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There have been tons of hype for this Natalina Italian Kitchen in Avenue K, KL. Many have regard as one of the best Italian restaurant in KL. Visited this place early this year along with the hype and trying out a few dishes.

I was told that this restaurant is run by a classic Italian and that is why they are so well known here. It is also recommended by a few of my Italian counterparts as they rated as one of the food that very close to their home.

best italian food in kl

Seating space here is not huge and if it is full house, you might find it abit cramp.

authentic italian food in kl

avenue kWhat is famous here is certainly one of their pizza series as all pizza are made fresh upon orders.

best italian food in pj For menu, online reservation or take away click here

DSC01251Each of the table got their own freshly made bread to go off with. starting off with their special house made pesto, tomato and olive base condiments. It is actually pretty good as all 3 have pretty distinctive flavours.

italian wine in kl

lasagneWhat attracted me in the menu are these few dishes. If there is a chance I would always try to order Lasagna, Not too sure if this is in the menu as the one I see in the website I could not find this dish anymore. This is one of a lasaga that is punch with flavours. Mince meat is cook to soft perfection and serve with melted cheese, with fried leaves that gives it a nice end crips texture. Best for sharing.




franks barI have always been a big fan of Pappardelle con Guancia di Manzo @ RM 72 – broad pasta strips with wagyu beef cheeks white ragu, topped with Roman Pecorino cheese.

Certainly one of my favourite as it is hard to find nice version of this. It have to be wide and light weight and cook to al dante. This is unique as the sauce is great and even better with Pecorino cheese. Gives you a nice strong bold flavours from both tomatoish and mild bitterness of the cheese. Goes really well with the white wine I have chosen.


DSC01243Usually i would go for classics Margarita and seems why not with something elevate for the day. Just hitting on something simple Tarfuto @ RM 68 – Buffalo Mozzarella, scarmoza, mixed wild mushrooms and wild truffles. It is a simple pizza that does not goes wrong. If it is wrong, then they would not be one of the recommended Italian restaurant in KL.

Edge is burnt to perfection with crips on the side. Love the dough as it is thin crust and I believe it is sourdough?

wood fire pizaz

best tiramisu in pjThis is OhMyLord! . I would have to rate this as one of the best tiramisu I come across. It is very hard to come across such texture, taste to my liking. IT IS A MUST ORDER! Classic Traditional Tiramisu @ RM 45 (contains alcohol)

It is moist and the mascarpone cream is beat to perfection. Soft and fluffy yet the base is punch with espresso and the top is with strong cocoa powder with nice bitter end. Every little bits of chocolate give you a nice bite. It is a well balance of flavour. Sweet, nice bitter end and a mild hint of alcohol punch at the end. it is PERFECTO!

best tiramisu in kl

Natalina Italian Kitchen

Is it the best Italian restaurant in KL? This will be down to own individual preference. I find it quite decent and certainly will be back again to try their other items. Price wise is on the high side.

It is best for you to make reservations especially for dinner. Lunch you can still try your luck for walk in

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, pretty good Italian food but its on the expensive side !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Natalina Italian Kitchen

Avenue K, Lot 06 – Level 03, 156,

Jln Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 12pm – 10.30pm

Tel: 0126733860

Now as all local businesses are gearing up for MCO phase 4 where alot F&B is already opening up for business. All of us are already flocking out to support local businesses by dining out. Latest hidden gem discovery in what to eat in Ampang is this Back Alley Pasta helm by Chef Jay serving classic Italian and Japanese food range. the place is indeed hide behind a row of shoplot BUTTTT in the back alley “lorong”.

If high end dining is out of your budget then I would highly recommend this private dining concept that would not break your pocket. Not a fancy restaurant but my kind of dining concept by sitting the kitchen while watching chef in action.

I enjoy one of my best dining experience in Melbourne – Press Club Experimental Kitchen  . Although cannot compare, but its a great start for our local scene

back alley pasta ampang

I am starting to get impress with all our young local talent as Chef Jay is currently only 31 years old hand having being train with a few famous culinary chef in Singapore and now is back to Malaysia, ready to penetrate our local market, for Italian food in KL.

italian food in kl

This is just fun as we will be dining like a private kitchen dining that able to cater for only 9 pax. So reservation is highly recommended as while I am there chatting with chef, his reservation right now is 1 month in advance booking. I am lucky to get a spot here with 10 days in advance.

private dining chef

Chef Jay will on serve us best ingredient that he can source with affordable price, so that all his customer would get to enjoy best of his cooking. All his pasta are also made fresh daily right before open for dining.

