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This was a week before MCO. A random exploring as wanted to go another round for Tomo Ramen, but the shop did not open on that day and I was craving for a nice bowl of ramen. Remember facing main road there was one ramen shop and decided to head to Ramen Seirok-ya.

halal ramen in kl

Upon reading the menu, I find this fascinating as this is the first time I come acrss Halal Ramen in PJ. Quite rare to get one as the one which is pork free using chicken broth is Kagura in at J’s Gate dining at Lot 10.

A ramen shop that uses chicken meat and bone as their main ingredient to cook 8-10 hours soup base.

ramen in kl

A recipe from Japan, and if I am not mistaken is also part with Japanese owner, that they want to share their traditional recipe with Malaysians.

ramen in pj

This is indeed a great news for me and my muslim friends where on and off they ask me where got Halal ramen for  them to try. Now I can say that there is one Halal Ramen shop in KL.

ramen in uptown

Price wise is very decent for an operator in Uptown. Starting from RM 15.40 for a bowl of ramen. Mana boleh dapat?

ramen seirok-ya (6)

I am a big fan of Shoyu base. Decided to try out Toripaitan Shoyu Egg @ RM 17.40 with thin noodle. Order their regular style too. Quite like their shoyu base, as it is clear, mild spicy and quite fragrant. Egg I wish it is more flavourful then it would be perfect. Chicken meat is soft and juicy.

ramen seirok-ya (9)

ramen seirok-ya (7)

Of course when in a Ramen Shop, die die also must try their original to see where is the benchmark. Toripan Shio Egg @ RM 17.40.

Different taste of broth. Milky, medium thick but it is acceptable for me, as every ramen chef have their own tricks under their sleeves and I am certainly impress for a Halal ingredient to churn out this taste.

ramen seirok-ya (8)

ramen seirok-ya (11)

ramen seirok-ya (10)

ramen seirok-ya (12)

For their black pepper, is one of the best and fragrant. Eat all the original flavour in your bowl. Half way through if you decided to enhance the taste of your soup base, add little by little. I highly recommend their white pepper. Really do enhance the taste of the soup.

Do add little by little as it is very strong in taste.

ramen seirok-ya

well, I would say this is one of the best HALAL ramen shop in PJ that I come across. Good news that all my muslim friend can enjoy one of a authentic ramen from Japan in this shop.

Since now is during Ramadan Period. Do give them a call as saw their FB they do have pick up services. 


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, One of my top HALAL ramen shop! -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Ramen Seirock-ya Uptown
6-G, Jalan SS 21/35,
Damansara Utama, 47400
Petaling Jaya
(just right behind village park nasi lemak)

Phone: 03-7492 7509

Opening hours: Wednesday-Monday| 12pm – 9pm
(Closed on Tuesday)

I have rarely hit into buffet spread as my capacity of eating it is no longer there. However there are a few ones that I would give exceptional. Like this new buffet spread in Kurata Japanese Fine Dining in Parkroyal Hotel offering shabu-shabu and sukiyaki buffet that offers great spread and especially the quality of sashimi served with pricing as :

  1. Chicken Sukiyaki option, priced @ RM68 per person
  2. Australian beef + Chicken @ RM88 per person
  3. Angus beef + Chicken @ RM128 per person

If customer show this poster (below) to Kurata Japanese Fine Dining ‘s team, they will enjoy our Australian beef buffet at RM68 per person.


For lunch, Kurata Japanese Fine Dining offer two options for shabu-shabu and sukiyaki lunch buffet from 12pm – 2:30pm :

  1. Australian beef + Chicken @ RM38 per person
  2. Chicken Sukiyaki & Spicy Miso Hotpot @ RM38 per person

Meats such as Chicken and Australian beef are refillable. Sashimi is not refillable. Side dishes are not refillable. It is all subjected to 10% service charge and 6% SST.

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (3)

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining is newly renovated and operating just about 6 months in the hotel is gaining its popularity among Japanese diners.

