In our fast pace world, on and off we are looking for something to charge our electronic devices faster. Innergie brings you One For All Charger Type C Charger. One of a super-fast adapter charger adopted with Green Energy concepts. This is a charger plug that fits One For All concept – . A compatible plug that fits most gadgets, including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and gaming devices.innergie 45h

It is a product that being design to produce its user with top grade material featuring Dynamic Power allocation. An adaptor will automatically detect/ calculates outputs of each charging device and then will automatically allocate its power source to the power current needed by the devices to Power Delivery at fast charging pace.

User can use it at ease as all their adaptor is filled with InnerShield™ Protection

Equipped with the most comprehensive power supply protection that comes with five layers of protection:

  1. Over Current Protection
  2. Over Voltage Protection
  3. Over Temperature Protection
  4. Over Power Protection
  5. Short Circuit Protection.

Other than that will be:

  • 5m drop will not impact the whole series of adaptors from 1.5m fall impact.
  • Able to withstand temperature up to 85c and down to -40c

type c fast charger

There are  4 different models to choose . Of course, it depends on what you need it for. Each of the charger head comes with a slightly different voltage or current.

Left to right:

  1. C3 Duo – up to 30w
  2. 45H – up to 45w
  3. C6 Duo – up to 63w
  4. C6 – up to 60w

Product can be purchase here :

One for All_revised 2

 innergie usb plug

I did try one with my Charger C6 Duo Innergie Adaptor that I bought to charge my laptop as there are a few occasions that I forgot to bring along the charger. It was slow or have to plug in to maintain its life. Now, I am worrying less with C6 Duo as I can charge both my laptop and phone together equally fast.

innergie c3The plug has energy efficiency & sustainability with 91% conversion rate, less than 3% of energy wastage on every time you charge your devices as compare to others only at 89%

innergie type c fast chargingusb fast charginig plug

Among the 4 Charger head plugs with 4 Innergie One For All USB-C Chargers, let me break it down for you.

  1. C6 Duo Innergie Adaptor would be recommended If you are a heavy user for work, especially with laptops, This plug head is capped with a 60W charging head. It means will be bumping up your power at supercharge speed.
  2. 45H would be recommended if you spend most of the time charging your devices at home like a laptop, gaming consoles, and Phone.
  3. Most of the user or buyers usually op for C3 Duo. It is the smallest among all. Fits a lot of tech-savvy user that does a lot of café hopping, working in co-working space for some meetings to have a quick recharge on their devices Bluetooth earphone, or even tablet.

innergie usb plug products

Most of their Charger head comes with Charger come with type C except 45H


Innergie is a brand of Delta that is leading provider of consumer power solutions with Delta’s 50 years of advanced technical experiences.

The company is committed to producing quality products for its user that comes with 3 years warranty.  

Product can be purchase here :

FB page:

IG :

Kara Kara in Weld Quey that just opens its door last year had made it a big hype. It is like one of a must go bar or even afternoon tea area. However I find it so so only as in the afternoon when we arrive at 4pm, it is like a bar look at night. They serve cakes, tea and coffee.

kara kara

penang bar

The space is small and as one of the happening spot in Penang so you prepare prepare la ya.

penang famous bar

kara kara drinks menu

Happening Spot in Penang also gives you a slightly more expensive price drink. I have never came before at night but heard it is packed. Do prepare to book if you are coming.


penang famous club

Best of all if you are seated up stairs and unable to carry your drink friend down, just throw them inside this slide. Then pick them up at the end here.

penang famous club (2)


Upstairs seating. One of a famous bar now in Penang.

To come into this place, there is a small alley walking in. Hard to find if you are driving pass thru. you can park at Pos

Location: Kara Kara
5B, Pengkalan Weld,
George Town, 10300

Operating hours: 2pm – 12 am (I believe the operating timing will change after Endemic)

Tel : 017-270 6729

I guess it was a random fate that connect me to Ming Art owner as I was doing Vlog at New World Park Food court to cover this famous Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng have move to new location. AS I was recording half way, he drop by to say hi and thought I look familiar and then he recall by me doing review on Mattress.

that is where we exchange card and told me to drop by his cafe in Gurney Paragon in later day. (this was over 4 months ago)

Gurney Paragon Mall

Here I am at his cafe in Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang. Quite a cozy cafe in this heritage building inside Gurney Paragon. A modern industrial cafe cross over with fine art gallery in Penang.

Ming art Cafe

I do not mind to come back here for afternoon chilling as it is quiet.

Gurney Paragon

This is by far my most unique combination of drinks for the evening. A great French wine and He then introduce me one of their cafe signature Latte with Pure 100% milk.

