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Shinmapo Korean BBQ The Empire Damansara

When Shinmapo Korean BBQ first landed in KL, I always wanted to try it out. The stumbling block was the queue with an average wait of 60 minutes. It was one of a top famous Korean BBQ in Korea. I recently visited their new outlet in The Empire Damansara. Shinmapo Korean BBQ interior Adding in KimChi egg Crust into our pit @ RM 15 One reason that is quite well known is because they serve Galmaegisal. Galmaegisal, also known as pork…

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Samgeori Butchers @ YG Republique, TREC KL

Samgeori Butchers is one of a well known Korean bbq shop hail all the way from Korea. Part of YG Republic that located in Hive block at TREC KL; along with K Pub. A shop that Specialise in Iberico pork, be certain that on the premium quality cut as you get to see it at their cold room. This is where you get to see and choose your meat. As you can see alot of singature in the wall, as the…

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Chicken Plus finally landed in Malaysia @ Sunway Velocity

One of a upcoming prominent in Korea that currently is in massive expansion mood in the country, have about 100 outlets across Korea. Not only that, as Chicken Plus finally landed in Malaysia at Sunway Velocity being their first outlet and there will be more to come  as they are aggressively expanding in Malaysia too. It was election week and while returning to KL and craving for Fried Chicken, then stumble upon this outlet that it is new and running…

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6 Korean Restaurant to try in Solaris KL

Sometimes when we are out of idea of what to eat, we will hit on google to check what is best to eat in an area. Well, I have always been hanging out around Solaris KL area and here are my top 6 Korean restaurant to try in Solaris KL. 1. Sae Ma Eul Till date, this is still one of my favourite Korean BBQ shop. When I first found this shop, the shop is patronize by alot of Koreans…

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Chi Mac @ Solaris KL

Solaris, there are many Korean restaurant around, and Chi Mac was the latest addition that I tried quite a while ago. They have been operating quite a while and I have notice that most of the time that when I walked pass by them, their shop is quite empty. Not too sure how they survive but believe they sure do have their regulars especially on delivery. Chi Mac is just located a few doors away from Starbucks Solaris KL. Since it…

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YG Republique Malaysia @ TREC

YG Republique Malaysia is one of the latest expansion from the group out from Korea. Located in TREC, also one of the more official K-Pub or the first K-pop themed bar in Kuala Lumpur. Certainly love the vibe of this place as it sure do have K-vibe like when I visit Seoul. Indeed a K Pub Korean Booze & Beer Bar. Korean Pancake @ RM 25 Seasnail Salad with noodle. Way to eat it is to mix everything in it…

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