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Shiki Omakase that is lead by 2 Japanese chef that offers you a modern Japanese Dining Omakase Experience. It is a unique experience that what you are having on the day will be different from another diners that going into for the same menu. Shiki Omakase just sits right above Healy Mac in Publika or even just a few doors away from Red Bean Bag.

A new Omakase restaurant in Publika that just started this year and it is gaining their own popularity especially their lunch crowd. If you do plan to go here for lunch, do make bookings.DSCF7759DSCF7760 (2)mount fujishiki omakase (3)shiki omakase publika

Lets start off the food journey of Omakase as the menu for the day (click here). Just note that what is written in here, every dinners might have slight 20% changes or even 50% changes of ingredients from what I posted or even same chef attending to you, the ingredient used for you and other diners also could be dfiferent. That is why the term Omakase. (You do not know!)

shiki omakase (4)

Basically it is the fresh ingredient of the day that what Chef plan to have in his mind and also along the journey of dining, chef might switch their menu they have in mind to suits the persons taste bud as they discover further if they are part of your conversation. 

shiki omakase

Before kick start the meal, chef show me on the available cuts of tuna and maguro. Just look at that. different types of premium cuts.

shiki omakase (1)

fresh sea urchin

Was fun to talk to the chef as the only seating for the night. He focus conversation with my side by showing all the fresh ingredients that got flown in, in the morning it self. Just look at the colour end texture of Uni. Drool
best omakase in kl

very interesting that how chef play his unique modern infusion style. Some with bird nest, truffle cream, smoked wasabi. The best is, all his flavour combination pairs really well with their house Sake. Fruity, floral and refreshing. It just opens up most of the taste of the flavour profile then end with hint of floral and sweet end. Perfect!
japanese food in klToro sushi with chef special saucefresh tunashiki omakase (2)just cant remember this fish. the texture is very unique yet a taste that rarely tried before. Uniquely good!
fresh blue fin tuna
fresh tunafresh uni

This is the sushi uni with special sushi rice from a province. The sushi rice is actually fatter and shorter than the usual yet chef cook it slightly cooked that give you a nice bite of body texture. 

shiki omakase (6)
japanese food in pj

this is super good. The mini lobster is super fresh and it is actually one of their in house best seller. Lobster Kanitama Motoyaki. The meat is so juicy and meaty. Pair with its side dish that just goes super well.-Recommended shiki omakase (5)omakase in pj

Palate washer is very unique as it is actually savory that serve in chill temperature. Yet a nice mixture of sour that cleanse the palate. 

japanese food in publikaSimple desser to finish off with Japanese Melon and Yuzu Sorbet. One of the best that I come across as chef mention this is their special recipe all the way source from Japan.

modern japanese dining in kl

healy mac publika

This is certainly not your usual Japanese Omakase as Shiki Omakase is the modern Tokyo style. Just go in with open mind and enjoy your food journey. I just located right above Healy Mac or a few doors away from Red Bean Bag Publika.


Jln Solaris Dutamas,

Solaris Dutamas,

50480 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: Tues – Sun : 12–2:30pm / 6–10:30pm

Close Monday

Tel: 01136774134

I was told that this place sells legendary Roti Bak Kwa. Of course Roti Bak Kwa in Penang and KL is totally different version. Since I am craving for one, decided to pay a visit to Uncle 6 Toast Bar In Pudu, that just operated not long. In the area, Uncle Chai is known as the motocycle Bak Kwa Man. He had been riding the same kapchai for 40 years moving around to sell his legendary charcoal roti Bak Kwa.

I think this is more like Uncle Chai Retirement shop with some relatives or cousins helping to run the shop and continue his legacy. Uncle Chai is also already 80 years old. standing strong and steady.

Uncle chai kapchai

of course Roti Bak Kwa can be consider as one of a street food. Alright, the diff between Penang and KL as I think this is the first time I eat Roti Bak Kwa in KL and this is the first one.

the difference is that Penang comes with steam bun and own special sauce bath onto the center bed of bread then add in with just charcoal bbq onto it.

KL is what yo usee below. Roti toast and with chili sauce. Ill show you guys Penang version when I go back Penang end of the month.

roti bak kwa in kl

Never the less, the uncle gives generous pork floos and bak kwa 2 pcs and I enjoy every mouth bite of it. Is it super good, I think it is decent enough to fix my cravings. I just enjoy the classic without egg.

  1. Classic @ RM 5.50
  2. Bak Kwa with Egg @ RM 6.50

egg roti bak kwa

uncle chai roti bak kwa

cham peng

The best combination is Roti Bak Kwa and Cham Peng @ RM 5. Fuh, enough liau. Just like this! Pretty spot on kauness of coffee and tea blend together.

dry clay pot pan mee

Then was introduce by the girl take order that Signature Claypot Dry Chili Pan Mee @ RM 11 is their signature. Smells good, drooling but I think its quite salty for me. I think price is a bit steep for this.

chee cheong fun

KL chee cheong fun I am never used to it. However still give it another try. Nahh, not my cup of tea.

uncle 6 toast bar menu

Uncle 6 Toast Bar

Oh well, if I am in the area, I do not  mind to drop by to tap pau Uncle 6 classic Bak Kwa.

remark: as they are new shop, please do give them 3-4 months to improve their food. 


