MariGin is a new establishment from the group of Marini. Hence you get the place called MariGin. Located just a stone throw away from Marini Entrance at KLCC. A bar in KL that tuck in the little green garden area across the street in the building One KL.

MariGin (1)

MariGin (4)

There are 2 seating area, as you walk into the gin bar you will come across to a wide outdoor section, complete large wooden tables and chairs. If you are up for a some games, the place is filled with a pool table, darts and foosball table. Then further behind is the lounge of gin bar.

MariGin (2)

A place where serve classic Gin is indeed a place to be. MariGin’s cocktail menu consists of 3 main sections, which are Ginfusions, Gin Cocktails and Gin & Tonics. On that night, I had 4 different glasses.

The Duke of Gin (Left) @ RM 52 – Monkey 47, blueberry, Grapefruit and Fever Mediterranean Tonic.

MariGin (3)

GinerCise @ RM 46 – Opihr, Ginger, Cinnamon and Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic

Padrino (Right) @ RM 56 is very interesting.  A Gin and Tonic, fill with Nikka Coffey Gin served with coffee beans and East Imperial Tonic. Something like wine, as where you are about to drink, the fresh beans brings in the aroma of coffee and the taste of gin and coffee is very well balance.

Swing by to Mari Gin if you are in the area, as they have pretty interesting Menu.

Ground Floor, One KL, No 6,
Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2386 6030

Opening Hours:
Sundays to Thursdays 5.00 pm to 1.30 am;
Fridays and Saturdays 5.00 pm to 3.00 am

At times we are just too lazy to drive all the way to KL for certain occasions and just wish to find some where near for nice dining. MONTT Restaurant & Bar located in Puchong Utama is one of a restaurant and bar that you can look forward to.

Mont (1)

Ambiance that had been done up tastefully luxury for Puchong neigbourhood. Ample of parking space and Valet available for those of you whom wish to park right at the door step.

Mont (2)

A restaurant that seperates into a few sections, with ground floor as the dining area, secnd floor as the cigar and wine, and 3rd floor is their private function rooms or private dining.

Mont (3)

Mont (4)

Variety of wine that could be pick up here and there are a bottle of wine from Spain that is exclusively bottled for them. Limited quantity available only.

Mont (5)

Mont (6)

Mont (7)

For lunch today, we are tasting off with food pairing. Starting off with Sake Echigozakura Nihonshu Love this sake as it is easy to drink, and definitely pairs well with Chilled Capellini .Bring up the light taste of mild bursting salty fish roe and balance up truffle oil to give a nice floral finishing.

Mont (8)

Mont (9)

Grill tiger prawn is fresh and paired with Misha’s Vineyard – Riesling. The acidic lemon onto the grill prawn bring up the gril prawn taste and end with a nice smooth chilled reisling. White and seafood, never goes wrong.

Mont (10)

This Roasted Half Young Chicken  is done to perfection. Sous Vide the chicken for a few hours, then put into slow grill in oven had made the chicken juicy inside out. Pairing with paired with Dogajolo Toscano Rosso IGT (Italy) which give you a hint of sourness from red balance off the juicy chicken.

Mont (11)

Lets head to something more pungent – Dukkah Spiced Lamb Rib. This is the limited edition wine that specially bottled for Montt Restaurant – Corona de Aragon Reserva Especial 2014 as each bottle of wine are labled with numbers. The wine need to breath for a while or at least 20-30 minutes as the difference of taste is quite prominent. First sip is like shiraz, mild with end spicy note. However if breath long enough, it had become a nice dry wine, that give you smooth body finishing.  Paired with their chef special pork ribs.

Balance it off with prata bread, sour cream and apple salad. A great combination of flavour.

Mont (12)

Mont (13)

For dessert fans, their dessert would be their star highlight. Nice craft and well presented. Peanut Butter Mascarpone mould to perfection, as for it to hold in such sphere shape, ingredient and temperate must be right. If not the whole dessert will just fall apart. Love the creaminess, bitter and end alcohol taste of this. Tiramisu fans, this is a must order item.