The little trick is, do ask chef what he have special of the day. It is not in the menu. Special of the day is base on the best ingredient he got for the day to shape it out. The 2 item I order maybe might not be available during your time of visit.


anti pasti

Starting off with Crisped cocktail potato with thyme @ RM 18. Simple dish that elevate it to another level. A dish that is cook with pig oil, let it pan fry till it is soft and topped with variety toppings and end with with cheddar cheese on top. Soft and fragrant.

chef special menu

spaghetti with hokkaido scallop

This is Chef Special in hidden menu or his special of the day. Today we got Hokkaido Scallop Pasta. One of the best dish for the night as the spaghetti is al dante, broth that cooked along shimmer to perfection. Topped with variety condiments and with torch burned fresh Hokkaido Scallop. – recommended (sorry I throw away my receipt – forgot check price)

New folder8

salmon don

Another special dish in special menu is this Salmon Belly Don. Another perfect dish as the cut of belly and you justlook at the layer of it. Well balance and topped with fish roe. Best of all is, soy sauce is chef special homemade soy sauce. It is good, light and not too salty yet goes very well with the whole bowl element. With special season daikon in it give a balance of crips where it needs.

salmon belly don

classic carbonara

Next is this chef famous signature dish : Squid Ink Tagliolini Carbonara with Smoked Bacon and Soft Boiled Egg @ RM 27. Near classic style of cabonara that is topped with chef onsen egg. Yolk that ooze out makes it slight creamier and is also another of my favourite.

Those of you are not use to “too” creamy then this would be best to share.

italian classic carbonara


After finish the top, I still wanted to try more by ordering another best seller : Antipasti : Quinoa, Spinach and Truffle Arancini with Pomodoro Sauce. @ RM 22. I was lucky as this was the last portion for the day, which was only at 7.30pm. Means those diners after me will no longer get to try this.

To avoid disappointment, this is best to pre-order along your reservation.

This is fried to perfection, crisp on the outside with hint of spice on the layer and the filling in it just burst with flavors.


do note that the place do not serve Alcohol, so you can do your own BYO at only RM 10 corkage fee. But do not have ice also. that is why it is so cheap. Do not expect fancy wine glass as they only provide some glasses, which I am happy.

I know it is Japanese and Italian fusion, I brought along a bottle of White wine and just pairs so well with all his food.

backalley pasta

I am happy for my food for the night. My total bill came about RM 180. Certainly would want to come back with a larger group. One of the best Italian Food in KL for such concept.

Make your reservation thru their insta @backalleypasta

If you do not want to dine in, then you can order take away from Beepit

Other local young chef recommendation will be as below:

  1. little PIg in SS2 The Hub – Spanish Food
  2. GoodDam – modern Italian 
  3. JuugatsuTen Japanese Dining – Omakase


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, love it!!!~Recommended-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Back Alley Pasta
No8 jalan 1/67b, Off,
Jalan Mengkudu,
55000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 5pm – 10pm

Tel: 014-758 5780

While heading to Tapestry for coffee, then at the turning of the corner saw this new shop Pizzeria Dihyang at Jalan Yap Ah Shak, KL seems to be pretty good. Decided to try them out.


While walking in without any expectation in this slightly luxury interior for a pizza place. While walking in, you are greeting by the friendly manager and I observe there are 4 working floor staff. Immedinately knows that this place won’t be cheap.

Only then now I found out as I write this post, as they are grounded authentically in Naples’ art of pizzaiuolo in sourthern Italy. I believe is a place run by a couple who is the owner as the maker of the pizza, helm at the pizza making station.

Pizzeria Dihyang (3)

Chosen this place also because of its pizza pit that I am suspecting using wood fire, which I am correct.

Pizzeria Dihyang (4)

Of course a pizza dining experience in this ambience must pair with wine or beer. They do have Italian beer series Menabrea Italia.

Pizzeria Dihyang (5)

Each pizza is handcrafted by the chef himself which does not come in a proper round mould, that defines as art upon serving.

Pizzeria Dihyang (6)

Pizzeria Dihyang (7)

A pizza that I ordered and could not recap back the name. As they are using bar code scanning digital menu. The Pizza I ordered is about RM 85- RM 90 if I remember correctly.

Pizzeria Dihyang (9)

It is a thin dough pizza. Soft, not the usual crips you enjoy. Ingredient used is alright.

Pizzeria Dihyang (11)

Italian Pizza KL

Summary its more like a Fine dine pizza place for me. Maybe worth to give it a shot once? As on that day of my dining, there are a lot of ex-pats in there.