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, okay la Roti Bak Kwa! Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk–

Uncle 6 Toast Bar
14, Lorong Brunei 3,
Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 7.30am – 4.30pm

Seems like recently alot people are checking into this cafe Whisk KL which is one of the newer branch inside BookXcess Mytown Shopping Center, Cheras. Hidden inside this large book store, sits this new cafe concept.



There is even a map for you to navigate around. In here there is this Whisk Cafe , with seating area at the Piazza overllook outside with a huge glass panel, then an art gallery underneath the stair case.

Ume-Tei is another Japanese restaurant that hid inside here too.

mytown shopping center


Alot people ootd in this huge bookstore and I think they going to open another branch in BookXcess Tropicana Gardens Mall, PJ.

cafe in kl

BookXcess MyTOWN

whisk kl

this is Whisk Cafe inside BookXcess.

whisk kl BookXcess

Industrial kind of concept with limited seating in the cafe area or more like a smaller group.

whisk kl BookXcess MyTOWN

whisk kl coffee menu

Whisk Cafe Menu in BookXcess Cheras and some cake of the day.



whisk kl (2)

Walk next to them, this area gives me a good memory like my uni days. Its the Piazza.

cafe in BookXcess

cafe in BookXcess MyTOWN

indoor mushroom

there is even some fresh mushroom grow on the wall.

umi tei mytown

Ume-Tei Japanese Restaurant inside BookXcess in Mytown Shopping Mall

Whisk KL BookXcess
Level 1, MyTOWN Shopping Centre,
6, Jalan Cochrane, Seksyen 90,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

operating hours: 10am – 10pm

Before we coming to end of the year and feeling festive yet not too sure where to go for a nice place to chill. Well, lets head to the new atas food court known as Tiffin At The Yard at Sentul, KL. Love the location as the surroundings is quite oversea with rustic and classic red brick buildings around and Sentul depo is just around the corner. Many instagramble corner can be taken in this premises.

The best part is Tiffin At The Yard is going to be permanent.



Just look at the surroundings.

do note that if you are taking anything for commercial, do apply permit at their office. In Tiffin At the Yard : Who is here and what to eat: check out their page : Tiffin at The Yard

sentul depot

There are plenty of parking space and it is free. Just prepare to walk abit as there are 3 segment of carpark.

tiffin at the yard (2)

tiffin sentul food court

Tiffin At The Yard is going to be a permanent area

tiffin at the yard (3)

food in tiffin at the yard

For this round, these are the vendors that currently taking place. What to expect:

  1. variety of mixture of food is avaiable.
  2. do prepare to fork out some money for it as food here is ranging from RM 15 onwards. Average about RM 25-RM 35 per portion.
  3. what you get in return, is a cool vibe oversea ambiance.

tiffin at the yard


thyme out

casa lisboa

red red botak head

there are vendors like Red Red Botak Head

little people

Little People that sells pastries

superfine tacos

Superfine Tacos

superfine tacos (2)

tiffin at the yard (21)

Thyme Out Mexican food

tiffin at the yard (17)

Casa lisboa

kedai roti universal

Some no stranger from Kedai Roti Universal cafe

yum cha


tiffin at the yard (8)

tiffin at the yard (23)

Feeling chilling and some mixologist corner right at mezzanine floor. Above the area selling wine.

tiffin at the yard (16)

beverage corner and wine corner

wine tiffin at the yard

tiffin at the yard (45)

Tiger beer corner is not operating and beloeve they will operate at night. Quite a cool corner they have.

tiger tiffin at the yard

tiffin at the yard (24)

tiffin at the yard (37)

tiffin at the yard (39)

There are variety of vendors in the area and I find that Olivia Deli is a must hunt stall. I find that their Squid Ink Paella is da bomb @ RM 35! one of the best paella I come across. Did spoke to them as currently they do not have a restaurant yet. This is their first pop up.

Their new restuarant currently under renovation and will be operating in Bangsar. I am looking forward for this.

tiffin at the yard (38)

Serve pippin hot as I was aiming them quite a while and all their service are made to order. Once, this portion is sold out, they will make a new next batch. So aim for the corner area which gives you a little crunch and also this is pack with flavours. With the kind of stock that they are using and it is cook to perfection!

I also tried their Chicken and Duck Paella @ RM 32. It is not too bad, not the usual you can get in KL. Worth to give it a try but still Squid Ink is the best.

tiffin at the yard (27)

tiffin at the yard (41)

tiffin at the yard (43)

Beef Jianbing @ RM35, which is fried rice wrapped with egg, and topped with sous-vide beef shoulder.

tiffin at the yard (35)

Not a bad dish, as it heads towards more on the salty end.

tiffin at the yard (34)

One of my friend is vegan so she opted for Bagellicious.

tiffin at the yard (36)

tiffin at the yard (44)

I see many instagrammer post about this so my sis bought to try it out. Lickin Chan ice cream. Not bad as they got a few interesting flavours.

tiffin at the yard (33)


tiffin at the yard (30)

Another recommended stall is this Philipno Jamaican stall. I totall miss out their stall picture as this stall sits right opposite Red Red Botak Head.

