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Little did I know that actually Penang do have good cofffee. It was a recent gathering with my friend Kevin that he introduce me die die must vist Stairs coffee which is his all time favourite now in Penang as KL visitor. Just realise that they do have alot of outlets in Penang and the first one I visited was Stairs 46Nordin at Nordin Street Penang. best cafe in penanghidden cafe in penang

Love the ambiance as it is not the usual cafe vibe that you got. It is kinda like a bit of bar & cafe combine. I believe they declare that they have the longest bar cafe table in Penang. 

As I scroll on the  menu, Kevin said no need scrool. Order his all time favourite “Dirty Latte” which he misses alot. O

dirty latteDirty Lattecafe in penang

Then for the first time I saw this Omakase Coffee. Usually you heard in dining and here they got it for RM 35 only. GIve it a try lo. Since cheap. Was explain carefully by the barista that you would not know which bean he is using, but with them analysing the drinker, they will then pick the beans which think suits your mood of the day

Follow by a drink that will be transform into 3 different varity in the same cup. That excites me.

best barista in penangDrinks no.2 in process as the brew went into ice cold pitch to chill itnordin streetDrink no.3 turns out to be coffee cocktail – Orange Coffee
orange coffee
orange peel coffee


omakase coffee


stairs nordin streetDSCF6993


stairs 46 nordin street

Now only I know why my friend most of them are member here and also my KL friend highly recommended here. Indeed you will kinda miss their coffee cuz of quality.


46, Lebuh Noordin,

10300 George Town

Operating Hours: 9am – 11pm


this is one of a cafe in PJ that i snot easy to find. Feeling plus Cafe is located in this building 5th Place in Damansara. It is a refurbish building that certainly give my uni days vibe. Feeling + is one of the latest hype or maybe 3 months ago for this.

feeling + cafeIt is a small cafe and do prepare to queue. Came here for meeting on weekdays so it is not too bad.

feeling plus cafe

feeling plus cafe menuFeeling + menu is very direct. Coffee, toasties and others. That’s all.

cafe in pj 2022


new cafe in pj


cafe in pj

Coffee here is pretty good. Not too acidic yet the aroma notes is pretty strong and filled with layers. Coffee is pass. The guy at the counter recommended their signature Twice Fried Chicken Sando @ RM 29. Twice fried chicken with corn and nori slow. pickeled onion, milk bread

Nothing to shout about as could be Japanese style and it is on the high price point

feeling +

french toast

It had been long time that a french toast that caught my attention. Feeling + French Toast @ RM 26. milk Bread, Caramel sauce, banana, blueberries, lemon cream cheese and crush pistachio. If you are here, you can consider order this. The caramel is not too sweet yet goes well with the rest of banana and milk bread. Goes well with coffee.

best cafe in pj

feeling plus

To come here, look for this building Five Place in Damansara. Over the food is okay la. Food also okay la. Come here for grab and go coffee is pretty recommended.

Can be access via MRT Semantan station, just right next to it.

*Pork FREE

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, okay la good pun but expensive! Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk–

feeling+ cafe
A-1-01, 5th Place,
The Five Block A,
Kompleks Pejabat Damansara,
Jalan Dungun, 50490 KL

Operating Hours: 8.30am – 5pm

This is a rare discovery in Bukit Jalil as we were on the way to friends house and a few pastry shop in KL do not have the cakes that we want. Then randomly we hit into google and saw this Zhi Zhi Bakery & Cafe in Aurora Place, Bukit Jalil have amazing 5 star ratings. Decided to drop by and check them out.  Truely it is a hidden gem pastry shop in Bukit Jalil.

update: 1st April 2022 : Auntie told us they going to close end of April 30th. Sad to hear this

best cake in bukit jalil

Since the discovery in December, till date I have return the 4th time to support their business. Its a business that needed support by locals around the area. I find it pity that they open wrong location as the couple just came back to Malaysia during pandemic period and decided to run a business. #supportlokal

zhi zhi bukit jalil

They do not have amazing store front as it is run by both retired uncle and auntie that is full with passion. Chef was a head pastry chef in 5 star hotel in Ritz Carlton, Macau before the couple decided to move back into Malaysia and operate at this place.