Latte with pure fresh milk

He share with me why the coffee float on top because on milk is 100% pure. Just drink first gulp before stir it. The taste is rather interesting and their bean is awesome. It was a great combination of pure milk and the layer of coffee with its milk combine very well. It just breaks down the layer of coffee and milk very prominent that you can enjoy it.


Ming Art (5)

In this cafe he mention he do cater for alot of people who loves to come to his place for a glass of wine while enjoying arts which is available. That is why a small bottle.

french wine in penang

In this evening, I also learnt alot about wine and also difference in Premium crystal glass vs normal glass. He share with me his private crystal glass collection, the sound of it and how different the taste of a normal wine pour in 2 different glass.

Instantly, the RM900 premium crystal wine glass, SAME WINE but different taste. It is so prominent that the same wine pour into the premium wine glass taste so much better. It opens up the aroma of the wine and layer of taste. Makes it smoother too. ~interesting.

wine crystal glass

Premium Crystal glass on the left.

Ming art Fine Art

If you think facing cafe is boring, then face the art gallery. Right behind there is 2 hidden table which is for his exclusive guess that bought alot of the arts.

Ming art Paragon

there is alot version of arts from abstract, fine, hard brush, imagination, digital and many others which is available and I am surpise to see that alot of our local arts are being sold to foreign collators. He do share with me that actually there are alot of artist talanted artist from the North are all over the world making their names out there. Just that locally we do not know.

this is kinda sad.

On and off he do have event that brings Malaysia artist together especially working closely with a few communities Art in Malaysia for this. I am definitely in support of this.

Ming Art Gallery Paragon

Art and wine is like one of the best combination. Learn to see how a painter express their imagination or emotions. It is indeed very interesting. One of a art gallery in Penang worth to Explore.

Those of you looking forward to feature your art, sell or buy, call or drop by this place to look for Alvin Chia or visit their homepage : Ming Fine Art One of a art gallery in Malaysia.

Ming Art Fine Art Cafe at Gurney Paragaon
Ground Floor (heritage building)
infront of H&M

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

Tel: 04-291 3113

Among many of my friends that have visited De Wan 1958 by Chef Wan at The Linc, KL indeed gave a good review and thumbs up for this place, till recently I get to try along for a private function. No doubt it is indeed serve pretty good Malay cuisine.

De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan

I was here on weekdays so was told the crowd is not huge and it is pretty full house over the weekend. It is highly advisable to make a reservation before you come. This is to avoid any private functions that they have too.

Curious about their menu and price (click here)

chef wan

de wan

Best of all, they have private dining room available that can sit up to 10 pax.

de wan ramadan menu

As the food was serve, the smell of those spicies and curies instantly makes me hungry.

the linc

Cucur Udang is classic street food and it is done right. Dipping with both satay and chili sauce is just perfect.

de wan by chef wan

Starting off with a classic dish – Pucuk Paku that is cook to perfection. Not too soft yet I can still bite slight crunchy texture of the veggie and sqeezing a bit of limau indeed enhance the flavour.

De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan (5)

Udang Kari Hijau Telur Masin is indeed one of the highlight for the night. Prawn is fresh and big. Sauce is sticky with a bit of twist. Hint of chili skin after taste and the telur masin not overpowering yet goes very well with the whole flavour.

de wan ramandan



De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan (7)

you will never go wrong with dishes that is bakar. The only thing is the ingredient must be fresh. Jumbo Sotong Bakar with Sambal Colik is indeed spot on. Ia mixture like of Indonesia x local malay taste infuse for the sauces.

De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan (8)

We got serve with 2 types of rice and it is recommended.

  1. Nasi Lemuni Berseri Perlils
  2. Nasi Telur Terrenganu


For curries they serve Daging Rendang Selangor. Spices are mix well and with the right amout, every one have their own version of curries recipe and I find it is qood.

Some will be stronger in spices, some is stronger in spicy but I like this. Both balance of spices and mild spicy, that can easily goes well with your rice.

the linc kl

Ayam Masak Merah Chef Wan  is abit more solid. Slightly strong in spicy end with mild sweetness. Chicken is soft and juicy.

de. wan

This is the first time I am having Umbut Kelapa Lemak Solok Lada. I find the taste is quite interesting. cook with a kind of noodle in it and I think those of you have never try before, I believe it is a dish worth to explore.

chef wan restaurant

If you have the budget and looking for nice ambiance or atas great classic Malay food, then I believe you can check out Chef Wan restaurant in KL.

