Bichii Coffee is indeed a hidden gem in Sungai Buloh. Tug in out of no where in this industrial architecture is pretty interesting. The owner started it off as a photostudio then now tune a notch up with a cafe as part of it. It is a hidden cafe in KL for this.

cafe in kepong The cafe is beautifully decorated with style and alot of corners can be ootd. With only limited space, we have to make reservation for sit in. Best do share to them where you prefer to sit. They have indoor and outdoor. For nice picture, I find that outdoor is more cool, as it is set up with like Camping look and feel at the balcony corner. It is also good that can consider Cafe in Kepong for Kepong folks to drive over.

cafe in kl
Bichii Coffee menuCoffee here is pretty decently good for a cafe in Sungai Buloh, that you do not have to travel all the way to KL or PJ. They take beans from a few supplier and one of them is Beans Brother. They changed bean every month. So it could be you like the beans today could be different on next visit. 
Bichii Coffee (4)

cafe in pjIndoor seating area.
cafe in sungai bulohhidden cafe in pjBichii Coffee sungai buloh

Bichii Coffee

Bichii Coffee (5)

Bichii Coffee (3)

Bichii Coffee (1)

If you are staying in this area and looking for good coffee, I would certainly recommend this coffee place for your cravings. Single origin is pretty good too!

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, pretty good coffee for this area, !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Bichii Cafe 8/2, Jalan LGSB 1/3, Kampong,

47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor

Operating hours: Fri – Tues : 9am – 5pm

Wed/Thurs : Closed

Tel: 012-963 520

It is not easy to find a nice pastry in KL. If you do find one, you have to dig into your pocket. Croisserie Artisan Bakery at Damansara Heights is indeed one of the cafe in Bukit Damansara to pay a visit. To warn all of you first, where it is a dangerous shop. At first to buy 2 pastries and walk out with 7 pastries.

Croisserie Artisan Bakery

With more than 50 choices of fresh pastry for you to choose from. From Sandwich, to cakes to pastries. As you walk into the pastry shop, the aroma of freshly bake item it smells so good.

Croisserie Artisan Bakery Damansara


Just look at some of the selection that I have capture. Does it gives you the feeling of like when you are at oversea. Those famous for pastries and the item is stacked on top.  Almond Croissant.

bukit damansara

Chocolate almond, cream tart, Salted caramel, Blueberr



Croisserie Artisan Bakery damansara heights


cakes in kl

Not only with pastries. Just look at their cakes too. It is too pretty and per slice I think it is still reasonable. Gonna come back to try out their cake next.

Croisserie Artisan Bakery (3)

Croisserie Artisan Bakery (2)

best pastries in kl

Croisserie Artisan Bakery in Bukit Damansara is definitely one of the pastry shop in KL that you would want to pay a visit. I certainly dont mind to come back when I feel I am generous to spend. It is on the high side.

Where will be your favourite pastry shop? do share with me too

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, love it full with variety!!!~Recommended-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Croisserie Artisan Bakery
14, Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating Hours: 7.30am – 8pm

Tel: 012-564 4154

I was a happy boi when I found out that Kuke Desserteriecan at Desa Sri Hartamas can order cake by slices or even their whole cake.. They are local baker that run by passionate husband and wife that focus on their extraordinarily local flavours.

They do not have actual shop as their cakes are bake fresh daily and even pre-orders to delivery you their best fresh quality cakes.

They have wide range of selection for single slice ordering. Feel free to explore more.

Order by slice:

cakes in kl

From left to right:

🍰 The Saint
🍰 Honolulu
🍫 5 shades of chocolate
🍰 Triple C
🍰 Hitam Manis
🍰 Puteri Jendol

best cake in kl

They have a few flavours which is local inspired and to my surprise, my personal favourite is both their local inspired flavours.

kuke cakes

Puteri Jendol @ RM 17 indeed taste like cendol which is also one of their best seller. A cake that is soft and fluffy on both top and bottom yet a slightly dence creamy that holds the cendol on the middle. As your fork punch thru the cake, the fragrant of the cake comes out together. Top is pandan and bottom base with gula melaka base. Best it is not too sweet .

black glutinous rice

My next recommended flavour is also their one of their best seller which is also local inspired. The most interesting is this Hitam Manis @ RM 17 which is from our Chinese thong sui. “Hak Loh Mai” . It do resembles near to the dessert. Surprisingly good. IT sounds weird and looks weird at first but trust me. A bite of this will get you addicted to continue. (that is for me). As I finish both slices of Puteri Jendol and Hitam Manis myself.

