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If you are into flavours, FLOUR Restaurant at Jalan Kamunting KL is gonna blow your mind away. Was told by @bangsarbae that  now they have lunch menu and it was as good as before. They were one of my favourite restaurant when they were still in Bukit Damansara. Flavours were on point and the cooking is spot on. (click here)

flour jalan kamunting

In their new premises, Flour now do offer Lunch menu and I am totally excited over it.

flour fine dining kl

Love the interior design with its modern classic European with a fountain sits right in the middle giving a nice water flow relaxing ambience. 

Flour is also one of a restaurant which is Michelin Selected. 

michelin indian foodflour degustation menu

flour lunch menu

Menu were pretty direct. Their few signature is there, also chef cooking method is Modern Contemporary Indian Cuisine. It is playful and with twist of flavours.

flour menu flour restaurantDSCF4900

Started off with Pomfret @ RM55 (400-500g) – curry leaves puree marinated Golden Pomfret, charcoal roasted. 

The fragrant of the curry leaves on the top, makes it fragrant. This certainly is My special higlight of the day. The Pomfret is so fresh and cook to perfection. Charcoal roasted till fish oil is oozing out, the oil its one of the element that gives a nice hint fragrant, and the meat is so soft and juicy. Feels like taking a knife cutting it thru like a cake. 

DSCF4904The clever mixture of Curry leaves puree is the secret ingredient that enhances the flavour of it. Fish meat is soft, fresh and juicy. It gives you a nice green aroma that its need with light fish meat and a bit of nice bite texture on the gravy is just well balance.
best fusion indian restaurant kl

Garlic Cheese nan. I looks simple but the nan is dough and bake nicely. Nice bite chewy texture, and the Swiss cheese that the chef use is perfect! give a nice bitter, saltines to enhance the taste of the nan. I quite like it as the taste of it is quite harmonious.

best indian dining kl


flour famous butter chickenButter Chicken @ is totally on point. Curry is slightly thick to my liking. It is smooth texture, everybite is filled with satisfaction. Chicken meat is soft, tender and juicy. Well coated with the curry.

best indian restaurant pj

Pairing it with their rice is on point. The grains texture is quite different from many others as was share that they used different cooking method. It is a long grain that cook to perfection. A bit of like uncook texture 20%. Every bite is a nice bite of grains, yet pair with the curries is pretty well balance. Pack with flavours yet it is not overpowering. 

best modern indian restaurant klCoconut Red Prawn @ RM 88 – Red Prawn with Coconut Sauce and Thai Red Chilis is a clever cooking. It looks simple, it is fill with simple fragrance umaminess. Coconut sauce that the bottom is smooth,  prawn is cook to perfection and it is very fresh. You can taste the freshness of prawns with its hint of coconut sauce, hint of chili after taste, with the oil gives  a nice balance indian restaurant klprawnDSCF4936 I enjoy every little sip of this gravy. 
best briyani kl

Mutton Biryani  @ RM 90. Single portion grass Fed mutton, Biryani served with Basil curd. another dish that worth the shout out. To cook medium rare mutton in this pot of rice is certainly another skills set that need to be mastered. Cooking it well along that the grain is not over cook yet the mutton remains medium rare inside a pressure heat. 

Mutton is soft and tender, that gives a nice bite texture with long graints mix with spices, gives a nice mixture of well balance spices. Mutton do not have the lamb strong taste. The after taste spices of briyani just linger around your month.   best poori kl butter chicken   modern indian cuisine

A perfect ending for my meal. The dessert is highly advise not to share. I enjoyed every bits of the perfect biscuity base baked fragrant that I like, a taste f nature with hint of nutty end yet brings out the aroma of mild sweetness. 

chef yogi flour restuarantI am suprise to see Chef Yogi serve the last dessert. an honour to meet him in person with such a strong passionate chef that is cooking all ingredients with respect. Understanding from his perception of coming out with food  concept and ingredients that he has, quality food in this lunch menu he is serving definitely with the price tag and the taste worth to explore. .

t had been a while since I enjoy a meal with such a big smile and remain happy for the rest of the days. It is slightly expensive but it is money well spend for myself. A highgly recommended place by me.

definitely will be back again.


flour kl

If you are more explorative you can check out his degustation menu which is also my next aim.

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Flour Restaurant

12, Jalan Kamuning, Off,

Jln Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating times:

Mon – Thurs: 6:30–10:30 pm (close Tuesday)

Fri – Sun : 12–2:30 pm / 6:30–10:30 pm

Tel: 012-960 0053

It seems that recently there is a boom of Lamb Hotpot mushrooming every where. There is one I felt that will suits to alot people for those who cannot really take strong flavours of lamb is this Hidden Lamb Pot in Chinatown is this NIAMAH HaoHong Lamb Pot in Petaling Street.

jalan Sultan, Petaling Street

niama hao hong lambpot, petaling street

To find this place might be a abit tricky cuz its a hidden restaurant as hidden in the alley as the main entrance. AT the main road, look for Toto store and right at that alley, walk in. It is even worst when the restaurant is only preparing 40 portions a day starting from 5pm – 10pm or while stock last. You know that you wont go wrong outlet as you walk into the outlet, there is a strong like lamb bak kut teh kind of smell. 

