable string, just in case you buy pretty big size? An instant tick button for support. What I like the most is, both the sizes are with flexi rubber. So I do not have to worry on unbuttoning my shorts after heavy meal.

Thousand Miles (9)

Thousand Miles (10)

Thousand Miles (11)

Both  my pants.

Thousand Miles (12)

A sample of me folding it up and my parquet tiles is about 15cm x 15 cm per piece. It definitely can go smaller and flatter too, if you have master a few folding methods.

Can actually be packed into the right pocket like this.

Thousand Miles (13)

I have pull and stretch it maximum and it seems can stretch about easily 1 inch per side.

Thousand Miles (14)

Thousand Miles (17)

Not only your common casual shorts, it is also perfect for sports too. If you are into hiking or jogging, it is a perfect 1 indeed. Dry up pretty fast.

Thousand Miles (18)

Thousand Miles (15)

Thousand Miles (16)

Thousand Miles (19)

If you want to check out the casual pants short sizes, it is in their website (click here)

More info at:

Lazy? Busy? No time? Well, all of these are the reason that we constantly tell ourselves that we do not have time to cook a great meal. Not all of us are in that category and I believe most of us are in it. Where to find great home cook food without the cooking. We are left only with 2 choices. Either “tabao” from your favourite place or order a delivery. dahmakan had been in the market for quite a while and been consistently delivering pretty good food to many of us in the office or at home. Even my company order 100 packs from them for our monthly Birthday celebration.

dahmakan is a food portal that offers home cook food from their chef recipe with ingredients source daily from the market. If you log into their website few days once, you might see there are some seasonal item that could be introduce for a period of time or only available on weekend.

For you first timer that is going to order their food do use this promo code “BETASTY1144” for 25% off your first purchase upon check out of dahmakan.

Dahmakan (2)

Listen and view many of my friends ordering this, it seems would be a pretty good value till I try it again last weekend as I was too busy to go out with house spring cleaning, where Chinese New Year 2020 is just around the corner.

dahmakan 0


It was most of the time that my colleague that is ordering it and this is my first time ordering through their app and the ordering experience were pretty seemless. Clean layout, Easy and direct to the point. Check out their menu as it takes RM 12 to delivery to you.

It is easy to make decision on which dish to hit on. Just look at their ratings. I know that Salted Egg Butter Chicken is their signature or best seller in dahmakan. I have tried it once and it is pretty good for a food delivery.

Dahmakan (3)

This round decided to try something else.

Dahmakan (4)

It would be:

  1. Mac & Cheese with Chicken Meatballs @ RM 14.90
  2. Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah with Tealive Classic Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly @ RM 16.90
  3. Roasted Chicken Breast with Spinach Barley Risotto, Mushroom
  4. Salted Egg Chicken @ RM 14.90
  5. Baked Japanese Curry

Dahmakan (5)

Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah with Tealive Classic Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly @ RM 16.90

Dahmakan (6)

To my suprise, all three of the food were pretty good. Nasi Lemak were pretty good as the rice is fragrant and the ayam berempah is filled with flavours. Not the one that pack with a punch but decent enough for a quick crave.

Dahmakan (7)

I find that this is pretty good in value Roasted Chicken Breast with Spinach Barley Risotto, Mushroom turns out to be better than I expected. The Risotto were cook spot on. Risotto is not too soft yet too hard. The soup stock that cook along is not too salty yet blends quite well with the roasted chicken breast. Chicken Dip with the sauce give a lift that it needed.

Dahmakan (8)

Dahmakan (9)

Dahmakan (11)

My sister is a fan of anything with cheese. She ordered Mac & Cheese with Chicken Meatballs @ RM 14.90.

Dahmakan (12)

Macaroni cook just right, moist and springy. Bolognise sauce is thick enough to pairs with the mac n cheese. Meatball is not too dense yet the amount given is just right.

Dahmakan (13)

Dahmakan (14)

Dahmakan (15)

Their new in the menu is Baked Japanese Curry is pretty good. I think among the list that I have ordered, Baked Japanese Curry is my favourite. The curry is mild fragrant, and the amount of ingredient like chicken is pretty generous. Amount of cheese topped on top is also not too heavy. Not your daily consumption but best to have it once a while.

