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Healthy eating? What comes into your mind? Modern will say poke bowl. Older generation will say vegetarian. Well, both is also healthy for me. Another will be this Purple Cane Tea Cuisine in the Gardens, Mid Valley, which is one of my favourite restaurants. a restaurant cooking is infused with Tea. Not only that, trying to cater to a bigger market, it is Pork Free restaurant that they do not sell pork and beef.

With the festive season of Mid Autumn is just around the corner, celebrating this The Big, Bright and Beautiful Moon 《圓月溜溜》 Delivering a Plate Filled with the Gift of Fullness and Serenity.

mid valley

one of their moving item is also their HALAL mooncake which is love by many races. Prominents tea flavour which is not sweet yet flavourful.

Purple Cane (3)

Purple Cane (4)

Purple Cane (5)

Purple Cane (6)

Purple Cane (9)

When you order a pot of tea, 2 pot will be served. This is how the way they filter their tea. First pour of tea water into the pot. Then let it sit for a while before pouring out. According to them, this is the best way to get the aroma out from the tea.

Exactly like how I was thought when I visited China.

Purple Cane (10)

Purple Cane (8)

One of my all time favourite is their Double Boil Soup. Yup! Double boil soup serve in a tea pot. It is punch with flavour, easy to drink as I like it. I do not mind to have 3 tea pot of double boil soup. Recommended!

Purple Cane (7)

What is in the teapot? as below. The amount of ingredient in it for such a small pot!

Purple Cane (11)

Purple Cane (1)

I define this, a place where offer a kind of Taiwanese classic ambience with tea infusion food. Their mid autumn festival menu starts from RM 88 that can easily feed 4 pax. But there were 6 of us and I think it is just nice. 1 guy 5 girls.

Purple Cane (12)

Simmered Chicken with Yam in Jasmine Tea Sauce.

the chicken is soft and the winning part is the creamy sauce. Fragrant and just syrup ontop of your rice is a perfect combination. 
Purple Cane (13)

Purple Cane (14)

One of the signature for the restaurant is this Black Tea Curry Lions Mane Mushrooms. The curry is not too thick, yet you would easily need to bowl of rice for this. So easy to eat, super mild spicy with mild creamy. Instead of santan the replace it with Almond milk.

Purple Cane (15)

Purple Cane (16)

Sweet and sour Sliced Grouper with Lychee Black Tea. Fried to perfection as it is crispy and a layer of fragrant which is just right.

tea cuisine

tea inspired dish

Stir Fried Mushroom

Purple Cane

One of their super in demand pudding. Grapefruit Rose Tea Pudding. Not your usual as it add ons with fresh handpeel pamelo from Ipoh into this. A bite with give you burstful of flavour.

Purple Cane tea cuisine

healthy option? defiantely one of my option to dine in. Their herbal egg is da bomb too!

紫藤茶原 Purple Cane Tea Restaurant
LG, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

Tel: 03-2283 6090 is one of a convenient store that is spreading massively across Malaysia. I have seen them evolve alot over past few years and with the latest by adding fresh food into their selected bigger outlets. Adding bento box, sandwich, onigiri and a few others as their quick grab and go section that is delivery fresh daily.

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with this, now they are running a promotion on every Tuesday (Bento) and Thursday (Onigiri) for ONLY RM1 . What you need to do is only to download their App through Playstore or Appstore.

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In selected outlets, they have also introduce their fresh bakery section known as Maru Bakes. You can grab their produce that is delivery daily to the outlet.

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As I look through the rack, it is quite an extensive bread range and I ask the lady at the counter to introduce me their best seller. Pandan Kaya Bun @ RM 2.90. is their best seller and also the lady’s favourite and decided to grab one. Also she recommended Onion Cheese Bun @ RM 2.90.

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New folder

Also another surprise. The bread turns out better than expected.

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As for the spaghetti, you can reheat at the hot food section and recommend timing is at 2minutes. Will come out pippin out and handle with care. Was told even that I do not have to remove the cling wrap. Can put it in all together.

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Was recommended again by the lady that her favourite is Spicy Belado Spaghetti @ RM 10.90. To my suprise this turns out to be quite good. A local twist that is punch with spicy (not too spicy) that is just nice for a lunch meal. Spaghetti is not soft nor too hard even after microwave 2 minutes. Pretty good though and for RM 1 promotion lunch. Can definitely grab a few.