It is not bad, just that the price to pay for a pizza is slightly above my budget.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, love it!!!~not bad, pricing is on the expensive side-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Pizzeria Dihyang
14G, Jalan Yap Ah Shak,
Chow Kit, 50300 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday : 6pm – 11pm

Tel: 010-211 1398

A fan of Italian food? Not only that, a fan of buffet spread? If yes to both question then you guys should visit this Viva Italia Champagne Brunch Buffet at Prego in The Westin Hotel KL. Only Happening on every Sunday 11.30am – 2.30pm

Champagne brunch (2)

I personally think that it is a good bargain that you can eat all pretty good Italian food and with choices of Wine or Champange to go along. Of course with different sets of pairing comes with different pairing with prices as below:

  1. For Buffet only is RM 188 nett per pax
  2. add RM 160 nett for Free flow – Red wine, white wine, proscesso, draft beer, special Sunday cocktail, soft drinks and chilled juice
  3. or add RM 260 nett for all the above as in no.2 and with addtional Moet Chandon Champange

Champagne brunch (17)

The selection of your choice or can be poured at your table.

Champagne brunch (19)

Champagne brunch (20)

Champagne brunch (21)

Champagne brunch (23)

Love the selection that is provided from cold cuts, warm food,instant cook to order items.

Champagne brunch (3)

All the 3 meats provided are pretty good.

Champagne brunch (4)

Champagne brunch (18)

Champagne brunch (9)

cheese platter area is one of my favourite.

Champagne brunch (10)

Champagne brunch (11)

Champagne brunch (12)

Champagne brunch (13)

Champagne brunch (14)

Those who loves seafood, this might be the area you would want to attack. It is pretty fresh on that day especially for oyster and scallop.

Champagne brunch (15)

Champagne brunch (16)

Champagne brunch (5)

For dessert section, you are to be pampred with variety of cakes, and ice cream.

Champagne brunch (6)

Champagne brunch (7)

Champagne brunch (8)

Champagne brunch (25)

We are all enjoying our buffet and I am enjoy both champange. Personal preference, I prefer prosecco more as goes well with what I am having.

Champagne brunch (26)

Champagne brunch (27)

Champagne brunch (28)

Speghetti is made to order, cook on the spot then serve to you later.

Champagne brunch (29)

Including some bites too.

Champagne brunch (30)

not to mention their pizza is pretty good and it is on thin crust.

Champagne brunch (31)

We had a few rounds of oyster on that day as the perfect combination for our champange.

Champagne brunch (32)

Champagne brunch (33)

Meats are equally good and still one of my favourite Italian restaurant place.

The Westin Hotel KL
199, Bukit Bintang Street,
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2731 8333

Finally, I am happy to see the cooking local scene is heading a notch up. With many young emerging local chef starting their own moderning dining place and I am definately vouching for them. Stubmle upon Gooddam after dining at The Little Pig at level 1 then decided to Google about after that as their outlet attracts my attention.

Gooddam (1)

Only found out that it is a modern dining Italian restaurant whom is helm by a young chef at the age of mid 20’s with his working experience in Italy with learning stint near Parma and a subsequent stage at a respected establishment on the shores of Lake Maggiore.

Gooddam (2)

Love the opening kitchen concept and it would be even better if there are a few high stool that can right in the middle of the island to catch chef in action and dine there.

Gooddam (3)

Gooddam (4)

Gooddam (5)

Usually in this kind of restaurant, menu is not extensive as they are seasonal menu and then to change along the way with seaonal produce and chef creativity.

Gooddam (6)

Starting of with complementary watermelon cubes to cleanse and get your palate up fresh.

Gooddam (7)

Love their compliemtary bread, as it is a homemade and the butter with a bit of gula melaka is spot on. Not your usual combination but start it off well.

Gooddam (8)

This caught my attention as it is not your usual meal. A nice refreshing starter is Salame of the day @ RM 20. Servce with their salame of the day, very fragrant that aged about a week, paired with a base of rock melon and top with IGP balsamic vineger drop. Hence a nice combination, sweet, salty and sour. A perfect pairing with their Italian white wine. Lurve it.