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (4)

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (5)

These are part of the menu, as this Japanese Buffet in KL is offering order from the menu instead of a whole long line of food offerings at the table. They are prepared fresh from the kitchen as you order. Full menu click here

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (7)

If you are a good drinker, then you have an option of topping up with RM 100 to enjoy free flow drink.  From 4pm – 10pm (with 2 hours limit)

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (6)

There are 3 different types of soup base available:

  1. Sukiyaki – this is bent towards more sweet base
  2. Spicy miso – personal favourite with recommended
  3. Shabu Shabu Original – one of the best option too

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (8)

What you can help yourself are these sauces and condiments from the table right in the middle. Including Green Tea too.

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (9)

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (18)

For different package as mention the only difference are: Agnus beef where the quality of meat is nicer and for Australian beef it is also pretty good enough for me (on the right)

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (10)

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (11)

There are plenty of sides that you can order and just do order those you can finish. Try to avoid food wastage. Edamame to start off with.

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (12)

and of course how can we miss out the sashimi. They even serve maguro for sashimi, that is where I ate at least 10 pieces. Salmon Carpaccio and Salmon Sashimi are all pretty good too. Fresh and the cut is pretty generous.

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (13)

For Sushi, it is pretty good too. I had

  1. Salmon Nigiri Sushi
  2. Spicy Salmon Nigiri Sushi
  3. Seared Salmon Nigiri Sushi
  4. Tamago Nigiri Sushi
  5. Inari Sushi
  6. Spicy Salmon Nigiri Sushi
  7. Crunchy California Roll

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (14)


Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (15)

  1. Nanban Fried Chicken with Tartar Sauce
  2. Agedashi Tofu
  3. Kaarage Pepper Chicken Wings – this is recommended as goes so well with beer or sake
  4. Teppan Grilled Spicy Chicken

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (16)

Grilled Sanma Saury with Japanese Salt


Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (19)

Some healthy option which is the chef special : Tofu Salad

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (20)

Of course we do have our drinks too. I had a few high balls and a few bottles of Cold Sake to go along. It was indeed quite a satisfying dinner.

Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (21)

The only little problem to find this outlet is you have to walk through this buffet spread restaurant to reach Kurata Japanese Restaurant.

Indeed for RM 68 + buffet spread is quite a good value for me. As easily we eat in any of the Japanese restaurant with gathering, you will be spending around RM 50-RM 80 per head. With this, it is a buffet spread that every one gets to enjoy.


Lower Lobby, PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03-2110 0226

operating hours:
Lunch : 12pm – 3pm
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10pm

Usually we enjoy our food that is well prepared. How many of you love to DIY your own food? If you are one of them, who loves to make your own sushi, then Umai Sushikan’s in J Gate Dining in Lot 10 J ‘Make Your Own Sushi’ platter is carefully curated with the freshest ingredients to help you get started on your sushi-making journey

Not only that, it is a perfect dining experience especially for family with kids. Guide them through that makes it a perfect family bonding experience.

sushiKan (1)

Love the tea glass. So cute and it is for sale too.

sushiKan (2)

When Sushikan started operating, they were famous for their fresh sushi and sashimi as 95% of their ingredient are air flown in twice a week that is carefully curated by Japanese Chef.

The outlet is helm by Executive Chef, Hidekazu Tanaka. Chef Tanaka, who received years of special training from the Founder of Umai Sushikan, Mr. Takamasa Ueno, has been at the helm of Umai Sushikan at J’s Gate Dining since its inception in January 2018.

sushiKan (3)

The ‘Make Your Own Sushi’ platter can be ordered based on a single portion. However, the portion may be added up to as many as ten in a big platter for sharing. The price is RM38 per person for the Original option and RM28 per person for the Vegetarian option. Rice and seaweed can be refilled at RM8 per serving whilst the 14 additional toppings range between RM5 to RM30 per serving. There are vegetarian options too.

sushiKan (4)

A simple DIY starter pack Original is served with Rice, seaweed, cucumber, egg, tuna, salmon, crab fish cake, fish roe, ponzu sauce, mayo sauce, sesame sauce and miso soup. @ RM 38

sushiKan (5)

Do not look down on the portion as we thought it is small but turns out to be more than enough.

sushiKan (6)

. Imagine that. Just look at the colour of the tuna. It is pretty spot on. Love the tamago and crab stick too.

