Wohoo, gotten my grip on this new Samsung Galaxy A33 5g for unboxing. Seems much more like a great mid range phone with its Super Amoled Screen, 5G capabilities and 2 days battery life. The new Galaxy A series represents the most popular Galaxy smartphone category. These are the few spec that caught my attention.

Samsung A33 review

The box is rather slim and small compare to my other Samsung Phone that I have purchase before. While sliding up the phone box and open up the first layer, lying down this beauty of Samsung Galaxay A33 5g.

Samsung galaxy

Galaxy A53 5G

This Galaxy A33 comes in 4 colours :

  1. Awesome Blue
  2. Awesome Black
  3. Awesome White
  4. Awesome Peach

I choose White, as it had been a while since I got a full white phone. However after my friend saw my posting, said pastel blue is really a nice colour among the series. However I felt that after with Casing might cross of the colours. Maybe now days should get a nice transparent cover to portray the color of it.

Samsung A33 5g review

Love the slim phone which is not too heavy that weight around 186g with screen size of 6.4-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED. Battery life of 5,000 mAH that was told can last 2 days. Looking forward.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5g unboxing

Camera is with

  • Octa-Core (2.4GHz, 2GHz)
  • (Ultra-Wide) 8 MP F2.2
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Internal Storage 128 GB

This new launch series comes with only 1 x type C USB Super Charging fast cable.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5g cable type c

Samsung Galaxy A33 5g

I will be testing out this phone over the next 3 weeks and check out my full review about this soon. While if you are looking forward for this phone details, check out their official website : Samsung Galaxy A33 5g

Lazada :

Shopee :

In Penang, its kinda hard to find good food? Depends how you look at that and your taste bud how sensitive. However I saw this youtuber (Elmo Lee) one of the oldest youtuber in Malaysia introduce this place I was like look at their food. Instantly I book a table at Authentic Nyonya Food at Winns Cafe, Penang for Chinese New Year dinner with my parents.

nyonya food in penang

Could this be the Best Nyonya Food in Penang? Oh well, you judge yourself after try out ya.

winns cafe menu

Their menu was pretty direct on that period of time. Winns Cafe menu is only 2 pager. Drinks and CNY ala Carte Menu.


Of course their rice is a must have. Fragrant and super good. My dad had 2 bowls of this.

nasi ulam

Then Nasi Ulam which is one of their Signature @ RM 15. Pack with flavours as it is as near authentic where I tried once long time ago. Layers of flavours from fresh herbs and wok hei rice, final top with their sambal is just perfect. My dad loves their sambal till wanted to ask to buy a bottle back!

Samble is mild spicy with hint of belacan, nice end of chili skin taste.

nyonya otak otak

Nyonya Otak Otak @ RM 13.50 cook to perfection. Well stim that it is still soft, with its fresh fish in the middle and the taste of the leave in it is not overpowering yet complement wells with the taste.

nyonya asam fish

In nyonya food, of course Asam Fish stingray must have for me! @ RM 56. Even this dish was on the high side price tag, but it is indeed satisfying. Well balance of sourish of curries with mild spicy end with hin of mint and bunya kantan is enough to banjir your plate to whack it clean.



Their signature dish is also their classic Nyonya Acar @ RM 15. Nicely mix up with explosive sourish flavours. If you like sourish taste then go for this.

tau yew bak

One of their highlight which my dad totally agree is also their Signature Tau Yew Bak @ RM 35. Each piece is cook to perfection that is so caramelize, near stick to your teeth and a nice mouthful bite of this. The curries of Asam Stingray and dish would be a 2 perfect dish companion.


My dad keep praising as he eat this like the first time he ever had a good food. My dad already start to “bising” to come back here to bring my brother along.

nyonya dessert

We end ourselves with 2 dessert from recommendation. Glutinous rice and sago. Both are equally good and I have not come across such this. Quite interesting for a Nyonya dessert.

I would recommend 3 dishes for first timer:

  1. Asam Gulai
  2. Tau Yew Bak
  3. Nasi Ulam

I would certainly come back again.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, good la good la. can come try! Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk–

Winns Cafe
2, Jalan Irrawaddi,
10050 Penang

Operating hours;
11am – 3pm / 6pm – 10pm

Tel : 0194511631

Pan Pacific Hotels Group is taking the iconic biophilia of its PARKROYAL COLLECTION hotels beyond the shores of Singapore with the launch of PARKROYAL COLLECTION Kuala Lumpur in May 2022. This will be followed by the opening of Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Kuala Lumpur in July 2022, yet another first with the Group’s signature Pan Pacific flag in Malaysia.


