On weekdays and you are traveling around Penang and looking to enjoy night market in Penang, you can try out this Macallum Street Monday Night Market at Penang. This night market is actually quite huge as the time when I pay a visit, it was just after Chinese New YEar and only half of the vendors are operating. 

This place easily cater to at least 100 stalls. Packed with alot of Penang Classic Street Food. 

Enjoy the local Penang street food under 1 street. Be here by 5.30pm onwards before it gets too packed after 8pm. 


Macallum Street Monday Night Market

Lintang Macallum 1, Pengkalan Weld,

10300 Penang

Operating Hours: Monday only – 5pm – 11pm

Penang street food scene have gain a notch up with the arrival of Michelin ratings in the shore of both KL and Penang. There are handful of hawker stalls being selected as Michelin Bib recipient and Penang Green House Hokkien Mee is one of them since Dec 2022

Of course with this, travelers like me would travel overseas just to hunt on the list. this have created a buzz for Michelin Street Food hunt in Penang.

When Green House Hokkien Mee was selected as the recipient it has raise alot of questionnaires on this. However, I am happy over the listing as let the undiscovered gem still remain as it is and let the commercialize be commercialize so I do not need to queue for my food. 

I still think this stall is decent as once a while I would go back for a classic normal bowl of Hokkien mee. Their unique is they are one of the stall that you can choose to add on ingredients ranging from prawns, egg, intestine, roast pork and others. 

I would always go for add on herbal egg and prawns. Soup wise to me is decent as more towards hint of end sweetness, chili paste that I would add in more to give me the umami spicy impact. 

Overall it is okay as this stall is on the high side. 

Best Charcoal Char Koey Teow at night is at this New Lane Hawker Center in Penang. I have stumble this stall randomly during Covid period and recently thanks to my friend for reminding me this stall. I would say Best  Penang Charcoal Char Koey Teow at night is at New Lane Penang. 

You would not miss this stall as its one of the stall that consistently having long queue even rain.

This stall had been operating for more than 40 years. There are 2 wok frying at one go which is also a training on the go for his son. of course taste fried out there will be slight different as same recipe but charcoal fire is a beast by its own. 

Loved the chared koay teow being fry as that is certainly the wok hei effect. Fried nicely, aromatic, slight dry to my liking and of course I put Duck egg onto it. Of course depends on your luck too as at time its awesome and 20%-30% off the grid. Consistency is still not at its best. Recommended plate of Koey Teow for night version.

Is this the best char koey teow in Penang? I would say for night version 80% YES!


New Lane Hawker center

Lorong Baru, 10450

George Town

Operating hours: 5pm till 11pm

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Welcome the year of the Rabbit — a year representing hope, longevity, peace and prosperity with abundance of festive favorites at The Living Room located at the Upper Ground Floor of The Westin Kuala Lumpur.

Chinese Sous Chef, Steven Swee (崔经立) with his team will cook up celebratory dishes, the perfect dishes for families and friends to indulge in and welcome the Lunar New Year with great form and excellent spirits. UNITY YEE SANG (FOR 6 PERSONS SERVING) Available for Takeaway and Dine-In from 3rd January to 5th February 2023. As a symbol of prosperity, the tossing of Yee Sang or more commonly known as Lou Sang is a must. At The Living Room, Unity Chinese New Year Specialties Lou Sang offers a variety of Yee Sang, from Spring Festive Salmon Yee Sang, Sliced Abalone Yee Sang to Prosperity Yee Sang with Jelly Fish. THE WESTIN KL_CNY Set Menu

CHINESE NEW YEAR SET MENU Available from 3rd January to 5th February 2023 at 12pm-3pm and 6pm-9.30pm. Indulge in an exceptional selection of dishes from The Living Room’s exclusive 6-course Happiness Reunion set menu carefully crafted by Chef Steven.

