Sunway Velocity is not a mall itself by now. To us who loves China hotpot, it seems like a new mini China street in KL itself that have a few shops that serve classic China Szechuan Hotpot. Around dinner time from 7pm – 9pm, you can see a queue right in front of Shuguo Yinxiang Restaurant 蜀国印象蜀國印象·火锅. Rated no.2 by me in this street as they are situated outside at the Boulavard of the mall.

Velocity Malat (1)

If you decided to dine randomly in these few restaurant, best advise to reach before 7pm. If not most of the crowd are here for dinner and the average queue will be 90 – 120 minutes long. As diners doesnt eat very fast to clear the table for you as this is HOTPOT. Diners use their own sweet time to cook the ingredient, dip, chat and eat.

Velocity Malat (2)

You will be given a number and their service is pretty good. They will call you to inform you that your table is ready and will only be secure for about 10 minutes.

Velocity Malat (3)

Most of the Chinese Szechuan hotpot in Sunway velocity, they renovated their outlet back to those classic Wong Fei Hong Era.

Velocity Malat (4)

If you are seated inside, then they will have the change face and tea pouring performance. I choose to seat outside so that I dont smell like a fresh hotpot from the kitchen.

Velocity Malat (5)

Variety of condiments are available. You can mix base on the little signboard place ontop of the counter or you can just mix on what you like.

Velocity Malat (6)

Velocity Malat (7)

each table will be given a mini pot of sesame blended oil.

Velocity Malat (8)

For first timer, you just need to pull out the wooden section of the chopstick and connect it to the base.

Velocity Malat (9)

Velocity Malat (14)

Soup base here is sliglty milder and also on the Ma La Szechuan hotpot, slight on herb and spice taste.

Velocity Malat (13)

My version of sauce mixture.

Velocity Malat (10)

Velocity Malat (11)

Velocity Malat (12)

Lotus root is a must have for me.

Velocity Malat (15)

Velocity Malat (16)

Velocity Malat (17)

Velocity Malat (18)

Their fried bean curd roll is a must have.

Velocity Malat (21)

Mixture of 4 meat.

Velocity Malat (22)

Dipping with my own version of special sauce.

Velocity Malat (23)

then we decided to order China Rice wine and they do have a few selection in here. Ranging from 35% – 60% alcohol content. WE order this with 55% alcohol content. It is so good to pair with hotpot as it is not burning hot, but have sweet end to it. Quite smooth too.

Well, the soup base in Shuguo Yinxiang Restaurant  over here is milder if were to compare to Xiao Long Kan that located just further end of the street. I would prefer this shop more for the pungent taste of it. However Shugo YinXiang Restaurant is on the cheaper side. You can do bookings too.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, not too bad !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Shuguo Yinxiang Restaurant 蜀国印象蜀國印象·火锅
1st Floor, V03-01-03A, Level 1, Boulevard,
Sunway Velocity 55100, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-9770 0078/ 03-9770 0079/ 012-9939 369

Operating hours: 11am-2am

Their new shop name is currently known as Xiao Long Xing Jiang Hu instead of the famous Xiao Long Kan at Sunway Velocity.

updated 19th May: I was told by my friend that Xiao Long Kan in Sunway Velocity is not original and it is a copy cat. I was told Xiao Long Kan Original Brand going to open first outlet in Penang then Bukit Bintang. So went to check them out on 25th May 2019 and indeed they have change their signage and name. 

Original Xiao Long Kan in KL (click here)

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-29 at 11.32.56

I am a big fan of China Mala hotpat. My friend arrange a dinner at this famous Xiao Long Kan Hotpot 小龙坎重庆老火锅 in Sunway Velocity as she rate this is one of the best China Szechuan hotpot in that area. Also got to find out that they are well known in China and this is their first outlet out from China.

[went back again Jan’19 and it seems that their soup quality had drop. order medium spicy turns out to be less spicy and the herb after taste not that prominent]


xiao long kan (6)

Along this new boulevard of Sunway velocity, I am impress on how many other China restaurant that is operating in this area and amount of China Chinese is dining in. I am sure it is quite authentic that drive them to these few shops.

