It was a recommendation by my friend to try out and little did I know that my once a week lunch place Sunway Geo also does have them, but came all the way to check VeryThai Mookata & Street Food at The Starling Mall, PJ.

I do come to Starling Mall quite often and just miss them out. Consider it like a hidden gem for Thai food in the mall. It is located at the Popular bookstore wing at Level 2. very thai sunway geoIt was my friend’s family affairs that came here for dinner and the food here was good and the price is affordable.

the ambience indeed a nice and comfortable. I had late lunch at 2.30pm on that day that is why looks quite empty.
very thai
best mookata in pjThe menu seems quite extensive and I was into their Mookata cuz of the pricing @ RM 59 for Set A. very thai menuThen they do have a lot other kind of street food which is available or even order ala carte dishes. Today only 4 of us we have some mix and match. DSC02951Again we ver order again for first timer, as everything does looks good in the menu. starling mall uptown damansaraThe classic drinks that usually will order are:

Thai Milk Tea @ RM 8.50 , Lemon Grass @ RM 7.50 , something unusual is the Thai Pink Milk tea  @ RM 8.50. best thai saladFor the Octopus Salad @ RM 22.50, this has swim to one of my top recommendations if you are looking for one. Fresh seafood was added in as prawns were fresh and juicy, octopus just boil to perfection. Thai glass noodle were cook to perfection. Right texture, slight chewy, soak with the classic sour sauce. Yumz!. The amount of sourness, sweetness, hint of spiciness just the right balance as you can taste all of it in one go. At the end you get those classic Thai street food after taste. pork neckDeep Fried Pork Neck @ RM 22.50 is also another classic street food that I would usually get when I am at Thai. It is a dish not for everyone from this stall. with the word mention its deep fried. Hence you will get the texture of slight rubbery, smooth meat texture to dip with the cher special sauce is the magic of it. You will get this confusing taste as it looks spicy but do give a nice salty, mild spicy, sour aftertaste.very thai pjbest thai pork leg riceThis would be one of my highly recommended dishes. The classic street food is Stewed Pork leg Rice  @ RM 20.50.  It is one of the best pork leg rice that suits my liking. The pork leg did not overcook, where the fats is still bouncy and not soft. Meat boil to perfection that is not too soft nor hard. The 2 secret that makes this one of my top recommended is the little side soup base which is actually the gravy. Strong aroma with hint of herbal, and hint of saltiness. Once  you add onto the meat, with a spoon of rice and top with the chili. It is the best combination. The explosion of flavours in your mouth is just satisfying.

thai hotpot

On the picture it looks seems small, thought that its easily for 2 pax. I am wrong when I am ordering that much amount of food. It is actually quite a big portion and most unique, first time seeing this with cheese in it. Makes me think that is Korean x Thai???

Cheesy Tomyum Pot with Mama Noodle @ RM 49. If you have a strong palate, then this dish will suits you well. Creaminess of this dish is quite interesting as it could be from the cheese effect. Nice balance of sourness and mild spiciness. The soup is pack with flavours. very thai mookatajeng jeng jeng.  Next is my Mookata  Set A @ RM 59.. I am certainly in love with their cutleries and also the look of its mookata. First time I see such a premium golden bbq soup holder.

Before we start, we were told the usual, need to move around the pork lard to oil the top. Then only start adding in the pork slices. 

Good point here is after you had mookata you wont smell it as they have a strong suction that goes underneath the table, clean environment too.mookata in pjbest thai steamboatbest mookata in klDSC02980Just look at the amount of food for 4 pax. seafood mookata klFor the soup base, we started of with clear soup as we were told we can do that then only add tomyum soup after that. Soup base is actually quite tasty after you have meat oil that flows into it. Tomyum will be subjective in thispoint as we love soup. After cooking a while, there is a mixture of flavours into it that might makes it unique. If you drink it before mixture it is actually decently good. best phad thaiPad Thai with Tiger Prawn @ RM 19.  Pad Thai have many version. I enjoy more those on the slightly sweet side. then I can add their condiments like vinegar, chili powder to enhance the flavour. The dish here which is exactly like I had when I was in Bangkok last year.

