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One of my favorite private hidden wine bar Private Room at TTDI had now change to Collins Sake and wine bar. A slight chance of concept to iron out their new route towards Japanese. Some good selection of Japanese Gin and Sake you can find in here with many of the Japanese Gin I have not seen before. Of course, you can still pick your selection of wine at the rack.


Still the same as you need to find this blue door, to head up to their secret hideout.

Collins (2)

Collins (3)

Ding dong and there will be some one to lead you in.

Collins (4)

Collins (4.1)

Collins (5.1)

Menu is pretty direct.

Collins (5.2)

Collins (7)

Jeng jeng jeng, here are some of the Japanese Gin that you can pick for your order.

Collins (8)

for a start, we start off with Sake mix.

Collins (18)

If you are hunry, they got local infusion of bar snacks and their pricing is very reasonable. For snacks I would be recommending:

  1. any of their Roast Pork Series as it is pretty good.
  2. Squid
  3. Signature Mezasoba for mains

Penang Lor Bak @ RM 15

Collins (19)

Collins (24)

Baby Octopus with Thai chili Sauce @ RM 12

Collins (19 (6)

Collins Beef Burger  @ RM 15

Collins (19 (8)

Chicken Karage @ RM 14

Collins (20)

Garlicky Spicy Siew Yuk @ RM 18

Collins (21)

Collins (28)

Grill Saba fish @ RM 20

roast pork

Deep Fried Nam Yu Fried Pork Belly @ RM 14

siew yuk

Japanese Fried Gyoza (6pcs) @ RM 16

Collins (22.1)

Collins Signature Mezasoba @ RM 25

Collins (23)

Collins (26)

Siew Yuk Ramen @ RM 18

Collins (27)


Grilled Lamb Chop @ RM 30

gin bar in kl


gin bar in pj

They classic Japanese Gin is quite awesome. IF you love variety of Japanese Gin in PJ area, they options are pretty alright. For ladies, you would definitely love the Sakurao Japanse Dry Gin or Yuzu Gin. These two are so easy to drink that the effect will knock you off direct. Both have its own fragrant.

gin bar

japanese gin

My personal favourite is this among the 3 we have tried. Okinawa Gin is in deed a classic yet unique. A flavour that not many will enjoy as it is quite strong and pungent after taste. A bit woody end. This is like drinking Isle whisky which is on the oaky side.

Slowly I am turning into a fan of Marrybrown. A local brand that had been in our market since 1981. To surprise you, they have 500 restaurants across 16 countries . The group been growing steadily and getting hyped up over their egg-cited Salted egg yolk series. Carefully curated and R&D over the years had make a huge come back with a slight twist on this new Marybrown Salted Egg Meals.

Available in two options. Diners can hit on their Burger or MB Crispy Chicken coated in tantalizing real Salted Egg sauce!

Marrybrown (2)

Marrybrown (3)

Marrybrown (6)

We were greedy. I hit on for their 3 piece Crispy Chicken Salted Egg and my sister is after their Salted Egg Burger. , For the Salted Egg Ayam meal, it serve along mashed potatoes and vegetable salad. Both orders are serve with generous serving of Marrybrown’s special rich and creamy Salted Egg sauce infused with a dash of spice and aromatic curry leaves for that extra local flavor.

Quite a decent price from RM 15, both combo meals come with a refreshing cup of Heaven and Earth Ice Lemon Tea to quench one’s thirst.

Marrybrown (4)

Combo meals can be chosen with 2 piece chicken combo @ RM 15.90 or 3 piece chicken Salted Egg Ayam combo @ RM 18.80. As I heard quite good feedback about this flavours, and I got greedy by ordering 3 pieces of Crispy Chicken Salted Egg.

Marrybrown (5)

My sister love their Crispy Chicken Salted Egg Burger from RM 15.90. Serve with a piece of juicy chicken and it is indeed quite good! Do not mind to come back for this next round.

Marrybrown (7)

Salted Egg Ayam

Salted Egg Meals

During MCO I did try on Grab Delivery as my food is usually 30-45 minutes later. Upon arrival the chicken is not that crispy. This round I order in their outlet and the chicken turns out much better than what I have experience. Serve with 3 quite big piece chicken, drench with their salted egg sauce.

Salted Egg Burger

The sauce is thick, fragrant, and punch with flavours. Even I finish the third piece, it do not give me the “too much” kind of salted egg yolk feeling. Indeed egg-stra padu. I do not mind to have a mini sauce tub filled with egg yolk at the side, then it would be perfect.

salted egg yolk

I certainly do not mind to come back for their this crisply chicken series. Recommended by me

Marrybrown (1)

You can check their FB for more info:

Facebook: MarrybrownMalaysia

The Singleton Social that took place at Lavo, Tropicana is indeed a place to get together with friends. No doubt that when comes to year end, there are alot of celebrations and festives that will be taking place. Agree that, great moments with friends are a cause for celebration, and usually if we get to choose, single malt whisky will be prefered.