There will be a long queue if you come during peak hours and some of other shops operate till 3am.

xiao long kan (1)

The interior of this outlet, win! Interior that travels you back to the Qing dynasty era.

xiao long kan (2)

xiao long kan (3)


xiao long kan (5)


For China stemboat, we will not miss out with your own diy sauces that are basic with freshly chopped chili, garlic, coriander and spring onion. To add in at least half bottle of their sesame oil into your sauce.

xiao long kan (10)

For soup base, we order their signature : Butter Spicy Soup with 1 chili (which you can choose on your spicy level till level 3) @ RM 48, and Mushroom Yuen Yang @ RM 42. First timer, I would advise on level 1 spiciness level as it is quite different from others. If you think you can really take ma la spicinness then start off with level 2. I had mine in 2 chili. Loving it. 

xiao long kan (7)

Pig Blood Cube @ RM 10

Most of the ingredient here are fresh and we ordered quite alot. . Love the spices and fragrant of the soup. Not too spicy as what I thought off but it is good enough for my level. To others might thing it is quite spicy.

xiao long kan (8)

Shrimp Paste @ RM 38

xiao long kan (9)

xiao long kan (12)

Fish Fillet

xiao long kan (13)

xiao long kan (14)

Australian Beef slice @ RM 30

xiao long kan (15)

Pork Belly Slice @ RM 22

xiao long kan (16)

Homemade Parsley Pork Ball @ RM 23

xiao long kan (17)

xiao long kan (18)


xiao long kan (19)

Fish Balls @ RM 10

xiao long kan (20)

Luncheon Meat @ RM 16

I have had quite number of China Szechuan steamboat in KL and certainly this is one of my top recommendations now. Price is on the steep side but near comparable with Xiao Fei Yang (XFY). Another of my favourite is also CQB in Kuchai Lama.

Certainly not cheap as the total bill came about RM 500 with 2 bottles of beer.

my second visit 3.11.2018:




Do remember to call to make reservation. If You walk in, the waiting time during peak hours is 2-3 hours. I waited 3 hours without booking. So its kinda bad.

[update: went on 6th Jan 2019, the quality of soup had dropped.. Order medium spicy taste non spicy and the herbs ingredient is less prominent] downgrade ratings from 9 – 7.5


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, one of the best SzeChuan Hotpot !!! Recommended! ~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Xiao Long Xing Jiang Hu Malat Hotpot (previously known as Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot)
V05-01-02, Signature 1(V05) Lingkaran SV,
Sunway Velocity, Maluri, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Opens daily from 12pm to 12 am

Phone: 010-213 3382

GPS: 3.129573,101.723144

It had been ages that the hype never dies down outside from China. Going strong all over the years that they mark one of the top hotpot out from China. A brand that is no stranger to many of us is that this Legendary famous HAI DI LAO Hotpot 海底捞 will be opening in Sunway Pyramid SOON!

haidilao Hotpot (1)

HaidiLao steamboat restaurant is originated from China and they are famous for two things. The quality of their food and their top notch service.

Hai Di Lao first opened their door in 1994 and so far has expanded to 72 restaurants in China and penetrating to the world at the moment. Also a news that I read, they area a Billion dollar company.

haidilao Hotpot (16)


And now hotpot or steamboat lover like us will be jumping in joy over this news as finally they are coming to Malaysia. They will be operating the food at the ground floor of Sunway Pyramid Hotel. So I believe will be right just before Chinese New Year 2019 or after that.

Now heard from my friend that will be opening another outlet at Pavilion and Penang too.

Do prepare to queue for 4-6 hours like what is happening in Singapore during peak hours. I had my first HaidiLao in Singapore early this year 2018 during my visit of FHA. So all of you folks out there, get ready for crazy queue.

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot finally had a branch at Chow Thye Road, Penang which is about 2 weeks old. Being one of my favourite place for steamboat or favourite hot pot, it is indeed a joy for Penangnites. This is also one of a famous shop that operates in Hong Kong that visited by many.

As You Like Chicken Pot (1)

KL they are operating in Solaris Mont Kiara and there will be slight difference in menu items and soup base if were to compare these 2 shops.

As You Like Chicken Pot (2)

Operating in heritage area, certainly the look and feel of this shop is different too. Love the rustic industrial look of it. Cement flooring, red brick and some classic touch of wooden frame on the wall to add on touch of heritage.

As You Like Chicken Pot (3)

Drinks here are slightly different too. Of course As You Like Chicken Hot Pot is herbal tea on the left that is Watercress with honey & Lemon @ RM 10 and infuse with some sourish flavour which is lemon and the right is a Penang special Flower Tea @ RM 12 . A special mixture to give you a nice touch for your stomach to pair with this hotpot.

