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Sukishi Japanese Hotpot Eat All You can from RM 35+ at The Starling Mall, Uptown Damansara is a sister company of Sukiya. The difference between these 2 shops are only Halal and Non-Halal.

Sukishi is the outlet that serve with pork slices. So if you are a pork lover, then here could be one of your option.

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (1)

5 types of soup for you to choose from. this round we chose, Sukiyaki and Japanese Mala and another pot is Kim Chi and Miso Soup.

Among the 4, Sukiyaki still the prefered choice, follow by Kimchi. Japanese mala is a unique version by itself, as the taste is the beginner level of Mala. Not even near to those Taiwan or Hong Kong version. Miso is pretty good too.

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (2)

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (3)

Our usual meat attach is beef, lamb and pork slices. chicken is out .

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (5)


Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (6.0)

Getting my niece in to be model. . .

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (7)

Do ask for 1 each to go on first before you order massive. Usually we will test the meat quality out first. Well, it never disappoint with the quality of meat. Then we start attacking and stacking up the plate.

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (8)

If you are too hungry while waiting for the soup to boil, you can always start with their sushi offerings at the condiments counter.

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (9)

Free flow of condiments for you to mix around. If you are not too sure what to mix, then they do have their own signature sauce that you can just follow which is their Spicy Ponzu Dipping Sauce. Not to my liking as I still prefer mixing my own version.

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (10)

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (11)

Besides free flow meat upon request, they do have vegetable counter nearby for you to pick up your favourite ingredient to be added into your hotpot.

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (12)

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (13)

To finish off, drop by at their dessert counter. Serving you Soft serve ice cream with green tea and vanilla available that day. For drink station, I drank alot of barley tea.

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (14)

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (15)

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki (16)

Well, for the price that we are paying, definately no complain at all, however I still prefer Sukiya over this. As sukiya soup base is much flavourful. For this outlet it seems pretty mild in most of the soup base. However, depends on your own preference as this is constantly packed.

For nearby eat all you can shabu shabu, my preference as below:

  1. Mikoshi @ Uptown Damansara
  2. Red Inn Hotpot @ Tropicana Avenue


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, okay la– !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki Hotpot
Lot F-127, 1st Floor
The Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown
Business hours: 11am – 10pm

Tel: 03-7662 5456

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

This is about the famous Burnt Cheesecake in Tokyo Restaurant at Lot10, KL. Who have not tried before? To be honest, I have just tried it since early this year and it is pretty good. Recently, I saw a few friend posted about their new seasonal Green Tea Macha burnt Cheese Cake.

CheeseCake Tokyo Restaurant (1)

a place that gives you a cozy ambiance. a perfect place to chill and chat with your friends. If you do come on weekend, do prepare to queue for an estimated time of 15 – 30 minutes. As most of the people are here for the cheesecake will be seated at the bar area or high bar table. Space is slightly limited as diners just take their time to chill and continue chatting with their friends.

CheeseCake Tokyo Restaurant (2)

If you are here for their alcohol, they do have draft beer selection as above and some cocktail with Japanese Whisky, sake base. Do check em out.

CheeseCake Tokyo Restaurant (3)

The original famous Classic burnt Cheesecake @ RM 21. This is their signature 6th Avenue Cheesecake as peeps are just queuing for this. Love the soft creaminess of this. The chill temperate of the cake is just perfect. Not too icy cold nor too soft. Impressive is their silky smooth whipped cream.

CheeseCake Tokyo Restaurant (5)

CheeseCake Tokyo Restaurant (6)

This is their new seasonal or limited edition Green Tea burnt cheesecake @ RM 25 (if I remember correctly).

CheeseCake Tokyo Restaurant (4)

Flavors of Green tea is quite prominent, and it certainly felt that they are using slightly premium green tea to make this up. For green tea lover you might like it. For me, I think it is not too bad as I felt that the original taste much better. Could be I had salty lunch before I came over.

