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No no, I am not in Korea. Super Boring Club is one of the latest addition into this happening row at Jalan Mesui. It offers Korean Japanese fusion food. Happy to see that this row are growing to a standard of a nice neighborhood bar and eatery like those in Bangkok or Korea. They are sited just right next to the famous No Black Tie bar.

On the outlook itself, it felt that you are in Korea at one of the small alley eatery.

Super Boring (3)

Love the ID of this place as it is modern hip chic, with jade titles and neon lighthing on the wall do add in the ambiance.

Super Boring (4)

Super Boring (5)

Super Boring (6)

Super Boring (7)

Super Boring (8)

They do have merchandise to sell too. Super Boring Club t-shirt or Super Boring Club Apron

Super Boring (9)

Super Boring (2)

menu is pretty simple and direct. But I am quite suprise on the pricing of food in this outlet. Decently price and affordable, also the cocktails only start from RM 26.

Super Boring (10)

Hello my friend, time to take your chopstick and dig in.

Super Boring (11)

Their cocktail is indeed very impressive and creative. I had off the menu cocktail as the mixologist just mix one of his creative mix. Top with grill garlic that give you a slight charred taste with lychee.

Was thought on how to drink this.
1. Put the garlic and lychee stick into the drink
2. Smell first then sip

outcome: a very confusing drink to your brain as you smell garlic but you dont taste garlic. If you are adventurous, this is indeed a refreshing cocktail that you should give it a try. At the end, I bite off the garlic with lychee and a sip of it, it gives you a nice aroma that did not overpower each other.

Super Boring (12)

These 2 are their signature cocktails:

  1. Sake Asamboi @ RM 26 – love the mixture of this cocktails as it give you a nice balance layer of asamboi that give you the sour punch it needed yet end with a hint of sake aroma which is good to balance off.
  2. Sake Yuzu @ RM 26 – in our hot weather, this is the best drink to down it. If it were price at RM 16, I will down a few more glass. Simply refreshing, and love the acidity from yuzu and spice from ginger.

Super Boring (13)

Starting off with Miso Grilled Egg Plant @ RM 16.80 – deep fried egg plant with special home made miso. This is one of the best made eggplant dish that I have come across. A cleverly done dish that cut into cubes, charred nicely with hint of burnt taste. Nicely presented in a basket yet the magic is the miso glazed. It is so thick and caramelize that taste like honey but it is made from miso. The best part of this dish is the whole basket skin of egg plant.

Super Boring (14)

A seasonal dish to recommend too, which is off the menu. Beef tongue with this seasonal ice vegetable from Japan. Tongue marinate and cook to perfection. Nice balance of bbq and special sauce yet the tongue grill to perfection. Soft and juicy yet not too chewy. A perfect bite is with icy vegetable, tongue and egg. Give you a nice mouthful balance from crispy, soft, sour, spicy, chewy. Good!

Super Boring (15)

Some of you see me preparing Watermelon salad through my insta stories. This is whole new level. Yummy Spicy Baby Octopus @ RM 16.80. Baby Octopus with mushrooms, watermelon,cld spicy lime sauce. A dish that give you explosion of flavors. You can taste the freshness of baby octopus yet soft. Crunch it with a piece of watermelon that gives you the sweetness of juice that add another layer to cover up the taste octopus, yet the dressing in it give you a nice mild layer of sourish taste and heat that is need.

Super Boring (16)

I take this dish to pair with the Garlic Cocktail. Indeed an interesting combination.

Super Boring (17)

Order grilled Platter combo 2 @ RM 78Lamb char siew, Chicken, squid, wagyu striploin . In this dish, I am quite surpise with the house marination of chicken. It is so tender, juicy and fragrant. Eat with a slice of vegetable with a slice of their seasoning garlic and slide into your mouth. Bam!

Another interesting dish is the Lamb Char siew, season with house special char siew sauce, is just unique.

Super Boring (18)

Super Boring (19)

Awesome beef tataki  @ RM 28.80.  Love how the beef is being taken care off. Shining from the oil and a nice decent cut that give you a good chew in your mouth. Grill to perfection that it is slightly above medium rare. The fried garlic slices give you the crips and soft veggie to balance it off. Eat it 4 ingredient at one go.