As You Like Chicken Pot (4)

From the menu, just tick what you like and then place order. Most of the ingredient here are pretty good and you can choose to order what is listed in here.

As You Like Chicken Pot (8)

Penang outlet will have Sour Pig Stomach base that is generous with ingredient. Of course not to miss out their Hong Kong version of China Spicy Mala Soup base. Where you get to pick the spicy and numb level that you love.

Of course I will pick mixture of soup base – Special 2 in 1 Whole Chicken Pot @ RM 118 . Signature Sour Pig Stomach Hot Pot and Si Chuan Spicy Chicken 

As You Like Chicken Pot (21)

One of my favourite soup base in this shop. Not your usual Penang version which is pack with pepper. Soup is quite thick and love the strong flavour of sourness from the sour veggie.  Filled with generous ingredients of pork stomach and chicken that is marninated with Chinese rice wine that give you a nice and juicy chicken meat. If you find the soup is slightly too strong, can always ask the staff to add in the clear soup stock to tone it down a little.

As You Like Chicken Pot (5)

We tried out some of their cold platter : Marincated Cucumber @ RM 6 (small) and Marinated Black Fungus @ RM 6 (small). What is a must order is their Golden Presserve Egg @ RM 9/RM18. 

As You Like Chicken Pot (6)

As You Like Chicken Pot (7)

As You Like Chicken Pot (9)

One of my must order item is tapioca Starch noodle @ RM 10 or their Hong Kong Nission Noodle. 

As You Like Chicken Pot (10)

Home made Chive Dumpling @ RM 30 (large 12 pcs) is something that you should not miss. Love the marination of chives and mixture of meat and softness of the skin.

As You Like Chicken Pot (13)

For classic flavours, I love their Golden Ham Balls @ RM 6 and Pork Tendon with Ginger @ RM 6 

As You Like Chicken Pot (12)

I rarely order seafood for steamboat, but when the owner show me on the size of prawn, I find it quite worth it. Large prawns that serve in 6 just only at RM 48. Love the meaty texture that give you the springy meat texture is just perfect. Just do not overcook this.

As You Like Chicken Pot (14)

we whack 2 plate of their home Made fried bean curd roll @ RM 30 (large). Crispy and crunchy if you eat it fresh but it is for soup dipping purpose. Rule of thumb is dip only 4 seconds and net it out. DO NOT Leave it too long in there.

As You Like Chicken Pot (15)

Australia Wagyu @ RM 58 . Thin slice beef and it is quite meaty.

As You Like Chicken Pot (16)

As You Like Chicken Pot (18)

Here you go on the prawn which is big.

As You Like Chicken Pot (19)

As You Like Chicken Pot (22)

As You Like Chicken Pot (20)

Indeed it was a satisfying gathering by catching up with my best friends in Penang. If you love hotpot, this is certainly one of my recommended hotpot restaurant to visit.

As You Like Chicken Pot (23)

Could this be one of the best hotpot or best steamboat in Penang. Shall leave it for you to decide and do bare in mind that this is Hong Kong Style hotpot yah.

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot
56, Jalan Chow Thye, George Town,
10050 George Town, Penang
(located same row as Harvest Inn)

Operating Hours:
Daily: 6pm – 1am (last order 12.30am)

Tel: 04-2292118 / 017-508 2558


I have always love steamboat and best of all, who does’nt love an Eat All you Can in Mikoshi Shabu Shabu Restaurant at RM 28+ lunch at Damansara Uptown. This will definitely be one of the top competitor for my another favourite Buffet Shabu shabu as an another alternative.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (2)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (3)

understand from the manager that it owned by Japanese and their concept is quite similiar to what they have in Tokyo. Hence this is a duplication with localise infusion for our local market.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (4)

as you walk into the outlet, you will be greeted with typical classic Japanese concept sundry shop. With cotton candy machine, classic sweets, face mask hanging on the walls and slow Japanese songs to make the ambiance perfect!

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (5)

there are a few variety of soup available and top choices are Sukiya, Spicy Miso, Green Curry and Ginger. As for me, their sukiya soup base is enough to kill (you get to choose mild or heavy taste).  Love the solid saltiness from the soy base flavour with mid sweet end to my liking.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (6)

Variety of side dish for you to hit on.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (7)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (8)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (9)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (10)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (11)

This section fits with greens, noodles and some seafood and this section is filled up for dinner segment.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (12)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (13)

sauces for you to choose and there are some classic flavours to choose from.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (14)

Seafood add on during dinner only.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (15)

with the sides add on. .

