Before we coming to end of the year and feeling festive yet not too sure where to go for a nice place to chill. Well, lets head to the new atas food court known as Tiffin At The Yard at Sentul, KL. Love the location as the surroundings is quite oversea with rustic and classic red brick buildings around and Sentul depo is just around the corner. Many instagramble corner can be taken in this premises.

The best part is Tiffin At The Yard is going to be permanent.



Just look at the surroundings.

do note that if you are taking anything for commercial, do apply permit at their office. In Tiffin At the Yard : Who is here and what to eat: check out their page : Tiffin at The Yard

sentul depot

There are plenty of parking space and it is free. Just prepare to walk abit as there are 3 segment of carpark.

tiffin at the yard (2)

tiffin sentul food court

Tiffin At The Yard is going to be a permanent area

tiffin at the yard (3)

food in tiffin at the yard

For this round, these are the vendors that currently taking place. What to expect:

  1. variety of mixture of food is avaiable.
  2. do prepare to fork out some money for it as food here is ranging from RM 15 onwards. Average about RM 25-RM 35 per portion.
  3. what you get in return, is a cool vibe oversea ambiance.

tiffin at the yard


thyme out

casa lisboa

red red botak head

there are vendors like Red Red Botak Head

little people

Little People that sells pastries

superfine tacos

Superfine Tacos

superfine tacos (2)

tiffin at the yard (21)

Thyme Out Mexican food

tiffin at the yard (17)

Casa lisboa

kedai roti universal

Some no stranger from Kedai Roti Universal cafe

yum cha


tiffin at the yard (8)

tiffin at the yard (23)

Feeling chilling and some mixologist corner right at mezzanine floor. Above the area selling wine.

tiffin at the yard (16)

beverage corner and wine corner

wine tiffin at the yard

tiffin at the yard (45)

Tiger beer corner is not operating and beloeve they will operate at night. Quite a cool corner they have.

tiger tiffin at the yard

tiffin at the yard (24)

tiffin at the yard (37)

tiffin at the yard (39)

There are variety of vendors in the area and I find that Olivia Deli is a must hunt stall. I find that their Squid Ink Paella is da bomb @ RM 35! one of the best paella I come across. Did spoke to them as currently they do not have a restaurant yet. This is their first pop up.

Their new restuarant currently under renovation and will be operating in Bangsar. I am looking forward for this.

tiffin at the yard (38)

Serve pippin hot as I was aiming them quite a while and all their service are made to order. Once, this portion is sold out, they will make a new next batch. So aim for the corner area which gives you a little crunch and also this is pack with flavours. With the kind of stock that they are using and it is cook to perfection!

I also tried their Chicken and Duck Paella @ RM 32. It is not too bad, not the usual you can get in KL. Worth to give it a try but still Squid Ink is the best.

tiffin at the yard (27)

tiffin at the yard (41)

tiffin at the yard (43)

Beef Jianbing @ RM35, which is fried rice wrapped with egg, and topped with sous-vide beef shoulder.

tiffin at the yard (35)

Not a bad dish, as it heads towards more on the salty end.

tiffin at the yard (34)

One of my friend is vegan so she opted for Bagellicious.

tiffin at the yard (36)

tiffin at the yard (44)

I see many instagrammer post about this so my sis bought to try it out. Lickin Chan ice cream. Not bad as they got a few interesting flavours.

tiffin at the yard (33)


tiffin at the yard (30)

Another recommended stall is this Philipno Jamaican stall. I totall miss out their stall picture as this stall sits right opposite Red Red Botak Head.

Pretty good dish, as meat is soft and generous with avocado. Pack with spice flavours and it is something unique that I come across. Worth to give it a try as it is at RM 35.

tiffin at the yard (31)


read some other post : Alta burger seems to be a big hit here which I think I miss out or do not see them. Will certainly aim them on my next visit.