Located in the heart of Bukit Bintang, both properties will open in a mixed-use complex owned by the Singapore-listed UOL Group Limited, Pan Pacific Hotels Group’s parent company and one of Asia’s most established hotel and property companies with a portfolio of investment and development properties.

Following the successful launch of Pan Pacific Hotels Group’s PARKROYAL COLLECTION brand in January 2020, the 535-room PARKROYAL COLLECTION Kuala Lumpur will inject a new breath of eco-chic living in the beating heart of Bukit Bintang.


With a lush green façade of 78 sky planters on its frontage and roof terraces showcasing 13,000 square feet of plants and trees, its refreshing design welcomes guests into a world of biophilia, connecting them to the space and with each other. In tandem with the PARKROYAL COLLECTION brand’s design for sustainability, the hotel will also feature sustainable operations such as motion sensors across public areas and rooms, a food waste digester, no single-use plastics, and an urban farm. Like its sister properties in Singapore, it will also have a holistic wellness floor comprising a St Gregory Spa, a modern gymnasium and fitness studio, as well as a pool.

L6 Swimming Pool


PARKROYAL COLLECTION KL - Bathroom Entrance View


Come July 2022, the complex will welcome 210 well-appointed luxury suites with Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Kuala Lumpur, offering long-staying guests the conveniences of the city coupled with the sincere and gracious service of Pan Pacific.

For more information, visit

Little did I know that Swatch is actually launching their new special collaboration with Omega to come out with this special series Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch Collection that price at RM 1,065. My phone started getting messages from my oversea friend that can I help them to buy this. I was like okay. Then at 25th 8pm, crazy people already start queuing in front of Pavilion KL for the launch to purchase on 26th March 10am. I heard my friend said it was gone in 1 hour.

After reading further, just only realise it is not Limited edition however my oversea friends told me it is 1,000,000 units release worldwide. For KL, they going to release another few more batch with more stores. I guess I am going to wait.

I think the watch is too small for me also, suspecting the size to be in 42-45mm? Most of my watches are in between 48mm – 55mm.


I find that this is indeed a super clever branding crossover and with its uniqueness of planet naming. Total there are 13 types available? hmmm

swatch omega moon

However my own personal preference is this Swatch x Omega Moonswatch series Mission to moon series as I find it is the nearest to Omega Speedmaster. Quite Classic.

When I see the actual pictures below, I felt it is quite plastic however in theirwebsite show Case Material is Bioceramic with Velcro strap.



swatch mission to moon

Each piece of the watch behind comes with different naming of the planet. Cleverly done up to recognize as one of the series.

swatch omega mars

my second Choice is Swatch x Omega Mission to Mars series. The only slight different is the mini dail arrow.

swatch omega saturn

Omega x Swatch Moonwatch series also do capture my attention on Mission to Saturn. As the 6pm dail there got the planet ring itself that makes it unique!

Swatch omega venus

For final, I think women series Omega x Swatch Moonswatch series is this Mission to Venus cuz the little outer small ring dail have its on mini little planet. which the rest of the series do not have.

bioceramic moon watch

I went to check the series out and here you go.


Side view do look plastic and velcro strap just look classic like my high school watch.


Valuable is the side turn dail do have the logo of Omega x Swatch.

omega speedmaster moonswatch

Overall, I find that picture and real thing is huge different.

omega x swatch

swatch x omega

Find out more in their website at which planet do you like :Swatch Website to located next round of release in Swatch Shop in Malaysia

Happy Queueing and happy hunting.

It has been a while since I last dine in an upscale restaurant where MCO just took our 2 years away. I have seen alot influencers in this casual dining resturant in KL known as Blackbyrd KL in Naza Tower which is just a stone throw away from KLCC Petronas Twin Tower or in this area Platinum Park KL.