The ‘Make Your Own Sushi’ platter can be ordered based on a single portion. However, the portion may be added up to as many as ten in a big platter for sharing. The price is RM38 per person for the Original option and RM28 per person for the Vegetarian option. Rice and seaweed can be refilled at RM8 per serving whilst the 14 additional toppings range between RM5 to RM30 per serving.


sushiKan (8)

When it was served, we finish half the portion as it was so good. Not only that, the sushi rice is done to perfection that me and Henry @clevermunkey had 2 bowls of it.

There are an option of a lady will be guiding you on making 3 different types of sushi or you can do it on your own with your own creativity. What are the 3 you will be learning.

  1. Gunakan Sushi
  2. Nigiri Sushi
  3. Temaki

sushiKan (7)

You always see temaki roll is so easy to roll but when you roll yourself, it is out of shape.

sushiKan (9)

We do add on addtional sides, with avocado, tuna is a must and the tuna belly is just so awesome!

sushiKan (10)

It was fun dining experince as we were playing and making giant sushi all the way.

sushiKan (11)

One of a perfect place to bring your kids for DIY sushi making in KL. Price is affordable and a great place to dine in too, as it is not too noisy.

level 4, Sushikan at Lot 10
Lot10 Shopping Mall
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11am – 9pm

Recently I crave for Ramen again and was browsing through blogs to see where do have new ramen shop to hunt for. Stumble upon this very new shop Tomo Ramen Bar at Uptown Damansara, PJ and it seems that they just operate over here as flowers are flocking in their main entrance.

Tomo Ramen Bar (1)

From other blogs mentions that the founder travel to Kyoto and I think it is inspired or a recipe from that region.

Tomo Ramen Bar (2)

The ambiance of the shop is chic and hip, filled with neon lights. For picture purpose, at night it is a huge challenge as the red neon lights are the culprit of it. Picture will turns out red. Seating here is limited. As what you see in the picture. Once gotten well known, I guess you will need to queue.

Tomo Ramen Bar (3)

In the menu, “miso soymilk” certainly capture my attention as this is not the usual soup base that you will get to find and it seems its a recommendation by the Japanese waiter. In the menu also mention that the pork broth is being cooked for more than 20 hours and also the price seems quite average.

Tomo Ramen Bar (6)

Tomo Ramen Bar (7)

Tomo Ramen Bar (8)

Tomo Ramen Bar (15)

usually will go for The classic – Tonkutso @ RM 28.90 filled with classic soup broth that been cooked for 20 hours and it is absolutely thick. Not your usual classic. Love the piggy mild after taste and it feels like a layer of pig oil had been diluted, that gives a nice layer of paint fats in your throat.

Tomo Ramen Bar (9)

Chef Special Miso Soy base Ramen 

Tomo @ RM 30.90 – chasu pork belly, nori, soft boiled egg, wood ear fungus, scallion, bean sprouts.  It is indeed a very interesting soup base. Love the thick soup base that punch with light soy, miso and pork bone soup after taste. Both are well balance and did not overpower each other. Sounds weird but taste awesome – recommended for first time order

Tomo Ramen Bar (10)


Tomo Ramen Bar (11)

Tomo Ramen Bar (12)

Spicy Jigoku @ RM 25.90

Anything spicy in ramen soup base is my second choice of order and turns out to be better than I expected. IF you love a punch of flavour in your first bite then this is the perfect bowl for you. A fragrant spicy that you must eat and slurp with care. Once over you will choke quite extreme as the spiciness level is there. One of the best among the 3 and certainly a recommended one.”

all the eggs done to perfection as you can taste a nice soy after taste and runny egg yolk is perfect! The slices of meat is torch burn that gives you a nice burnt smoky aroma.