2 stalls I think would recommend that I personally think worth to try:

  1. Olivia Deli – Squid Ink Paella
  2. Jamaican Philipno food – oppsite red red botak head stall.

This is a cool place to be in if you are not too sure where to do during this festive season. A great place to chill and catch up. Certainly will come back again!

tiffin at the yard
PT189-PT183-PT185 Jalan Strachan,
Off, Jln Ipoh, Sentul,
51100 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
Thurs & Fri : 5pm – 12am
Sat & Sun : 10am – 11am

Back in those days, how many buffet rounds can you hit up? I can do easily 8-10 rounds 5-8 years ago. Now? 3-4 maybe? If you are into buffet, Contango now is firing up back into operation with All-You-Can-Eat feast of a multitude of cuisines all under one roof. Starting From 15th August, Contango is serving up an exciting gastronomic adventure from
our live cooking stations, freshly prepared to order and served to your table. of course with the new norm in place, your buffet dining experience will be different.

Lunch | RM105 nett per person
Saturday and Sunday
12 noon – 3 pm
Dinner | RM125 nett per person
Friday and Saturday
6 pm – 10 pm

Majestic (5)

there are social distancing in tables and also can cater to large crowd with advance booking so the restaurant can arrange accordingly.

Majestic (1)

Instead of taking yourself a plate and move around, there will be ice cream sticks on your table and any dish that you see on the display counter, you just need to drop in your ice cream stick into the holder then food will be serve to your table.

Majestic (2)

Majestic (3)

Majestic (4)

Table numbering.

Majestic (7)

Drop of ice cream stick into it.

Majestic (8)

Some of the counters you still can take yourself like the sushi counter.

Majestic (9)

Majestic (10)

seafood counter with you saying what you need and chef will allocate for you.

Majestic (11)

Majestic (12)

Majestic (13)

coffee and ice cream.

Majestic (14)

Majestic (15)

Majestic (16)

the new norm of getting your food.

Majestic (17)

Majestic (18)

Majestic (19)

all my food being serve to the table.

Majestic (20)

Majestic (21)

Majestic (22)

Majestic (23)

Majestic (24)

Majestic (25)

Majestic (26)

Majestic (27)

Majestic (28)

Majestic (30)

Majestic (31)

Majestic (32)

Majestic (33)

Majestic (35)

Looking to enjoy buffet dinner in KL, you can researve your seats with us in advance through WhatsApp +60 11 2642 7815 or email [email protected]

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T +603 2785 8000
E [email protected]

If there’s one club the whole family will want to be part of, it’s the Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch happening at Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown. Gathering the area best food and culture forming it into this classic place.

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (1)

Held at Quan’s Kitchen, the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant, Joy Lok Club promises traditional Chinatown favorites and Western influences that diners know and love. Featuring heritage fusion fare inspired by a myriad of Malaysian cultures—from the signature Joy Lok Club station that mimics the well-loved street side lok lok experience to the Portugis Ikan Bakar and Wok Fried Hokkien Mee—this Sunday brunch buffet session brings the richness of the Malaysian foodscape into a single setting. Adding to the table rotation is a heartwarming Western line-up of Braised Boeuf de Bourguignon, Roasted Leg of Lamb and a ChocoLok fountain serving up delectable chocolate-bathed desserts, and more, which are sure to delight a party
of varying tastes

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (2)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (7)

The higlight corner, pick your skewers and pass it to chef. There are 3 types of soup available and I took all.

  1. sate kuah
  2. Lontong
  3. Laksa

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (9)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (10)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (8)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (3)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (4)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (5)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (6)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (11)

Their Ice cream section is pretty good too. Do not miss out.

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (12)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (13)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (14)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (15)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (16)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (17)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (18)

Best of all is this kopitiam corner. Get your toast, half boil egg and coffee to go.

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (20)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (19)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (21)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (22)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (23)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (24)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (25)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (26)

This is how we do it for our Sunday brunch. Kaya Butter toast, with half boil egg, coffee and white wine.

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (27)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (28)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch (29)

Joy Lok Club Sunday Brunch Buffet is available at Quan’s Kitchen, Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown every Sunday starting 23 February 2020 for RM 118 nett. Book now and enjoy a limited time offer of RM 98 nett until 31st March. For unlimited red and white wine, beer, soft drinks and juice, add on RM 78 nett.

