This restaurant is no longer a stranger to us as they served quality food. We had 2 occasions here that was during our first time got to know this place for a review on their food and second we did a Chinese New Year Photo shoot here. I heard a few feedback from my friend mentioning that their tim sum is pretty good too, and this round we are here for a round of great tim sum!

House of TAng (3)

‘Soup-filled Dumplings with Goji’

House of TAng (4)

‘Spring Roll with Salad and Prawn’ been fried crisply on the outer thin layer of the roll and the salad prawn that mix in it is not too creamy which is just nice.

House of TAng (5)

‘Pan Fried Carrot Cake’ had always been one of my favaurite that makes it a must have item for me. I love it as it is perfectly grill on the skin layer and inside its soft and filled with aroma of dry shrimp, by dipping with their chili and sweet sauce is just what I prefer.

House of TAng (6)

‘Homey Sticky Rice Rolls’

House of TAng (7)

‘Prawn Dumplings with Asparagus’

House of TAng (9)

that we decide to operate it open. Filled with a big piece of juicy prawn which cause by the after effect during steam and its fresh.

House of TAng (8)

‘Rice Rolls with You Tiao and Chicken Floss’ as I love mine to dip it in soy sauce.

House of TAng (12)

‘Dumplings (Siew Mai) with Ebiko’ is rich in ingrediant and I love to chew on Ebiko.

House of TAng (13)

‘Sizzling Marinated Meat Bao’

House of TAng (11)

‘Guangzhou Prawn Red Rolls’ Is something which is not in tim sum’s menu that turns out to be one of their special dish in this limited time to be given out complimentary when you order 3-5 plates of dim sum.

Chewy skin that wrap with crispy tempura crust that been crush and a fresh prawn is insert in the middle, something that we do not get to eat every day, worth a try.

House of TAng

House of TAng (10)

We get to taste one of the lunch special ‘Curry Fish Head’ which is around RM14.50++ for this big pot, that I totally agree is one of the cheapest!

Me and Sunny just cant stop drinking the curry base and looking for the meat inside the claypot. Its aromatic with curry spices and the fish meat is fresh. Given a plate of rice to go along, we have no problem in finishing it within minutes.

House of TAng (20)

‘Unagi Puff with Teriyaki Sauce’ that you must have it hot while its out from the oven. Freshly baked and unique in taste with solid crust wrap around it and taste like Unagi in pineapple tart skin.

House of TAng (14)

‘Yam Paste Pau’ is the piglet that served next and all of us were like wahhh!!! so cutee!! then what happen to the pau next is as the picture below. . . .

House of TAng (15)

Pig making love.

House of TAng (16)

Please eat me!

House of TAng (17)

A tim sum makan will never be perfect for me if did not end it with desert.

‘Herbal Jelly With Ginseng Roots’ is highly recommended by me, if you love strong ginseng and herbal taste that served out chill. I had 2 bolws of this.

House of TAng (18)

or you can go for ‘Tau Fu Fah’ served with ginger white sugar puree.



If you are looking for some dish which is not in the daily menu, then this restaurant is worth a try, with their price is quite reasonable with the portion.

House of Tang,
One Bangsar,
No. 63B, Jalan Ara, bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603 2282 1111

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and this round, Sidney had come out with a wonderfull idea which most of us also up for it. When I heard about the plan, I got all excited, in my life for the very first time be a model *dreamingggg…. When all decisions are confirm, the result is to dress ourselves in Chinese traditional dress and head to this great location at Bangsar One, House of Tangs. Cny Menu click here.

It was a great sunny first yet cloudy day for the shot, with the perfect lighting and all of us got all hype up and thinking how to pose for it but all thanks and credits to House of Tang for the location and also Carven Ong Couture for the very nice Cheongsam to the girls.

Foodie CNY

Although I am not yet back to Penang for my reunion dinner but I had great gathering with my friends, that state our very first gathering for Chinese New Year. This was our very first shot

Foodie CNY (2)

Its all about the warm of friendship.