mont kiara

Burnt Cheese Cake I find it better than many available out there also. Of course there are alot of versions on how they make and depends on what you like. I like slightly burnt outside with top and bottom is slightly hard and middle is moist. This is how they make it. The Saint @ RM 17

burnt cheese cake


cake delivery in pj

Honolulu @ RM 17


Last 2, is 5 shades of chocolate @ RM 17 as some of my friends ordered this and they love it. It is really 5 layers of different chocolate with 1 layer a mix chocolate in it. It is rich yet not too dense but just nice. You have both hint creamy and bitterness from the choclate. Layered well in flavours.

Triple C @ RM 17 is like I called the unique version of carrot cake. That’s how I interpret it. a hit of cinnamon and a nice mix of bites in it.

Feel free to explore more.

I guess MCO had created many home talent out there. With some with drawings, baking and may others. I was shared by a friend that I must try out his best friend cakes. It is really good. Then I said lets do it. A home baker from Cheras, KL operating as @homekitchenbyng in instagram and I must say she does create one of the best Home bake Onde Onde Cake, which is actually her signature.


One thing to note on as she is using premium ingredients and best of all. It is order to bake to ensure you get to enjoy the freshness of the cake. Order afternoon, bake in the morning.

These are the 4 signature cakes from her and my flavour ranking from top to bottom:

  1. 🥥 Onde-Onde Cake 6′ @ RM 68 (this is the best) – (highly recommended)
  2. 🌹 🧀 Rose Lychee jelly Cheesecake 4′ / 6′ @ RM 68/RM 88.
  3. 🥃🧀 Bailey Coffee Liquor Crumbles Cheesecake 4’/ 6’ @ RM78/ RM98
    Some of you that like some booze, then this would be my another recommendations.
  4. 🍵🧀Matcha Crumbles Cheesecake 4’/6’ @ RM68 / RM88
  5.  🥭🍚 Mango Sticky Rice @ RM 12.90 (limited time only)🚗🛵 💯 FREE Delivery for RM 100 and above / Watsapp to order at: 0183999819

homebaker in kl

🥥 Onde-Onde Cake 6′ @ RM 68 (this is the best) – soft pandan sponge cake that got stack with well balance gula-malaka coconut filling sawdwich in the middle. Filled with generous amounts of coconuts that had nearly a snow effect. . It is fresh and addictive.  (highly recommended)

onde onde cake

lychee cheesecake

Next I find that her 🌹 🧀 Rose Lychee jelly Cheesecake 4′ / 6′ @ RM 68/RM 88.

lychee jelly cheesecake

Well balance flavour of cheese and lychee that blends together. Cheese is soft, not too creamy and heavy yet one bite you get to enjoy all flavours.


bailey cheesecake

If you like something boozy then you can give it a try for their 🥃🧀 Bailey Coffee Liquor Crumbles Cheesecake 4’/ 6’ @ RM78/ RM98

Bailey Coffee Liquor Cheesecake

cheese is slightly abit solid as I believe could be the alcohol ratio but then the coffee and bailey taste is quite prominent. If you goes with a cup of ice cold long black, it is just perfect!

cake home bake pj

green tea cheesecake

🍵🧀 Matcha Crumbles Cheesecake 4’/6’ @ RM68 / RM88

matcha cheese cake

Matcha lower you might want to give this an option. Solid crust base, crispy crumbles form the top and a good mixture of soft and hard for every bite. Matcha taste is there and cheese is the aftertaste.

thailand street food

🥭🍚 Mango Sticky Rice @ RM 12.90 (limited time only). You have to eat this while  it was delivered to you. love the coconut flavour that sip into it. The puree given to give you more drench onto your mango sticky rice.

mango sticky rice

If some of you are craving for cakes, I think this is one of a home baker in KL that you can give it a try.

I am sure now many of you have heard about this ice cream Creme De la Creme as the have been continueing making buzz over the months. With their constant awesome collaboration with a few big brands, bring a notch up their flavour profile also. For month of April and May CLDC at Uptown Damansara is collaborating with My Melody and Little Twin Stars.

cdlc uptown damansara

the outlet had transform into the theme to suit the collaboration. With kids and adults who know’s them went yaya over the ice cream and taking lots of pictures around the area.