For enquires or reservations, call 03-2035-7333 or email [email protected]

I have rarely hit into buffet spread as my capacity of eating it is no longer there. However there are a few ones that I would give exceptional. Like this new buffet spread in Kurata Japanese Fine Dining in Parkroyal Hotel offering shabu-shabu and sukiyaki buffet that offers great spread and especially the quality of sashimi served with pricing as :

  1. Chicken Sukiyaki option, priced @ RM68 per person
  2. Australian beef + Chicken @ RM88 per person
  3. Angus beef + Chicken @ RM128 per person

If customer show this poster (below) to Kurata Japanese Fine Dining ‘s team, they will enjoy our Australian beef buffet at RM68 per person.


For lunch, Kurata Japanese Fine Dining offer two options for shabu-shabu and sukiyaki lunch buffet from 12pm – 2:30pm :

  1. Australian beef + Chicken @ RM38 per person
  2. Chicken Sukiyaki & Spicy Miso Hotpot @ RM38 per person

Meats such as Chicken and Australian beef are refillable. Sashimi is not refillable. Side dishes are not refillable. It is all subjected to 10% service charge and 6% SST.

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (3)

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining is newly renovated and operating just about 6 months in the hotel is gaining its popularity among Japanese diners.

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (4)

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (5)

These are part of the menu, as this Japanese Buffet in KL is offering order from the menu instead of a whole long line of food offerings at the table. They are prepared fresh from the kitchen as you order. Full menu click here

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (7)

If you are a good drinker, then you have an option of topping up with RM 100 to enjoy free flow drink.  From 4pm – 10pm (with 2 hours limit)

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (6)

There are 3 different types of soup base available:

  1. Sukiyaki – this is bent towards more sweet base
  2. Spicy miso – personal favourite with recommended
  3. Shabu Shabu Original – one of the best option too

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (8)

What you can help yourself are these sauces and condiments from the table right in the middle. Including Green Tea too.

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (9)

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (18)

For different package as mention the only difference are: Agnus beef where the quality of meat is nicer and for Australian beef it is also pretty good enough for me (on the right)

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (10)

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (11)

There are plenty of sides that you can order and just do order those you can finish. Try to avoid food wastage. Edamame to start off with.

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (12)

and of course how can we miss out the sashimi. They even serve maguro for sashimi, that is where I ate at least 10 pieces. Salmon Carpaccio and Salmon Sashimi are all pretty good too. Fresh and the cut is pretty generous.

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (13)

For Sushi, it is pretty good too. I had

  1. Salmon Nigiri Sushi
  2. Spicy Salmon Nigiri Sushi
  3. Seared Salmon Nigiri Sushi
  4. Tamago Nigiri Sushi
  5. Inari Sushi
  6. Spicy Salmon Nigiri Sushi
  7. Crunchy California Roll

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (14)


Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (15)

  1. Nanban Fried Chicken with Tartar Sauce
  2. Agedashi Tofu
  3. Kaarage Pepper Chicken Wings – this is recommended as goes so well with beer or sake
  4. Teppan Grilled Spicy Chicken

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (16)

Grilled Sanma Saury with Japanese Salt


Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (19)

Some healthy option which is the chef special : Tofu Salad

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (20)

Of course we do have our drinks too. I had a few high balls and a few bottles of Cold Sake to go along. It was indeed quite a satisfying dinner.

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (21)

The only little problem to find this outlet is you have to walk through this buffet spread restaurant to reach Kurata Japanese Restaurant.

Indeed for RM 68 + buffet spread is quite a good value for me. As easily we eat in any of the Japanese restaurant with gathering, you will be spending around RM 50-RM 80 per head. With this, it is a buffet spread that every one gets to enjoy.


Lower Lobby, PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03-2110 0226

operating hours:
Lunch : 12pm – 3pm
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10pm

A fan of Italian food? Not only that, a fan of buffet spread? If yes to both question then you guys should visit this Viva Italia Champagne Brunch Buffet at Prego in The Westin Hotel KL. Only Happening on every Sunday 11.30am – 2.30pm

Champagne brunch (2)

I personally think that it is a good bargain that you can eat all pretty good Italian food and with choices of Wine or Champange to go along. Of course with different sets of pairing comes with different pairing with prices as below:

  1. For Buffet only is RM 188 nett per pax
  2. add RM 160 nett for Free flow – Red wine, white wine, proscesso, draft beer, special Sunday cocktail, soft drinks and chilled juice
  3. or add RM 260 nett for all the above as in no.2 and with addtional Moet Chandon Champange

Champagne brunch (17)

The selection of your choice or can be poured at your table.