Foodie CNY (3)

Sunny, told you not to be naughty liau loh..see what happen..Kena Tangkap.

Foodie CNY (4)

Welcome to House of Tang that serve exquisite food with very homey ambiance that suits modern Chinese New Year, most families have opted to eat outside for reunion dinner compare to eat at home therefore, most of the restaurant now are bracing and working harder to cater for most of the crowd even on eve and the first day of Chinese New Year.

Foodie CNY (5)

As you can have all your kids playing around in the garden and like us Kung fu master wanna be(its not easy to stand up in the wood, u need to master the art of balancing in order to strike this pose). Then with our mom will be shouting, come in eat d play many time want to say..later only play lah~

Foodie CNY (6)

Reunion dinner is always about the warm and bond of a family, most of us have not seen each other for quite some time with our busy schedule yet this is the only time where everyone sit down together, have a great laughter and updates on what’s happening with all of us.

To me, family value is very important as I was tought since when I was a kid, therefore reunion dinner is a must not miss thing.

Foodie CNY (7)

Foodie CNY (8)

This is when girls talk are always on the table and guys will always talk by the side and this is when how a great family and friends get together in ushering Chinese New Year.

Foodie CNY (9)

Then the head of the family will always come later and then to be seated last as a respect from the young ones.

Foodie CNY (10)

Then the reunion dinner is on…

Foodie CNY (11)

Master Chef Koh is going to present us the method of Yee Sang/ Lou Sang.
Foodie CNY (13)
This are the basic ingredient needed for lou sang.

Foodie CNY (14)

Salmon Fish

Foodie CNY (15)

Foodie CNY (12)

Presenting you the lou sang and preparing it.

For Chinese culture in Malaysia and Singapore during Chinese New Year, Lou Sang is one of the norm that most families and friends will not miss. As the ingredient in such as fish signify abundance, homophone for Yu Sang, therefore by doing Lou Sang it means increase abundance and prosperity.

Foodie CNY (22)

All of us waiting to Lou Sang.

Equipment needed: A Pair of Chopsticks!

Foodie CNY (16)

Another norm in Yu Sang which is everyone will have to equip themselves with chopsticks and dig into the dish and while tossing together and wishing your wish for the year. The higher you toss, signifies greater fortunes and wish will come true.

Foodie CNY (17)

We all got excited and toss so high that the Yu Sang is flying all over. This is best when do it together.

Foodie CNY (18)

Too all the ladies that cooking at home and out of idea of what to cook, let us share with you some of a simple recipe to cook for all relative and friends.

Chrysanthemum Rice Cake

Ingredients A:
– Boiled water 1.3kg
– Chrysanthemum 10gm
– Vietnamese Rice Net Wrappers10 pcsIngredients B:
– Glutinous flour 1.2kg
– Tang flour 240gm
– Santan flour 1 pack
– Corn flour 240gm
– Cooking oil 120gm
– Sugar 600gm

1. Boil the water, put in Chrysanthemum and let it soak for about 20 mins. Sift the Chrysanthemum and keep the water for use.
2. Mix Ingredients B then mix the Ingredients A evenly. Pour onto a plate and steam for 2 hours. Let it cool.
3. When it is cool, cut it into pieces and wrap with Vietnamese rice net wrappers. Deep fry till golden brown and serve.

Foodie CNY (19)


Ingredients A:
– 2 large prawns
– Huge cabbage 2 pcs
Note: Slice the prawns into half to butterfly shape, add a little salt and pepper to marinate for about 5 mins. Then fry the prawn till cooked.