Mont (14)

Mont (15)

Their Strawberry Lychee mousse is pretty impressive too. Look at the temper of white chocolate and twirl. That needs skills. A cup that is carefully assemble and inside of it is soft, and slightly wobbly. By looking at it, you knew that it is build from scratch and it is freshly made.

Mont (16)

Those of you hate to travel all the way down to KL yet want to dine and drink in piece, Montt Restaurant and Bar would be one of a good options for you Puchong Folks. Could be one of your destination for a wine bar in Puchong too.

The new dishes got rolled out on 15th March onwards.

Montt Restaurant and Bar
23, Jalan PPU 2A,
I-32 Puchong Utama,
Industrial Park, 47100
Puchong, Selangor

Operating Hours:
Mon – Sat : 3pm – 12am
Sun : 11am – 12am

Tel: 012-969 9230

Who goes to DC Mall in Damansara? There are a few reasons to it. One is to eat, work or Hotel stay. I do go there to dine at a few outlets. Recent discovery Mamacina. One of a Beer pong bar in KL that you would not want to miss, their happy hour rate is 50% off before 10pm for the table. So quite a good bargain.

mamacina (3)

A cozy bar that makes up a great place to catch up with friends.

mamacina (7)

Was having beer at the counter while waiting for my friends to arrange then the mixologist then he ask me to try a few of his signature. Flipping through the menu, price quite reasonable and told him to make 3 for us after my friends arrived.

mamacina (4)

Get your ping pong balls ready. . .

mamacina (5)

Usual draft beers – Guinness, Heineken and Tiger.

mamacina (6)

mamacina (16)

These are the 3 signature cocktails from the mixologist.

Mamacina addiction which is quite interesting as you have to use the leave as the stirrer and let the sugar powder mix with it, it will create another layer of flavour. Stilight strong in taste.

mamacina (17)

mamacina (18)

Yuzu blanc would be girls favourite. It is very refreshing, not too sour but can taste the amount of gin and hint of flower yet the bubbly wine is not too gassy. Just the right amount.. Do consume with care as it is too easy to drink.

mamacina (19)

Netfix & chill – What about pop corn for snacking while heading into the cinema. This would be the perfect pop corn snacks. A glass in disguise. This is actually a POP corn Cocktail, with a glass hidden under the bed of pop corn. Very interesting and it taste like a mixture of popcorn base flavour. Pop corn is slightly pale in taste as it is to compliment on the cocktail drink.

mamacina (20)


mamacina (21)

Food, we were introduce to check out a few of the items and since we are not really that hungry we ordered a few.


mamacina (8)

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Fried Rice @ RM 20 – beef bacon, truffle mushroom, egg and paramesan shavings. . A simple dish is always the hardest to cook and this is indeed a great bowl of fried rice. Fried rice, is done to perfection. Fragrant with wok hei, generous amount of fried garlic slices, and bacon. The saltiness and oil give a nice aroma to the rice. Hint of truffle mushroom ends at after taste. A great bowl to share and hit along with beer.

mamacina (12)

OxTail Bakar was the recommended dish and also chef signature. @ RM 58 – 6 hours stout and cider braised oxtail then charred. It is so UMAMI!. Punch with solid strong flavour yet it is caramlise from the sauce reduction. Meat is so soft that it peals off easily from the bone. – Bone licking good. Recommended

mamacina (9)

mamacina (10)

Love these snacks – baby corn with cheese. First impression does look like my favourite ‘Jagung bakar’ (as it have planta, chili powder and cheese) in Indonesia as just replace with baby burnt corn. Taste quite similiar like the street snacks, topped with cheese and instead of the spicy power, it had hint of mix curry herbs that is not too overpowering. A nice twist of flavour. Those of you never try Jagung Bakar in Indonesia, you might find this dish very interesting in flavour. Charred Baby Corn @ RM 12 with coconut cream and sauce.

