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MiyagiSays @ Uptown Damansara

A new eatery had pop up in Uptown Damansara and this is the new MiyagiSays. I really do give me an impression of Karate Kid movie. Not only that, I personally felt that it is a nice place to hang out with friends too. This new bar in Uptown Damansara  do have its own twist in  both  the stories and also their food. They are serving Japanese Fusion food with a twist of local infusion. More like a Japanese Mamak…

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Baby Limas Beans Salad

When a gathering with friends and their theme is pot luck, I will be always lost of what to bring over. While doing some research of what to cook, then come across an article that mention World Pulses Day which is quite interesting. I read further, this global event happening on 10th February since 2018 is actually design by United Nations to share the importance of pulses like chickpeas, dry beans, lentils, dry peas and others. It is rather simple…

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Personalize box with Sweet Connexion

Who does not love surprises? Especially when you get a heavy box and the box is filled with lots of chocolates. I guess chocolate is a universal flavour that everyone loves. You can get this personalized sweet surprise boxes at Sweet Connexion. A new start up that is run by young group of passionate Malaysians. A gift box that had been carefully designed to give a little surprise to the receiver upon opening up. You can either customize the box…

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Sakura Den @ Off Old Klang Road, KL

When I was driving to this place, it seems like the area would not have a bar as it seems out from Old Klang Road. Indeed Sakura Den located at Off Old Klang Road is actually in Kampung Pasir area. After checking this place out, this would be one of a recommended speakeasy bar in Old Klang Road to hunt for. This hidden bar in KL is head by Arsenio Mariano Jr., better known as Ash. Holding up as winner…

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Playte Contemporary Dining @ Bukit Damansara, KL

Just would want to say, it is not good to put your expectation up before dining. One of a reason because of their background. Playte Contemporary Dining is one of the new kids on the block in Bukit Damansara, ,KL that is run by 3 young prominent chef with their establishment started since Aug 2019. Run by 3 young culinary chef are Brendon Chen, Kae Huey and Sharina Aidid, who first met while studying in Le Cordon Bleu six years…

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Koay Teow King @ Uptown Damansara, PJ

Char Koey Teow seems to be one of a staple food that every one constatntly looking the best one either best Char Koey Teow in KL or Best Char Koey Teow in  PJ. There might be one, as every cooking method is different. I was introduce to this 粿條王 Koay Teow King at Uptown Damansara, PJ that serve authentic Penang  Char Koey Teow. I was ask by a few readers to check this place out. Little did I know that…

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