I check their FB, they do have Ramadan buffet for all Muslim friends that wishes to go. For their De.Wan Ramadan Buffet Menu (click here). Best to call them up or visit their website (click here)

De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan
The Linc, 360, Jln Tun Razak,
Taman U Thant, 50400 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 1700821558

Operating Hours:
Mon – Fri : 11am – 4pm/ 6pm – 10pm
Sat/ Sun: 11am–10pm

Wohoo, gotten my grip on this new Samsung Galaxy A33 5g for unboxing. Seems much more like a great mid range phone with its Super Amoled Screen, 5G capabilities and 2 days battery life. The new Galaxy A series represents the most popular Galaxy smartphone category. These are the few spec that caught my attention.

Samsung A33 review

The box is rather slim and small compare to my other Samsung Phone that I have purchase before. While sliding up the phone box and open up the first layer, lying down this beauty of Samsung Galaxay A33 5g.

Samsung galaxy

Galaxy A53 5G

This Galaxy A33 comes in 4 colours :

  1. Awesome Blue
  2. Awesome Black
  3. Awesome White
  4. Awesome Peach

I choose White, as it had been a while since I got a full white phone. However after my friend saw my posting, said pastel blue is really a nice colour among the series. However I felt that after with Casing might cross of the colours. Maybe now days should get a nice transparent cover to portray the color of it.

Samsung A33 5g review

Love the slim phone which is not too heavy that weight around 186g with screen size of 6.4-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED. Battery life of 5,000 mAH that was told can last 2 days. Looking forward.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5g unboxing

Camera is with

  • Octa-Core (2.4GHz, 2GHz)
  • (Ultra-Wide) 8 MP F2.2
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Internal Storage 128 GB

This new launch series comes with only 1 x type C USB Super Charging fast cable.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5g cable type c

Samsung Galaxy A33 5g

I will be testing out this phone over the next 3 weeks and check out my full review about this soon. While if you are looking forward for this phone details, check out their official website : Samsung Galaxy A33 5g

Lazada :

Shopee :

In Penang, its kinda hard to find good food? Depends how you look at that and your taste bud how sensitive. However I saw this youtuber (Elmo Lee) one of the oldest youtuber in Malaysia introduce this place I was like look at their food. Instantly I book a table at Authentic Nyonya Food at Winns Cafe, Penang for Chinese New Year dinner with my parents.

nyonya food in penang

Could this be the Best Nyonya Food in Penang? Oh well, you judge yourself after try out ya.

winns cafe menu

Their menu was pretty direct on that period of time. Winns Cafe menu is only 2 pager. Drinks and CNY ala Carte Menu.


Of course their rice is a must have. Fragrant and super good. My dad had 2 bowls of this.

nasi ulam

Then Nasi Ulam which is one of their Signature @ RM 15. Pack with flavours as it is as near authentic where I tried once long time ago. Layers of flavours from fresh herbs and wok hei rice, final top with their sambal is just perfect. My dad loves their sambal till wanted to ask to buy a bottle back!

Samble is mild spicy with hint of belacan, nice end of chili skin taste.

nyonya otak otak

Nyonya Otak Otak @ RM 13.50 cook to perfection. Well stim that it is still soft, with its fresh fish in the middle and the taste of the leave in it is not overpowering yet complement wells with the taste.

nyonya asam fish

In nyonya food, of course Asam Fish stingray must have for me! @ RM 56. Even this dish was on the high side price tag, but it is indeed satisfying. Well balance of sourish of curries with mild spicy end with hin of mint and bunya kantan is enough to banjir your plate to whack it clean.



Their signature dish is also their classic Nyonya Acar @ RM 15. Nicely mix up with explosive sourish flavours. If you like sourish taste then go for this.

tau yew bak

One of their highlight which my dad totally agree is also their Signature Tau Yew Bak @ RM 35. Each piece is cook to perfection that is so caramelize, near stick to your teeth and a nice mouthful bite of this. The curries of Asam Stingray and dish would be a 2 perfect dish companion.


My dad keep praising as he eat this like the first time he ever had a good food. My dad already start to “bising” to come back here to bring my brother along.

nyonya dessert

We end ourselves with 2 dessert from recommendation. Glutinous rice and sago. Both are equally good and I have not come across such this. Quite interesting for a Nyonya dessert.

I would recommend 3 dishes for first timer:

  1. Asam Gulai
  2. Tau Yew Bak
  3. Nasi Ulam

I would certainly come back again.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, good la good la. can come try! Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk–

Winns Cafe
2, Jalan Irrawaddi,
10050 Penang

Operating hours;
11am – 3pm / 6pm – 10pm

Tel : 0194511631

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