mamacina (11)

mamacina (13)

Katsu Chicken Sando @ RM 28 – Japanese Milk Bread, crispy chicken breast, red cabbage dress with ponzu sauce. Nicely done up dish as the bread toast nicely, chicken is not to dry yet drench with the sauce is just nice.

mamacina (14)


mamacina (15)

Their Truffle fries is strong in flavour too. @ RM 22. – Gratted Paramesan, morel shavings, truffle oil

mamacina (22)

mamacina (2)

Certainly dont mind to come back again for their beer pong happy hour and also their parking is only RM 1 after 7pm. It turns out that the bar food is better than what I expected. My bill was not too expensive as currently they are running a promotion 30% for all food  till 31st March.


Quite a happening place, as people are flocking in after 10pm.

The outlet is just above Birch.

Level 1 , lot 10 dc mall, 6,
Jalan Damanlela, Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

If you remember that Norm Cafe did make a huge buzz in Penang last year for their 2in1 concept. Cafe in the morning, bar at night. Then I was introduce by my friend to visit Norm that is famous for their waffle and located in different location at Lebuh Carnarvon. It did not ring a bell till I reach the location and find it weird, that it has similarities to the one I visited a year ago.

norm (1)

Until I walk in, the ambiance and lighting do resemblance the NORM at The Saw Emporium. Then only found out from the barista that they have relocate to this new location. Still as small as it is, with only a few table on the premises and if you come here with a big group of friends which are 4 and above, you will have a problem for seating arrangement.

norm (2)

norm (3)

Still the same, as they have their cocktail and tea corner.

norm (5)


norm (7)

this is what the cafe is famous for. Their cocktail and also their signature waffle. If were to compare to last year, the waffle had much improve. Currently it is slightly puffier, crispy and bake to perfection. Indeed a pretty good waffle and best of all, mine is rum and raisin @ RM 22. Top with nice ice cream and rum raisins on the side is a good pairing. Best of all, I pair with their cocktail.

norm (8)

norm (9)

norm (10)

norm (11)

A small little cafe tug in this dead end street. Parking is super expensive for Penang as it is RM 7 (maybe due to Chinese New Year)

A great place for waffle and cocktail. Believe coming in the afternoon will get to shoot nice pictures. Great ambiance to chill and hangout. Love my spot which is just right beside to the main wooden door. Also, could this place be offering the Best waffle in Penang?

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, great waffle and cocktails!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Norm at Lebuh Carnavon
260c, Lebuh Carnarvon,
George Town, 10100, Penang

Operating Hours: 10am – 12am

Tel: 017-401 1300

The Good Batch had made a mark in Uptown Damansara as one of a place to hit for Brunch. They have just done their makeover for the outlet and revamping it out with their new menu.

the good batch (3)

With a new touch with a combination of Restaurant in the day and a dining + bar in the night, that gives an options to diners for different ambiance.

the good batch (4)

the good batch (6)

the good batch (7)

the good batch (8)

the good batch (9)

the good batch (10)

the good batch (11)

the good batch (12)

the good batch (13)

This drink is quite pretty, bubbly and refreshing for a evening sip. Secret Garden @ RM 13

the good batch (14)

Serve along with starters or bites size sweets, The Good Poutine @ RM 22 is drench with their chef special brown sauce and wish they do have extra cheese sauce on the side.

the good batch (16)

the good batch (15)

Upon serving, this smells good. Roasted BBQ – Chicken Seseame Meat Ball @ RM 19,

the good batch (17)

Starting our meal with one of the dish in All Day Breakfast : Pulled Duck Benedict @ RM 29. Slow – cooked Braised  Duck Toasted Broiche Organic Poached Egg, Chipotle Hollandaise, Crispy Duck Bits.

the good batch (19)

Mains we hit on Salted-Egg soft shell crab pasta @ RM 37.  Linguini, cream base, soft shell crab, spied paprika, fried curry leaves, chili pady, salted-egg crumble.

the good batch (18)

Pink Salmon Linguini @ RM 37 – linguini, tomato cream base, salmon chunks, mixed capsicum, shimeiji mushroom, chopped parsley.

the good batch (20)

Oven Baked Chicken Thigh @ RM 29. Pappercorn Gravy, homemade roasted – garlic mash, sauteed carrots and Cauliflower

the other menu indeed to have interesting flavour profile.