Uncle also share with me that he was also feature in China Newspaper for having the most classic French Croissant.

zhi zhi aurora place

cakes in kl

I am suprise to see what are their offering, their quality of cakes and amazingly the price tag. It is a pastry shop or cake house that is wallet friendly.

cakes in pj


bread in bukit jalil

They have breads too. I am too also suprise that a shop run by just the elderly couple, they run the whole business by creating cakes and breads.


One of the best friand. Moist, just melt in your mouth. slight burnt on the outer layer and quality butter. RM 4.50 per piece, ended up bought 6 to brought back to keep to enjoy with my coffee. They do have frozen ones then can bring back to store.

best croissant pavilion bukit jalil

This is a croissant that auntie introduce me as this is either to your liking or it. It is uncle signature Burnt Classic Croissant. Crisply flakes outside and buttery in it. I like it. This is again depends on your own taste profile.

carrot cake

first time there we bought Carrot Cake and some other cakes. Since then, directly converted into regular. Quality cakes with premium ingredient. Loving it. These cakes ranging about RM 28-RM 35. A perfect birthday selection as with RM 100 I can try 2-3 types of cakes.

cakes in bukit jalil

another round bought back to home and slowly enjoy. Pavlova is one of the best to my own personal liking or even highly recommended. Not sweet, meringue crispy, bite and melt in your mouth. Fruits add on the slightly sweetness of natural ingredients bite that it needs.

pastry in bukit jalil

sourdough in kl (2)

This is their specialy sourdough bread that bought back. The loaf, I cut it into 3 pieces and left 2 frozen up there. Slowly enjoy my bite of it. It is so fragrant. soft and just a slight toast with light butter on top with a cup of coffee. It is Perfecto!

best cake in kl

This is the chef as he had been running the place very passionate. Sad to see his business is not picking which I believe due to location. I certainly wish and hope that they can continue to strive on the business as the couple share with us they have been bleeding badly for 1 year.

I hope that with more support of neighborhood people are able to keep their business to stay afloat.

zhi zhi

This is certainly one of the place I would recommend for both cakes and bread. Their Specialty Bread Is worth to discover which is crafted by the uncle that is in their frozen fridge. Whatever you see in the storefront, or sidewall, those are all the breads that the uncle can make and they do have it in frozen., just that not good in promoting.

how to go there? If you in Pavilion Bukit Jalil, you can walk to this shop thru Parkson Lvl 1 entrance, go opposite road, up escalator, take lift down to lvl 1.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, great cakes and frozen quality bread (do ask the auntie to share with you)! Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk–

Zhi Zhi Bakery & Cafe
Lot A 01.27, Aurora Place,
Jalan Persiaran Jalil 1 Bandar Bukit Jalil,
Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours : 10am – 8pm

Tel: 010-2546376

Seems like recently alot people are checking into this cafe Whisk KL which is one of the newer branch inside BookXcess Mytown Shopping Center, Cheras. Hidden inside this large book store, sits this new cafe concept.



There is even a map for you to navigate around. In here there is this Whisk Cafe , with seating area at the Piazza overllook outside with a huge glass panel, then an art gallery underneath the stair case.

Ume-Tei is another Japanese restaurant that hid inside here too.

mytown shopping center


Alot people ootd in this huge bookstore and I think they going to open another branch in BookXcess Tropicana Gardens Mall, PJ.

cafe in kl

BookXcess MyTOWN

whisk kl

this is Whisk Cafe inside BookXcess.

whisk kl BookXcess

Industrial kind of concept with limited seating in the cafe area or more like a smaller group.

whisk kl BookXcess MyTOWN

whisk kl coffee menu

Whisk Cafe Menu in BookXcess Cheras and some cake of the day.



whisk kl (2)

Walk next to them, this area gives me a good memory like my uni days. Its the Piazza.

cafe in BookXcess

cafe in BookXcess MyTOWN

indoor mushroom

there is even some fresh mushroom grow on the wall.

umi tei mytown

Ume-Tei Japanese Restaurant inside BookXcess in Mytown Shopping Mall

Whisk KL BookXcess
Level 1, MyTOWN Shopping Centre,
6, Jalan Cochrane, Seksyen 90,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

operating hours: 10am – 10pm

The Hub Coffee Roasters is one of a hidden gem in this Taman OUG neighborhood. A roasters themselves that constant offer some other variety of single origin.  It is a small cozy cafe with only limited range of selection. For people around the area, it would be a perfect cuppa for your weekend or coffee cravings.

