Every year month of October, it will be another exciting month where certain eateries and bars will be celebrating OKTOBERFEST!!

Brozeit (1)

This gives no exception for Brotzeit – a German Bier Bar which is also one of my favorite German restaurant that serve decent consistent German food.

Brozeit (2)

Brozeit (3)

Brozeit (4)

Among the 4 beers, I love Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest-Märzen. Love the sweet sweet malty flavour and hinted with faint bitter aftertaste. It is also one of the beer that I have not tested before among those bottles.

Brozeit (5)

Brotzeit Fladen Kassler – Smoked Pork Loin Pizza -Tomato sauce, mozzarella, thin slices of smoked pork loin topped with olives and freshly grated horseradish. Every slices is filled with decent slice of loin and olive with its thin crust pizza. Do go along with their beer to pair it up.

Brozeit (6)

Bermerwürstl – Pigs in blankets @ RM 39 Three smoked pork cheese sausages wrapped with bacon and served with fries.

Brozeit (7)

The festival is celebrated in big scale, from food to beer and Oktoberfest PlatterRM 288 nett introduce you all their signature item. A platter that can easily feed 4-6 pax, served with Brotzeit Signature Knuckle, Pork Garlic Sausages, Gypsy Belly Bacon, Lumber Jack Steaks, Nürnberger Pork Sausages & Spicy Chicken Sausages served with Sauerkraut and potato salad. Their pork kunckle is da bomb, where every cut of it gives you the cracking sound from the skin.

Brozeit (8)

Still love their classic brown sauce to pair with most of my meat.

Brozeit (9)

Brozeit (10)

For dessert, WeiBer LavakuchenRM 25 is my favourite. Chocolate Lava Cake is also a twist of Chef’s version of molten lava cake with white chocolate. Cutting through the thin layer of crust gives you the crack and where white chocolate just flood out. Great replacement of white chocolate and pairs well with chef special sauce at the side.

Brozeit (11)

Apfelküchle @ RM 26 for 4 pcs. Slices of cinnamon-sugar dusted apple fritters served with homemade vanilla sauce.

Brotzeit German Bier Bar
Lot G130, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Shopping Centre,
285, Jalan Maarof,
Bukit Bandaraya,
59000 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating Hour:
10am – 12am

Bonne Gillar Restaurant & Bar is one of the latest addition into Jalan Berangan, next to ruzio.

Bonna Gila (1)

Bonna Gila (2)

Bonna Gila (3)

Bonna Gila (4)

Bonna Gila (5)

Bonna Gila (6)

Bonna Gila (7)

Bonna Gila (8)

Start off our meal with Trio Bruschetta @ RM 18. Classic Tomato Basil, Onion and olive mix, Sauteed mushroom, garlic, thyme and olive oil and Boursin spread, chili flakes, honey and rocket leaf. Bread is toast to perfection, crips at the side and aromatic base.

Bonna Gila (9)

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with Braised Tasmanian lamb rump pulled, goat cheese and roasted capsicum @ RM 25

Bonna Gila (10)

This is one of my favourite. Seafood Soup with Spicy Broth of Pranws, Scallop and clams with tomato essence and zucchini @ RM 28 Rich in flavour, slightly creamy and very mild spicy end that lift the taste up.  Seafood are fresh.

Bonna Gila (11)

Bonna Gila (12)

Spaghetti with Tigar Prawns, light sundried tomato sauce, zucchini and green pea @ RM 35

Bonna Gila (13)

Angus Beef burger in brioche bun with sauteed mushroom, melted cheese, jalapeno and spicy wedges @ RM 33. Serve in quite a huge bun, as beef patty were a bit dry to me but wedges are awesome.

Bonna Gila (14)

Chicken Parma, stack with mozzarella, pomodoro basil sauce, pecorino cheese, mash potato and truffle oil @ RM 29

Bonna Gila (15)

Mojito is just nice and girls would love it. To those of you who love strong alcohol taste, do go for their sangria.