Again, might not be your cup of tea as a lot people associate this like Thai Char Koey Teow
best Tub Tim Grob pj

For ending, I will never miss my Tub Tim Krub – Red Rubby with Coconut milk @ RM 8.50. This is certainly must order here. A nice balance of coconut and evaporate milk, that gives a nice coconut arom that it needs. Ice here is not the harsh shaven ice, more towards the smooth side. Generous ingredients for its waterchesnut jelly and decent since. Every bite you can get the crunch of chestnut, the softness of jelly and the nangka aroma and sweetness just makes it well.

Cendol and Melon with Coconut Milk @ RM 9.50best thai food in pjvery thai uptown starling mallIf you are looking for a decent strong flavour profile of Thai food, I will be recommending VeryThai Mookata & Street Food in Starling Mall. Just note that my food was good as it was 2.30 pm. this could be one of the best Thai food in PJ.


VeryThai Mookata & Street Food @ The Starling

S-230, Second Floor, The Starling Mall,

6, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama,

47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 11 am – 10 pm

Tel: 012-296 7577

The Mid-Autumn festival is just around the corner, and that only means one thing – it is time for delectable mooncakes! This year, The Beer Factory (TBF) has once again partnered with Malaysia’s favourite stout, Guinness, to create the limited-edition Guinness Snowskin Mooncakes.

2023 Guinness Mooncake - 2This time around, the limited-edition mooncakes offer a more pronounced and balanced taste profile. The combination of alcohol-infused golden bean paste centre, coupled with deep roasted flavours of Guinness and chocolate-infused lotus paste, packaged with the velvety snowskin creates a harmonious and magical taste experience.2023 Guinness Mooncake - 4 (1)

Housed in packaging designed with a blend of modernity and a touch of retro to capture the essence of the festival, two pieces of mooncakes are priced at RM88. Ideal for gifting, or even to be savoured together with loved ones, fans can make their purchases via TBF’s website, while stocks last.

“The wait is finally over for lovers of the iconic Guinness Snowskin Mooncakes. We have meticulously sourced the finest ingredients to ensure the utmost quality and consistency in every bite of this delightful delicacy to deliver an enhanced flavour profile. This reflects our unwavering commitment to deliver the best mooncake experience to our cherished customers who always look forward to celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with our mooncakes,” said Kent Chua, TBF founder.

“We are thrilled to partner with TBF once again to add a dash of magic to the ways our fans celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with the iconic Guinness Snowskin Mooncakes. At the heart of the brand’s DNA, Guinness is all about bringing people together, which is also the essence of this much-celebrated festival. Our mooncakes are the perfect accompaniment, sure to elevate the festivities,” said Shaun Lim, Marketing Manager of Guinness Malaysia.

2023 Guinness Mooncake - 3*Guinness Snowskin Mooncakes can be picked up from the following TBF outlets, upon successful purchase via the website, between 3 pm and 6 pm:

  • TBF Hartamas
  • TBF SS2
  • TBF Bandar Puteri Puchong
  • TBF Sunway Giza
  • TBF Rawang
  • TBF Taman Midah Cheras
  • TBF EcoHill Semenyih
  • TBF Sunway Geo
  • TBF Kiara Bay Kepong
  • TBF Summerton Penang
  • TBF Raja Uda Butterworth
  • TBF Eco Bloom Simpang Ampat
  • TBF Melaka


2023 Guinness Mooncake - 4For more information and to purchase the exclusive Guinness Snowskin Mooncakes, visit For more information on Guinness, visit the brand’s social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.

