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It has been a while since I last dine in an upscale restaurant where MCO just took our 2 years away. I have seen alot influencers in this casual dining resturant in KL known as Blackbyrd KL in Naza Tower which is just a stone throw away from KLCC Petronas Twin Tower or in this area Platinum Park KL.

Blackbyrd KL

It was special treat for me on my special day, was just brought here to enjoy the view, ambiance, food and drinks. Just head all the way up to 55th Floor if I remember correctly.

restaurant sky bar in kl

We are here for early bird as it is still so called “endemic” reservations are divided into 2 sessions. 6-8pm / 8pm till late.

  1. if you choose early session and if you are lucky, you get to see sunset
  2. night just enjoy night view and drink all the way

casual dining in kl


cocktail bar in kl

Dining area are divided into 2, as I was seated in both dining and bar area. I would say you enjoy early dinner then you move to the cocktail bar after 8pm to continue your chilling at the counter or high spender table with the perfect view.

sky bar with klcc view


restaurant with klcc view

The VIP table with the view where you get to see Petronas Twin Tower, KL Tower and Merdeka 118 Tower, KL.

Blackbyrd KL menu 2022

I guess to our sheer luck as this would be their new menu of 2022 and was told that what we previously wanted to order is no longer available and it seems that they have new head chef on board.

after looking at the menu, Blackbyrd food seems more like fusion with towards Asian, Indonesian local inspired cuisine. Of course there are a few items that caught my attention.

Blackbyrd signature dish

This is Blackbyrd all time signature: Crispy Nori Crunch @ RM 29 – tempura nori seaweed, spicy salmon, salmon roe and parmeson cheese.


Nicely presented that have colour to it, however I find that it lacks of flavours. Cripsy inside out with a bit of saltiness from fish roe and hint of parmesan.



Of course by name itself, I imagine it sounds simple that caught my attention. Truffle Tagliolini @ RM 59 – fresh truffle and truffle butter.

truffle spaghetti

Upon serving, the smell of truffle is already pretty strong. Topped with 4-5 thin slices of fresh  fresh truffle to make it look more solid. Taste is indeed spot on. Creamy to my liking with a punch of Pretty strong truffle taste. Felt that tagliolini is made fresh with cook to perfection. Slight chewy and al-dante – recommended


indonesian inspired food

After staring for a long while, nothing that caught my attention as I find the rest are quite normal. So I pick something familiar to me. Iga Bakar Sambal Idjo @ RM 145 – Black Angus Short Ribs MB 2, green chili, gurih Rice.

This is certainly one of a atas Indonesian or Balinese kind of food. Flavours are pretty spot on as I just find that the Sambal could be spicier like the one I had in both Jakarta and Bali. Black Angus ribs is marinated and cook well . Certainly do have the taste of atas Indonesian street food version.

bali food


Since I have heard Gordan Ramsey or some cooking show keep using saffron. Originally was suppose to go with King Prawn Saffron Risotto and it was not available. Changed to this Rendang Saffron Risotto (If i remember correctly  which is special of the day)

Risotto is spot on. I have not tasted Saffron before so do not know how to describe.  First time doing this Rendang and risotto apparently the taste seems to blends well.

cocktail in the sky

restaurant for birthday celebration

Was here for my Birthday celebration in Mid February 2022.

Blackbyrd night view

This is the night view of Blackbyrd Skybar KLCC view.

Overall, If we guess correct as since most of the dishes wanted to order on that day menu no longer available and assuming the chef just reported, with its cooking I am impress.

If you are in the mood for atas ambiance dining or for celebration with Asian inspired food flavour with KLCC view then can consider here as one of the options.

*Pork FREE

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, okay la good pun but expensive! Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk–

Blackbyrd KL
Platinum Park,
Naza Tower,
10, Persiaran KLCC,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012-689 8576

Operating Hours: 12pm–12am

I am always a fan of Indonesian cuisine and I was craving for it since I came back from Bali 2 months ago. Till my friend introduce me Dancing Fish at Bangsar Shopping Center which serve Malay-Indo with combination of Malaysia and West Java which also following the trading route of Chinese Dutch Indian base back on their history.

dancing fish (1)

dancing fish (2)

dancing fish (3)

dancing fish (4)

dancing fish (5)

On the table, this beautiful preserve flowers are place on the table and you can purchase them if you are keen. Can just ask the staff or can purchase it online at Lavieflo

dancing fish (6)