Tomo Ramen Bar (13)

Tomo Ramen Bar (14)

Tomo Ramen Bar (16)

Finally found another ramen shop that is worthy to dine in. I felt that the portion might be a little too small compare to any ramen shop out there. Would be great if they can at least add on additional 50g of noodle to make it up.  I think that because of the long cooking broth hence that’s my justification of the slight small portion. Also I also think that they portion it small because of the broth is thick. If it is too much then I guess might be too over.

However, this place will definitely be in my top 3 recommended place. A place that worth to pay a visit. I am certainly going to come back again. Do note that, if you are not a thick broth lover, you might find this too “”geli

Some of my other favourite:
1: Menya Shi Shi Do (great bargain)
2. Menya Hanabi (didnt blog)
3. Menzo Japanese Ramen – Solaris, KL

could this be one of the best ramen in PJ or perhaps one of the best ramen in KL? Well, to me it is different level, cant really be compared as none in the market yet.

My recommendations:

  1. Soy base
  2. Spicy


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9/10 , pretty good ramen if you love thick broth ~ -Stamped-
-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Tomo Ramen Bar
75, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Open Tues-Sun, 11am-12am.

Tel: 03-7733-7755

MomoChan a fusion Japanese dining in The Square, Jaya One PJ. Not only this, as it is also a pet friendly restaurant. Those of you with furballs that would want to bring them there, there is another section for you to be seated. Just ask the staff and they will be able to assist.

MomoChan (2)

As Christmas is just 2 weeks away, check out MomoChan Christmas Menu 2019. A menu that is specially curated by the chef himself. Vegetarians options are avaialble too. The menu is starting from 10th December onwards till they announce in Facebook or at outlet.

If you are looking for simple comfort food and a Christmas menu that does not break your banks, this is certainly one of the place to look after.

MomoChan (3)

Starting off with Shiitake Nanban @ RM 12.90. an interesting combination of Shiitake Mushroom, paired with chicken breast and deep fried in special Nanban sauce. Chicken is tender and juicy with shiitake mushroom taste and the sauces goes very well with it.

MomoChan (4)

MomoChan (25)

MomoChan (5)

Plain Chawanmushi with Yuzu Chili  @ RM 5.90. A simple dish with silky smooth texture along with fragrant soy sauce. Love it.

MomoChan (11)

Japanese Karage Winglets @ RM 12.90. A special marinated with soy sauce, sake and ginger. A simple food that gives satisfaction. One of the best starter in the list. Fried to perfection, fragrant and crispty. I do not mind to have 2 basket of this for myself and a bottle of Kirin beer.

MomoChan (12)

If you just would want some simple food, then Japanese Southern Fried Chicken @ RM 20.90. Marinated in buttermilk, batterd and serve with wasabi coleslaw and mashed potato.


MomoChan (14)

Christmas Beef Special (150g Australian Tenderloin) @ RM 31.90 – pan seared, sous vide, then char grilled with Japanese Ponzu Sauce and gratted raddish.

Meat cook to right texture as it is seved medium rare.

MomoChan (15)

MomoChan (17)

For a vegetarian dish, Momochan Love Vegetable @ RM 18.90 is pretty good in flavour. Their chef made tomato and pumpkin puree base is light and fragrant. Topped along with Enoki Mushroom Tempura.

MomoChan (18)


MomoChan (27)

Homemade Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream @ RM 11.90. One of a great ending as the chocloate is bitter to my liking, smooth texture and I had both myself.

MomoChan (28)

A place that serve simple great Japanese food in PJ that doesnt break your pocket.

MomoChan Jaya One
G.002 the square, Jaya One,
72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(Same lvl as Starbucks or next to Tigar Sugar)

Operaating Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday – 11.30am – 10pm

Tel: 03-7453 8988

It was indeed honour to attend this event as I get to Discover the Soul of Toyosu that took place at The Ruma, KL.