Ingredients B:
– carrot 20gm
– Enoki mushroom 20gm
– Mushroom 2 pcs
– Celery 20gm

Ingredients C:
– Chick peas 20gm
– Green peas 20gm
– Corn 20gm

– Garlic 1 tea spoon
– Oyster sauce 1 spoon
– Sugar 1/2 tea spoon

1. Boil the cabbage till soft, sift and let dry.
2. Slice Ingredients B thinly, boil, and sift dry.
3. Sauteed the garlic and pour in the Ingredients B and stir fry.
4. Wrap the ingredients with cooked cabbage into roll, and cut half.
5. Sauteed Ingredients C with butter and add sugar 1/2 teaspoon and salt 1/2 teaspoon. Cook with medium fire for 3 mins and pour onto the plate.
6. Serve the prawn on top of the cabbage roll on the plate with Ingredients C.

Foodie CNY (20)

Coco is trying to think how is she going to pose with this with the director Ken as the choreographer.

Foodie CNY (21)

and tadaaa…..

Foodie CNY (23)

This is how we enjoy the food from House of Tang, simply delicious as with Mei Yee, Xin and Jessica.

Foodie CNY (24)

Foodie CNY (25)

The tam chiak guys, Sunny, Saucer and Me

Foodie CNY (27)

Next let us present you ‘Baked Pork Ribs’.

Foodie CNY (28)

Pork Ribs

– Pork ribs 1kg
– Ginger in fine slices 20gm

– Garlic 1 spoon
– Oyster sauce 1 spoon
– Sugar 1/2 tea spoon
– Tapioca flour 1 tea spoon
– 1 egg

– Water 1 spoon
– Black vinegar 1 spoon
– Sugar 1 spoon
– Dark soy sauce a little bit
– Sesame oil a little bit

1. Cut the pork ribs into square for about 2 inches, marinate with the ingredients above for 3 hours.
2. Place the pork ribs into pre-heated oven till 180c to bake for 15 mins till golden brown and cooked.
3. Deep dry the fine ginger slices in hot oil till crispy and place on top of the pork ribs, and pour the sauce over, and serve.

Foodie CNY (29)

We just love the pork ribs so much, juicy, aromatic yet soft tender meat with the bone juice oozing onto the meat that makes it so flavorful. All of us getting more hype up with the food and our tam chiak look had come out..Pai seh pai seh.. start with Shirley eating nicely, then me and Coco..starting off with the trend.

Foodie CNY (30)

Jessica, Xin and Mei Yee still eating politely..not until when it comes to

Foodie CNY (31)

me…eating and sucking all the juice from the meat and bone…yummm…

Foodie CNY (32)

Sunny eating out deliciously.

Foodie CNY (33)

Saucer enjoying every bite of it….

Foodie CNY (35)

Last of course Shirley all thumbs up for the food here.

Foodie CNY (36)

Little piece of advice, when there is a camera around, please eat nicely if not, you will be caught in this moment of me kena capture in makan’ing.

Foodie CNY (37)

Comes to an end, Pastry Chef Sunny Yaw from Bigboysoven showing us his latest creating by adding on the umph of Chinese New Year by welcoming year of Tiger.

Foodie CNY (39)

Little cute tiger…

Foodie CNY (38)

Nice and colourull cupcakes and cakes can be order thru him or at

Foodie CNY (40)

Chinese New Year would not be fun if did not celebrate together with
 Gong Xi Ni, Gong Xi Wo, Gong Xi Ta Jia…

Foodie CNY (41)

And last but not least wish from all of us to all the readers, Gong Hei Fatt Choi, wishing everyone of you a Happy & Prosperous Tiger Chinese New Year and also a double happiness 2010 celebration as to all the Love Birds out there, Happy Valentine’s day.

Foodie CNY (42)

All of us signing off with, a great start of the year…

Everyone that Balik Kampung please drive save and those who are on holiday..Happy Holi Holidayyyy….. Wooohoooooo~

Foodie CNY (26)

All of us had a fantastic time and it was a great experience and the last crew I wanted to thank is the people behind the scene which all credited to them for the efford of choreography, photography and pictures.