Blackbyrd KL

It was special treat for me on my special day, was just brought here to enjoy the view, ambiance, food and drinks. Just head all the way up to 55th Floor if I remember correctly.

restaurant sky bar in kl

We are here for early bird as it is still so called “endemic” reservations are divided into 2 sessions. 6-8pm / 8pm till late.

  1. if you choose early session and if you are lucky, you get to see sunset
  2. night just enjoy night view and drink all the way

casual dining in kl


cocktail bar in kl

Dining area are divided into 2, as I was seated in both dining and bar area. I would say you enjoy early dinner then you move to the cocktail bar after 8pm to continue your chilling at the counter or high spender table with the perfect view.

sky bar with klcc view


restaurant with klcc view

The VIP table with the view where you get to see Petronas Twin Tower, KL Tower and Merdeka 118 Tower, KL.

Blackbyrd KL menu 2022

I guess to our sheer luck as this would be their new menu of 2022 and was told that what we previously wanted to order is no longer available and it seems that they have new head chef on board.

after looking at the menu, Blackbyrd food seems more like fusion with towards Asian, Indonesian local inspired cuisine. Of course there are a few items that caught my attention.

Blackbyrd signature dish

This is Blackbyrd all time signature: Crispy Nori Crunch @ RM 29 – tempura nori seaweed, spicy salmon, salmon roe and parmeson cheese.


Nicely presented that have colour to it, however I find that it lacks of flavours. Cripsy inside out with a bit of saltiness from fish roe and hint of parmesan.



Of course by name itself, I imagine it sounds simple that caught my attention. Truffle Tagliolini @ RM 59 – fresh truffle and truffle butter.

truffle spaghetti

Upon serving, the smell of truffle is already pretty strong. Topped with 4-5 thin slices of fresh  fresh truffle to make it look more solid. Taste is indeed spot on. Creamy to my liking with a punch of Pretty strong truffle taste. Felt that tagliolini is made fresh with cook to perfection. Slight chewy and al-dante – recommended


indonesian inspired food

After staring for a long while, nothing that caught my attention as I find the rest are quite normal. So I pick something familiar to me. Iga Bakar Sambal Idjo @ RM 145 – Black Angus Short Ribs MB 2, green chili, gurih Rice.

This is certainly one of a atas Indonesian or Balinese kind of food. Flavours are pretty spot on as I just find that the Sambal could be spicier like the one I had in both Jakarta and Bali. Black Angus ribs is marinated and cook well . Certainly do have the taste of atas Indonesian street food version.

bali food


Since I have heard Gordan Ramsey or some cooking show keep using saffron. Originally was suppose to go with King Prawn Saffron Risotto and it was not available. Changed to this Rendang Saffron Risotto (If i remember correctly  which is special of the day)

Risotto is spot on. I have not tasted Saffron before so do not know how to describe.  First time doing this Rendang and risotto apparently the taste seems to blends well.

cocktail in the sky

restaurant for birthday celebration

Was here for my Birthday celebration in Mid February 2022.

Blackbyrd night view

This is the night view of Blackbyrd Skybar KLCC view.

Overall, If we guess correct as since most of the dishes wanted to order on that day menu no longer available and assuming the chef just reported, with its cooking I am impress.

If you are in the mood for atas ambiance dining or for celebration with Asian inspired food flavour with KLCC view then can consider here as one of the options.

*Pork FREE

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, okay la good pun but expensive! Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk–

Blackbyrd KL
Platinum Park,
Naza Tower,
10, Persiaran KLCC,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012-689 8576

Operating Hours: 12pm–12am

If you are looking for one party place, hangout place, chill place is this famous bar in Wet Deck in W Hotel KL. Before MCO it was pack with humans. Right now it is more relax and chill. I usually come here for their happy hour as it is affordable, with great ambiance and a bar that over look KLCC Petronas Twin Tower.

w hotel bar

This is their evening view and below is their night ambiance. 360 change and of course with the ambiance below to kicks in you need to make a reservation as it is always fully book.

Be prepare to spend more too.



see see the view. Jeng leiii. Imagine at night?

w hotel kl

a bar with pool view and our grand Petronas Twin Tower View

w hotel malaysia

If you are here in the evening, it is going to be warm.

w hotel

Just chilling away.

w wet deck

wet deck promo

Call them to book : +60 12 347 9088

Check out more details: Wet Deck Bar 


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