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For onigiri @ RM 4.90 with their Thursday special promo with app is only at RM 1. One of my favourite. Fresh seaweed wrap and cream cheese did not overpower. A perfect simple quick bite for me. I constantly make it take away whenever I take KLIA 2 flights.

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Download their app and enjoy their latest news and promotion. Best of all you get to collect massive points now.

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More info can refer to their FB page:

I am a big fan for Korean food. However when my Malay friends asked me about where to dine nice Korean BBQ, I am always out of idea and if the question is Korean Fried Chicken then I have a few. Best of all is that SeoulNami serve halal Korean BBQ at The Gardens. Located central of the city.

SeoulNami (1)

Love the ambiance of this shop as mark the latest trend of Korean style, with nice neon lights, chic and hip style of lighthing and ambiance with Korean background music.

SeoulNami (2)

SeoulNami (3)

One of the best picture location.

SeoulNami (4)

SeoulNami (5)

Menu offering is very straight forward, as it is either set or some ala carte.

SeoulNami (6)

For Korean food, actually there are some side dish for you to begin with, and for this outlet, they give radish and veggie which is to eat along with bbq meat.

SeoulNami (7)

For first timer testing out Kimchi, they offered a Kimchi Trio tasting platter @ RM 29. Serve in 3 different types of Kimchi. Original, the fried and the Smoked. Personal favourite will be smoked as it pairs well with the bbq meat. Some different taste in kimchi. For first timer, do try out this especially with original first.

Some of you might not like it, just like me. I learn to like it over the years.

SeoulNami (8)

For refreshing drink, check out their Out of This World Lemonade (must order) or Sparkling Orange Cream Soda

SeoulNami (9)

Crabby Kimchi Jiggae @ RM 49 – Usually I would order this in my Korean food. For this, they have infuse it with Crab to make the soup slightly sweeter. Serve along with glass noodle too.

SeoulNami (10)

One of the platter that you can try it out for first timer is this Beef Platter Board @ RM 119. Serve in 3 different cut. Bugolgi, Beef Rib Fingers and Beef Belly.

SeoulNami (11)

SeoulNami (12)

Another platter that you can share is this Famous Chuncheon Chicken that comes in 4 flavours:

  1. Spicy Hot Pepper Chicken
  2. Savory Ganjang Chicken
  3. Salty Salted Chicken
  4. Sweet Honey Butter Chicken

If you are not too sure which to order, among the 4 flavours – I like 1 and 4.

SeoulNami (13)

SeoulNami (14)

SeoulNami (15)

It would be great if you can add on Korean in Bone-Short Ribs @ RM 119. One of the star dish for the night. Marinate to perfection, meat is soft and juicy. Do not over grill this meat as a slight grill of 2 minutes each side, would be just nice. It is also depending on the flame of your pit. If it is too strong, put it at the edge of it.

SeoulNami (16)

If your grill put is quite messy with the first 2 round of grill, you can request to change it.

SeoulNami (17)

SeoulNami (18)

Lets dig in.

SeoulNami (19)

Final dish for you to mess with. Fist rice @ RM 29. A bowl of classic Korean rice mix with seaweed and mince chicken. You will be given a pair of gloves. What you need to do with it is just put it on, mess the whole bowl evenly then round it circular motion into a ball. You can either eat it off just like that or put it on the grill pit, grill to burn the seaweed a bit burnt then eat it. Gives you different flavour.

SeoulNami (20)

Final step after your grill chicken, ordering a Charcoal burnt cheese will give you extra flavour. Put the meat on top then roll it in.

SeoulNami (21)

Not too sure how to grill your meat, can always ask assistance from the staff on the floor. They are helpful.

SeoulNami (22)

SeoulNami (23)

To end your meal, do not miss this charcoal baked cheese. do not overbaked it like ours. We have overbaked it in the charcoal pit as we ignore the timer being set. This is one of the best closing dessert for the night. Creamy, light and airy. Cheese taste is pretty awesome. Do not mind just to come back for this as a dessert.

For my Malay friends, this is certainly one of the place for you to hit on for Korean BBQ. Might be a good experience for you.