Gooddam (9)

If there are classic dish, of course I would hit on one.Was told by the owner that Tajarin Yolk Pasta is from a classic recipe and should give it a try. Tajarin pasta tossed with bits of crispy guanciale and toasted hazelnuts, with pasta cook to al dante. A nice mix of flavours, simple and direct as I like it. To some of you might be a little salty but that is how it is done. @ RM 45

Gooddam (10)

Gooddam (11)

This is one of my personal favourite of the night. A unique combination of flavour and it is perfect for sharing. A person to finish all this might be too salty for you as a good risotto comes with a good stock base. Hence that’s the flavour of chef original recipe. Clam Pearl Rice Risotto @ RM 42 – red snapper sashimi, clam and szechuan oil. I enjoy this very much as the risotto is cook to al dante, stock base is fragrant, clam is fresh and the vege with seasonage and aged used brings a unique flavour out of it.

Gooddam (12)

To end the meal, I order a glass of Modella Prosecco which is one of my favourite sparkling wine bottle. A will be a perfect bubble for dessert pairing.

Gooddam (13)

we were given this complimentary cake for this first ending.

Gooddam (14)

Follow by my order of their signature Salted Coconut Panna Cotta. Serve in a icy bowl that still enjoy the effect of strong snow effect. So fine that it looks like will instantly melt upon serving. A clever mix of flavour that gives you an ending taste like kuih talam mix ondeh onde. Very interesting dessert, where (santan-strong snow, roselle jam and pandan oil) @ RM 30

Gooddam (15)

Gooddam (16)

Last whic is my favourite as I am not a fan of chocolate but this indeed hit all the right notes. Damak Chocolate Ice Cream @ RM 34 – Braised Pear and Keluak Powder. Chocolate is from Pahang Estate by Chocolate Concierge. A perfect chocolate with slight bitter and nice koko after taste. Done to perfection.

A great dessert ending that I certainly do not mind to come here again to enjoy only their dessert!

Gooddam (17)

If you are looking for some exploration in your food Italian venture, then Gooddam will be one of a unique place for you to hit on.

Not your usual mind of classic dining but with some clever mixture of classic twist n some local ingredient. Price is very reasonable too, nice ambiance and great service. Indeed will be one of my recommeded place.



-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9/10 , well, can give both the burger a try!~ -Stamped-
-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Burger Baek
Jalan PJS 8/14, Bandar Sunway

Hours: 6pm – 4am

Tel: 017-2001 814

Lot B-G-07, The Hub SS2,
19 Sentral, Jalan Harapan,
Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating Hours: 630pm-10pm (closed Tuesdays).

Tel: 010-7669708

Who loves pizza? It is quite hard to find a nice pizza place. My favourite is a kopitiam pizza stall in Penang known as Frankie Pizza. However, my best friend whom she stay above the place told me I must come try this newly open pizza place known as Pizza Mansion at Happy Mansion Section 17.

Pizza Mansion (1)

Hence, upon writting this post, it had been my third visit over past 2 months. Why this place is pretty good as the dough is made fresh and they use wood oven to baked the pizza. Interior is indeed very simple and nice. Love the simple ambiance.

Pizza Mansion (2)

A place that is not huge, but enough to cater some groups of people. There is no reservation and what you need to do is to be there early. Once it is full, there is a little note pad hanging right at the door area, write your name and just lepak around the corner.

Pizza Mansion (3)

Pizza Mansion (4)

It is a very simple menu.

Pizza Mansion (9)

There are 2 item is a must in my list. One is this Baby Garlic Pizza @ RM 5. Simple. soft and fluffy pizza bread and pack with flavour. WE usually have one each before the pizza arrive. Just a slight inconsisancy as we found out different baker at the counter comes out with different taste.

Pizza Mansion (5)

This is another 2nd item that must have – Truffle Mac & Cheese @ RM 20 – Macaroni, Granda padano, mozzarella, gauda, aged cheddar and truffle. Baked to perfection as the cheese just melt on the top with a slight burnt on the top of the cheese and maraconi. Perfect!

Pizza Mansion (7)

Pineapple Express @ RM 30 – Slow roast pineapple, smoked duck slices, chopped jalapeno, tomato sauce and Mozzarella.

Pizza Mansion (8)

Holy Paperoni @ RM 30 – tomato sauce, cured spicy beef, fresh onion ring, Fior di latte, aged parameson and oregano.

Pizza Mansion (10)

Smokey Robinson @ RM 35 – Smoked salmon, onion ring, capers, fresh dill, spring cream, sour cream and basil oil. Among those few, this flavour is my least favourite. I still prefer those classic flavours.

Pizza Mansion (11)

Most of the pizza are pretty good. Currently emerge as one of my favourite pizza place. However do note that there are slight inconsistency, however I think still a recommended place by me.. might be one of a best pizza in pj happy mansion.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, pizza here quite good.-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Pizza Mansion
BG3, Block B, Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, Section 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: Daily: 12pm – 10.30pm

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