Soul of Toyosu (1)

Marking this event as a significant wholesale food markets in the world, local fish and seafood distributor Sendo Ichi Seafood (M) Sdn Bhd, together with its partner wholesaler Dai Ichi Suisan Co., Ltd. based in Toyosu, Japan, hosted an appreciation dinner which features the freshest Japanese food and ingredients themed ‘Discover the Soul of Toyosu’.

Toyosu Market is the largest wholesale fish and seafood hub in the world located on the Bay of Tokyo. Construction for the site started in 2016 and officially opened in October 2018, where about 900 businesses relocated from Tsukiji Market in Chūō, Tokyo, thus becoming Japan’s new central wholesale food distribution center. Located in the neighboring city of Koto, the 4.4 million square feet Toyosu is 1.7 times larger than Tsukiji.

Just imagine that.

Soul of Toyosu (6)

Apart from being much larger than its predecessor, Toyosu offers a much more experiential environment with its state-of-the-art complex to ensure efficient operation and food quality control for all of the wholesalers that operate in the market. One of the key fish and seafood wholesalers in Toyosu that has benefited from this upgrade is Dai Ichi Suisan Co., Ltd.

“In October 2018, Japan’s most iconic fish market, Tsukiji Market, had closed their doors and moved to a new location into a new state-of-the-art facility, the Toyosu Market with a whooping USD 5bil constrution into this project. It is a temperature-controlled indoor facility which helps ensure that the safety of food products and strict hygiene standards are implemented. With this, we are proud to say that we can provide much higher quality seafood to the people of Malaysia,” said Hiroyuki Taguchi, President of Dai Ichi Suisan Co., Ltd.

Soul of Toyosu (7)

Why do I say I am honoured for this event as the ingredient is freshly flow in a day before. Chef Makoto Saito Sam and his team from the renowned Sushi Hibiki, and also pastry chef Chef Shigeru that is preparing the dinner tonight.

Soul of Toyosu (8)
Soul of Toyosu (11)

A great Capane Appetizer to begin with:
– toumosokoshi Tofu
– Satsumaimo
– Chamame
– Amela Rubins Ohitashi

Very simple dish as you get to taste the freshness of each ingredient. Not the usual that I had in sushi chain and indeed unique by itself.

Soul of Toyosu (10)
Soul of Toyosu (12)

Sashimi – Katsuo Tataki is so fresh that the cut of the meat is so nice, fresh and little frosty upon chewing. Love the soy sauce that they used as it is so fragrant, clear and nice.

Soul of Toyosu (13)
Soul of Toyosu (14)
Oyster Chawanmushi

This is not the usual chawanmushi that we usually have. Pack with its own unique flavour from steaming. Freshness and hit of oyster is in the soup. Chawanmushi is silky smooth!

Soul of Toyosu (16)

– Miyabi Tai
– Botan Ebi (Spot Shrimp)
– Hamachi (Yellow Tail)

The best way to enjoy sushi is just by eating it raw like that. Taste the meat and enjoy the texture.

Soul of Toyosu (17)
Soul of Toyosu (18)

Main Course – Sawara Warayaki is pretty unique fish. The meat texture is slightly soft yet chewy. A bit nice burnt aroma from the blow torch do lift up the flavour of it and a special mix of miso paste give it a hint of creamy taste. Feels like do mix with peanut butter too.

Soul of Toyosu (19)

Sake Platter :
– Nuta Ae
– Satsuma Age
– Ni Tako

Soul of Toyosu (20)
Soul of Toyosu (21)

– Hon Maguro (Farmed Blue Fin Tuna)
– Hokkaido Murasaki Uni
– Saba Fukin Maki

Soul of Toyosu (22)

Shijimi Miso Soup – my first time having a soup with very small mini lala.

Soul of Toyosu (23)

Special Dessert with Seasonal Fruit – Housui Nashi

Soul of Toyosu (2)
Soul of Toyosu (3)
Soul of Toyosu (4)
Soul of Toyosu (5)

Indeed it was a great night, enjoy all the freshness quality of ingredient from the supplier themselves. Marks one of the best omakase dinner that I have come across.

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