Bonna Gila (16)

Bonne Gillar Restaurant & Bar
Jalan Berangan, KL

Operating Hours:
11am – 1am

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Last weekend when I head back to Penang, my friend introduce me to this new place which is Nagore Square. Find that the concept is rather interesting that gives me the feel of Japan where alot of operators operated their business in a cabin space. The place is rather small that you will be running a business with your close up by hosting regulars where you can have a great conversation with the owner. One of the well known player in there is The Inside Bar.

Chillaf (1)

Chillaf (2)

As you can see, each lot might only can house a table or two.

Chillaf (3)

Chillaf (4)

As you walk till the end, you will reach this area which is the most busiest among the rest, where it is flock with alot of younger crowd.

Chillaf (5)

This is their little bar where all the seating area is at the common area.

Chillaf (6)

Most of the crowd here are after their cocktails and known for their The Inside Bar signature Rainbow Shots.

Chillaf (7)

Chillaf (8)

This is their well known Rainbow Cocktail Shot @ RM 38 if I am not mistaken. Well, for this drink it is more like a photo opp. Taste is more onto their coloring mix rather than any taste of alcohol.

Chillaf (9)


Chillaf (11)

This is another well known drink from them where I find it rather too sweet to my liking.

If you are here, there are a few things you need to bear with them.

  1. Space limitation – we are talking about 10-15 tables max?
  2. Service is rather slow – best to order at their bar
  3. The area is very warm, as the operate with small fan

It will be cool if they can add in more industrial fan and with some live band playing over weekend and also Summer EDM music background over weekend.

The Inside Bar
Nagore Road, 10150 Penang.

Operating hours:
Daily 8pm till late


Little did I know that, there is a hidden bar right above Bangsar Village – Mantra Bar & Lounge that made them a roof top bar. It was a recent discovery over Corona Sunset Hour launch that happened at that bar.

Corona (1)

Corona Sunsets Hour was brought to life by an activation part of “This is Living” global campaign, which is Corona’s everyday take on the happy hour. Mantra Bar & Lounge is a perfect venue to be part of it by enjoying the sunset on a rooftop can be a great escape from the busy city’s hustle and bustle. So, Corona took it up a notch with Sunsets rooftop celebration where guests joined the immersive concept consisting of a unique blend of specially commissioned soundtracks, bespoke interiors. To embody the spirit of ‘Sunsets’ Hour, guests were encouraged to #sharethesunset by wearing Corona Sunsets Tattoos and got their faces painted, to stand a chance to win a personalised Corona Sunsets Moment worth RM2000! Adding icing to the cake, the versatility of the brew’s flavours were showcased by concocting two enticing cocktails Corona Sour and Corojito mixed with a medley of spirits and liqueurs, all with Corona as their base.

Corona (2)

Love the ambiance of the bar and the interior of it. Look posh and comfy. They have 2 seating area. Indoor and outdoor.

Corona (3)

Corona (4)

Corona (5)

Corona (6)

Corona (7)

Corona (8)

Cabana zone that overlook to KL city Center.

Corona (10)

We were then pamper with some live music.

Corona (12)

Corona (13)

For all of you folks to enjoy the special edition, there are two special cocktails that is tailored made available only at Matra. Do check them out.


Tiki Taka pintxos and tapas is one of the newest establishment that set food in this well known in this Damansara neighborhood. They are only about 2 months old and already starting to gain popularity among the folks around the area.

Tika Taka (1)

Sitting right at the corner unit, the name itself do catch our attention and we got to known further that in Spain, Tiki Taka is a style of playing in football term by short passes, maintaining possession, and working the ball through various channels.Besides that Tiki Taka also meant “food hoping” locally in Spain which is quite Similar  to cafe or bar hopping.

Tika Taka (2)


Tika Taka (3)


Tika Taka (5)

Tika Taka (6)

Tika Taka (7)

Tika Taka (8)

Their happy hour is quite reasonable as Connors Draught @ RM12 (half pint) / RM18 (1 pint)
Some of you that loves black, you will certainly love Connors in this outlet as they have special method in serving this. Creaminess ensured.