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petaling street

The place is indeed very classic, equip with those kind of like Hong Kong fight screen hawker seat, printed classic 80’s era gambling den. 

Niama Lambpot

For menu it is super simple and direct. With their signature is the Lamb Pot.

lambpot petaling street

This is one of a place that I would recommend to many of you especially those of you like to drink soup. It is light, flavourful and a little hint of more towards bak kut teh . Lamb is soft and juicy.

best lambpot in kl lamb sliceYou need to dip with their special fermented fu yu sauce that give it extra punch of flavours. It is a unique well balance taste yet quite addictive with the sauce too. I ended up having 3 little sauce tray for it.

Besides that you can order add on items and turn it into like mini steamboat and continue eating. I ended refill my soup at least 5 rounds. 

best wantan mee kl

  If you think Lamb might be too strong for you, then another option you can go for their Whisky Siew Yuk Wan Tan Mee. this is pretty spot on. Love the texture of wantan mee that cook to al dante, topped with crispy siew yuk which gives you a cracking skin bite. Meat is soft and juicy that makes it right.  I even order extra as a small portion to continue eating.
whisky siew yuk
lamb riceThose that need rice to go after, something you might consider as their Niamah rice – that is cook with lamb soup base. Give you a hint of very mild after taste of lamb. Good to pair with the lambpot.

1chef tommy  It is indeed a fun night to meet some enjoy lamb people sitting next to mee. Chef Tommy, hope you continue to cook up amazing dishes and please maintain the quality of your addictive lambpot soup base. On and off can miss his lamb soup base. 

It is indeed a recommended place to those of you that enjoy light lamb taste that is soupy end. Recommended to you if you enjoy hint of lamb and a soupy person. those of you love strong lamb taste then this might not be the right place to be. 


Niahmah Hou Hong LambPot

Petaling Street

28, Jalan Sultan, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: thurs – Sunday (5pm – 10pm)

To begin with, food was never  100% perfect. After a a lot of buzz about this Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice at Pudu, KL from a lot of FB pages few years back that they are using Charcoal. They have been gaining its momentum. It is also a place that had been selling for the past 40 years and finally I make my way there after also they won an award of Michelin Bib Gourmand for its food consistency.

best claypot chicken rice in kl

I was told that this place do serve nostalgic taste to many people and also to many of them do not like it. As always, I went over with an open mind. To me, any stalls that use Charcoal fire certainly a win for me. However it gets tricky if the person knows how to maintain and control the fire.

chicken rice in klclaypot chicken rice I find that their cooking method is quite unique or I have never seen before. A charcoal Claypot chicken rice goes into double cooking method. Burnt from bottom then finish off with charchaol heat on the top. Then only I realise no wonder the waiting time is there. Easily a pot will take 10-15 minutes to cook base on this.
DSC02134charcoal claypot chicken rice pudu michelin claypot chicken rice charcoal claypot chicken rice

To me, a Claypot Chicken rice must have Salted fish, without it, its kinda lack a big flavour profile for me. I spread my salted fish into crumbs and mix it evenly in the pot.. After eating the first bite only understand why its nostalgic to a few people. Now I am being added into the nostalgic taste.DSC02151 Soy sauce is a perfect kind for me that gives a nice sweet salty finish that have similar taste those in Penang, hint of salted fish in each bite, is just perfect Chicken is cooked to perfection, soft tender and juicy, with lap cheong is just nice.

Their signature Pig Pepper soup and Sunday Lotus soup is not to be miss. Spot on satisfying soup

Huen Kee Claypot Chicken Rice michelin bib gourmand kl

I went back again second time to give it a try within 2 weeks. Indeed taste is still good! Certainly one of a claypot chicken rice place for me as it hits all my personal notes. this is the founder of the shop that ensure its consistency and her story of hardship is certainly inspiring.

Do share if you have your personal favourite or best Claypot Chicken Rice in KL spot too or any even classic like charcoal claypot chicken rice.

