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Hai Kah Lang Seafood Noodle in Taman Cheras is already famous among the locals. Constantly they are with queue even before they got awarded with Michelin Bib Gourmand KL. According to my friend, the queue had double up and average waiting time now is about 30-90 minutes depending on your luck.

michelin bib gourmand kl hai kah lang seafood noodle

I am in love with their seafood selection as everything look so fresh. Just look at those live Si’ham, lala, and the colour of fish cut. Just Amazing. what caught my attention the strongest that I must order is the Leopard Coral Grouper. ITs a rare kind and the texture of fish will be amazing. 
seafood in kl (2)fresh seafoodLook at the prawn colour also so pretty. 

seafood in klmichelin bib gourmand kl (2)There you go the Michelin Bib Gourmand Awards. Awarded for its flavour consistency. hai kah lang signature menuDont know what to order? their first main pager is their best seller. Just be noob like me and order whats you think is attractive. of course Seafood noodle. 

hai kah lang menu

Then choose the types of noodle that you want.famous kl street foodThere you go. 4 of us ordering 4 different bowls. 
famous fish noodle KL


this is one of their main signature or best seller – Mix Seafood Noodle @ RM 25.90. I find that it is decently price with teh amount of ingredients given. Everything is super fresh and cook to perfection. Prawns, lala , all really making drool now. You get to taste to near best seafood taste you can get.

Soup base with milk on the other end is on the mild side. I find it near to very clear soup and after drinking it a while, it is actually to compensate with the fresh taste of seafood. So some people with heavy palate might find the soup is near tasteless but if you eat it carefully you can taste the mix of seafood taste. 

Enjoy the noodle and don rush to finish it.
fish head noodle soupfish cake in kl   Love their fried fish cake too. The outer layer is fried nit crispy but just nice. The fish ball texture is abit bouncy and love it. Must dip with their home made sambal. sambal hai kah langFor those who do not dare to take risk and want to dine something simple is just to get their simple Fried Fish head noodle soup with milk. @ RM 
hai kah lang signature Leopard Coral Grouper @ RM 19.90 I pair with dry noodle. Dry noodle is abit more on the salty sidw to those especially with heavy palate this might suits your taste bud. Add in with strong flavour of garlic oil and we try with different soup base which is recommended by the lady “sourish tomato” and the flavour is amazing.

Fish texture is cook to perfection which is just nice and you can see the fish skin is thick. Collagen packed, chewy and amazing fish meat texture. Recommended.
hai kah lang cheras

Would I come back again? Of course if I do not need to queue. My friend taught me how to book a place to skip the queue by paying RM 8 service fee thru the app and of course I am happy to pay. 

If I were to queue 1 hour i certainly would not as the weather is killing. 

Here is the APP : FUNNow
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-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, love its fresh seafood.!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


海脚人海鲜粉鱼头米 Hai Kah Lang Seafood Noodle and Fish Head Noodle

44, Jalan Kaskas 2, Taman Cheras, 56100 KL

Operating hours: 8am – 5pm

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