The Good Batch,
53, Jalan SS 21/1A,
Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya.
(Same row as Wondermilk)

Tues-Thurs, 10am-10pm;
Fri-Sun & public holidays, 10am-1am

Tel: 03-7733 2303

Wine2U is one of a new hidden gem that I discover at Seri Kembangan recently and is also a recommendation by my friend. A place that certainly save many folks from traveling all the way to KL for wine chill out place.

wine2u (12)

Hidden behind a busy street and tug this little wine shop in Seri Kembangan that serve quite  a unique range of wine for, whisky and also soju for your palate. with range from many countries as your option preference.

wine2u (2)

wine2u (3)

wine2u (4)

wine2u (5)

wine2u (6)

love the bottle design for this.

wine2u (7)

this bottle is indeed unique as a wine that is being created specially for Sushi and Sashimi pairing.

wine2u (8)

Besides taking away your bottle, you can head into their little little hidden restaurant which is just right behind the counter for your leisure chill out with friends or getting a quick fix of meals.

wine2u (9)

wine2u (10)

wine2u (11)

wine2u (13)

It is  not an extensive menu, but the menu is good enough to pair with most of their wine. Starting off with their chef special cheese wheel. Baked in a temperature with flavour of nuts, berries and honey just right to ooze out the perfect blend of flavour yet cheese is not too salty. Just perfect to my liking and goes very well with red wine! (Especially Shiraz)

wine2u (15)

wine2u (14)

Next is chef special in house Wine2U Roast Pork @ RM 12, siew yuk recipe as being season carefully and bake according to their perfect timing. Love the even thin fats in between and each bite is fill with cracking sound. Fresh and good and its only limited portion available.

wine2u (16)

wine2u (17)

Their sous-vide Iberico Ribs @ RM 48 is one of the best that I have come across in the area. well marinated, and grill to perfection that the meat is soft, juicy and very fragrant.

wine2u (18)

As they recommend this merlot to pair along which is not too bad. A mild after floral taste that brings out the flavour of herbs from the marination.

wine2u (19)

wine2u (20)

Iberico Magro @ RM 68

wine2u (21)

their classic carbonara is indeed a dish which hit on its name. Fill with egg yolk in the middle, and spread evenly with yolk that give you the little drench it need. Fragrant of cheese and mushroom gives it the balance that is needed.

wine2u (22)

One of the best pork part is this Tomahawk Spare ribs @ RM 29 90  that I have come across. Marinated and cook to perfection that each bite is soft and juicy, still with a little pink that shows the sign of perfect cooking.

wine2u (23)

well, how often do you order Chef Roy Curry Noodle @ RM 18 in a bar. This is quite unique as this is the outlet best seller. Limited portion available too. The taste of soup is slightly different compare to what I had on outside as they play with a little herbs in it. the purpose of this is to pair with their signature wine Rose. With only additional RM 10 you get a glass of Rose to go with and how bad deal could this be. It is just too perfect.

Chill enough as the mild rose taste brings the taste of herb to a well balance and soothing on your palate yet a hint of floral after taste is there. Quite an interesting and unique combination that they have created for this bowl to pair with this rose.

wine2u (24)

wine2u (25)

Folks around the area and looking for a decent place to chill, the food here is pretty amazing and worth to pay a visit. Best is to call up and pre order your food before it runs out as most of the food is being created on limited quantity.

Quite a recommended place.

8, Jalan Perusahaan 3,
Taman Jinma, 43300
Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Operating Hours:
10am – 10.30pm (close Monday)

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