Savor authentic Cantonese creations comprising of Spring Festive Salmon Yee Sang, Double Boiled Soup with Abalone, Baked Filo Salmon with Cream Mushroom Sauce, Steamed Village Chicken with Fried Garlic, Black Gold Brushed Fried Rice with Shrimp and Chilled Chrysanthemum Jelly. This set menu comes with one complimentary bottle of Red or White house wine.THE WESTIN KL_CNY Buffet

CHINESE NEW YEAR BUFFET For diners who prefer to experience an extensive festive buffet, indulge in sumptuous festive spread that features many signatures dishes of Chef Steven, ranging from Smoked Duck Slice with Peanut Sauce, Marinated Black Fungus in Szechuan style. This is my first time trying CNY Buffet and I think it’s a really good idea!! Chilled Chicken Roll with Jelly Fish Salad, Eight Treasure Winter Melon Soup, Deep Fried Golden Perch with Jiang Zheng Sauce, Braised Hong Kong Noodle with Seafood, Roasted Chicken with Tang Gui, Chilled Golden Fish Lotus Paste and Deep Fried Sesame Ball with Golden Cake to name a few.

THE WESTIN KL_CNY Take Away MenuPremium Prosperity Treasure Pot: Braised Abalone Poon Choi with Vegetables in a Claypot (for 8 persons serving): RM 988nett Clay Pot Village Chicken Butter Rice with Mushroom (for 8 persons serving): RM388 nett
THE WESTIN KL_CNY Tiffin CHINESE NEW YEAR HAMPER (TIFFIN) Available from 3rd January to 5th February 2023 with three days advance order required. CHINESE NEW YEAR GIFT HAMPER (TIFFIN) RM288 NETT 1st Tier – Chinese New Year Lucky Snacks (3 types of nuts, coconut candies and red dates) 2nd Tier – TWG Tea Packs (3 x Loose Tea, 2 x Sachet) 3rd Tier – Nian Gao (Chinese New Year Rice Cake) – 1 piece 4th Tier – Herb Ingredients for Double Boiled Black Chicken with Black Garlic with cooking method by Chef Steven DISCOUNTS Selected Bank Card holders and Club Marriott members enjoy 15% discount. THE WESTIN KL_CNY Yee SangTo help maintain a healthy lifestyle, The Living Room has incorporated its signature Eat Well items by offering a vegetarian Yee Sang made of natural fresh fruits and vegetables. Spring Fresh Salmon Yee Sang: RM139 nett Sliced Abalone Yee Sang: RM119 nett Prosperity Yee Sang with Jelly Fish: RM98 nett Eat Well Yee Sang (Fresh Fruits & Vegetables): RM88 nett

Happiness Reunion Chinese New Year Set Menu with Complimentary One Bottle of Red or White House Wine RM 688 nett per table of 4 persons

CHINESE NEW YEAR EVE (21 JANUARY 2023, SATURDAY) Lunch Buffet with free flow of draught beer and special cocktails RM188nett per adult | 12pm-3pm Dinner Buffet with free flow of draught beer and special cocktails RM208nett per adult | 6pm-10pm

CHINESE NEW YEAR DAY 1 (22 JANUARY 2023, SUNDAY) Lunch Buffet with free flow of draught beer and special cocktails RM208 nett per adult | 12pm-3pm Dinner Buffet with free flow of draught beer and special cocktails RM208 nett per adult | 6pm-10pm *Any booking for above 6 persons, will be entitled for complimentary one bottle of Red or White House Wine

CHEF STEVEN’S SPECIAL TAKEAWAY MENU Available from 3rd January to 5th February 2023 with three days advance order required. Diners looking for takeaway festive delicacies to enjoy their Chinese New Year or reunion dinner with friends, family, or colleagues, look no further. Chef Steven has created two festive takeaway dishes with his secret recipes that surely brings joy to everyone.


