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In Penang there is ineed plenty of street food that you can find. As a Penang Kia, my cousin share with me this place as one of his favourite Classic Nyonya Moh Teng Pheow Nyonya Koay in Penang. He would always buy it whenever he come back to Penang during Chinese New Year. He rated it as one of the best Classic Nyonya Kuih in Penang.

moh teng pheow nyonya kuih (2)moh teng pheow nyonya kuih (7)
kuih bakulbest nyonya kuih in penang
best street food in penang
moh teng pheow nyonya kuih (3)
moh teng pheow nyonya kuih (4)DSC00875moh teng pheow nyonya kuih (1)

I only discover this 4 years ago and noob die me, but it is actually quite hidden. Also quite well known now to many tourist. This place had been operating since 1933 and I certainly believe this would be the 3rd generation holding the helm for this place.

The kuih are made fresh every day. There are many classic types of nyonya kuih available with the likes like:

    1. Angku kuih
    2. Kaya Kuih
    3. Huat Kuih
    4. Kuih Jaging (corn)
    5. Kuih Kacang Merah (red bean)
    6. Kuih Ketayap 
    7. Kuih Kosui
    8. Kuih Lapis
    9. Kuih Bingka Ubi
    10. Kuih Talam
    11. Kuih Seri Muka
    12. Onde – Onde
    13. Kuih Salat
    14. Kuih bugis
    15. Rempah Udang

nyonya kuih penangmoh teng pheow nyonya kuih
moh teng pheow nyonya kuih (5)

Many others also. easily more than 25 types available daily. Happy hunting.

Price certainly is not cheap as they are higher priced and also smaller portion. For the taste itself I love it. Classic, fragrant and filled with flavoures.

If you are looking for one of the best Nyoya Kuih in Penang, this is one of the place to look for.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, good classic kuih but expensive, !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Moh Teng Pheow Nyonya Koay

Lebuh Chulia, Jalan Masjid,

10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Operating Hours: 10.30am – 5pm

Tel : 0124152677

TopzMall is a new live commerce platform that just establish in year 2020. In a short time spent, they have steadily grow year by year.  Kicking off 8th March with Women’s Day Sales Campaign. A campaign that will go on live commerce for 5 days from 4 March to 8 March. Aim their products that go as high as 80%

Official Poster

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I was a happy boi when I found out that Kuke Desserteriecan at Desa Sri Hartamas can order cake by slices or even their whole cake.. They are local baker that run by passionate husband and wife that focus on their extraordinarily local flavours.

They do not have actual shop as their cakes are bake fresh daily and even pre-orders to delivery you their best fresh quality cakes.

They have wide range of selection for single slice ordering. Feel free to explore more.

Order by slice:

cakes in kl

From left to right:

🍰 The Saint
🍰 Honolulu
🍫 5 shades of chocolate
🍰 Triple C
🍰 Hitam Manis
🍰 Puteri Jendol

best cake in kl

They have a few flavours which is local inspired and to my surprise, my personal favourite is both their local inspired flavours.

kuke cakes

Puteri Jendol @ RM 17 indeed taste like cendol which is also one of their best seller. A cake that is soft and fluffy on both top and bottom yet a slightly dence creamy that holds the cendol on the middle. As your fork punch thru the cake, the fragrant of the cake comes out together. Top is pandan and bottom base with gula melaka base. Best it is not too sweet .

black glutinous rice

My next recommended flavour is also their one of their best seller which is also local inspired. The most interesting is this Hitam Manis @ RM 17 which is from our Chinese thong sui. “Hak Loh Mai” . It do resembles near to the dessert. Surprisingly good. IT sounds weird and looks weird at first but trust me. A bite of this will get you addicted to continue. (that is for me). As I finish both slices of Puteri Jendol and Hitam Manis myself.

mont kiara

Burnt Cheese Cake I find it better than many available out there also. Of course there are alot of versions on how they make and depends on what you like. I like slightly burnt outside with top and bottom is slightly hard and middle is moist. This is how they make it. The Saint @ RM 17

burnt cheese cake


cake delivery in pj

Honolulu @ RM 17


Last 2, is 5 shades of chocolate @ RM 17 as some of my friends ordered this and they love it. It is really 5 layers of different chocolate with 1 layer a mix chocolate in it. It is rich yet not too dense but just nice. You have both hint creamy and bitterness from the choclate. Layered well in flavours.