Ken Chan –
Alex Ang –
Chai –
Andrew Quah –

House of Tang for the location, food and recepi. Carven Ong Couture for the ladies Cheongsam.

Host: Sidney –

Food: Master Chef Koh

House of Tang, One Bangsar

Cupcakes: Pastry Chef Sunny Yaw –

Jess –
Mei Yee –
Coco –
Xin –
Bok –
Lionel –
Sunny –
Mei Yee’s Cheongsam: Carven Ong Couture –

Bangsar had always been one of the exclusive place to dine at and yet as I always pass by Bangsar One which had now transform to one strech of bangalow restaurant which most of them had their very own style that had always caught my attention to dine there.

Anything more joyous than laughing with our loved ones in a cozy reunion dinner at this restaurant is something to be looking foward for.

House of Tang

To make you feel at home, we had done it from the ground up. You will enjoy a purposely built home-restaurant. You can enjoy your meals from our garden area, living area, private rooms, and dining area, upstairs or downstairs. You can go back to basics with our superb home styled dishes. You can enjoy your gathering here no matter how small or big your family is.

House of Tang (2)

House of Tang (3)

Love their concept of dining which is very simple and nice decoration in the restaurant yet giving you a pleasent feel.

House of Tang (4)

House of Tang (5)

As for the night is very young and we were serve with fruit juice yet to make the night extra umph we order beer to go along with.

House of Tang (6)

During festive season, a dish that you must not miss the tradition…

Salmon Yee Sang with Crispy Shredded Treasures in Plum Dressing’

House of Tang (7)

House of Tang (10)

House of Tang (11)
and this is befofre our lou sang ….

House of Tang (12)
and the result of getting over excited that ends up like that….

House of Tang (13)

‘????? ???????
Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat and Dried Scallop in Winter Melon’

House of Tang (14)

House of Tang (15)with its not too thick soup base that filled with stripes of shark fin’s and fresh crab meat add on with some vinegar that I just slurp the whole bowl within seconds. Not too strong in flavour yet its just nice, something clear.

House of Tang (16)

‘????? ????
House of Tang Braised Pork Trotter’

House of Tang (17)Is the best I have eaten so far on many dishes, as pork trotter I choose not to eat the fat’s part but this is truely exceptional. As the waiter was cutting the portion, I just cant wait to eat the pork as it smelllsssss so nice~ and the waiter did put some fats on my plate. My gawd, when I put into my mouth, the fat’s just melts on my tongue and it taste so good, with a bit sour,salty and thick sauce yet with the softness of the pork meat is just awesome.

This would be the first time I was fighting with the rest to hunt for the fat’s. Truely surprise my taste bud.

House of Tang (20)

Japanese styles fleshy prawns (ming ha)’

House of Tang (19)Fried to perfection that the aroma of the ingredient wraps around the prawns strongly and I just enjoy the taste of it. Solid prawn meat shows the sign of freshness.

House of Tang (21)

Assam ‘Tom Yam’ Garoupa Fish’
Strong soury aroma was flying across the room when this was serve and I thought that its sure going to be very sour but again, caught me by suprise, the right sour level with the amount of spicness is there and to eat along with rice is the best combination.

House of Tang (22)

Baked Chicken with Herbs’
Soft tender chicken with mild herbs taste just comes to my liking.

House of Tang (24)
French Beans with Preserved Olives and Minced Meat’

Fried with ‘Wok Hei’ yet crispy french beans with mild saltiness of the mince meat just taste as good as it is that makes me think back the taste of dish that I had before at Melbourne.

House of Tang (25)

Double Boiled Soup of the Day’

My choice among those 3 was the coconut soup. It was one of the best soup I ever had, mild coconut flavour yet with chinese herbs and the chicken was boil along with it to create the sweetness of the soup that taste like been steam for a long period of time.

The other two are good too, that steam to perfection to bring out the aroma of the ingrediant.