As I flip through the menu, I got much excited on it as most of the dishes offered are quite classic and authentic. It is like I wanted to order as much as I can.

dancing fish (7)

dancing fish (8)

This is serve upon seated down, by serving their classic snacks  Emping with Sambal Terasi @ RM 7.95, that is  made out of melinjonuts (melinjo nuts). Crispy, cracking and with hint of bitter taste at the end to my liking. The best way to eat this is dig some sambal up and eat along. Loving it. Sambal is quite spicy.

dancing fish (10)

As there are a few of us, we decided to try on their Appetizer PlatterRM 49.80 which is a combination of their best seller item. Fit with charcoal grilled chicken satay, tofu bakar, seafood sate lilit and spicy green apple salad with salted fish.

dancing fish (11)

The star of the platter is their chicken satay. Well marinated and done to perfection. juicy inside out and the sauce coated on it is to die for. Dip with their peanut sauce and i add on some sambal is just too good. Their Apple salad with salted fish is rather good too. power pack of sourness, mild spicy and i wish they add in more salted fish to give a nice bite crunch on the fish and apple. Tofu bakar is equally good too.

dancing fish (12)

dancing fish (13)

dancing fish (23)

Another classic dish that I had before in Padang is this egg place with 2 sambal. Green is which is sour spicy and red is more direct spicy. Grill on the base then spread with this. Power pack flavor.

dancing fish (14)

This would be something new to me as  Javanese Home Style Chicken Soup @ RM 12.65 is with a twist. Light in flavour, sweetness from the chicken, barley, carrot and lotus root is quite new to me but it is comforting.

dancing fish (15)

dancing fish (16)

Some of you might ask why dancing fish. Well, it is name after this style of cooking known as  “Nila Goreng”, the crispily deep-fried red tilapia is usually served with Sambal Terasi and Kicap which is their siganture. This round decided to try out something more fancy. We ordered Tempoyak dancing fish. (it is actually fermented durian base) @ RM 62.30. It is also known as a love hate relationship. Suprisingly, the gravy base here cook to perfecction. Only very mild hint of durian taste is there and the gravy mix with their nasi kuning berempah is something that you can stop eating. Addictive. Best of this fish is every part of it is edible and it is crunchy inside out.

dancing fish (17)

dancing fish (18)

Nasi Kuning Berempah is a must have.

dancing fish (19)

Udang Bakar Enak with sambal matahfresh tiger prawns, charcoal grilled over glowing ember. Basted with traditional Indonesian bbq sauce, serve with tangy lemongrass shallot raddish. A well balance of flavours from grill and sourness of shallots and some chili padi.

dancing fish (20)

another signature they have is Buntut Goreng Enak. Deep fried  chunks of Australian oxtail, marinated and braised in aromatic herbs and spices which were then barbecued over charcoal fire to intensify the flavours. Eat along with the 3 sambal depending on your taste bud. I love it with green samble or I mixx 3 of it is the best combination. Soft fragrant crispy buntut.

dancing fish (21)

dancing fish (22)

Bebek Panggang (BBQ Duck) – marinated for 24 hours with an assortment of herbs and spices, then grilled over glowing charcoal embers and served with percik sauce (RM49.90).

dancing fish (24)

To end, the waiter introduce Sweet Potato served with coconut scrappings, palm sugar and vanilla ice cream @ RM13.35. A mix of Cold and warm dessert. Not too bad though.

dancing fish (25)

If you opt for refreshing series then hit on their Trio of Lemongrass Jelly with Pop Pops, Mango Lolo and Cendol Coconut Ice-cream. Gula melaka in cendol is good!

dancing fish (26)

Came back here again for my friends birthday celebration and the quality still remains. If you love authentic Indonesian cuisine, this is certainly one of my recommended place. all their prices are NETT. One of the best Indonesian food in KL.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9/10 , great authentic Indonesian food! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Dancing Fish Bangsar
Lot T120-122 3rd Floor
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Bukit Bandaraya, Jalan Maarof
59000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2095-6663

Open daily 11.30am till 10.00pm

I always love Indonesian food, since I used to travel to Jakarta a few times a year and my friends always bring me to their local street food to enjoy the best of their local food. On and off I will miss their food where Wareong Penyet is one of my favourite place till Yuk Bebek is founded by two local Malaysians that just came back to Malaysia along to share their favourite authentic Indonesian food with us.

yuk Bebek (2)

Was introduce to Yuk Bebek a month ago where their packaging is still like a simple rice box. We tried their recommendations and my team loves it.

