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Famous HaiDiLao Hotpot @ Gurney Paragon

This famous HaiDiLao hotpot is indeed spreading its wings in Malaysia very fast. With the latest addition to Gurney Paragon, Penang, It had created a huge buzz up in the north. Also making them one of the most famous mala hotpot in Penang. Why is Haidilao so famous. For one simple reason. Service & Fresh ingredients! People do come and queue as early as 11am, however we had heavy breakfast and my parents decided to drop by to check it…

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Kafka @ Penang

Finally, the cafe scene had move up a notch. There are plenty of cafes in Penang, but they are all quite similiar. This Chinese New Year that I am back, some of my friends ask me to pay a visit to Kafka Cafe in Penang, as it is one of the latest addition into the scene.  At least has a standard to what we visit in oversea. A cafe that hidden in a club house that sits a wing just…

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An Viet @ Sunway Pyramid

There are only a handful of Vietnamese Restaurant in KL. An Viet is one of the shop that I constantly visit whenever I am thinking of my Vietnamese cuisine. I still remember that I visited their The Gardens outlet when they first open its door many years back and I never blog about it over the years. Menu is not huge, where the most important is my beef noodle. If you are entering this shop for the first time, you…

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Gurney Drive Hawker Center, Penang

If you are short on time in Penang or just on touch and go trip in Penang yet still want to hit your stomach with all the good street food. Gurney Drive Hawker Center is one of the options where I usually recommend my friend. Although some of you might find it commercialize but still there are certain stalls which is still quite good. In this hawker center, there are plenty of stalls for you to hit on as every…

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22 Street food must eat in Penang

Penang is indeed a food heaven. Not only being listed as one of the top places to visit in the world as the food is also highly notable with many foodie around the world.  In this post, I am going to share, what are my 22 street food must eat in Penang 2018 along with another top extinct street food that you should try as I personally felt that is going to extinction. No.1 In Penang we call this Hokkien…

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Caffe Bene – Melon Smile Series @ IOI Mall Puchong

One of a more establish Korean Bingsu player in Malaysia is Caffe Bene which is European inspired. Establish since year 2014 and till date with 10 outlets and growing, they have also grown on their menu. Visited the outlet at IOI Mall Puchong, for brunch gathering. Also learnt that, Caffe Bene is more than just coffee. It is a place that being created to be shared among friends and families. It is not only a work space but also a…

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