Children aged 6 years old and below dine for free. Children aged 7 years old to 12 years old enjoy 50% off for buffet only. Senior citizen (60 years and above) enjoy 30% off for buffet only. *All prices in nett are inclusive of 6% SST Address:

The Living Room Restaurant Level UG,

The Westin Kuala Lumpur, 199,

Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-2773 8495, WhatsApp +60 12-305 1715 (for reservations and further enquiries)

Email: [email protected]

I would since I was introduce to Cloudy Bay many moon back, I personally would say this is by far one of the Best Cloudy Bay’s Sauvignon Blanc 2022. A perfect Cloudy Bay white wine that is so easy to drink and easily pair with my dishes. Fishes, seafood, mild curry, sashimi and dessert would be one of the best combination for this wine. 

1Were privilage to attend the launch of this new Cloudy Bay’s Sauvignon Blanc 2022 with its new bottle design reference the brand’s heritage while marking a new chapter in Cloudy Bay’s story. and a great pairing with freshly flown oysters from a few different countries.

What makes this year bottle so great? It could be during pandemic the air is clean, great weather to for the grapes to grow to comes to its unique flavor, also mixture of terroir and technique brought the wine safely to bottle. In the face of dowsing rain and humidity, Cloudy Bay’s vineyard sites managed to produce perfect fruit. Care and diligence in the vineyards kept it safe until the moment picking could begin.

For technical director Jim White, it was a white-knuckle ride to the finish. “It’s these more challenging years that we really see the strength and importance of our vineyard sites,” he says. “Despite the troublesome weather, the fruit was perfect, which is pretty remarkable, really.”

cloudy bay new zealandoyster rockThe special pairing is with Josh Green, Founder of Shucked Oyster and Seafood Bar

DSCF2341best cloudy bay wine 2022When you nose it, it has a bit of  mild citrus, zesty and vibrant fragrant. Filled with notes of juicy citrus and makrut lime underpinned by subtle white nectarine and passionfruit notes.

Personal thought is a good well balance of white wine filled with hint of mild fruity, citruszy, zesty, very mild fruity acidity. Definately have to drink it in chill to get the best taste. 

clams We were then after our first appetizer pairing. This is like oh ! My ! Gawd! just blew my mind away on how fresh these oysters are.

  1. Tasmanian Prime oysters from the pristine shores of Tasmania
  2. Holland’s inland saltwater lakes catch of well-known “flats” called grand Dutch Imperial Natives, 
  3. Ireland for one of the best oysters in the world known as the Irish Premium Oysters called Gallagher Specials
  4. Personal favourite : the spectacular wild caught Cloudy Bay clam from the home of the wine, Diamond Shell Cloudy Bay Clam.

Every oyster that you take, while sipping it thru with Cloudy Bay’s Sauvignon Blanc 2022, it just creates different experience and aroma, taste and enhancement of both wine and oyster. You must try it yourself at Shucked Oyster and Seafood Bar

cloudy bay 2022 souvignon blanc DSCF2336

“This is only the third time that we’ve changed the label, and we wanted to continue those really distinctive elements that made it so recognisable back when it came out in 1985,” White said.

The new design also represents a step forward for Cloudy Bay’s global sustainability efforts. The bottle is made in New Zealand from recycled glass, and the accredited cardboard packaging is fully recyclable.

“That’s only a very small part of our sustainability programme,” White said. “At the moment, we’re putting a 400-kilowatt solar power system to generate electricity for our winery. And we have a whole lot of other sustainable practices, which go all the way back to our vineyards, our soils, our water, and our waste products.”

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc’s fresh new look belies the challenging 2022 vintage. While the growing season was optimal, heavy rain right before harvest threatened to derail the grape’s potential. But a mixture of terroir and technique brought the wine safely to bottle.

“It’s these more challenging years that we really see the strength and importance of our vineyard sites,” White said. “Despite the troublesome weather, the fruit was perfect, which is pretty remarkable, really.”

This resulted in a wine that is a lot more citrus-forward this year, delivering vivid reminders of grapefruit, guava, and passionfruit. “I always describe it in colours,” White said. “It’s a bit more yellow-green this year, while the 2021 vintage was more yellow. For the stone fruit characteristic, it’s more crunchy white nectarine than ripe peach. But it’s still very much in the typical Cloudy Bay spectrum.”