yuk Bebek (3)

I love their Gado Gado, where it is quite a local Jakarta street version with peanut sauce which is thick enough that gives you the little sweet fragrant yet slightly creamy.

yuk Bebek (4)

We ordered again second round to found out that they have change packaging to striking yellow and black base that shows Yuk Bebek with 25 years of authentic Indonesian Recipe.

yuk Bebek (5)

YUK! Ayam Goreng Bandung (Bandung Fried Chicken) @ RM 14.50. Love the rice base as it is known as Nasi Uduk where the rice is so fragrant where it is quite similiar to our nasi minyak. Chicken is well marinated and cook to perfection where the skin is suppose to be slightly flat and a little crisp as how is should be.

yuk Bebek (6)

With the saying or their main branding is, YUK! Bebek Goreng Empuk (Signature Fried Duck) @ RM 15.60 is actually their signature item. Love how the duck breast is being prepared where a bit dry on edges, slightly crips on the skin and meat is slightly soft as it should be.

yuk Bebek (7)

This is the main highly where it is a must also while enjoying your meal. From 3 types of chili base for you to choose from, I always mix the 3 together that will create you an instant fiery impact. The top red chili is not that spicy as it add on colours and little spicy note into it and the most deceiving is the green chili where it is the spiciest among the three where it is also my favourite. Mild sourish and give you a punch of spiciness as I like. The soup is perfect!

yuk Bebek (8)

this is one of my team favorite (most of them are girls) YUK! Pecel Lele Lamongan (Lamongan Fried Catfish) @ RM 12.90 as this do consider their little diet to make them feel less guilty. Soft meat which did not over cook.

yuk Bebek (9)

Another chicken.

yuk Bebek (10)

YUK! Udang Asam Jawa (Jawa Asam Prawn) @ RM 17 is another option where their Asam prawn taste slightly different from us as they are heading towards slightly more spicy side. It is well marinated on the asam as I like.

yuk Bebek (11)

Each set is sent with Indonesian Nasi Uduk, Sayur Asam Soup, Emping Melinjo, and orange. Teh Botol Sosro 250ml is in it too. I certainly do like their homecook version recipi and this is quite near to authentic Indonesian Food as you can get in Malaysia. Hope their quality remains in the future.
It is economically worthwhile. Order through or OR call 012-420 2437 for minimum order of 5.
Operating Hours: 11am to 9pm
Contact Number: +6012-420 2437
For more information, you may visit their website on below:

I have never been to Bali before, but its a must visit place for me very soon after I have got tempted by alot of my friends on their great scenery and especially on the food! Well, since I have not been there, and right now we can get a taste of how actually Balinese food taste like The UMA. I have actually dine at this restaurant a few times that I just did not blog about it and I guess I should now ..

uma (1)

The Uma which located in Kota Damansara next to the Strand that offers a great selection of Balinese food and best of all, its a shop that offers NON-HALAL food. The chef cum owner had work in Indonesia previously and decided to come back to spread Balinese cuisine to locals.

uma (2)

The whole interior was decorated to get as much feel of Balinese as possible, with wooden chairs and tables, and if you prefer something different for dining, you can head upstairs.

uma (3)

uma (4)

With simple decoration that put on the wall of scenery of paddy field, makes you feel like as if you are dining next to it and up in here, they do not have chairs, that offer to sit on the floor style with pillows for your comfort.

uma (6)

They are reasonably price with the portion they serve, you better opted to share and it is advice that for a pax of 3 person you order 2 person’s meal. If not enough then only decided to order extra.

uma (7)

Jus Apokat (Indonesian Avocado Juice) behind – RM 9
Fresh avocado & milk drizzled with chocolates! I am not a Avacado fan but its good, not too thick nor milky

Es Timun Segar (Fresh Cucumber, Lime and Mint juice) – RM 7
Refreshing cucumber mix with lime and some mint. Its the best drink among all, really a thirst quencher. I do not mind to have another 3 more glass. Highly recommended~ 

uma (8)

Soda Gembira – Milky Air Bandung

uma (9)

Roselle another refreshing drink . . .

uma (10)

Yellow Rice – Tumeric coconut based rice
Saur Rice – Black eye pea rice

uma (14)

Bebek Megoreng (Crispy Fried Quarter Duck)RM22

uma (11)