Pick your spot as they nearly every corner is photo spot.  Do go in daylight, as the area is more colourful.

My Melody & Little Twin Stars

ice cream in kl

Here you go, their special seasonal hand crafted gâteaux ice cream. all is so cutE!

famous ice cream kl

Even in their ice cream series, they do have 2 special flavour created for the collaboration.

ice cream in pj

Izint the center piece of gâteaux looks like one of our childhood candy?

cdlc (9)

cdlc (10)

My Melody🐰 & 🌟Little Twin Stars🌟 

It is quite a limited creation per day as these few are easily sell out.  As these 3 comes in a huge distinctive combination of flavours.

cdlc (11)

My Melody 2.0:🐰🌸 @ RM 20
Fondly named after My Melody herself, this ultra-cute🥺 petite gâteau is a Licklalicious🤤 combination of high-grade Oolong ice cream, raspberry sorbet🍧, passionfruit curd🍮 & white chocolate🍫

For refreshing piece, I find that the guie layer is sourish with passionfruit curd in side and white chocolate is a great combinnation.

cdlc (12)

Land of Stars:☁️✨ @ RM 28

Paying homage to the birthplace of Little Twin Stars💖💚, this is too pretty & picture-perfect to devour! Fill with components like strawberry🍓 compote, cream cheese🥯 ice cream, blueberry basil🌿 sorbet, pecan crumble🍪 & white chocolate🍫

This definitely have its own unique flavour profile. A bit of savoury + sweet as some of you might find it confusing but I find a clever combination. Hint of saltiness from cream cheese with blueberry basil sorbet is unique but top with nice bit of pecan crumble is great!

cdlc (13)

Guiding Star @ RM 20

Given to Lala💖 by her father, her guiding star wand guides the Little Twin Stars on their journey & when waved in a circle, snacks🍦will appear. Here, it comes in the form of refreshing coconut🧉ice cream, coconut🌴 sorbet, caramelized pineapple🍍assam sorbet, pineapple tropical compote, almond crumble🍪, & white chocolate🍫

If you are hitting more for beach tropical note, then Guiding star it is. Coconut tate is quite prominent with hint of pineapple, one thing I like about this is the unique flavour of asam sorbet brings it to next level.

cdlc (14)

This is cute as this was their Esther special edition. Limited time only. Every servings comes with a mini hammer for you to break the egg. find the treasure in it.

cdlc (15)

cdlc (16)

Ice Cream also seperates in 2 huge flavour profile.
Little Twin Stars: 💖💚
A Fantasy-like ice cream that tastes like a beautiful🤩 dream💭 come true! To create the magical🔮 colour palette of 🌟Little Twin Stars🌟, we used ONLY 💯% natural ingredients such as butterfly🦋 pea, lychee, peach🍑 & Madagascar🇲🇬 vanilla.

If you prefer flavour which is lighter then Little Twin Star to go after. Smooth and nice flavour after taste of lychee and Madagascar vanilla.

My Melo’s Pound Cake:🐰🍰
Inspired by My Melody’s love for Almond Pound Cakes🧁, this licklicious🤤 ice cream is hand crafted with almond🐿 ice cream swirled with candied🍭 almonds, home baked🧑🏻‍🍳 almond pound cake🎂 & gooey🍯 chocolate🍫 ganache.

This will be perfect for you dessert cravings. After you enjoy your great dinner then you want something chocolate to hit on your palate, then you can grab a scoop and walk off with this. It is dense and yet quite satisfying end.

cdlc (19)

In for a weekend treat with your friend yet weather is hot! then order either 1.

Omoiyari Star:💫☄️
Found only on the Dream Star Cloud☁️, this highly-instagrammable📸 & refreshing concoction of lychees, mango🥭 , blueberries , peach🍑 & other secret ingredients will definitely leave you starstruck🤩!

Celebrating the iconic colour of My Melody🌸 is this pretty-in-pink💓 thirst-quencher of pink💗 peach🍑 sorbet, homemade strawberry🍓 compote & a dose of zest⚡️.