Now they have a new reservation system : Download  the APP : FUNNow
Enter my promo code “GDXV3FE”


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, love its classic taste and consistency.!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice

59, Jln Yew, Pudu, 55100

Operating Hours: 11 am–9 pm (closed Thurs)

Take away order only: 03-92001603 

Ramandan is coming near and some of my friends already asking where got nice ramadan buffet in KL for Ramadan Buffet. Recently went to check out  CITARASA NIPAH AT EQ KL is certainly a restaurant with great ambiance.  The take over kitchen and menu will be helmed by EQ’s famed Chef Muhammad Hajral Lisarni will be your guide to the gastronomic splendor with classic traditional cuisine. .

eq hotel (1)

eq hotelLove the ambiance of the hotel as certainly dine in comfortable in posh settings. DSC00671

Chef Hajral maintains that native Malaysians will always miss the authentic tastes of their home, despite the prevalence of modern, simplified versions of some classic Malay dishes. For this spread, the recipes have been used for decades and handed down from a bygone era, before the invention of time-saving kitchen appliances. Chef Hajral explains that the secret to the success of these recipes is that they were passed down from generations of women who spent hours slaving over the stove to achieve the coveted “trifecta” of tenderness, richness, and consistency.

eq hotel (2)ranging your classic street snacks to fresh seafood corner.eq hotel (11)best ramadan buffet in klthe fresh oyster is to die for as I ended up having 1 dozen. That is how fresh it is. Clams and prawns were equally good.fresh oyster buffeteq hotel kl

Making a resplendent return, Citarasa Nipah now offers a widest variety of delicious kerabu (local salad) prepared by Chef de Partie Saadiah, another fan-favorite from last year! Chef Saadiah is a kerabu expert who has modernised our humble yet traditional kerabu and elevating it to new gastronomic heights that are bound to tickle even the most discerning palates. She promises that each day there will be a good amount of sampling of the 41 different kerabu; no two days will ever be alike. She whips up special sauces, flavoured with aromatic oil and sambal belacan that is certain to get us hooked yet again. Usual favourites like freshly shucked oysters, mussels, tiger prawns, baby scallops, and more will be among the fresh seafood on ice.

ramadan buffet early birds priceramadan buffet priceeq hotel (3)Do remember to check their outdoor area too, with the classic as their hainese chicken rice is pretty good. Need to take the ginger and chili to make it perfect. eq hotel (1)Soup corner is also one of myf favourite. Sabayon eq hotel


EQ ramadan buffet 2023

One of the most emblematic dishes of Malaysian cuisine, EQ’s signature satay, will also be featured prominently. The carvery features kambing golek as an additional meat option (roasted whole lamb). Chef Hajral’s signature Nasi Beriani Kambing Batu Pahat, which will be served with nasi beriani and vegetable dhal, also features lamb as a main ingredient.eq hotel kl (1)Other area of cuisine with luxury flaours are the Indian and Malay classic coners. Be sure that your palate will be in umami state.eq hotel (12)eq hotel (14)eq hotel (10)Maybe to avoird all that you can kick off with the fresh greens corner?gelato in klEnding the meals, be sure to check out the ice cream. Passion fruite is my favourite.eq hotel (6)You can enjoy some classic kuih or cakes.hotel ramandanbuffet kleq hotel kl (2)Just look at the oyster.eq hotel (13)

Opening Hours

Citarasa Nipah is available at Nipah from 23 March – 21 April 2023
from 6.30PM – 10.30PM.

Early Bird Vouchers

  • RM188+ per adult

Redemption Period: 23-26 March and 19-21 April 2023

Group Vouchers

  • RM208+ per adult

Minimum of 12 vouchers required

Redemption Period: 23 March –  21 April 2023

Buffet Dinner

  • 23 March – 21 April 2023
  • RM228+ per adult | RM114+ per child age 6-12

Reservations are recommended. Guests may email [email protected] WhatsApp +60122789239 or book through TableApp at

Chinese New Year is just 2 weeks away. Everyone is already ushering and starting to prepare for Reunion dinner or gathering. This year CNY 2023 with Golden Phoenix at EQ KL is bringing us the classics. EQ brings back the legacy of
Golden Phoenix with food from its cherished menu archives.

cny 2023 price

Golden Phoenix restaurant has long held a reputation for culinary excellence since its inception in 1974.
Much like its mythical namesake, the restaurant has gained legendary status for its celebrated
Cantonese and Szechuan fare.

Chef Choy Sin Sang has been instrumental in continuing the Golden Phoenix legacy for many years. An
alumnus of Selangor Ching Wu School, Chef Choy studied the art of dim sum making at the Taiping Tea
House before working at his first hotel in 1957. He joined the original Equatorial Hotel in 1973, where he
has since ensured that the food from the Chinese kitchen is of the highest calibre and authenticity. It is
with great pride that EQ recreates the Golden Phoenix in all its glory every Lunar New Year.
This year, we invite you to savour a magnificent showcase of classic and beloved oriental creations with
a unique and contemporary twist.