Super Boring (20)

Smoked duck @ RM 20. Just look at the look of the quality of smoke duck. A nice layer of skin fat and the meat looks good. It is quite thick too.

was told by the crew that the best way to eat this is just put on the pit for about 1 n half minute each side then top with the house special sauce on top. Put on your plate to cool it down then eat the whole piece at one go. Give you a good mouthful of bite that burst with flavours.

Super Boring (21)

Super Boring (22)

It is always too tempted for me when I see in the menu got Shoyu Ramen. I am a big fan of shoyu soup base Ramen. The soup is indeed very interesting. Pack with flavour yet it is vegetable base soup. It does give you a hint of flavour that we are missing out when we were as a kid.

Super Boring (23)

this is not a sauce jar. Presented in a way that it looks like one. End my night with another glass of cocktail. This would be my favourite as it is stronger. Suntory Lover @ RM 32.

I can taste a few layers of flavours at one sip. Great mixologist mix.

Super Boring (24)

Super Boring (25)

At the end of the night, wanted to try something sweet. Ordered Yuzu Sorbet @ RM 10 & Cornflakes @ RM 10. Cornflakes is indeed very interesting. Do try it out.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-02 at 15.24.07

Find that their Happy Hour is quite worth it.

Finally, a eatery that give you a nice food journey of flavours. There is flair in their marination or cooking. Simple yet flavorful. Loving it. Will certainly come back again. If you put it Korean fusion or Japanese Fusion still the same. One of the best place for Korean Japanese fusion restaurant in KL. Certainly will be one of my recommended place.

Super Boring Club
15, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours:
12pm – 2.30pm / 6pm – 11pm
(close Monday)

Tel: 03-2110 4919

It had been a while since I last had quite a good Japanese Food. Yakitori Dining FUKUDA is one of my latest discovery that located in Sri Hartamas or just a stone throw away from Home n Away Bar. To my surpise that they had been operating for 4 years and little did I notice even I pass by the road 3-4 times a week.

yakitori fukuda (1)

yakitori fukuda (2)

yakitori fukuda (3)

As I walked into the restaurant, you will be greeted with the usual greetings. What surpise me that most of the diners there are filled with Japanese. Of course this makes the first impression that food in here will be quite authentic.

yakitori fukuda (6)

Smoked and flavours from Yakitori that is grilling fills the air, that my eyes are attracted to the pit. Making my stomach growls instantly.

yakitori fukuda (4)

yakitori fukuda (5)

yakitori fukuda (7)

yakitori fukuda (8)

yakitori fukuda (23)

Love the menu as the food here seem to be quite classic. Since there is 3 of us, we are starting off with:

yakitori fukuda (18)

1. Iburi-Gakko (Smoked Radish) with Cream Cheese @ RM 18.80. One of a unique item that I am trying for the first time. Was explain by the manager that the Smoked raddish is carefully picked by the owner and air flown all the way from Japan. No wonder the texture is so different. Give you little cruch yet a little chewy end. Cream cheese add the smoothness of flavour on it. – Recommended.

yakitori fukuda (21)

2. Karaage Fried Chicken @ RM 19.80

yakitori fukuda (29)

One of the classic or widely in the menu in some Japanese restaurant. Bara Chirashi @ RM 49.80 that is filled with  Sake (Salmon), Kampachi (Yellowtail), Hotate (Scallop), Ikura (Fish Roe) and Ebi (Prawn). I would say for the price I am paying, it seems all worth it as the sashim is fresh and quite genrous too. Just that I wish the soy sauce they use is slightly lighter and more fragrant (personal taste preference)

yakitori fukuda (30)

yakitori fukuda (24)

Spicy Miso Tori-Tonkotsu with Soup Ramen @ RM 28.80. Love the broth here, as it is slightly thick, pack with flavour and give you an instant punch of spicy yet it dissapear quite fast too. Great stuff.

yakitori fukuda (19)