Dahmakan (16)

Dahmakan (17)

Salted Egg Butter is their all time best seller @ RM 14.90. Those of you might thought that it will be too creamy or to punch with flavours. However it is done right. Chicken is soft and juicy and the gravy is not too salty, creamy to fits the meal and fragrant enough with the salted egg.

Dahmakan (18)

Overall, is that dahmakan delivers better food than what I expected.

Hennessy Launches Renewal of Hope for this year of Rat 2020. A kick start of Chinese New Year with a renowned Chinese artist, Zhang Huan, to honour the beauty of nature’s perpetual cycles of renewal through distinctive artwork portraying the brand’s eaux-de-vie as a metaphor for the New Year. The event took place at Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City.


Titled “Spheres of Hope”, the artwork – which will be featured throughout the campaign and on limited edition bottles specially designed for this New Year season – takes the form of a resonant dreamscape which exudes glittering radiance and a masterful interpretation of the infinite cycle of nature.


“Every year, the world’s cities shine with red lanterns celebrating the start of the Lunar New Year. It is a celebration of promising new beginnings and of a perpetual movement that Hennessy embraces generously. This is what we wanted to embody in this especially meaningful celebration. It exudes glittering radiance and a masterful interpretation of this infinite cycle of nature,” explained Thomas Bouleuc, Managing Director of MHD Malaysia.

Limited Edition Chinese New Year Hennessy V.S.O.P

Lim In Chong

For this launch, Hennessy also collaborated with renowned Malaysian landscape designer Lim In Chong, popularly known as Inch, to create the “Garden of Hope”. The tree installation, specially designed and built by Inch for Hennessy, is a realisation of twelve trees, holding individual coloured spheres inspired by shades of Zhang Huan’s artwork.

Ushering in the New Year with Yam Seng, a Chinese Tradition

Visitors to Plaza Arkadia will be able to experience both Zhang Huan’s artwork and the “Garden of Hope” throughout the campaign duration, which will end on 8 February 2020. Huan’s artworks will also feature on Hennessy’s promotions and publicity throughout the campaign and on a microsite specially developed by Hennessy for the festivities.


At the microsite, users can find out more about the ongoing events, create their own New Year greetings to share on social media with friends, and play games to collect Kam points. With these points, users can redeem exclusive Hennessy bottles, free dinners and free drinks at participating restaurants and clubs.

The “Renewal of Hope” will also take on another benevolent facet which will see Hennessy fulfilling the hopes of eight people in the New Year – one from each of eight different categories – health, wealth, relationships, career, self, business, home and travel. In the true spirit of giving back, Hennessy has specially curated a gift for each category, which will amount to a total giveaway worth RM38,888. More details about this very special initiative can be found on the microsite.


On the night itself, we also get to enjoy a special crafted drinks that pairs with Hennessy.


More information about Hennessy’s “Renewal of Hope” can be found on the microsite which can be accessed by visiting

Ushering the year 2020 with double prosperity, Carlsberg unveiled its Chinese New Year (CNY) campaign ‘Double Cheers. Double Winnings.’ offering consumers chances to double-up their rewards to win a Carlsberg Limited-edition gigantic 3-litre Carlsberg bottle, Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar and many other interesting prizes this festivity!

Carlsberg (1)

Inspired by the Chinese saying that good things come in pairs and following the unique occurrence of the year 2020, Carlsberg craftily illustrates the art of red paper cutting featuring ‘fish’ to symbolise abundance and ‘lion dance’ for prosperity on all Carlsberg and Carlsberg Smooth Draught CNY festive cans and bottles.

Carlsberg (3)


Carlsberg (6)

Only available in Malaysia, Carlsberg is giving away more than 2,000 units of the 3-litre Carlsberg bottle this CNY. To date, more than 600 lucky winners have emerged following their purchases at participating supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, e-commerce sites; and for those who enjoyed our beers at participating bars, restaurants, coffee shops and food courts!

One of the lucky winners who will be doubling the happiness with his friends this CNY is 37- year-old Ernest Hoh who hails from KL. “I was out celebrating the New Year with a group of friends at Brewhouse Kuchai Lama enjoying Carlsberg. What a surprise that I won the 3-litre Carlsberg CNY bottle! I’ll be celebrating CNY at my friends’ place where we will pop the bottle to celebrate the winning,” said Hoh.