House of Tang (28)

Special Homemade Layered Beancurd’

House of Tang (29)
Braised Pork with Soya Sauce’

House of Tang (31)
The amount of fats and the soft pork meat and I wish that it was less salty then it would taste mor perfect but I still loves the Pork Trotter.

House of Tang (27)
The soft ‘Man Tou’ is to dip and eat along with the braised pork.

House of Tang (30)

Claypot Pork Belly with Lotus Root’

House of Tang (33)
‘????? ????????
Braised Dried Oysters with Fatt Choy, Top Shell, Sea Cucumber and Wok Fried Greens’

House of Tang (32)
‘????? ?????
Steamed Rice with Waxed Meat in Lotus Leaf’

House of Tang (35)
‘????? ?????
Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Sea Coconut in Iced Lemon Syrup’

House of Tang (36)

House of Tang (37)

I just love tong yuen, I just don know why yet with sea coconut as the soup base its just the right combination that I ended up having 3 bowls even though I am very very full.

House of Tang (39)

‘????? ????
Crisp Fried Chinese Brown Sugar Cake’

Fried to crispyness yet once bit you can hear the crack sound and doesnt tasste sweet yet feels like eating ‘nian gau’.

House of Tang (38)

‘Tau Fu Fah’ with Almond Cream’

House of Tang (40)

‘Master Chef Koh’ is a very funny guy.. Jokes around and humble yet he is the man behind the scene that prepared all the amazing dish as for his age I would consider that very good yet the restaurant now in the festive mood adding in amazing values for every 1 to enjoy with the promotion below:

house of tang promotion set menu front

house of tang promotion set menu back


We were all fed till very full and it was truely a wonderful night for all of us, for my record, it would be the most dish(16) I have ever tried in one night and with the amazing host of the owner and Richard for arranging all of this, I am speechless but only can say thanks to you guys.

This restaurant is truely Highly Recommended by me.

For enquiries or reservation, please contact:

House of Tang
One Bangsar
No. 63B, Jalan Ara, bangsar Baru, 59100 kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603 2282 1111 ? Email: [email protected]

This lunch time I am really lost and my friend is heading towards Jalan Duta side and was asked to look around where got veggie shop to eat. They have been very nice accompanying me eating Vegetarian food for a few days already. So I found this shop and its on the way of stopping by.

This is the first vegetarian restaurant that I came across that served tim sum too.

The picture illustrated in the menu sure show’s a sign of their quality of food but don know got kena tipu a not.
I love their interior design, very very China feel with wooden chair and table carving designs.
Then we were served with this Enzime as what my friend call. Something very sour and a weird taste but some of them are alright with it. Some of them like yewwwww….
‘Crispy Seaweed Slice’ RM2.50 was served upon with the drink and this thing was gone in minutes. A bit crispy yet have the taste of seaweed.
Then we were given this rice. I don know what it is called.
We order a ‘Set Lunch D’ and it served with ‘Curry Mutton’ with mild curry and the potato taste perfect but the mutton curry doesnt taste anything close to mutton. Would say more like a meat ball.
‘Soup of the Day’ nothing to comment on.
‘Mix Vegetable’ at least it was friend to perfection that manage to preserve the freshness of the vegetable. Mild in taste but I have no complain.
‘Fried Fish Soup + Black Bean Sauce’ is nothing near to what it has describe.Cant really taste the black bean and the fried fish is not really fried.
‘Sweet and Sour Meat’ is also not anything near what it has been describe. The meat that was fried taste and chew more like a fried sotong.
At the end of the lunch they were still not full and ordered the ‘Tim Sum’ as having promotion 30% and after the % it charge at RM15.75. The taste of course cannot compare to the real taste as we usually eat. Only 1 word. Okay lah~
At night I was around that area too and look on the internet and according to the address given, there is not such shop that were printed on my paper. Then only head back to this restaurant.
We order something simple and fast ‘Fish Head Bee Hoon’ which the ginger taste over power most of the ingredient in there but at least 50% same compare to the 1 I dine at Kuchai Lama. RM8
I add on ‘Fried Goose’ which this is the first shop I came accross that sell this. I seldom miss this only in KL its hard to find. Well, its served very thin layer of the fu chuk yet quite oily. RM10
My friend order ‘Tom Yam’ which we felt it taste quite weird. Then only realise that the pineapple that taste weird had spoild the soup base. RM8
-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 5.5/10, Not bad la~ -Stamped-!

