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Whats on Tap @ Plaza Mont Kiara

Whats on Tap at Plaza Mont Kiara is one of the newest cafe in Mont Kiara. A cafe that certainly will attract your attention if you work or live around the area. A minimalist cafe of just near pure white that is quite good for photography. Their counter does look luxurios as with the equipment that they are using you know that they are investing quite abit. Cakes selection are pretty good too. As most of it does look tempting…

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Famous bubble tea street in SS15

Bubble tea fever is high! If you travel to certain countries in Asia, you will get to see bubble tea street. However over the months. Bubble tea industry is taking over Malaysia by storm. Now we do have our own famous bubble tea street in SS15. Interesting enough, some of my friend call it the new Zoo Negara. (just check out the brand logo) There are alot of brands just fighting over a space in that area and I believe…

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Norm @ Penang

If you remember that Norm Cafe did make a huge buzz in Penang last year for their 2in1 concept. Cafe in the morning, bar at night. Then I was introduce by my friend to visit Norm that is famous for their waffle and located in different location at Lebuh Carnarvon. It did not ring a bell till I reach the location and find it weird, that it has similarities to the one I visited a year ago. Until I walk…

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Pokok @ MAHSA University, PJ

Seems like dining at Pokok cafe like the in trend. Pokok is located inside Mahsa University in PJ. The big hype on this cafe is that you are dining in a glass house. Therefore do prepare to get warm and enjoy some sun tanned while dining. It depends on which table you are being seated as it could be very warm. Ordering of food is at the counter and pay there. Menu offering is pretty direct from local to western.…

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Nespresso Limited Edition Coffee Houses: Cafe Istanbul

You may be familiar with Turkish coffee, made in that little special pot dipped in hot sand. But today, let’s step back in time to the social beginnings of Turkish coffee, specifically in the vibrant city of Istanbul during the 16th century. Back then, it was said that the beans came from Yemen and then blended with coffee from the East Indies and India. People would enjoy the coffee in coffee houses, which are apparently ancient equivalents of kopitiams today…

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