CheeseCake Tokyo Restaurant (7)

CheeseCake Tokyo Restaurant (8)

CheeseCake Tokyo Restaurant (9)


Famous Burnt Cheesecake Tokyo Restaurant

CheeseCake Tokyo Restaurant (13)

If you are a fan of strong cheesy taste, then here would definitely be one of a pit stop for you. Also be prepare to dig slightly deeper into your pocket for a slice of this. Do you think this be the best burnt cheesecake in KL?

overall, I personally like Birch Burnt cheesecake more.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8.5/10, very good burnt cheesecake – !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

The Tokyo Restaurant. Bar & Cafe
4F The Table
ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur
LOT 10, No. 50 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 03-2119 2622

Business Hours: 11am to 11pm (last order 10pm)

I have not been to any rooftop bar or rooftop dining in KL for quite a while now. Got invited over to check out this place Ce LA VI in Menara Ilham, KL. A brand which is well known from Singapore that had expanded across the region with presence at Hong Kong and Colombo, now they are in Kuala Lumpur which is just about 6 months old. Little did I know that there is actually a happening spot just right in the heart of the city as this place comes with 3 sections – the dining, lounge and a club! Not only that, it is located on the 37th floor, Sky Terrace in Menara Ilham, with near perfect of 360º views of KL city center.

The challenge of this place upon arrival is to find the lift button. I am not too sure it is a prank or it is just purposely to design in this way. I was stuck at least 5 minutes in the lift lobby before figuring out where the lift button is.

ce la vie (2)

As you reach the lobby of the building, you will then be usher to the lift and upon reaching 37th floor, a nice smell of aroma therapy just flow into the lift.. It feels that you have reach a luxury spa space. Felt soothing and relax. Then you will be greeted by the lady at the counter to usher you to the right space. (restaurant, lounge or club).

ce la vie (3)

The place consist of 3 sections. The club, Lounge and dining. As I was there early, head into their Lounge that overlook both KLCC and KL tower while enjoying myself with a glass of cocktail while waiting for others.

ce la vie (4)

ce la vie (5)

ce la vie (6)

Heading to Ce La Vi, a dining place that offer Japanese Contemporary dining with local twist. The place is modern contemporary with redefine decor. Most of it handpick by the lady boss herself.

ce la vie (7)

Flipping through the menu, it is rather interesting where 60% is Japanese offering and 40% are on a mix of local food twist. Before we flip further, waiter that is in charge on our table further explain to us on the full menu, offerings and the signature item. Great service to intro us on the food selections.

ce la vie (8)

Our menu for the night is their upcoming new menu. Our local street food with a twist and uplifted. Starting off with a starter, and mains. follow with a dessert as their upcoming special highlight.

ce la vie (9)

ce la vie (10)
ce la vie (13)

Avocado handroll.

ce la vie (14)

Starting off with their starter of Ice cold vegetable imported all the way from Japan. The vegetable is indeed quite interesting where felt pluck fresh from the frozen tree, preserve all the way here and serve it. A vegetable which is fresh and crips and shower with only seseame dressing to make it simple and fresh.

ce la vie (15)

Spiced Kataifi Wrapped prawns @ RM 53 – mango salsa and thai chili jam.

ce la vie (16)

Char Koey Teow with Lobster is uplifted to another level where not our usual with big prawns but this is even bigger. A whole lobster on the plate. @ RM 198. Something different?

ce la vie (17)

ce la vie (18)

Star of the night is the Foie Gras fried rice .Never thought that this dish would be so good. Fried rice is not too dry yet slightly moist, serve with sunny side up and foie gras. Poke the egg yolk and let it flow, mix the creamy egg yolk, pinch a small piece of foie gras and eat along with the rice. Gives you a nice harmonies flavour in your mouth that end with a nice creamy salty touch from the foie gras. A sip or red wine or sake would be a perfect combination. @ RM 98

ce la vie (19)

For dessert, ending it with a cheesecake yuzu, top with a bed of mix fruits and a paper thin twil.

ce la vie (20)

After dining, we head over to the lounge and chill for a bit before calling it off a night.

Certainly a place for you to chill and hang out with your friends. A dining place which is much design to cater for mostly expats and company functions around the area. Therefore, if you are a hardcore fan of a street food to be dining over here, please remove your expectation of it..


Keen to come back here to check out their club in my next visit. Small, simple and cozy. Best of all, Friday and saturday is R&B night. Oh yah, back to uni days.