Paket C
Main Dish:
Iga MepanggangBalinese Pork Rib is a must get item in this set, as it was perfectly bbq that the taste blend very well and juicy, and I sure do not mind to have the whole slab of it.
Kambing MekuahBalinese Lamb Curry – it was cook till soft, and love the lamb taste of it.
Be Siap MepanggangBalinese Grilled Half Chicken

uma (12)

uma (13)

uma (15)

Paket A
Main Dish:
Be Celeng Base Manis – Braised Pork Meat in Kecap Manis as braised till soft, and fried till the kecap manis sticks well and eat along with yellow rice is just perfect, as it is  abit sweet and salty . .
Be Siap Mepanggang – Balinese Grilled Half Chicken the trick on eating this well marinated grill chicken is to tear out a bit and dip with the two condiments, sambal and the kicap there is just heavenly!
Pesan Be Tuna – Grilled Tuna in Banana Leaf 

uma (16)

all the sets you choose in there comes with  some side dish and Condiments

Sate Lilit (minced fish satay)
Urutan (balinese pork sausage)
Taluh Sambal Lalah (hard boiled egg with sambal)
Jukut Urab (mixed vegetable salad)
Kacang Metumis (stir fry long bean)
Kentang Goreng (spiced potato fries)
Sambal Mbe
Sambal Matah
Sambal Kecap Manis

uma (17)

As to end on our meal, we ordered  Es Campur Bali RM9  a bowl of Bali’s ABC brimmed with cendol, jackfruit, cincau & coconut. Something which is not too sweet and I love the jackfruit, if they add in more would be even more nice.

Our dinner was rather simple to order as in sets, a set that can just satisfy us that serve most of the authentic balinese food under one big plate. A meal with reasonable price and companion certainly we will be back for more again!

Recommended Restaurant~



The Uma
7-G & 7-1 Jalan PJU 5/21
The Strand, Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel:             +603 6142 2771

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Dinner: 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm
(Closed on Tuesdays)

I have always heard good things about Bali and I really wish to travel there soon with great food, great culture to enjoy for and not being able to travel that far at the moment, Prince Hotel, Eccucino had brought in a chef from Bali to let us enjoy the taste of it.

prince bali (1)

The area had turn into some Balinese style to stir up the invironment.

prince bali (2)

For now their promotion on this buffet, you will get a chance to :

  • Win the Grand Prize of Air Asia return air-tickets to Bali!

    Simply dine-in at Eccucino, enjoy the Bali’s most beautiful culinary delicacies and win the contest!

    Consolation prizes include Balinese cooking books, Bumbu Bali souvenirs, Mandara Spa vouchers and Prince Dining vouchers … The contest is open to all dinner patrons at Eccucino from 8th to 21st November 2010.

  • prince bali (3)

    prince bali (4)

    With the buffet area, decorated with the umbrella . . .

    prince bali (5)

    Minature decoration had been set up on alot of area and certainly the great food not to be miss. I had experience the great flavours of this traditional cooking and treating yourself to some Bali’s beautiful and delicious delicacies as slow-roasted chickens and ducks in banana leaves, grilled seafood, tanzaling sates, soups from banana stems, green papayas and mushrooms, a selection of vegetarian dishes and a selection of Balinese cakes, black rice pudding and tropical fruits.

    Definately a recommeded buffet  . . . with such great taste and range that they are offering.

    I used to travel to Jakarta quite frequent and did event stay there for a month leisure and business few years back. Since then my Indonesian friend brought me tried out a lot of their local street food and it just taste good. Since then I am back here, the only shop that taste near to that country so far that I have tried is Waroeng Penyet and Ole Ole Bali but now, there is another restaurant called Little Warong Jakarta that newly open about a month ago that cater authentic Jakarta food that more towards Javanese.

    [no longer in operation]


    The restaurant is located nearby KFC and it wasn’t hard to find afterall..

    Jakarta (2)

    The whole place was decorated in more like a old classic kopitiam style as according to Remus, most of the shop that operate good food is have something similiar to this kind of ambiance. The wall are covered with many pictures of Jakarta from olden to modern days.

    Jakarta (3)

    Jakarta (4)

    Jakarta (5)

    This little hut that serve the unique desert.

    Jakarta (6)

    More of the classic kopitiam style.

    Jakarta (7)

    This pictures remind me of all the street food hunting i went with my friend during my period of stay.

    Jakarta (8)

    If you feel that you want something different for the day, they sure do have special set menu.

    Jakarta (9)

    Not only that, to get used of some Indonesian snacks, you are able to try before you buy… so please go ahead and Tri Me.

    Jakarta (10)

    Some indonesian snacks.

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