Iberico Pork & Chicken Spicy Chanko Nabe with Chicken White Rich Soup (Sumo Hot Pot) @ RM 88.80 is quite interesting. Never know that Japanese version of hotpot will be in this format, as I always thought of shabu shabu or the smaller pot shabu. This is the bigger version and it is pack with Iberico Pork, Chicken Meat, Chicken Meat Ball, Mushroom, Enoki, Carrot, Cabbage .

yakitori fukuda (20)

yakitori fukuda (22)

yakitori fukuda (26)

yakitori fukuda (28)

Iberico pork balls, soft, tender and juicy. Punch with a hint of ginger too.

yakitori fukuda (34)
Eringi Mushroom with Foie Gras is grill to perfection. It grill to a thin crust layer on the outer of the skin that just crack slightly in your mouth yet the center is cook to medium that near melts in your mouth. The salt and charred taste make it a perfect piece not to be missed.  RM 36.80

This is What we are here for actually. Was told that they are quite well know for their Grilled Skewers and I must say, top notch!

yakitori fukuda (8)


yakitori fukuda (10)

yakitori fukuda (11)

the Skewers & Grilled pit is only available for dinner starting from 6pm-11pm

1. Negima @ RM 6.80
2. Cream Cheese with sweet soy sauce @ RM 9.80
3. Heart @ RM 5.80 (recommended)
4. Chicken Thighs *Momo @ RM 6.80
5. Iberico Pork Cheek Meat @ RM 12.80 (recommended)
6. Scallop @ RM 13.80
7. Chicken Skin @ RM 6.20 (recommended)
8. Japanese Leek @ RM 8.80
9. Japanese Ginko @ RM 8.80
10. Pork Belly @ RM 8.80 (recommended)
11. Scallop Butter @ RM 18.80 (recommended)
12. Clam Skewer *Limited Time Offer (Promo price RM8 *6-8pm; RM10 *from 8pm onwards) (recommended)

yakitori fukuda (32)

yakitori fukuda (33)

yakitori fukuda (12)

yakitori fukuda (13)

yakitori fukuda (14)

yakitori fukuda (15)

yakitori fukuda (16)

yakitori fukuda (17)

New folder (2)

With such menu, of course we must have alcohol to go along.
1. Suntory Beer @ RM 22.80
2. Kaku Highball @ RM 24.80
3. House Sake 180ml @ RM 46

This makes Yakitori Dining FUKUDA one of my recommended restaurant to be whenever you are craving for nice Japanese Yakitori in KL and especially their Yakitori is good! One of a good Japanese food in Hartamas

Yakitori Dining Fukuda by Torifuku
No.39-G,Jln 23/70A,
Desa Sri Hatamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6206 3526

Operating Hours:
12 pm – 2 pm / 6 pm – 12 am

Kampachi is a well known Japanese Restaurant known by many. Famous for their quality of food that they are serving and also they have their famous Sunday Buffet Lunch at RM 148nett only in Plaza 33, PJ. It had been a long time since I last came here and one of the rare buffet that I am willing to pay to eat at the moment.

Buffet line starts from 12pm t0 2.3pm. We sat through the whole seating and we are stuffed. This had include my dinner too. Check out what they have in this spread.

Kampachi (1)

Kampachi (2)

Kampachi (3)

Kampachi (4)

We had a welcome cocktail drink that is Sake infuse with fresh green apple and this is very refreshing. We do not mind to have a few more glasses. We got this complimentary drink as my friend book through TableAPP.

Kampachi (5)

Kampachi (6)

Of course starting with sushi and sashimi counter.

Kampachi (7)

My take is usually all the fishes and Tuna is my top choices as the tuna serve here is pretty good!

Kampachi (8)

Kampachi (9)

Duck breast with their special sauce that pairs quite well.

Kampachi (10)

Do enjoy their soba too.

Kampachi (11)

One of my favourite station is this Teppanyaki station. They serve chicken, beef, seafood and fish. A must take item is their beef or seafood!

Kampachi (12)

Kampachi (13)

Outside of the restaurant, they do have a few pop up stations. First, if you are there early, forget about tempura station as it is always gone. Come back again after 1pm where most diners already quite full of what they are having then you have tons of opportunity to stack your prawn tempura up.