SeoulNami Korean BBQ
Lvl 1, F-215 The Gardens Mall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603 2202 3336

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

牛摩 Wagyu More is a brand from Hong Kong and did make a huge buzz during their opening at The Gardens KL. IT is a hotpot place that offer buffet style or eat all you can starting from RM 36.80 onwards.  Serving you with variety of beef, pork, chicken and vegetables with hot food, sushi, meatballs, drinks and desserts.

Did tried twice to walk in and was told fully booked. So we have to call for reservation. Calling 1 week in advance and was told it is all fully book only left 10am. So decided to give it a try and was told, walk in will take about average 2 hours waiting time.

Wagyu More (1)

Wagyu More’s All-You-Can-Eat Buffet is priced at :
Lunch (11am to 5pm) : RM 36.80++ per person
Dinner (5pm to 10pm) RM 44.80++ per person
additional RM3.00++ for weekends and public holidays.

Wagyu More (2)

The queue at 10am already making a bee line of diners that made reservation to head in.

Wagyu More (3)

Wagyu More (4)

Wagyu More (5)

Wagyu More (6)

Here you go on the counter. Pick up any vegetable or noodle as you go in.

Wagyu More (7)

Sauces for you

Wagyu More (8)

Soft Drinks counter.

Wagyu More (9)

Ice cream. .

Wagyu More (10)

Fresh chicken bits . . .

Wagyu More (11)

Beef, pork, lamb slices for your order.

Wagyu More (12)

There are 8 types of soup ranging from : Kombu, Sukiyaki, Miso, Tomato, Pork Bone, Spicy Pork Bone, Kimchi and Japanese Curry. We order Kimchi and Sukiyaki.

Both soup are so so only. Personally think Kimchi could been better and sukiyaki is lack of flavour.

Wagyu More (14)

For diners whom wish to have more premium meat then Wagyu More also serves three Premium Buffets (All Day) that are bound to further elevating customers’ dining experience:

  1. Spanish Iberico Pork Buffet at RM98.80++
  2. Australian Wagyu Buffet at RM148.80++
  3. Japanese A5 Wagyu Buffet at RM388.80++

For children below the age of 12 and within the height of 90cm – 120cm will enjoy a 50 percent off for all packages.

Overall, the steamboat is not too bad as would not stay it is fantastic. The time limit of dining is 120 minutes. For the price I am paying, I will opt for Suki-ya or Mikoshi at Uptown.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, okok la !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

牛摩 Wagyu More, Malaysia
T-216-B, 3rd Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City
Email (Enquiry) : [email protected]
Email (Reservation) : [email protected]
Mobile (Reservation) : +6012 601 3398 (Call or WhatsApp)

Operating Hours : 11am – 10pm Daily (Last Order @ 9.30pm)

I am a big fan of Ramen. Bankara Ramen had emerge my top Ramen place in my list after found out that Menya Musashi had taken over by another company. Since then, their quality dropped and no longer as good as it used to be.

Bankara Ramen (1)

Bankara Ramen have 2 outlets now at the moment, with their first outlet at Avenue K and their latest outlet at Mid-Valley next to McD level 3.

Bankara Ramen (2)

Bankara Ramen (3)

Bankara Ramen (4)

Bankara Ramen (5)

Bankara Ramen (6)

Bankara Ramen (7)

Bankara Ramen (8)

Bankara Ramen (9)

Bankara Ramen (10)

Bankara Ramen (11)

Bankara Ramen (12)

Bankara Original Ramen @ RM 24.80. This one has medium thick Tokyo style noodles soaked in a rich pork bone broth with a special Shoyu.

Bankara Ramen (13)

Bankara Ramen (15)

Bankara Ramen (16)

Kakuni Tonkatsu – Tonkatsu Ramen with Signature Kakuni (braised Pork Belly) @ RM 34.80 that cook in slow boil technique to create rich and milky flavour pork bone soup serve with thin Hakata Style Noodles

Bankara Ramen (17)

Bankara Ramen with special pork bone broth with special refined shoyu.  serve with Medium Texture Noodle – Kakuni Bankara with special marinated pork belly @ RM 34.80

Bankara Ramen (18)

Bankara Ramen (19)

