Wohoo, gotten my grip on this new Samsung Galaxy A33 5g for unboxing. Seems much more like a great mid range phone with its Super Amoled Screen, 5G capabilities and 2 days battery life. The new Galaxy A series represents the most popular Galaxy smartphone category. These are the few spec that caught my attention.

Samsung A33 review

The box is rather slim and small compare to my other Samsung Phone that I have purchase before. While sliding up the phone box and open up the first layer, lying down this beauty of Samsung Galaxay A33 5g.

Samsung galaxy

Galaxy A53 5G

This Galaxy A33 comes in 4 colours :

  1. Awesome Blue
  2. Awesome Black
  3. Awesome White
  4. Awesome Peach

I choose White, as it had been a while since I got a full white phone. However after my friend saw my posting, said pastel blue is really a nice colour among the series. However I felt that after with Casing might cross of the colours. Maybe now days should get a nice transparent cover to portray the color of it.

Samsung A33 5g review

Love the slim phone which is not too heavy that weight around 186g with screen size of 6.4-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED. Battery life of 5,000 mAH that was told can last 2 days. Looking forward.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5g unboxing

Camera is with

  • Octa-Core (2.4GHz, 2GHz)
  • (Ultra-Wide) 8 MP F2.2
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Internal Storage 128 GB

This new launch series comes with only 1 x type C USB Super Charging fast cable.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5g cable type c

Samsung Galaxy A33 5g

I will be testing out this phone over the next 3 weeks and check out my full review about this soon. While if you are looking forward for this phone details, check out their official website : Samsung Galaxy A33 5g

Lazada :

Shopee :

Good night sleep is very important for each of us. A good sleep gives us a great energy the next day. To find a mattress that suits you is actually hard and especially to buy online. Good thing is, Origin Mattress is actually a new Malaysian homegrown brand that would want us to get an awesome sleep mattress that do not cost a bomb.

Origin Mattress

Mattress is also very important whereby we spend nearly 1/3 of our day on bed or sleeping. what I am saying is like 6-8 hours you will be on your bed. Hence a good bed will be one of factor you should consider.

Origin Mattress comes with a few sizes which is the usual and there is a special promotion running at the moment:

  1. Origin Hybrid Mattress :Single (90cm x 190cm) @ RM 2,145 (now : RM 1,225)
  2. Origin Hybrid Mattress: Super Single (107cm x 190cm) @ RM 3,066 (now : RM 1,531)
  3. Origin Hybrid Mattress: Queen (152cm x 190cm) @ RM 3,987 (now : RM 1,839)
  4. Origin Hybrid Mattress : King (183cm x 190cm) @ RM 6,137 (now : RM 2,487)

Click here to read and view more: Origin Hybrid Mattress

For any assistance with your order, you can reach Origin’s customer support team directly at [email protected]

Origin Mattress (3)

I am fascinated on how they manage to compress this into a roll. Which do have pocket spring too. It is vacumm packed and once you cut open, it will take about 1-3 minutes to get it inflated.



with every purchase, it comes with free delivery. For a bed with such weight, i am sure it would not come cheap. However the best part is that, it comes with 15 years warranty. And after 3 months or 120 nights of trial, you felt that you do not like it. You can opt for return and refund. They will come pick up from your home.

Read more here: 

Origin Mattress (6)

Origin mattress do fell like it is an expensive product and of course a bed will be like your own preference. some like it soft, some like it hard. For me, the best will be like those kind of 5 star hotel, where once you sleep it will sink in. The top layer is so soft. However, this mattress is just a nice fit for the price that we are paying.

mattress review

This Origin Mattress is an award winning mattress with its Origin hybrid technology.

Origin Mattress (4)

A combination that makes your sleep sail like a smooth ship to its destination. It is also design for Orthopedic. My dad love this bed so much and asking that should we get another one?

origin 2

The 6 layer mattress comes with :

  1. Top layer:

    Origin® Airflow Tencel : Hypoallergenic premium surface layer that’s ultra-soft with extraordinary breathability – making it feel like you’re sleeping on a cool cloud.

    • Odour Free • Anti-Fungal • Anti-Dustmite • Anti-Bacterial • Hypoallergenic

  2. Follow by Second Layer:

    Natural Latex Layer : The natural latex layer dissipates heat while providing the mattress with a natural bounce and supportive firmness.