Kampachi (14)

Kampachi (15)

These 2 are my favourite stations. Snow Crab, slipper lobster and sukiyaki.

Kampachi (16)

Kampachi (17)

Kampachi (18)

Freshly steam and baked in oven as most of these crab are still warm. I took loads of crab. Not a big fan of slipper lobster. One good thing it is huge and you can enjoy the meat.

Kampachi (19)

My another favourite station is the fish station. You can enjoy the fish head, unagi, pregnant fish and 3 more other choices.

Kampachi (20)

Kampachi (21)

Kampachi (23)

Kampachi (22)

Soups, udons and fried items.

Kampachi (24)

Kampachi (25)

Kampachi (26)

not to miss out their Fried Udon and Garlic Fried rice.

Kampachi (27)

This round we order sake to go along with our food.

Kampachi (28)

Here you go on my teppanyaki beef done to medium. Just perfect. Juicy and nicely grill on the hotplate to give it a nice glistering and topped with fried garlic at the side.

Kampachi (29)

It seems that their green tea mouse is crowds favourite. I do not know how to enjoy it.

Kampachi (30)

Dessert station with fruits, doriyaki with (chocolate, red bean and peanut), Japanese Muar chi is good! and Ice cream at the side.

Kampachi (31)

Kampachi (32)

Kampachi (33)

It is interesting that upon odering sake, the staff will tell you on the sake description and how it is best to enjoy. We tried both as recommended by the staff. Starting off with cold sake – Abekameji Junmai Daiginjo, 500ml @ RM400 which is one of the best seller. Brewed using 100% Kame no O Sake rice. .Light and mellow aroma with medium body.

Next is the hot sake Fusozuru Junmai. Was told hot is the better option as can be enjoyed cold too but the taste is much better in hot. It have slightly tangy aftertaste. RM 55 per Medium Tokkuri and RM240 per bottle of 720ml.

Buffet here is constantly fully book. It is highly advise to make your reservations early. They do have walk in too, but will be seated at bar area instead of proper dining tables.

Kampachi Japanese Restaurant
1st Floor, Plaza 33,
No. 1, Jalan Kemajuan,
Seksyen 13, 46200

Tel: 03-7931 6938

Operating Hours:
12pm – 3pm/ 6pm – 10pm

There is actually one shop on Solaris area that serve pretty awesome Ramen. Menzo Japanese Ramen is actually not so new in the area but their ramen is da bomb! More like a hidden gem in this area. I certainly hope that this brand can sustain as I have seen a few brands that come and go.

Menzo Japanese Ramen (2)

Menya Musashi no longer the top Ramen in KL, however there are a few decent ones that is still my favourite such as:

  1. Menya Shi Shi do 
  2. Bankara Ramen 
  3. Bari Uma

Menzo Japanese Ramen (3)

One awesome thing about this place is that they have the Japanese BBQ and their meat marination is perfect!

Menzo Japanese Ramen (4)

Menzo Japanese Ramen (5)

Classic Pork Broth Ramen @ RM 21 as the pork broth that had cook more than 15 hours. Love the solid taste of it. Flavourful with pork bone and ramen texture is just right.

Menzo Japanese Ramen (7)

Menzo Japanese Ramen (8)

3 of their sauces is good, depending which taste you like.

Menzo Japanese Ramen (9)

Mix mushroom is just quite normal. Nothing to shout about.

Menzo Japanese Ramen (10)

Here you go on their Japanese BBQ. which I always have it along with my Ramen.

I have been here alot of times and one of my favourite Ramen and Japanese BBQ place at the moment. Ramen price is very decent as however the BBQ is just slightly abit expensive. If you are looking for best ramen in KL, this is one of my recommendations. Also consider one of the cheaper ramen as starts from RM 21 onwards.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, A must go place, if u like Ramen!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Menzo Japanese Ramen
Solaris Mont Kiara,
2, Jalan Solaris, Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11am – 11.30pm

Tel: 03-6211 2749

I have always love steamboat and best of all, who does’nt love an Eat All you Can in Mikoshi Shabu Shabu Restaurant at RM 28+ lunch at Damansara Uptown. This will definitely be one of the top competitor for my another favourite Buffet Shabu shabu as an another alternative.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (2)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (3)

understand from the manager that it owned by Japanese and their concept is quite similiar to what they have in Tokyo. Hence this is a duplication with localise infusion for our local market.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (4)

as you walk into the outlet, you will be greeted with typical classic Japanese concept sundry shop. With cotton candy machine, classic sweets, face mask hanging on the walls and slow Japanese songs to make the ambiance perfect!