Champagne brunch (19)

Champagne brunch (20)

Champagne brunch (21)

Champagne brunch (23)

Love the selection that is provided from cold cuts, warm food,instant cook to order items.

Champagne brunch (3)

All the 3 meats provided are pretty good.

Champagne brunch (4)

Champagne brunch (18)

Champagne brunch (9)

cheese platter area is one of my favourite.

Champagne brunch (10)

Champagne brunch (11)

Champagne brunch (12)

Champagne brunch (13)

Champagne brunch (14)

Those who loves seafood, this might be the area you would want to attack. It is pretty fresh on that day especially for oyster and scallop.

Champagne brunch (15)

Champagne brunch (16)

Champagne brunch (5)

For dessert section, you are to be pampred with variety of cakes, and ice cream.

Champagne brunch (6)

Champagne brunch (7)

Champagne brunch (8)

Champagne brunch (25)

We are all enjoying our buffet and I am enjoy both champange. Personal preference, I prefer prosecco more as goes well with what I am having.

Champagne brunch (26)

Champagne brunch (27)

Champagne brunch (28)

Speghetti is made to order, cook on the spot then serve to you later.

Champagne brunch (29)

Including some bites too.

Champagne brunch (30)

not to mention their pizza is pretty good and it is on thin crust.

Champagne brunch (31)

We had a few rounds of oyster on that day as the perfect combination for our champange.

Champagne brunch (32)

Champagne brunch (33)

Meats are equally good and still one of my favourite Italian restaurant place.

The Westin Hotel KL
199, Bukit Bintang Street,
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2731 8333

Looking for a buffet place that serve tons of meat by not brekaing your pocket? I guess BIFE Charcoal Steakhouse that just open at The LINC, KL is a place to sort after. A place that serve fresh quality of steak, other meats and a buffet spread for your hungry tummy with affordable price or cheap HALAL buffet in KL at:

Lunch buffet : 12pm to 3pm at RM39.90
Dinner buffet : 6pm to 10.30 pm, at RM89.90 per person

Bife (18)

A place that had officially launched over the weekend with their family members that wish to bring to offer fresh and good meals to everyone

Bife (3)

The experience is quite similiar to Brazilian buffet spread. Pick some of the food from the counter, just sit and relax while waiting for fresh meat, seafood to be served to you table.

Bife (4)

Bife (5)

Meat are prepared fresh, with marination then hit into a slow charcoal pit.

Bife (6)

Bife (7)

Bife (8)

Bife (9)

To kick start your meal, you can hit on their daily buffet spread and guess what. The spread here is changed daily to give freshness and variety to diners. A spread that is filled with some butter rice with peanuts, spaghetti aglio olio, onion soup and salads and some local dishes too.

Bife (10)

Bife (11)

Bife (12)

Bife (13)

Bife (14)

Bife (15)

Love their mushroom soup as it is thick and fragrant.

Bife (16)

Since there are variety of meats for you to dig in, remember to get some sauces to pair with. each of the sauces have their own uniquness. I quite like all 3 of them as pairs differently with each meat.

Bife (17)

end with some local delicacies for desserts.

Bife (19)

this is where my main section are, Fresh from the charcoal pit as you will be filled with plenty of meat from the server. Each server will move around the restarurant by bringing different cuts of meat. If there are any meat that you wish to have, you can always request them to bring over. Garlic beef is not to be missed.

Bife (20)

Just look at the juicy meat that had been charcoal grill properly. It is fragrant from the marination and perfectly cooked. My personal favourite is their lamb and the beef cut as below – Picanha:

Bife (21)

A perfectly coooked beef that is medium rare. Eat it at it is, already pretty good.

Bife (22)

Bife (1)

Memang tempat yang berbaloi untuk charcoal bbq buffet, penuh dengan pelbagai daging dan seafood untuk kelaparan kamu. Mungkin kah tempat ini buffet murah di KL?

for me it is indeed a place worth to explore for a buffet dinner in KL.

360, BIFE Charcoal Steakhouse,
The LINC KL, No. 1-5 & 1-5-F 1st Floor,
Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 12pm – 10.30pm

Tel: 03-2300 6488

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