Tsukemen – Thick Cold Noodle in springy texture dipped in broth with hint of spice. Thick Cold noodles with hot spicy soup, served with Chashu, bamboo Shoots and dried Seaweed @ RM 27

Bankara Ramen (20)

Honey Almond with Sago @ RM 11

Bankara Ramen (21)

Annin Tofu @ RM 9.50 – Japan Almond Jelly – great course finisher

Need not need to elaborate more about this place as if you are a Ramen lover that love your soup base pack with flavours, then this is the place to be. My usual 2 choices are either Tonkatsu or Orignal. Fist timer would advise go for Orignal.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, my fav ramen place at the moment – !! -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Bankara Ramen Avenue K
Avenue K, Level 7
156, Jalan Ampang, Au 2,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating hours:
Daily : 11am – 10pm

Tel: 60 3-2181 8618

Starting off with passion for food and a piggy hunter all around the world, the owner have decided to compile all his favourite taste profile into creating Ticklish Ribs & Wiches located in The Gardens, KL. Their original outlet is at Seapark and now, the pigs have conquered level 3 at The Gardens, 2 shops away from Sushi Zanmai.

Ticklish Ribs (1)

Pork lovers out there, this place will definately feed you well as they are hitting most of their items all about porks.

Ticklish Ribs (2)

Ticklish Ribs (3)

Ticklish Ribs (4)

Besides that, the owner of Ticklish Ribs & Wiches have strong passion in local comedy scene where they have a stage for One Mic Stand. The event is held once or twice a month and do drop by at their FB to check out their events.

Ticklish Ribs (5)


Ticklish Ribs (6)

Ticklish Ribs (7)

Ticklish Ribs (8)

There is a story from all the pigs around the shop. You can start stare at the mural wall as the story stats from there, then you follow the trail to this pig angles and into the kitchen.

Ticklish Ribs (9)

Ticklish Ribs (10)

Quite classic place for washing hands.

Ticklish Ribs (11)

Most of the items ordered are prepare fresh, especially on the sandwich side.

Ticklish Ribs (12)

Ticklish Ribs (13)

Drinks are rather interesting as:

  1. Worms in Mud – Squiggly Cendol in murky Holicks @ RM 14 – this combination is really quite unique and it is worth to try
  2. LOL – Lemon Grass on Lime @ RM 13 – quite refreshing and thirst quencher.
  3. Screwface Sidekick – Tangy Mango & Soursop @ RM 13
  4. Yolo – Milo & Cincau @ RM 14


Ticklish Ribs (14)

Gila babi menu for your reference~

Ticklish Ribs (15)

Ticklish Ribs (16)

Signature BBQ Pork Ribs @ RM 48. A good quality pork that imported in just for this series. Serve in a mini bucket that is filled with Soft, juicy and well marinated pork ribs. Dip with the sauce gives you an unique dimension of flavour.


Ticklish Ribs (18)


Ticklish Ribs (19)

Sloppy Fries @ RM 9 – filled with mince pork sauce and melted cheese. This is definately a good combination with beer. Quite addictive as it is not too salty.

Ticklish Ribs (20)

For something simple, you can opt for Babischetta @ RM 15. Toasted and serve with sloppy mince pork, with cheese then toast again.

Ticklish Ribs (21)

One of their best seller for sandwich is this Red Cuban with pulled pork. Simple yet delicious. Bun is not too dense yet flavour is there.

Ticklish Ribs (22)

Rice Vice @ RM 22. A simple fried rice with well fried coated pork in breadcrumb. Never go wrong.

Ticklish Ribs (23)

You Braised Me Up @ RM 26. With well balance of pork and layers of fats, I am inlove with this. Intense flavour from their special braise sauce, meat is soft and fats that is near melt in your mouth is just nice. Serve with side salad.

Ticklish Ribs (24)

Ticklish Ribs (25)

Lazy Bones @ RM 30 – boneless ribs with marination. – indeed a pork lard rice that gives you the slightly fattening flavour as it needs to balance up with the pork ribs. Those who needed to add on weight, one of a good dish to hit on.

Ticklish Ribs (26)


Ticklish Ribs & Wiches
The Gardens Mall
Lot T-216B, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City.


OPENING ​​HOURS: Everyday (10am – 10pm)

CONTACT NUMBER: 012-5672216

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