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Nature’s Vegetarian Restaurant

24, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, 59100
Tel: 03-2283 5523

My favorite hang out area, Alexis at Bangsar especially craving for the Tiramisu cake combine with the Mocha there is the best combo. Like this place a lot especially is not too big, just nice, not so much crowd and pretty cozy area to go for my fav desert but for that day, not really hungry so kidnap my friend along to accompany me to eat.

Like this wine rack which I always think will I ever drink that much of wine?

As I am quite hungry so the first item to be order is of course ‘Clam Chowder’ which cost RM16. The soup is thick and creamy, shower with quite a lot of clams and the taste is just so good and the piece of garlic bread makes it a perfect combination.
Saw the table besides us order ‘Garlic Bread’ charge at RM8 which smells very nice and rich in garlic aroma, I also order one lah~ But I tell you, the garlic bread is toast to crispiness on the side and soft in the middle, the garlic spread on top of it and the first bite on it will make you finish the whole plate~

My usual that I would rarely miss to any kind of restaurant when look at Spaghetti section is of course the Carbonara. The order of ‘Spegitti Carbonara’ cost RM 32 . With the price on this plate of carbonara I honestly think its quite expensive with the bacon serve some mushroom and spaghetti. Not the type of carbonara I crave for. This is not very creamy and its near to dry, yet of course do not want to waste the food so finish the whole plate la.

Last but not least, the only thing that must not miss of course their ‘Tiramisu’. The outer layer is filled with crunchy nuts and when comes to the inside, its so soft when you eat it, it melts inside on your tongue. The taste of the cheese, the coffee on the cake and some of the chocolate taste just poison you that make you enjoy every single bite of it. The strawberry syrup is just for the added taste. If you like it you will or you will just ignore it. Highly recommended – RM15
-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, Good ah ~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Alexis Telawi
29, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL

Tel: 03-2284 2880

Recently I have been to O-Town Bangsar South quite often as I found out that, it is the most cosy O-Town Branch to meet up with my friends and it is in the middle.

Then I did notice a burger stall in front of it. So as I am sick of the food over there, so decided to give it a try as some times as I pass by there are not many customer in the stall. Most probably the location of its place. For me, if I were to open a stall, pretty sure that I wont pick that spot. The passerby customer is so little.

This is the burger stall that located in front of the 7-11 over there and it is run by 2 local students which is they are doing part time of it. While waiting for the burger had a chat with the stall owner found out that the cost of operating this stall is not more than RM1k because they are not taking franchise. As I know a Ramlee Burger stall need around RM45k for Otai do not know, never ask before.
They way they are doing the burger sure looks good, juicy, and tempting. The fact is the taste of the burger is not bad, surely can improve more. If the meat were to grill a lil longer, it would be perfect. If they can make their mayonnaise sauce more unique then it would be a perfect burger arleady. The best part of the burger is of course the black pepper sauce that they are using. RM4 for this ‘Burger Special with Cheeze
Overall the taste is not bad, considering that they are new in the industry and surely will go back again some time.
To visit this stall, you must have fate with them, because the stall syok syok open, syok syok not open. No consistency of when they are operating.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 5.5/10 , -Okay lah~
–WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Jln Kerinchi(Bangsar South)
O-Town Traffic light turn right towards Pantai Panorama Condo.
Jln 112H

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