Pretty good dish, as meat is soft and generous with avocado. Pack with spice flavours and it is something unique that I come across. Worth to give it a try as it is at RM 35.

tiffin at the yard (31)


read some other post : Alta burger seems to be a big hit here which I think I miss out or do not see them. Will certainly aim them on my next visit.

2 stalls I think would recommend that I personally think worth to try:

  1. Olivia Deli – Squid Ink Paella
  2. Jamaican Philipno food – oppsite red red botak head stall.

This is a cool place to be in if you are not too sure where to do during this festive season. A great place to chill and catch up. Certainly will come back again!

tiffin at the yard
PT189-PT183-PT185 Jalan Strachan,
Off, Jln Ipoh, Sentul,
51100 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
Thurs & Fri : 5pm – 12am
Sat & Sun : 10am – 11am

It is not easy to find a nice pastry in KL. If you do find one, you have to dig into your pocket. Croisserie Artisan Bakery at Damansara Heights is indeed one of the cafe in Bukit Damansara to pay a visit. To warn all of you first, where it is a dangerous shop. At first to buy 2 pastries and walk out with 7 pastries.

Croisserie Artisan Bakery

With more than 50 choices of fresh pastry for you to choose from. From Sandwich, to cakes to pastries. As you walk into the pastry shop, the aroma of freshly bake item it smells so good.

Croisserie Artisan Bakery Damansara


Just look at some of the selection that I have capture. Does it gives you the feeling of like when you are at oversea. Those famous for pastries and the item is stacked on top.  Almond Croissant.

bukit damansara

Chocolate almond, cream tart, Salted caramel, Blueberr



Croisserie Artisan Bakery damansara heights


cakes in kl

Not only with pastries. Just look at their cakes too. It is too pretty and per slice I think it is still reasonable. Gonna come back to try out their cake next.

Croisserie Artisan Bakery (3)

Croisserie Artisan Bakery (2)

best pastries in kl

Croisserie Artisan Bakery in Bukit Damansara is definitely one of the pastry shop in KL that you would want to pay a visit. I certainly dont mind to come back when I feel I am generous to spend. It is on the high side.

Where will be your favourite pastry shop? do share with me too

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, love it full with variety!!!~Recommended-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Croisserie Artisan Bakery
14, Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating Hours: 7.30am – 8pm

Tel: 012-564 4154

After taking along break from MCO last year till now, I am quite sure some of you are craving some kampung flavours. This year, Quan’s Kitchen at the Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown preparing their Ramadan 2021 with Bazar Selera, a culinary marketplace back to the ancient Silk Road and nostalgic Malay flavors.

Bazaar Selera


Bazar Selera (1)

Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown

Inspired by the country’s melting pot of culture,  which was once a major stopping point and important centre where intellectuals from all across the world gather to share ideas and exchange goods. The cross-cultural interactions and civilizations introduced a unique and complex fare using trade ingredients and cooking methods influenced by traders and conquerors in the early years.

Bazar Selera (4)

Bazar Selera (5)

A curated a menu by Executive Chef Gerald Chong that will bring you on an epicurean journey back to the ancient trade route of Silk Road, bring you the flavours like Live Lanzhou La Mien, Xinjiang Roast Lamb, Uzbek Plov, Ikan Patin Tempoyak, Sambal Udang Petai, Kari Kambing, Satay, Lemang, Satar, Otak Otak and many other classics..
Ending with manis note of Persian Saffron Brittle or Soham e-Qom, Fried Ice Cream, Kuih Muih, Cendol, Ice Kacang and Teh Tarik!

Bazar Selera (6)

Bazar Selera (7)

Bazar Selera (8)

Xingjiang Roast Lamb is a meat station that must hit on.

Bazar Selera (10)

Bazar Selera (11)

If you had not enough, then perhaps seafood station?

Bazar Selera (12)

Bazar Selera (13)

The traditional hand pulled Lan Zhou La Mien, is the first station that I hit on. Rarely say no to hand pull noodle station.

Bazar Selera (14)

Bazar Selera (15)

Topped with some chili oil , meat and own cook broth. Just nice.

Bazar Selera (16)

Bazar Selera (17)

Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur

ramadan buffet 2021

pasar ramadan

Ending myself with some manis note of Persian Saffron Brittle or Soham e-Qom, Fried Ice Cream, Kuih Muih, Cendol, Ice Kacang and Teh Tarik!

quans kitchen

Quan’s Kitchen Bazar Selera is available from now till 12 May 2021, daily between 6.30pm to 10.30pm. Priced at RM158nett per pax. More details available at Facebook

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