DSCF2358 Duo of Canape – Salmon Roll Gratin with Ikura & River Scampi Crispy.DSCF2369For starter, we had Japanese Tai Carpaccio serve with tangy zest dressing.
DSCF2371Soup was Potato and Leek Veloute serve with truffle rosti potato crisp with caramelized nama scallop. DSCF2381A5 Miyazaki Wagyu with Portobello Mushroom Confit and Garlic Pea Sprout, Roma Tomato Pesto Smoked Garlic Theme Jus. DSCF2386

best cloudy bay red wine 2022

also were given a sample of Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir 2019


Passion Fruit Mango Tart serve with fresh mango dice.cloudy bay pinot noir

This will be a remarkable one for Cloudy Bay, with its 2022 Sauvignon Blanc greeting the world in brand-new packaging. 

Since this is festive season. Definitely this will be one of my recommended white wine.

Tiger Beer 2023 Chinese New Year is starting to Cheers to Bold Beginnings. Re-energize their inner Tiger for an even bolder tomorrow with the launch of its ‘Cheers to Bold Beginnings’ CNY campaign in Tropicana City Mall by introducing year of Rabbit to ‘Gan Gan Chong’, which means the spirit to breakthrough, as a blessing of boldness this CNY. 

DSC00198DSC00213DSC00205DSC00201Guests were treated to an energetic performance by the three artists upon checking out the interactive activities such as the ‘Trail of the Tiger’, ‘Roar Challenge’, ‘Gold Bar Challenge’, ‘Gan Gan Chong’ Dance Challenge, and ‘Lou-A-Fortune’ game where they got to take a pause and indulge in the festive spirit. These activities are available from now until 23rd January at Tropicana Gardens Mall, for consumers to experience and win exciting prizes.


12. Dato Maw, Han Xiiao Ai and Danny Lee, after an energetic performance of 敢敢冲 _The Boldest Chase_ CNY song at the media launch of Tiger CNY 2023 Campaign, Cheers to Bold Beginnings

Bringing this blessing to life, Tiger partnered with three homegrown artists – Dato Maw, Han Xiiao Ai and Danny Lee – to create a CNY song and music video, entitled ‘The Boldest Chase’. The three artists were chosen to represent the brand as they embody the same courageous spirit to boldly overcome the odds on their journey, as seen in some apt references in the song lyrics. The song is available on the campaign’s microsite, YouTube and Spotify. 

23. Dato Maw performing during the media launch of Tiger CNY 2023 Campaign, Cheers to Bold Beginnings

‘The Boldest Chase’ is one of a kind that it invites consumers to interact with the content and win exclusive prizes. By tapping on the screen of mobile devices, or pressing the ‘T’ key on the desktop when they spot the lucky Tiger logo, viewers will be able to unlock the rewards. The music video was revealed at the campaign launch event that took place at the concourse area of Tropicana Gardens Mall, which has been transformed to depict the vibrant streets of Chinatown and included various interactive activities for consumers and shoppers to enjoy. 

08. Managing Director Roland Bala addressing the guests at the Tiger CNY 2023 campaign Media Launch“Last year we roared together and made the best out of a challenging and disruptive year! This year we encourage our fans to have a bold courage to face the challenges of 2023 with the spirit of “Gan Gan Chong”. With our nationwide activations and promotions, we want our fans to take a moment to celebrate the joy of true togetherness to inspire a better Year of the Rabbit,” said Roland Bala, Managing Director of HEINEKEN Malaysia.


A tradition for all of us. We must do a closing dinner and opening dinner with Lou Sang. Wishing all the best thing remains and continues to prosperous in year 2023. Heng ahh~IMG-20230111-WA0040New folder (2)

We were then enjoying food in Extra Super Tanker. Food here never disappoints as usually is pretty spot on. The steam fish with pork lard is just amazing. A dish worth to order. 

For more information on the Tiger CNY 2023 , merchandise, promotions, contest and giveaways, check out

Tiger’s social media pages at and 

Please drink responsible consumption and urges consumers to not drink and drive.

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