If you are into flavours, FLOUR Restaurant at Jalan Kamunting KL is gonna blow your mind away. Was told by @bangsarbae that  now they have lunch menu and it was as good as before. They were one of my favourite restaurant when they were still in Bukit Damansara. Flavours were on point and the cooking is spot on. (click here)

flour jalan kamunting

In their new premises, Flour now do offer Lunch menu and I am totally excited over it.

flour fine dining kl

Love the interior design with its modern classic European with a fountain sits right in the middle giving a nice water flow relaxing ambience. 

Flour is also one of a restaurant which is Michelin Selected. 

michelin indian foodflour degustation menu

flour lunch menu

Menu were pretty direct. Their few signature is there, also chef cooking method is Modern Contemporary Indian Cuisine. It is playful and with twist of flavours.

flour menu flour restaurantDSCF4900

Started off with Pomfret @ RM55 (400-500g) – curry leaves puree marinated Golden Pomfret, charcoal roasted. 

The fragrant of the curry leaves on the top, makes it fragrant. This certainly is My special higlight of the day. The Pomfret is so fresh and cook to perfection. Charcoal roasted till fish oil is oozing out, the oil its one of the element that gives a nice hint fragrant, and the meat is so soft and juicy. Feels like taking a knife cutting it thru like a cake. 

DSCF4904The clever mixture of Curry leaves puree is the secret ingredient that enhances the flavour of it. Fish meat is soft, fresh and juicy. It gives you a nice green aroma that its need with light fish meat and a bit of nice bite texture on the gravy is just well balance.
best fusion indian restaurant kl

Garlic Cheese nan. I looks simple but the nan is dough and bake nicely. Nice bite chewy texture, and the Swiss cheese that the chef use is perfect! give a nice bitter, saltines to enhance the taste of the nan. I quite like it as the taste of it is quite harmonious.

best indian dining kl


flour famous butter chickenButter Chicken @ is totally on point. Curry is slightly thick to my liking. It is smooth texture, everybite is filled with satisfaction. Chicken meat is soft, tender and juicy. Well coated with the curry.

best indian restaurant pj

Pairing it with their rice is on point. The grains texture is quite different from many others as was share that they used different cooking method. It is a long grain that cook to perfection. A bit of like uncook texture 20%. Every bite is a nice bite of grains, yet pair with the curries is pretty well balance. Pack with flavours yet it is not overpowering. 

best modern indian restaurant klCoconut Red Prawn @ RM 88 – Red Prawn with Coconut Sauce and Thai Red Chilis is a clever cooking. It looks simple, it is fill with simple fragrance umaminess. Coconut sauce that the bottom is smooth,  prawn is cook to perfection and it is very fresh. You can taste the freshness of prawns with its hint of coconut sauce, hint of chili after taste, with the oil gives  a nice balance indian restaurant klprawnDSCF4936 I enjoy every little sip of this gravy. 
best briyani kl

Mutton Biryani  @ RM 90. Single portion grass Fed mutton, Biryani served with Basil curd. another dish that worth the shout out. To cook medium rare mutton in this pot of rice is certainly another skills set that need to be mastered. Cooking it well along that the grain is not over cook yet the mutton remains medium rare inside a pressure heat. 

Mutton is soft and tender, that gives a nice bite texture with long graints mix with spices, gives a nice mixture of well balance spices. Mutton do not have the lamb strong taste. The after taste spices of briyani just linger around your month.   best poori kl butter chicken   modern indian cuisine

A perfect ending for my meal. The dessert is highly advise not to share. I enjoyed every bits of the perfect biscuity base baked fragrant that I like, a taste f nature with hint of nutty end yet brings out the aroma of mild sweetness. 

chef yogi flour restuarantI am suprise to see Chef Yogi serve the last dessert. an honour to meet him in person with such a strong passionate chef that is cooking all ingredients with respect. Understanding from his perception of coming out with food  concept and ingredients that he has, quality food in this lunch menu he is serving definitely with the price tag and the taste worth to explore. .

t had been a while since I enjoy a meal with such a big smile and remain happy for the rest of the days. It is slightly expensive but it is money well spend for myself. A highgly recommended place by me.

definitely will be back again.


flour kl

If you are more explorative you can check out his degustation menu which is also my next aim.

you can make your reservation : Check out Enter my promo code “GDXV3FE” and complete the first purchase to get cashback!