Level 37 Menara Ilham,
No.8 Jalan Binjai, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
(a building next to Menara Binjai/ Intercon Hotel or 2 mins walk from Ampang Park LRT station)

Tel: +603 2733 3163

Email: [email protected]

Super Ramen by rudifook in Sri Petaling is one of a local fusion ramen that is gaining its popularity. From the team of Rudifook previously did make an atas Wan Tan Mee at Kota Damansara as now they have spread their wings into another food catagory.

Super Ramen (3)

with their latest concept, you can enjoy a bowl of pippin hot ramen with a glass of cocktail. Love the ambiance, which is chic and modern. Their service is kinda off interesting, where upon your arrival, if there are tables are not ready, you will be ask to seat around the bar area then they will set up the table for you.

Super Ramen (4)

Super Ramen (5)

try out their Kimchi Ramen. Pork broth is not to bad as it has some unique flavour. Kimchi is not that prominent and not my kind of taste. The onsen egg cook to perfection. Just lack of the slightly brown colour as it does look pale and the flavour of the egg is missing. It could be perhaps their own style. Noodle texture is alright ‘lah’

Super Ramen (6)

Super Ramen (7)

Super Ramen (8)

Super Ramen (10)

Super Ramen (9)

Do not know what to order, so order this instead. King of Pork Chop Ramen @ RM 26.80 . Serve along with quite huge pork piece. As big as near my friends face. Pork is cook to perfection, however lacking of flavour profile. Broth to me is rather pale and nothing to shout about. Looking for a bargain bowl hunter, then this could be one of your option.

Super Ramen (11)

Super Ramen (12)

Overall, I find this shop nothing to shout about, as social media did build my expectation up. Hence visiting with a certain expectation is bad. Maybe will give them another chance few months later. Believe there are a lot better ramen in KL over this. (but again, it is fusion – so cant expect much)

They still do have their own regular as this place not really my kind of thing. It could be your taste too.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, so so, nothing to shout about!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

65 G, Jalan Radin Bagus,
Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
11am–3pm / 6pm–2am
Close Wednesday

Tel: 03-9548 0876

Hana Tei Japanese Restaurant is one of a brand that I heard my Kajang friends talked about it. One of their top choices in their area. Since then, the brand had spread its wing to KL. Operating just about less than 6 months in Lucky Garden, Bangsar.

Hana Tei (1)

A casual dining with nice extensive menu spoil for your choices. full menu click here

Hana Tei (2)

Hana Tei (3)

Hana Tei (4)

Starting off with Fried Shishamo. A fish that can be eaten just like that without worrying on its bone. Deep fried and to pair along with their house special mayonnaise.

Hana Tei (5)

Gyu Maki ( Australia Striploin Roll ) is new to me. Topped with house salad and fried thin cut lotus root. A nice combination of flavour and texture from salty, sweet, mild sour from mayo and nice aroma from the wagyu. A slight crunchy texture from lotus root, and soft texture of wagyu and do not need wasabi as the house special sauce on the plate is to dip along.

Hana Tei (6)

Hana Tei (7)

For their set, I find quite worth it as currently they are running lunch promotion (every day including weekend). Love their Yosenabe Gozen as it is served with a large piece of scallop, oyster, prawn, chicken, clams and veggies. Soup is clear and aromatic.

Hana Tei (8)

New folder

Here you go on their lunch special menu. the more people you bring, it seems more discounts to me.

Hana Tei (9)

In love with their Shake Sashimi / Sansyu Moriawase that serve in 3 different THICK CUT. Rarely you will get such a cut and look at the colour of tuna. This cut is easily 1cm – 1.5cm thick and a piece inside your mouth is satisfying. A mouthful bite. Sashimi indeed is fresh.

Hana Tei (10)

Hana Tei (11)

Their outlet best seller is this Unagi Foie Gras Sushi @ RM 35. They are quite generous with the cut of unagi and a large piece of foie gra at the bottom with both the ingredient is bigger than the rice. Just the classic way of presentation. It is so thick that I could not make the 1 bite sushi. This have to be 2 bites as my mouth is not that big. Soft, juicy and pefect!

Hana Tei (12)

Hana Tei (14)

Foie Gras Sandwich would be highly of the day. A piece that value worth for money. At RM 38 you get 2 pieces of unagi sandwich with a piece of foie gras. Love the glaze thick soy sauce that gives a hint of sweetness with bursting aroma from foie gra, a nice creamy texture just blends well with the sauce and unagi. – a recommended dish.