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (16)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (17)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (18)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (19)

Besides that, Mikoshi Shabu Shabu meat is top notch especially they have ox tongue, and finely cut chicken (which i would rarely hit on and this is pretty good), pork slices, fish, lamb and beef. Lamb is much better than beef for my personal preference.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (20)

How to eat your steamboat in Japanese style like the owner is by preparing this 3 item.
1. Signature dipping sauce (Ponzu, Mommijiotoshi and spring onion)
2. Kampung Egg
3. Sesame sauce

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (21)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (22)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (23)

After bathing your meat in the hot broth, just dip into this 2 sauce to get the maximum flavour of it.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (24)

If you are still feeling hungry after all this, then the finale is to get a bowl of rice, spring onion, soy sauce and kampung egg. Break the egg into the bowl, add spring onion and add soy sauce. just eat it like that.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (25)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (26)

Ice cream to finish off.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (27)

This place had become one of my favourite eat all you can shabu shabu place, because of price and ingredients that Mikoshi Shabu Shabu are offering.

Lunch : RM 28 +
kids : RM 20+ (3 years old below FREE)

Dinner : RM 48+ (with more choices of sides, add on seafood range and others)
Kids : RM 30+ (3 years old below FREE)

Add on Sushi @ RM 48 ++ per pax

Suntory Beer Promo – Buy 3 FREE 1

*Non Halal

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, one of my new shabu shabu uplace~ highly recommended shabu shabu place -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu Restaurant
109, Jalan SS 21/1a, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
电话:03-7733 1184
营业时间: 11am-3pm | 6pm – 11pm

Kuchai Lama seem like an upcoming place for China cuisine with a few shop serve pretty good China food. Recently went back again to CQB China Cusine to try out their CQB ChongQing SiChuan Spicy Steamboat. You can find many diners in here are from China as the authenticity is pretty much on par with the one in China.

CQB (1)

Last visit, we had their dry sze chuan pot and it turns out to be very good. After finish the dry version, they will add in their soup base and turn it into hotpot version. Do prepare to queue for at least 20 – 30 minutes if you come on the peak dinner time . 7.30pm – 8.30pm.

CQB (2)

CQB (3)

Fried potato still remain one of our top dish to order whenever we are in this Sze Chuan cuisine restaurant.

CQB (4)

If you love noodle, then do order their Mi xian which is also their signature

CQB (5)

Beef slices is not to bad as it is thinly cut out.

CQB (6)

as my friend is always there for their food, so we got a complimentary duck slices from the boss.

CQB (7)

One of their signature item. Duck blood is also a must order item as it is so fresh and good! Cooking method for this is quite direct where you just put everything into the hotpot, and let it cook.

How to know if it is cook, is when the duck blood floating on the surface, that is when you can start to fish it out.

CQB (8)

Besides that, lamb slices is this shop signature. Love they gammy taste of lamb yet not too strong but nice enough.

CQB (9)

Frozen tofu is also my favourite and do beware that this tofo will soak all the soup in it sponge. AS you bite it, do beware of the bursting soup .

CQB (10)

Do not overcook the pork slices to enjoy the best texture of it. Take a slice and just swing your chopstick for about 10-15 seconds  as it is easily cooked.

CQB (11)

Soup base we order their signature, Chong Qing Malat soup and Salted Duck soup base. They do have other soup base available too.

The sichuan soup base is strong in mixture of spices and oily enough to my liking. The soup base is definately only for cooking meat as it is not drinkable.

Salted duck soup base is strong in flavour with hint of many hours cooking and it is top in my recommended soup base.

CQB (12)


CQB (14)

There you go on the cooked duck blood. Just awesome! Also my quick cook of pork slices.

CQB (15)

Currently this CQB steamboat or CQB Sichuan steamboat is one of my favourite place. Fresh ingredients, and soup base is both on my liking side. Price is not too expensive too.

Other restaurant that I have tried in the area:

Restaurant De Hunan

CQB Steamboat Kuchai Lama
42, Jalan Kuchai Maju 9,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

Operation Hours: 11pm – 10pm

tel: 03-7972 3533

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