Triple C @ RM 17 is like I called the unique version of carrot cake. That’s how I interpret it. a hit of cinnamon and a nice mix of bites in it.

Feel free to explore more.

As my dad is classic China man. That weekend with him especially dim sum, he must have his tea. Since this year unable to go back to celebrate Fathers Day with him. So send him Puer Tea Gift Set that order thru Best also you will receive a personalized greeting card for you to include your warm greetings.

I find this TEAX is quite interesting as one of the brand we know well is Purple Cane and collaborate long term strategic partnership with TEA X, an international professional “platform for warehouse storage and trading of Malaysia-aged Puer”. They are committed to providing high-standard warehouse storage for quality tea. It is a reliable one-stop tea exchange and warehouse storage for Malaysia-aged Puer. If you’ve selected our tea warehousing service, enjoy free storage for the first year of warehousing service to store your tea for FREE!

pu'er tea

The set I bought is reasonable as currently on discount. From RM 388 now is RM 188. Comes with a set of ripe Puer, Purple Cane 7542 Year 2016 + Purple Cane 7572 Year 2016.

where to buy pu er in kl

This 7572 ripe tea produced in 2016 uses the famous ancient tea mountain ecological big-leaf sun-dried green tea in Xishuangbanna as the base material, and is made by the traditional fermentation process of ripe tea. The finished tea has a pure aroma, a strong red and bright soup color, a pure smell, and a mellow taste.


afternoon tea

Brewing Hints

Break off a well-sized portion of tea leaves from the tea cake, add to brewing vessel until ¼ filled. Pour in freshly boiled water at 85°C-95°C and drain the tea infusion immediately. 1st brew is not for drinking, the purpose is for the tea leaves to unfurl and moisten. This helps release the full flavour of tea for a satisfying brew.

For 2nd brew, refill the brewing vessel with about 30 Seconds to extract the full flavour. Pour and Serve. It is good for several brews. Re-steep the leaves in a similar manner to enjoy the tea as it develops from steep to steep; continue re-steeping until the leaves are exhausted of flavour.

fathers day

pu er tea

pu er


purple cane

where to buy quality pu er tea


The 7542 raw puer cake produced in 2016 is a collection of multi-grade composite tea ingredients, which makes the tea taste moderate, soft and smooth. The tea soup has a bright yellow color and a clear, fruity aroma, soft and mellow.

So I am not there with him, so yum cha digitally.

If you are looking for Chinese tea in KL or China Tea in KL, you can check out their website here for more choices. TEAX.MY

I guess MCO had created many home talent out there. With some with drawings, baking and may others. I was shared by a friend that I must try out his best friend cakes. It is really good. Then I said lets do it. A home baker from Cheras, KL operating as @homekitchenbyng in instagram and I must say she does create one of the best Home bake Onde Onde Cake, which is actually her signature.


One thing to note on as she is using premium ingredients and best of all. It is order to bake to ensure you get to enjoy the freshness of the cake. Order afternoon, bake in the morning.

These are the 4 signature cakes from her and my flavour ranking from top to bottom:

  1. 🥥 Onde-Onde Cake 6′ @ RM 68 (this is the best) – (highly recommended)
  2. 🌹 🧀 Rose Lychee jelly Cheesecake 4′ / 6′ @ RM 68/RM 88.
  3. 🥃🧀 Bailey Coffee Liquor Crumbles Cheesecake 4’/ 6’ @ RM78/ RM98
    Some of you that like some booze, then this would be my another recommendations.
  4. 🍵🧀Matcha Crumbles Cheesecake 4’/6’ @ RM68 / RM88
  5.  🥭🍚 Mango Sticky Rice @ RM 12.90 (limited time only)🚗🛵 💯 FREE Delivery for RM 100 and above / Watsapp to order at: 0183999819

homebaker in kl

🥥 Onde-Onde Cake 6′ @ RM 68 (this is the best) – soft pandan sponge cake that got stack with well balance gula-malaka coconut filling sawdwich in the middle. Filled with generous amounts of coconuts that had nearly a snow effect. . It is fresh and addictive.  (highly recommended)

onde onde cake

lychee cheesecake

Next I find that her 🌹 🧀 Rose Lychee jelly Cheesecake 4′ / 6′ @ RM 68/RM 88.