  3. Origin® Cooling Gel Ventilated Memory Foam : Our Hypercool™ cooling technology provides best-in-class cooling with super efficient heat dissipation in high-density, high rebound memory foam.

  4. Origin® Reflex Support Layer : Made with a proprietary blend of high-rebound open cell foam and latex, the reflex support layer gives that extra support that creates a pain-free sleep experience and allows our pocket springs to work at their best.

  5. Corner Support Design : We solve the problem most memory foam mattresses face by adding an innovative edge support technology that prevents slipping & dipping at the sides.

  6. Vanadium Calico Encased Pocket Springs: The highest quality of individually pocketed springs form the foundation of the Origin Hybrid Mattress. Long lasting and highly responsive, these springs are made with state-of-the-art motion isolation technology, making motion on the mattress quietly isolated.

origin 3

malaysian mattress


Origin Mattress unboxing

Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow is also specially design. If you like slightly firm pillow and is on the high on neck, this could be your choice. My dad know treat this as his main pillow as he loves firm pillow.

I like those featherlike with 2 stack on top  also check out  30 Best Comfortable Pillows in Singapore

Origin Mattress (10)

Origin Mattress review

I have tested this for a few nights. Slept soundly and the top layer of its softness, I quite like it. If you move around alot, the bed does not vibrate or move alot. It will not affect alot to your partner next to you.

Origin Mattress (11)

this is also how I spend my time on bed by scrolling through alot on my phone. It is quite important that a comfy bed is crucial where you will spend nearly 1/3 of your 24 hours on bed.

To give yourself a new mattress or at least a 120 days trail, click here to purchase. 

For any assistance with your order, you can reach Origin’s customer support team directly at [email protected]


I have no idea when I heard about SNP Korean Beauty Care, but it seems that I am quite aware of this brand. Could be I stumble it when I was in Korea. I was lucky this round that I manage to get SNP Cicaronic set to try out. This will definitely be my first official Korean beauty care official review.

With pandemic Covid-19 happening this year 2020 had taken the world by storm. This had also created some closure and some opportunities to brands. SNP immediate response beauty segment with their new facial care category. This is in response to our new norm that we have to wear a mask to go out. this had also created a new face sensitivity to many people.

SNP Cicaronic (1)

A series that cater more towards sensitive skin that give soothing and calming effect on skin.

SNP Cicaronic

This series of Cicaronic is coming out with :

  1. Cicaronic Cleansing Foam
  2. Cicaronic Toning Essence
  3. Cicaronic Serum
  4. Cicaronic Soothing Cream
  5. Cicaronic Daily Mask

SNP Face Wash

SNP Cicaronic set

SNP Cicaronic toner


SNP Cicaronic Cleansing Foam

Cicaronic Cleansing Foam comes in like gel texture. When you press it out, the smell of the texture is actually fragrant. Upon washing your face, the effect is not foamy yet give your skin very smoothing effect. Right after wash, I can feel that my face is quite cleanse and felt like there is a clean grip.

Cicaronic Toner

Directly after face wash, next is to apply Cicaronic Toning Essence Toner. This is more on a water base. Looks like diluted milk colour from the bottle. Upon pouring out, it is more like transparent water. It’s a watery toner with white milky but transparent color. It has a light consistency but quite moisturizing for a toner. Love the fragrance though. It has mild floral scent.

I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks. Felt that it gives my skin a good layer of moisture which needed. Previously my skin is more dry. At first when apply might felt mild stick but once dry up it is alright.

SNP Cicaronic Mask (1)

I have been using weekly mask tried quite a lot too. This round is with Cicaronic Facial Mask. The sheet is really thin and upon opening the sheet you have to handle with care as it is quite thin layer.

SNP Cicaronic Mask (2)

It is a thin sheet yet fits perfectly on my big face. The face mask is actually quite cooling and perfect for our hot weather. Just apply for about 20-25 minutes. Upon taking it out, I can still see a layer of glittering effect with moisture on my skin.

SNP Cicaronic Mask (3)

Cicaronic Soothing Cream

For daily usage, final step will be Cicaronic Smoothing Cream. I have been applying this daily before I head out. Love the effect as it gives a protection layer to my face. Some of you might be used to it as it is a bit on the oily side but it does give your face the freshness and glow effect. Even when I come back after work with 7 hours usage, I still felt that it still have a layer over my face.