chinese new year menu 2023 Chinese New Year 2023 Set Menus To Celebrate With
There are four set dinner menus, offering some of the very best celebratory fare. Priced at RM188+,
RM238+, RM328+, RM488+ and RM688+ respectively per person, for a minimum of four persons.DSCF2971Rich Fortune Set (RM188+ per person) (Available for lunch only)
Platinum smoked salmon Yee Sang
Braised lobster soup with sea cucumber, dried scallops and mushrooms
Braised sun-dried oyster with abalone, sea moss, flower mushroom and broccoli
Steamed giant grouper with marmalade sauce and glass noodles
Sakura prawn fried rice with smoked duck, taro and asparagus
Assortment of Chinese pastries – Rice cake and baked peony lotus seed paste
DSCF2963Great Prosperity Set (RM238+ per person)
Platinum smoked salmon Yee Sang
Braised lobster soup with sea cucumber, dried scallops and mushrooms
Braised sun-dried oyster with abalone, sea moss, flower mushroom and broccoli
Steamed giant grouper with marmalade sauce and glass noodles
Baked king prawn with sea salt and Mexican pepper
Traditional roasted chicken with fragrant onion sauce
Sakura prawn fried rice with smoked duck, taro and asparagus
Chilled sweetened rainbow pearls, panna cotta with avocado cream
Assortment of Chinese pastries – Rice cake and baked peony lotus seed paste
DSCF2982 Happy Reunion Set (RM328+ per person)
Platinum Hokkaido scallop and salmon Yee Sang
Double-boiled fish maw soup with fish lips and conch meat
Baked cod fillet with sakura “melazhan” sauce with fragrant onions
Braised sun-dried oyster with abalone, sea moss, flower mushroom and broccoli
Stir-fried Hokkaido scallops and prawns with asparagus in supreme dried scallop sauce
Roasted chicken with fragrant shallots, garlic and Mexican spice
Golden Phoenix seafood fried noodles
Sweetened taro sago cream soup with black sesame glutinous dumplings
Assortment of Chinese pastries – Rice cake and baked peony lotus seed pasteDSCF2968 Wealth Treasures Set (RM468+ per person)
Premium abalone Yee Sang with fish roe
Double-boiled fish maw soup with fish lips and conch meat
Blue sea prawn with chef’s signature sauce and basil
Braised abalone with dried oysters, flower mushrooms, sea cucumber and broccoli
Steamed cod fillet, Hokkaido scallops with preserved soy bean dregs and superior soya sauce
Tea-smoked chicken roll and crispy chicken with mango yuzu sauce
Garlic fried rice with seafood, fish roe, topped with crispy scallops
Sweetened taro sago cream soup with glutinous rice dumplings
Assortment of Chinese pastries – Rice cake and baked peony lotus seed pasteDSCF2966 Prosperity Set (RM688+ per person)
Premium abalone Yee Sang with fish roe
Blue river prawn ball broth, fish maw with Alaskan crab meat and fresh lily bulbs
Baked stuffed lobster with dried scallops, mushrooms and cheese
Braised abalone with dried oysters, flower mushrooms, sea cucumber and broccoli
Steamed cod fillet, Hokkaido scallop with preserved soy bean dregs and superior soya sauce
Roasted duck with crispy bun and hoisin sauce
Garlic fried rice with seafood, fish roe, topped with crispy scallops
Sweetened bird’s nest, red dates, lotus seeds and ginkgo nuts
Assortment of Chinese pastries – Rice cake and baked peony lotus seed pasteDSCF2994Starting off the double boil soup perfectly. Simple nourishing, clean, mild herb taste to my liking.

Fried Rice had evolve to healthier level. I find this clever cooking as using okra, brown rice and the taste is subtle enough to bring a nice mild flavour journey
eq kl lou sang 2023

Prosperity Toss
Yee Sang, the hallmark of Chinese New Year, will be available from 5 January to 5 February 2023. The
most extravagant version is the premium abalone Yee Sang with fish roe (RM188+, portion serves four
to six; RM368+, portion serves eight to ten), followed by the Hokkaido scallop Yee Sang with fish roe
(RM188+, portion serves four to six; RM368+, portion serves eight to ten). Other options include crispy
white bait and fish skin (RM118+, portion serves four to six; RM228+, portion serves eight to ten),
smoked salmon with soft shell crab (RM168+, portion serves four to six; RM328+, portion serves eight
to ten), and the Korean snow pear variant (RM108+, portion serves four to six; RM208+, portion serves
eight to ten). Additions range from extra crispy fritters from RM8+ per portion, jelly fish (RM28+), Korean
snow pear (RM28+), crispy fish skin (RM38+), salmon (RM58+), whitebait (RM78+), 10 pcs of 20-head
whole abalone (RM148+), 4 Hokkaido scallops (RM138+), and soft shelled crab (RM68+).

Many more offerings await discovery at

Equatorial Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2789 7700 Mobile: +6012 292 3343

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