Invited guests and members of the public also had chances to take home the limited-edition 3- litre Carlsberg bottle via an interactive digital engagement game. Want to be a winner and bring home your very own Carlsberg bottle to double up the festivities this CNY? Head to participating coffee shops or food courts and check underneath the bottle caps for purchases of Carlsberg (640ml) or Carlsberg Smooth Draught (580ml) big bottles.

Carlsberg (7)

Carlsberg (8)

Carlsberg (9)

Carlsberg (10)

Carlsberg (11)

Carlsberg (12)

Carlsberg (13)

Carlsberg (15)


Held at Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City, Carlsberg brought to life ‘Double Cheers. Double Winnings.’ in true festive spirit to more than 350 media and trade partners by a lively acrobatic lion dance performance and Probably The Best Yee Sang toss as they paired quality brews of Carlsberg Malaysia with a variety of steamboat and grilled BBQ skewers. To elevate the concept of double, Managing Director Stefano Clini said in an opening speech, “Carlsberg wishes our beer lovers double prosperity in this Lunar New Year with our rewarding ‘Double Cheers. Double Winnings.’ promotion. Exciting and awesome prizes are up for grabs including the limited-edition gigantic 3-litre Carlsberg bottle and the 3-in-1 multi-function Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar, the perfect addition to CNY reunions and celebrations which will even double the happiness with your family and loved ones!”

If you’re stocking up on beers for that double cheers moment with friends and family, get rewarded with instant prizes including Carlsberg’s elegant and sleek glassware and more! Grab your chances for a doubled winning when you Snap and Win your way to proudly own the limited-edition 3-litre Carlsberg bottle. Back by popular demand, “Probably The Best CNY Shopping Experience” activations will be held at participating supermarkets and hypermarkets where Grand Prize winners walk home with groceries worth up to RM800 all paid for by Carlsberg! It was a good start ahead of the Lunar New Year for over 160 Grand Prize winners nationwide for their purchases of Carlsberg Malaysia products on top of their groceries. With only one last weekend to go, spread the good news with your friends and family and head to participating hypermarkets nationwide. 43-year-old Tee Kok Kiong was pleasantly surprised with a stroke of good luck when shopping at AEON BiG Subang. “It was completely unexpected for my wife and I that our grocery purchases of up to RM800 was all paid for by Carlsberg. It’s great that Carlsberg rewards our beer purchases especially during a festive period like CNY,” Tee rejoiced.
Gaining attention for its sleek and modernistic design at participating hypermarkets and convenience stores this CNY period is the Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar that boasts a modernistic design of a table equipped with a built-in fridge and is fitted with Bluetooth speaker and USB charger functionalities. Ease your worries of storing and chilling beer for perfect enjoyment during family reunions or festive open house sessions as the Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar can store almost 150 cans! Want to get your hands on the Smart Mini Bar? Simply purchase 2 cartons of Carlsberg and/or Carlsberg Smooth Draught and 1 carton of 1664 Blanc, Somersby or Asahi at participating hypermarkets or purchase RM20 and above of Carlsberg Malaysia products at participatingconvenience stores to be eligible for the weekly draws with chances to win a Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar or a 1664 Blanc-branded Mini Chiller.

Come celebrate the CNY festivities in great spirit with the limited-edition 3-litre Carlsberg bottle, Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar and more while savouring Probably The Best Brews by Carlsberg Malaysia. You’ve heard and seen from these lucky winners, so what are you waiting for? With only one more weekend to go, spread the word and seize this last opportunity where ‘You Shop, Carlsberg Pays’ this CNY! Join us at the following locations this weekend:

Date Outlet Time
12-JAN-2020, SUN AEON MID VALLEY 1-3pm

Date Outlet Time

10 January 2020
Page 3 of 6

Date Outlet Time

Date Outlet Time
11-JAN-2020, SAT CKS Hypermarket (Menggatal) 1-3pm

Date Outlet Time

For more information on all ongoing CNY promotions or events, visit or follow us on Facebook at

Tiger Beer, Malaysia’s No. 1 beer, welcomed the Year of the Rat with a grand launch event held at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur followed by a delectable dinner at the Grand Imperial Restaurant. Tiger Beer Double the Huat 2020. The double celebration of Chinese New Year and Tiger Beer’s auspicious 88th anniversary stayed true to the promise of ‘Double the Huat’ with an array of activities and performances.