SNP Cicaronic Serum (1)

the strongest product in the list is their SNP Cicaronic 7 day recover ampole. This have to use handle with care. As kinda strong serum to some faces if you have not used it before. Rich with ingredient and suddenly applied might be too nutrient to your face. my first week usage, I break it to 3 times usage per bottle. Slowly to 1 bottle 2 times.

SNP Cicaronic Serum (2)

SNP Cicaronic Serum (3)

SNP Cicaronic Serum (4)

It is a bit on the oily side but I love it. It gives my face glowing effect like the picture below. IT look smooth and healthy. This is best to use it before head to bed. While you are resting the ampole is repairing your skin.

SNP Cicaronic Serum (5)

SNP Cicaronic serum


Overall after 2 weeks of usage, I can see clearly that it had slowly closing up my pores and gives a bitter skin smoothness. My face sure do look healthier and more glowing now.  I guess falls under Korean men facial care products too.

This product will soon available in Guardian Pharmacy with an affordable price for daily usage starting from RM 60.

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INSTAGRAM- @snpmalaysia

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This would be my very first time doing men’s beauty product review base on some request. There are friends and strangers asked me through taufulou instagram that do I use facial products to maintain my skin. Many ask how do I manage to look younger than my actual age. Actually there is this particular brand I have been using, which is IOPE Korean Men Facial product series.

IOPE Men series

I have been using this Skin Care IOPE Men’s Series from Korea for the past 4 years. These mens product series are not available in Malaysia market as there are some reseller or even authorize seller carry the women’s collection.

How I stumble upon this series is that I was buying for my mom when I was traveling in Korea. Then asked the consultant, is this brand good for my skin then she recommended me this 3 products, that would be sufficient for my skincare.

men facial serum

IOPE Men skin care series with:
1. IOPE Pore Clean Mud Cleanser (estimated RM 120 – RM 150)
2. IOPE Bio Essence Intense Conditioning (estiamted RM 150 – RM 190)
3. IOPE Anti – Aging Emulsion (estimated RM 200 – RM 250)

facial mud wash

My personal favourite is this IOPE Pore Clean Mud Cleanser. It is sort of like soft mud, just press out a bit will do. Then rice water onto your face and just scrub it all the way. Best is about 30 seconds. Always go in one circular motion. If you start off with anti clockwise, best to maintain the whole sequence in that way. (that’s what the consultant taught me).

My dad is in love with this product too. Once he tried it, he ask me to buy for him too.

What I felt after using is that, my skin felt fresh and smooth.

korean facial products


My second best favourite product is this IOPE Bio Essence Intense Conditioning. This is more like a Toner but then it has the freshness effect.

This is good after face wash then gently tap onto your face. The little effect it gives to my face is , it energize it look more fresh. Usually if I lack of sleep or I drank a night and could not really get up, I will certainly apply this when goes to work. It felt like makes up my face look fresh instead of pale and dull.

IOPE korea

Lastly, is the most expensive item is this IOPE Anti – Aging Emulsion. This is more like a serum to me. Comes in a cream format and usually I applies before sleep.

I only apply this on day time if I got important meetings or occasions. What is the effect? I have no idea cuz I felt expensive. Instead of using it daily, I only use once a week, hence the impact is not prominent.

korean skin care

men facial care

Not too sure is there before and after effect you guys can see as on the left was before and right is after I have applied the 3 steps.

Many also asked where to buy this series. The only place to buy is direct from Korea. How I gotten it is that whenever I know my friends traveling to Korea, I ask them tumpang to buy 2 sets back. The 2 facial product for men that I stock up are :

1. IOPE Pore Clean Mud Cleanser (estimated RM 120 – RM 150)
2. IOPE Bio Essence Intense Conditioning

Since MCO started in Malaysia, I have been doing mask weekly.

So yah, this is my facial product and I will share soon on the brand of mask that I am using.

Covid-19 definitely will not go away till the day we got vaccine. While waiting for that to happen that might take 2-3 years  for the whole humanity to be vaccinated. While waiting for that, we should take covid prevention ourselves. I was introduce to this product Aviar Pure Sense Electrolyzing Sanitizer. This is called Electrolyzing Sanitizer.

In this box, it comes with Aviar bottle and round base which is part of the technology to Electrolyzing the water. it also comes a mini 1mg scooper for the water, also certified as Food grade quality.

I personally think that it is not covid sanitizer spray machine but certainly believe it comes in handy and light.