Tika Taka (9)

  1. Lychee Mojito – Vodka & Lychee
  2. Asam Boi Mojito @ RM25 Rum with asam boi, fresh mint leaves, lime, syrup & topped with soda

Tika Taka (10)

Passion Fruit Whiskey Sour @ RM25 – Bourbon whiskey, strawberry, lemon juice & syrup

Tiki Taka Specials
Shoreditch @ RM30 – Gin, cucumber with apple syrup

Tika Taka (11)

Concept in Tiki Taka is quite similiar to Spanish style as they do serve alot of small bites /small plates giving you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of dishes.
Start off with their Salmon Crema @ RM8 each – Dill cream cheese, smoked salmon, black lumpfish caviar & truffle honey.

Tika Taka (12)

Nutella Bacon @ RM6 each is one of my personal favourite as I love the twist in it. Nutella, caramelized banana, walnut, grilled bacon, truffle honey & blueberries. A well balance dish that gives you freshness, and bacon flavour.

Tika Taka (13)

Salted Egg Crab Bun @ RM9 each

Making everything in the kitchen, including their Charcoal broiche that is filled with salted egg crab meat, curry leaves, bird eye’s chili & overflowing salted egg cream sauce. Soft fluffy bun is the way to go along in this creamy version. Give it a try as will be a good beer side kick.

Tika Taka (14)

Singapore Chilli Prawns @ RM24

Being local with variety of flavours, Singapore style chilli prawns, deep fried mantou buns, coriander & sesame seeds is another must-have dish to give it a try as mantau fried to perfection with crispy at the side and soft inside. As you dip it with the chilli prawns gravy, it is good. Little hint of sour, sweet and creaminess makes it so easy to eat.

Tika Taka (15)

Pork Satay RM22 is their Marinated pork skewer served with spicy peanut sauce and kyuri. Well marinated and flavourful. Do dip more of their peanut sauce. The highlight of it.

Tika Taka (16)

Tika Taka (17)

8 inch Pizza is one of a size that is just perfect. Not too heavy and not too light. “Sin” is King Pork Pizza @ RM25
Red pepper sauce, back bacon, minced pork, spicy sausage, streaky bacon chips, pork floss, olives, red pepper, mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan, onion, parsley.

Tika Taka (18)

Char Siu Pizza – Char siu pork, mozzarella, cheddar, BBQ sauce, red pepper, kyuri, spring onion.

Tika Taka (19)

Nutella Bacon Wantons @ RM 12

This is quite a unique dessert as this is my first time encountering this. Deep fried nutella & bacon wantons served with macerated berries with balsamic glaze & snow sugar dip. It is a clever combination and texture where wonton skin gives you the cripsy mouthful texture yet with chocolaty bitterness and freshness of berries and balsamic do tone the bitter and sourness out.

Tika Taka (20)

Something very simple and direct is their Churros @ RM12. Spanish skinny doughnuts, cinnamon sugar served with dark chocolate sauce.

Tika Taka (21)

Ice Ice Baby @ RM12

Mango sorbet, coconut ice cream, toasted coconut flakes, pandan palm sugar syrup, buttered popcorn, crushed peanuts & fruit medley. A very playful dessert where you can see it is pack with flavor and texture.

Tika Taka (22)

Then Hans show us his magnificent draft skills that what makes their Connor’s so unique compare to many other bars. This is where their creaminess foam assured.

If you are in mood for drinking and love bite sizes snakes, this place is certainly one of the place to be as it wont burn a deep hole in your pocket where snacks is great.

Food / Cocktail to order: Nutella Bacon,Singapore Chilli Prawns, Nutella Bacon Wantons  & their Whisky Sour Range for cocktail

Best of all for this outlet is they have FREE valet Parking for all their diners.

138, Jalan Kasah,
Medan Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 016-328 7438


Business Hours:
Mon-Fri : 4pm-1am
Sat-Sun  : 9am-1am

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