Flour Restaurant

12, Jalan Kamuning, Off,

Jln Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating times:

Mon – Thurs: 6:30–10:30 pm (close Tuesday)

Fri – Sun : 12–2:30 pm / 6:30–10:30 pm

Tel: 012-960 0053

Shook Buffet Starhill have undergone a new outloook, with more luxury look. Offering eat all you can buffet with more than 100 choices for you to choose from.  Season from season, offering inspired gourmet experiences with an interactive kitchen and distinctive ingredients sourced from local purveyors and around the world, authentically prepared and immaculately presented.

DSC02738Shook Buffet in KL, offering On that month was variety of western, and local spread.
DSC02741 DSC02742 DSC02743
Some area of Italians.DSC02746DessertsDSC02747Some hot Teppanyaki for you on the spot.
DSC02748Or some Cheese as a starter.
DSC02750 DSC02753 DSC02754

Japanese is one of crowds favouriteDSC02756 DSC02757 DSC02760 DSC02761

Pick your fresh seafood or meat ingredients to be grill.



FoDSC02774What we had for the night.New1
starhill buffet starhill
For pricing and reservation you can find out more at Shook Offical Page: (click here)



Shook Starhill

181, Jln Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 K

Tel: 03-2719 8060

On and of with our current crazy weather, after pandemic and also season of virus it is best to have vitamins to cover our body. Vitimin C is one of the most common one and I recently bought this OMFA Vitamin C with an interesting tagline Taste to Believe. 

DSCF4802On and off I do take supplement to support my busy schedule and what caught my attention is the Vitamin C is 1,000mg and its Melt Granule version. Means I do not need water or event cup to begin with. The easiest is just pour everything in my mouth and let it melt away. Perfect for a person like me always on the go.

redoxon vitamin c

They have a simple promo now as register in their website  to get RM 30 off for first timer. Might as Well I just get 2 box as 1 box is filled with 30 sticks with 3.5g. Kinda like my daily doze of vitamin.

you can purchase thru here: C

Indeed all stocks fits in small box as the per stick is also quite slim. berocca vitamin c
granule vitamin cThis is granule version. Powdery form that suits both kids and vitamin c suplimentSlim packaging also means easy for me to slot into any of my pockets or bags, that I would not forget to take an intake of vitamin C.
 OMFA Vitamin C

Taste wise is pretty spot on. The kind of orange that similar to my childhood taste. Yup, my age version of childhood version, which is kinda nostalgic. It is not bitter , just easy to consume. Now only I understand their tagline after consume. “Taste to Believe”
OMFA Vitamin C classic tasteCan enjoy this OMFA Vitamin C anytime, anywhere even your office break, coffee break, while commuting in train or even driving. 
 convinience Vitamin c easy to drink vitamin cbest flu medicinewith this, we are able to keep our healthy lifestyle more in balance instead of finding a cup and water.  With this now you can just purchase this Vitamin C direct in their website. :

Every year, there is an interesting change of concept in  Kwai Chai Hong base on our festival. As for this year mid-autumm festival, they have did a transformation with local talent to Moonlit Dragon at Kwai Chai Hong 2023 at Chinatown KL.

Project Kwai Chai Hong by Bai Chuan Management returns with Mid-Autumn installations inspired by Chinese mythology and folklore, the Moonlit Dragon which combines cultural themes of the dragon and the full moon.

20230824_192345This pop up art master piece is only available limited of time that is hidden at the back of Petaling Street or in the heart of Kwai Chai Hong, tug in between the eatery. Only from 25th Aug – 8th Oct.

This year is held in partnership with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, Flip5, with its enormous centrepiece fronted by local young artist Kaiyi Wong from Unreality Studio with drawing inspiration from the rich culture of Chinese traditions, Moonlit Dragon exudes a magical ambience that is expected to leave visitors spellbound.


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