What can this thing do? What I have been brief, it can:

  1. Kiils Germs
  2. Eliminates pet odors
  3. Disinfect toys (perfect for preschool/ kindies/ schools)
  4. Sterlizes door handle
  5. Disinfects sanitary ware
  6. Sanitize Shoe Cabinates
  7. Kiils germs on phone
  8. Sanitizes car interior
  9. Disinfect Public areas

With such functions, certainly believe it will help many businesses out there in terms of cost saving during this covid-19 sanitizing era.

I have also got brief that, this is also being used in Japan fish market as they spray on their fresh fish for bacteria prevention


I felt that it is cost savings as it involves water + salts only!

the steps is very simple and direct.

  1. 200ml water = 0.5g salt
  2. 400ml water = 1g salt

Aviar Pure Sense (1)

Do remember to read the instruction on the bottle from top to bottom, for the Do’s and Dont’s! Step1: 400ml to 1 g salt to be added in.

Aviar Pure Sense (2)

Once added in, close the cap and shake well.


Aviar Pure Sense (3)

Put on top of the base till you see a colour of UV kind lighting and bubble starts to form. Wait till it turns green or no light. Means it is ready.

Electrolyzing Sanitizer


Aviar Pure Sense (9)

When it is ready, you can see the whole bottle is filled with small bubbles. That means, you can start to use this to sanitize.

Aviar Pure Sense (5)

Aviar Pure Sense (6)

Aviar Pure Sense (7)

Can be anywhere that human touches.

Aviar Pure Sense (8)

Especially at home with kids or older folks.


when I see the certification, I am quite impress as it mention 99.9% disinfection rate + to Kills Sars & Covid in 20seconds. Proven by University of Birmingham UK.

could this be one of the best covid sanitizer out there? I have no idea, just came across this product as my friend is taking in this for Malaysia market.

kills covid

If any of you are interested to get, it is Retail by my friend at RM 899. Can contact me in this email [email protected] Some of you running business, could consider this as Covid sanitization service?

This is way an old post as end of last year when I got this Realme 3 Pro phone, many of you asked me to quickly blogged about my review experience on this. This is a NON-PAID post as I purchase this phone for my work purpose.

This would be just a simple review on my own experience on this phone.

realme 6 pro (1)

I was looking for a new second phone for work purpose and saw this Realme brand which seems not too bad. My budget was not huge. Trying to get a decent phone below RM 1,000 and shortlisted a few as below during 11.11 2019:

  1. Realme 5 pro – RM 999
  2. Realme 3 pro – RM 899
  3. Oppo F11 Pro – RM 899
  4. Huawei Nova 7i – RM 1,099

After watching some reviews and talk to @clevermunkey about it, he mention just get Realme 3 pro as that time were having promotion during 11.11. I got my phone for RM 599 instead of RM 899. So it was quite a steal at that period.

The phone got release in 2019 May and it seems that Realme launch a phone quite often, in a timeframe of 6-9 months per same model series. Currently already Realme 6 Pro for latest launch. Read here.

realme 3 pro

Realme 3 Pro Overview:


realme 6

You can read more here at their website – Realme 3 Pro


realme 3 pro overview

1 love the size of the phone as it does not feel solid and for RM 599 phone, it is indeed a through bargain. Better grip, feel solid, yet thin enough.

Width : 74.2mm
Height: 156.8mm
Depth  : 8.3mm
Weight: 172g (with battery)
Charging pot : microUSB 2.0

realme 3


realme 3 pro (6)

with front Corning Gorilla Glass

realme 3 pro (7)

For the camera,  honestly, it does blow me away with its performance. Most of the picture below are as it is except I increase 10% of  brightness.

realme 3 pro (9)

From a gloomy weather

realme 3 pro (8)

To test of neon lights during CNY.

realme 3 pro (10)

Indoor lighting.

realme 3 pro (11)

realme 3 pro (12)

of course for my food review.

realme 3 pro (13)

A bar shot which is the most impressive of all

realme 3 pro (14)

Another night shot.

Video performance is which is also truly impressive as I will be updating on it soon on youtube.

My summary of performance of the phone realme 3 review.

  1. Battery is very long lasting, as I did test it out just without using it – can last about 7 days with 4g status on.
  2. My normal usage for work – last me about 1 full day
  3. currently is my gaming phone – as I played PUBG using it and for 100% charges –  will last me 5-6 hours continuous gaming.
  4. Fast performance of phone as I have been using since 20th November 2019 till now, not lagging nor auto restart.

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