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Nam Heong Ipoh

Nam Heong Ipoh had become one of a home brand that me and my friends do know about especially when it comes to visit Ipoh. Famous for their coffee and egg tart. However, over the years, they have spread their wings around Klang Valley and with their latest Nam Heong outlet in 1 Utama into their latest addition. Good news is that Just flash this discount code MLINGTFL or screen shot to get 10% discount I still remember, I came across…

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Charcoal Claypot Chicken Rice @ Jalan Ipoh

Since I have move job to a new office that is base around Jalan Ipoh, I am now starting to explore what is good around this area. Exploring food in Jalan Ipoh that leads to my first discovery. This is one of the best claypot chicken rice in Jalan Ipoh.  This Charcoal Claypot Chicken Rice has no name on it as I read from vkeong blog that its worth to give it a try. This uncle had been operating and…

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Spag & Ju’s @ Sunway Velocity

I guess many people like me will read this place as SpagJus or I might be wrong as when you come closer to their outlet then known as Spag & Ju’s in Sunway Velocity. Honestly, they are great peeps as I have seen them grow from Food truck which they gave me strong support in my event back in my past previous job. Today they are now operating food kiosk in major malls by serving all of us their signature…

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Wine2U @ Seri Kembangan

Wine2U is one of a new hidden gem that I discover at Seri Kembangan recently and is also a recommendation by my friend. A place that certainly save many folks from traveling all the way to KL for wine chill out place. Hidden behind a busy street and tug this little wine shop in Seri Kembangan that serve quite  a unique range of wine for, whisky and also soju for your palate. with range from many countries as your option…

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Portuguese Grilled Fish @ Petaling Street, KL

Who is in for this Portuguese Grilled Fish in Petaling Street? They used to be one of the most famous grill fish in this area and the queue was crazy. At least 60-90 minutes queue. Used to take number then walk around in the area to come back for this awesome dish. We decided to pay a visit again before heading into this new Speakeasy bar – The Deceased and upon reaching, we found that there is a separation seating…

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Tommy Lee Baker @ Kampung Atap, KL

One of a new place that I got introduce by @sYcookie whom is a breadlover herself. Tommy Lee Baker is one of her favourite baker that she had been following. I did not understand the whole vibe of it till I google about them. Truly I am impress as a person whom he bake for passion and with strong believe of his product along grooming young talents. Tommy Lee Baker started way back since 2011 by operating in Viva Residency,…

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