Hana Tei (15)

The house special trio sushi, will be available 15th April onwards. I pick mine with Hamachi, Maguro & Hotate Ume Yuzu. Simple and delicious. The unique part of this is they serve with their house special ume sauce on top. Just put a piece into your mouth without dipping into our usual soy wasabi sauce. I find it, does not go along. Best to eat it raw with ume on top to give you a twist of flavour.

Hana Tei (16)

Hana Tei (17)

Hana Tei (18)

second highlight of the day is Wagyu Takaki @ RM 68. It does look raw in first sight, but after you eat it. It is cooked to perfection. Eat a piece could be a bit blend but with Hana Tei style, it is bursting with flavour. Take a piece of wagyu, add in seasoned white radish, scallions, a slice of garlic – roll it up then dip with house special sauce. A great combination of flavour.

Hana Tei (19)

Hana Tei (20)

Maguro Wafu Steak @ RM 38 Premium Tuna with homemade chef special sauce.

Hana Tei (21)

Hana Tei (13)

Starting 18th April, they will be launching their lunch set as the Fried Chicken set starts from RM 9.90 for lunch on weekdays. Besides that, you can choose Gyu Shogayaki or Kitsune Udon.

New folder

Hana Tei (22)

With their quality of sashimi, sushi and wagyu, certainly do not mind to come back again for dinner. Parking here during day time could be a bit of challenge. I park at road side on weekend at my own risk. So far it is alright. Night parking here will be much easier as the place is less busy.

One more place to hunt for if you are a Japanese food lover.

Hana Tei Japanese Restaurant
No.8, Lorong Ara Kiri 2,
Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2202 1608

Operating Hours:
11.30 am~ 2.45pm (Last order)

One of the new kids on the block is Butaya Izakaya 豚家居酒屋 located in Sri Hartamas. a Japanese Yakitori place in KL. Actually just found out that it is not that new. Operating since June 2018. However this place do gain its popularity among my friends. Was here for dinner over friends birthday celebration.

butaya izakaya (2)

Love the interior of this place where it is quite classic. Like a hidden join in Japan in one of the alley where to find this as a japanese food in kl.

butaya izakaya (5)

This is one of their signature drink and turns out to be quite good. Sake mix with black beer. Do give it a try.

butaya izakaya (6)

Menu is not huge as they are specializing in yakitori.

butaya izakaya (7)

For this round celebration, everyone seems to be quite in Chinese New Year festive mood. Hence drinking session is doubling up.

butaya izakaya (8)

This is the Hoppy that makes you happy.

butaya izakaya (9)

butaya izakaya (10)

One of a classic pan fried Gyoza. This is the first time I came across gyoza is fried in this version. @ RM 14

butaya izakaya (11)

butaya izakaya (12)

Yakitori skewers not too bad too.

butaya izakaya (13)

I love Japanese Omellete and I had this whole plate myself by pairing it with Hoppy.  It is pretty good. – recommended

butaya izakaya (14)

For rice / don lover, then you should not miss this too. The pork belly grilled to perfection that the soy sauce is caramelize, slight charred and onsen egg just ligthen up the taste abit.

butaya izakaya (15)

Sashimi is pretty normal

butaya izakaya (16)

butaya izakaya (17)

butaya izakaya (18)


butaya izakaya (19)


butaya izakaya (20)

Their ramen turns out to be pretty good for the price that they are tag along. From RM 18 – RM 28. I did came back again for their ramen especially their shoyu base.

butaya izakaya (23)

butaya izakaya (21)

butaya izakaya (22)

butaya izakaya (24)

Sally was the birthday girl of the night and the group went yaya for this. I think our bill racked up to RM 1300.

butaya izakaya (1)

Overall, find that the food is not too bad as according to  my friend, they do have alot of regular. However, if you want to enjoy Yakitori, my current favourite is still in Hartamas but at the other side. (Yakitori Dining Fukuda)

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, come here if you want some different Jap ambiance!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Butaya Izakaya
14, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8,
Taman Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
(it is at Petronas that side)

Operating Hours:
Daily, 5pm-12am.

Tel: 03-2389-4172

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