lychee jelly cheesecake

Well balance flavour of cheese and lychee that blends together. Cheese is soft, not too creamy and heavy yet one bite you get to enjoy all flavours.


bailey cheesecake

If you like something boozy then you can give it a try for their 🥃🧀 Bailey Coffee Liquor Crumbles Cheesecake 4’/ 6’ @ RM78/ RM98

Bailey Coffee Liquor Cheesecake

cheese is slightly abit solid as I believe could be the alcohol ratio but then the coffee and bailey taste is quite prominent. If you goes with a cup of ice cold long black, it is just perfect!

cake home bake pj

green tea cheesecake

🍵🧀 Matcha Crumbles Cheesecake 4’/6’ @ RM68 / RM88

matcha cheese cake

Matcha lower you might want to give this an option. Solid crust base, crispy crumbles form the top and a good mixture of soft and hard for every bite. Matcha taste is there and cheese is the aftertaste.

thailand street food

🥭🍚 Mango Sticky Rice @ RM 12.90 (limited time only). You have to eat this while  it was delivered to you. love the coconut flavour that sip into it. The puree given to give you more drench onto your mango sticky rice.

mango sticky rice

If some of you are craving for cakes, I think this is one of a home baker in KL that you can give it a try.

Over MCO or currently CMCO in Malaysia, there are variety of demand in them market. Looking at the statistic itself it is quite fascinating. What I learn among my friends is fresh seafood is one of a high demand segment. Then found this in FB. Chong U Long or known as Culfishery Deliver Fresh Seafood to our door step. Just by placing order through their:

Did this with Hai di Lao Mala Xiang Guo Sauce ( 海底捞麻辣香锅 火锅底料 ), or stir fry mala dry pot.


Here you go on the seafood that I got. Quite impress with it. Getting seafood online is like a new norm but the quality and freshness of it is there. My white prawns with body and head is all pretty good and solid meat. Clam meat is good too. Best of all is the fish meat. Just like what you got from the market.

FB live seafood

I am also impress with how it is deliver and well pack. Order on Friday came on Saturday in a normal foam box. Pack in a large plastic bag to prevent from the seafood water leaking.

Online seafood

fresh seafood

For the pricing of the seafood, you can watsapp : 60102172172  them direct to find out what’s the price for the day, or check out their facebook. : Culfishery

online fresh seafood delivery

All seafood comes in a vacumm sealed pack. I got 2 x Salmon fish head for curry dishes.


A threadfin fish to be steamed, clams, prawns all for my spicy fried mala dish later on the night.

KL seafood delivery

Squid ring is pretty huge.

  1. Salmon Head – 300g x 2 @ RM 18
  2. Threadfin – 500/1kg @ RM 42
  3. Sea/Ming Prawn -800g @ RM 48
  4. Clams – 500g @ RM 13
  5. Squid Rings – 1kg @ RM 28

*price fluctuates daily. Do call them for the price. 



Here you go on my fresh sea prawns @ RM 48 and clams in the packing.





The white prawn size is at least M and above.


This is what I mean. Look at the fish meat. SO fresh and the skin of the fish is just still perfect.


The clams meat as I soak it with salt water for 30 minutes before cooking.


My menu for the night, with the fresh clams and prawns that I got, cooking it with Hai di lao Spicy Stir Stir Fry Sauce (海底捞 麻辣香锅调味料)

seafood delivery

Result. simple fresh and good for the seafood that I got. If you are in for spicy, put in 2 pack. If beginner, start of with 1 pack of sauce.

Online seafood delivery

If you plan to get some fresh seafood in KL or fresh seafood in PJ,  you can also check out their instagram. @culfishery

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