The Hub Coffee Roaster (6)

I am in here for their Single origin series or at times take away their late.

There are a few region for you to choose from for Single origin and if you are not too sure, ask their friendly barista as they will usually ask you your profile preference before introduce you to their bean. To me is very subjective as I have a wide range of taste when comes to single origin and depends on my mood for the day.

The Hub Coffee Roaster (7)

coffee roasters in kl

this is how they do their drip coffee. now I do have my mini drip and basic machine, I drink at home more now. HOwever they do have their beans. Will hunt it next.

cafe in kl

single origin coffee

As on that day, I prefer something acidic and with body. Their Ethiopian series is pretty spot on.

cafe in bukit jalil

They have quite a huge range of beans. Have fun in exploring for single origin beans available in KL.

The Hub Coffee Roaster

Not to sure where go to for your cafe hunting, then The Hub cafe in OUG gardens might be one of the place for you to consider. Small cozy area and at times you will have to wait for a table.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, love their single origin coffee range-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

61, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3,
Taman Overseas Union,
58200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012-808 8843

Operating Hours : 9am – 6pm

I have heard alot about this new cafe Norm Micro Roastery in Penang. Been one of the buzz since after 2020 MCO last year. Since now I manage to go back, decided to pay a visit to this new brunch cafe in Penang. As This is also associated to their two other entity Norm Cafe and also Noct (pretty well known for their cocktails in Penang standard)

cafe in penang

Parking here could be an ass as either you walk far or you pay your fee inside the parking of the new Prestige hotel. I park at open space carpark at Sri Weld Food Court Carpark and walk over. about 3 minutes walk. worth it as better than I get a ticket or got my car tow away.

new cafe in penang

best cafe in penang

Love the ambiance for Norm Micro Roastery as it certainly do have the Australian industrial factory vibe. High ceiling and best of all it is not hot in here. I am impress with the generator in here.

weld quey

Raw wall and natural lighting from the top shining thru the roof indeed will be a perfect instragram cafe in Penang.

famous cafe in penang

Norm Micro Roastery menu

Norm Micro Roastery menu is pretty straight forward and I am here for their coffee as for Penang standard I think they are quite there. (Please we cant compare to KL ones.)

norm cafe

Had hot latte @ RM 13 and Ice Long Black @ RM 9. Long black is the acidic version not really to my liking. Their late is not too bad as the milk is just nice yet not too overpowering or milk to cover the coffee.


Love their Mocha @ RM 13 .Thick enough with well balance of flavor.

pastries in penang

Pastries and desserts are base of the availability of the day. Among the 3 was told all of them was like “meh” again I did not try this but base on my sister’s friend that order them.

brownie in penang


cookies in penang

banana cake

Prawn and Pumpkin Risotto

This is their signature item. Prawn and Pumpkin Risotto @ RM 32. Stock use was perfect and cook to perfection. Moist enough yet it is not dry. Clams used were fresh and it had a good balace of flavour.

best spaghetti in penang

Was told that the Spaghetti Bolognese is the other guy’s favorite. He will try to order this whenever he is here.

chicken burger

Chicken Karage Burger @ RM 25. Very generous piece of Chicken karage. I mean it is really huge. For girls, I would advise you to share. Chicken karage nicely fry up. Slight crips outside and with a multi tower fresh fried wedges. brunch in penangI guess if you are looking for a best cafe in Penang? I guess this might be one of them to try out and perhaps to put into your list then. I certainly do not mind to come back here for their coffee and food again next round.

brunch cafe in penang

There is no name right outside and the main entrance is at a little hidden kind lorong. Drive slow as you would not miss them.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, Coffee and waffle not bad. worth to give it a try-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

13, Gat Lebuh Gereja,
10300 Penang

Operating Hours:
Sunday – Wednesday : 9am – 6pm
Thursday – Saturday : 9am – 10pm

Tel: 016-527 6273

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