Top L-R_ Szilard Voros, Finance Director, Roland Bala, Managing Director, Pablo Chabot, Marketing Director. Bottom L-R_ Kuhan Kanagarajan, Human Resources Director, Vasily Baranov, Sales Director, Salima Bekoeva, Su

A lion dance performance to usher in luck for the Year of the Rat at the Tiger CNY media launch at Pavilion KL

Guests mingled at the Tiger HUAT HUAT Bazaar before the event kicked off with a mesmerizing lion dance performance that ignited auspiciousness – the lions of different colours represented the brands in the HEINEKEN Malaysia portfolio.  With festive spirits at an all-time high, Roland Bala, Managing Director of HEINEKEN Malaysia, unveiled the grand, gilded 88 sculpture, officiating the beginning of Tiger Beer’s Chinese New Year campaign for the Year of the Rat. The event continued with a special performance by Tiger – Sin Chew Chinese Education Charity Concert (CECC) artists, delighting guests.


Guests were then treated to a surprise performance as local singer-songwriter Namewee took to the stage as part of the big reveal, performing a selection of his popular songs – including his new Chinese New Year track, “Year of Rat” – created in collaboration with Tiger Beer. To check out the music video, click this.

check out their video here.

“Chinese New Year is a time when we get together with loved ones and celebrate for a prosperous year ahead. As we welcome Chinese New Year 2020, we here at HEINEKEN Malaysia are also celebrating Tiger Beer’s 88th anniversary. For this special occasion, we look forward to rewarding our loyal consumers with amazing promotions, contests and activations that will ‘Double the Huat’ for the auspicious year ahead,” said Roland Bala, Managing Director of HEINEKEN Malaysia.

The grand Tiger Beer 88 sculpture unveiled at Pavilion KL

Guests posing with the double Choi San Yeh's, The God of Prosperity, during the Tiger Beer CNY Media Launch at Pavilion KL

From today until 9th of February, be sure to check out the Tiger HUAT HUAT Bazaar located alongside Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Connection area – an exciting first for Tiger Beer. Shoppers can get their hands on unique handicrafts and Chinese New Year-themed gift and exclusive merchandise from a rotating selection of vendors. Also at the bazaar is a variety of games – including the HUAT machine – that allow shoppers to take home Chinese New Year merchandise, but that’s not all! The Pestle & Mortar x Tiger Beer Chinese New Year collection will also be available for purchase there. With eight unique designs to choose from, this exclusive collection can be purchased from their official website, too, from 8th of January onwards – so be sure to get your limited edition merchandise while stocks last!



In addition, spending RM188 on HEINEKEN Malaysia products in Mercato in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur will earn you a set of limited-edition Ang Pows designed by some of Malaysia’s hottest upcoming artists. There are eight designs to collect – with two available every week of the campaign – so be sure to keep coming back to collect them all!

Befitting a year filled with “Double the Huat”, an abundance of festive giveaways ranging from Tiger Beer Mahjong sets, Heineken® Poker sets and Guinness Electronic Dice sets, to cash prizes and gold coins are up for grabs through a range of promotions.

Until mid-February, purchase any big bottle of selected HEINEKEN Malaysia products at participating food courts and coffee shops to win various cash prizes and Tiger Crystal just by checking for marked ‘Huat’ characters under the bottle caps. As for consumers celebrating in selected bars and pubs, the premium Heineken® Ang Pows allow for a personalized video message via QR code with the purchase of two bottles of Heineken® 0.0, and cider fans can get their hands on delectable Apple Fox Cider Bak Kwa upon purchasing two glasses or bottles of Apple Fox Cider at participating bars.

You don’t even have to leave your own home to get exclusive rewards this Chinese New Year, with a range of great promotions on Drinkies, HEINEKEN Malaysia’s home delivery service. In addition to getting chilled beers and ciders delivered directly to your door, various items including the exclusive Tiger Beer Mahjong set and Heineken® Poker set are up for grabs in Klang Valley and Penang – – check out to find out more.

A guest trying his hand at the Double Golden Tigers game at Pavilion KL, Connection

Stay tuned for even more exciting updates to be announced, guaranteed to ‘Double your Huat’ this Chinese New Year. For full details of all promotions, and more information on this campaign, visit Promotions are only open to non-Muslims aged 21 and above.

[1] Source: Overall share of throat Aug ’18 – Jul ’19. Heineken ONEquity Brand Health Tracker by an independent global research agency.



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