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (5)

there are a few variety of soup available and top choices are Sukiya, Spicy Miso, Green Curry and Ginger. As for me, their sukiya soup base is enough to kill (you get to choose mild or heavy taste).  Love the solid saltiness from the soy base flavour with mid sweet end to my liking.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (6)

Variety of side dish for you to hit on.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (7)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (8)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (9)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (10)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (11)

This section fits with greens, noodles and some seafood and this section is filled up for dinner segment.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (12)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (13)

sauces for you to choose and there are some classic flavours to choose from.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (14)

Seafood add on during dinner only.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (15)

with the sides add on. .

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (16)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (17)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (18)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (19)

Besides that, Mikoshi Shabu Shabu meat is top notch especially they have ox tongue, and finely cut chicken (which i would rarely hit on and this is pretty good), pork slices, fish, lamb and beef. Lamb is much better than beef for my personal preference.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (20)

How to eat your steamboat in Japanese style like the owner is by preparing this 3 item.
1. Signature dipping sauce (Ponzu, Mommijiotoshi and spring onion)
2. Kampung Egg
3. Sesame sauce

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (21)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (22)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (23)

After bathing your meat in the hot broth, just dip into this 2 sauce to get the maximum flavour of it.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (24)

If you are still feeling hungry after all this, then the finale is to get a bowl of rice, spring onion, soy sauce and kampung egg. Break the egg into the bowl, add spring onion and add soy sauce. just eat it like that.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (25)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (26)

Ice cream to finish off.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (27)

This place had become one of my favourite eat all you can shabu shabu place, because of price and ingredients that Mikoshi Shabu Shabu are offering.

Lunch : RM 28 +
kids : RM 20+ (3 years old below FREE)

Dinner : RM 48+ (with more choices of sides, add on seafood range and others)
Kids : RM 30+ (3 years old below FREE)

Add on Sushi @ RM 48 ++ per pax

Suntory Beer Promo – Buy 3 FREE 1

*Non Halal

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, one of my new shabu shabu uplace~ highly recommended shabu shabu place -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu Restaurant
109, Jalan SS 21/1a, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
电话:03-7733 1184
营业时间: 11am-3pm | 6pm – 11pm

Constantly pass by this Jiro Shabu shop and it is always full, even when I visited my favourite Sze Chuan Steamboat XFY Steamboat 2 doors away. Tried to visit this Jiro Shabu Japanese Steamboat at Uptown Damansara for past 2 rounds and turns out have to wait 1 hour and we turn to other eatery. Then till our 3rd try as we went earlier then only manage to get a spot.

Jiro Shabu (1)

Jiro Shabu (2)

Place decor is abit classy.

Jiro Shabu (3)

Sauces area. there are no specific style of mixing as this depends on your own personal palate to mix it all. So we prepare ourself three of our own sauce mixing.

Jiro Shabu (4)

This place serve individual pot steamboat.

Jiro Shabu (5)

Jiro Shabu (6)

Jiro Shabu (7)

Order Tomyum soup base, turns out to be alright.

Jiro Shabu (8)

Jiro Shabu (9)


Jiro Shabu (10)

Jiro Shabu (11)

Their pork slices are quite good.

Jiro Shabu (13)


Jiro Shabu (15)

Love their lamb slices as it had mild lamb gammy taste that I like.

Jiro Shabu (16)

Jiro Shabu (17)

their squite turns out to be good too. Well, worth to give it a try as the food quality is there. Soup base there are hit and misses as it depending on your own taste bud.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, g0od to give it a try-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

JiroShabu Japanese Steamboat
48, Jalan SS 21/62,
Damansara Utama, 47400
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating hours:
12pm – 3pm
6pm – 11pm

Tel: 012-582 5502

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