Look at the ice, that have the character also.

cdlc (17)


coffee latte

If you are the non-sweet person and want to get your coffee fix, they have 2 options. Cafe Latte or Sweet Potato for your choices.

cdlc (20)


cdlc ice cream

If you have a choice of 1 each, then my personal favourite are as below:

  1. Ice Cream : Little Twin Star
  2. Gateaux : Guiding Star
  3. Cafe Latte: quite strong in taste to my liking

Now till 31 May ONLY at our below havens:
📍Uptown Damansara (Flagship)
🕙 Mon – Thurs: 11.30am – 10pm
🕚 Fri – Sun: 11.30am – 11pm
📲 012-281 5123

📍 CDLC Mont Kiara
🕙 11am – 10pm
📲 017-317 0823

Okay lai lai. This round before I share my full itinerary of Jalan Jalan cari Makan at Batu Pahat that took place last year August 2020. I am going to kick start with this famous hidden cafe known as Niqiu Space in Batu Pahat, Johor. Upon stepping into this cafe, I instantly fell in love deep deep with the whole concept.

A cafe that is run by a young group of people with true passion to put Batu Pahat into a well known town again. As Batu Pahat now is an aging town with many youngsters jet to Johor city or Klang valley to persue their career. Then left this group of young people hoping to bring up the community. I am totally impress by their passion and direction.

Oh well, some of the owners are famous wedding photographer in Batu Pahat. Hence with a few of their strong passion to build up this Niqiu Space Cafe.

A transportation of yourself back into the 60’s 70’s era. I have always love shop which is back dated like during my grandparents time. Huge square box tv, metal filing cabinate, huge ass wooden counter top and many more. When I was brief by my friend about the uniqueness of this concept cafe, I am totally blown away!!!!!  (there are T&C to follow) : for me I got discount cuz my friend know the cafe owner and they were just operating about a month old. SO i get to roam freely.

Niqiu Space (25)

Before entering this cafe: there is a signage that written Do and donts! (as the owner want all of us to respect their space, customer space and enjoy the ambiance)

  1. Do’s
    1. do come in, order your drinks
    2. Sit chill and enjoy the ambiance
  2. Dont’s
    1. Do not move around to take picture everywhere
      1. you are only allow to take picture at your seating area
    2. you are not allow to talk loud (talk like you are in library)
    3. Kids are not welcome (because the whole shop sells antique) anything broken is not cheap !
    4. Space is very limited or compact, hence group movement might not encourage.

Blown away right? but the owner highly want all the customers to comply. I am okay with that. Every establishment have their own uniqueness.

Niqiu Space (31)

Below are more pictures for you to see and enjoy. If you are in this cafe, PLEASE DO NOT take picture like me. I do have special permission to move around like this! Respect the owner’s rules and regulation!!!

top cafe in batu pahat

Anything you see in the cafe, do ask the owner for pricing. 90% are for sale. I am sure they are like the largest antique collection in Batu Pahat.

Niqiu Space (27)

Our order for the day while soaking ourself into a chill environment.

Niqiu Space (20)

Niqiu Space (19)

Niqiu Space (18)

Niqiu Space (17)

you see you see, even their menu is unique!

Niqiu Space (16)

Niqiu Space (14)

Niqiu Space (13)

This is my favourite area. They cleverly and creatively convert the old big ass tv box into aquarium.

Niqiu Space (12)

Niqiu Space (11)

Niqiu Space (10)

hidden cafe in batu pahat

hidden cafe in batu hapat

famous cafe in batu pahat

event space in batu pahat

coffee in batu pahat

cafe in batu pahat


antique in batu pahat

Niqiu Space (26)

seasalt latte

This is their signature and also my highly recommended one. Salted Caramel Coffee Latte

green tea latte

Niqiu Space (28)

Some snacks as I think this was our first station of the day before another 5 more to go.

cheese cake

carrot cake

Carrot cake do look like Coffee Bean.

Niqiu Space (29)

Niqiu Space (21)

A classic place. Wooden table, huge glass jar. classic calculator and alarm clock. Just enjoying myself with cakes and Green Tea Latte.

Niqiu Space (32)

Well, my tour guide for Batu Pahat that is bringing me around for food hunt.

Niqiu Space (33)

A cafe by its unique charm. Totally a place to visit but do prepare to queue now as the popularity is over the roof.  Good luck!

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8.5/10, in love with the ambiance and salted caramel coffee latte !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

5, Jalan Jenang,
Kampung Pegawai, 83000
Batu Pahat, Johor

Tel: +60127411268

Operating hours: 11am – 6pm
(Close Wednesday)

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