Singleton at lavo (9)

Singleton at lavo (1)

Singleton at lavo (2)

Singleton at lavo (3)

Singleton at lavo (4)

The pairing of Singleton with uniquely curated sharing platters gives consumers the experience of the great taste that Singleton has to offer – a result of the slow batch distillation and fermentation process. The rich and smooth taste of this single malt whisky is best enjoyed at any casual get-together at gastrobars around Klang Valley.

Singleton at lavo (5)


Singleton at lavo (7)

Singleton at lavo (8)

Singleton at lavo (10)

The Singleton is filled with notes of cherries and apples on the nose; dried summer fruits, rich raisins and apricots flavour on the palate at first, followed by a smooth, rich chocolate finish, Singleton will encapsulate senses with its rich and smooth flavours.

Singleton at lavo (11)

Singleton at lavo (12)

Singleton at lavo (13)

Consumers are able to indulge in uniquely curated sharing platters and Singleton together with friends at various gastrobars – Powerplant Malaysia, #MiyagiSays and LAVO – to uncover the rich and smooth flavours of this single malt whisky when paired with different types of food. From meats to sides, each outlet has an array of different sharing platters to complement the 200 years of expertise Singleton is made of.

Singleton at lavo (14)

The Singleton Social Platter Package


  1. Powerplant Malaysia
    • One (1) The Singleton of Glen Ord 12 YO bottle @ RM370++
    • One (1) The Singleton of Glen Ord 12YO bottle + one (1) The Singleton Platter @ RM420++ (add on RM50++)
    • One (1) The Singleton Platter @ RM85++
    • The Singleton Platter includes siu yuk, mashed potatoes, cross trax fries, German black pepper sausages, boneless chicken, garlic mash, and assortment of cucumber, carrot, celery sticks and cherry tomatoes, accompanied with gochujang mayonnaise, pineapple sauce, kimchi mayonnaise and mango salsa.
  2. #MiyagiSays
    • Promo 1: One (1) The Singleton of Glen Ord 12YO bottle + six (6) The Singleton Sharing Platter @ RM430++
    • Promo 2: Five (5) The Singleton highballs + two (2) The Singleton Sharing Platter @ RM90++
    • The Singleton Sharing Platter includes Miyagi fried chicken, Miyagi potato chips, tamago fries, buttermilk kai, tandoori chicken, satay ayam.
  3. LAVO
    • One (1) The Singleton of Glen Ord 12YO bottle + one (1) The Singleton Meat Platter @ RM470++
    • The Singleton Meat Platter includes breaded calamari rings, smoked chicken, baked chard potato, grilled lamb shoulder, grilled pineapple, Chilli Beef Con Carne, mint mayonnaise and citrus lemon sauce. is one of a convenient store that is spreading massively across Malaysia. I have seen them evolve alot over past few years and with the latest by adding fresh food into their selected bigger outlets. Adding bento box, sandwich, onigiri and a few others as their quick grab and go section that is delivery fresh daily.

MyNews (6)

with this, now they are running a promotion on every Tuesday (Bento) and Thursday (Onigiri) for ONLY RM1 . What you need to do is only to download their App through Playstore or Appstore.

MyNews (7)

MyNews (8)

MyNews (9)

MyNews (10)

MyNews (11)

MyNews (12)

MyNews (2)

In selected outlets, they have also introduce their fresh bakery section known as Maru Bakes. You can grab their produce that is delivery daily to the outlet.

MyNews (3)

As I look through the rack, it is quite an extensive bread range and I ask the lady at the counter to introduce me their best seller. Pandan Kaya Bun @ RM 2.90. is their best seller and also the lady’s favourite and decided to grab one. Also she recommended Onion Cheese Bun @ RM 2.90.

MyNews (5)

MyNews (4)

New folder

Also another surprise. The bread turns out better than expected.

MyNews (13)

As for the spaghetti, you can reheat at the hot food section and recommend timing is at 2minutes. Will come out pippin out and handle with care. Was told even that I do not have to remove the cling wrap. Can put it in all together.

MyNews (15)

Was recommended again by the lady that her favourite is Spicy Belado Spaghetti @ RM 10.90. To my suprise this turns out to be quite good. A local twist that is punch with spicy (not too spicy) that is just nice for a lunch meal. Spaghetti is not soft nor too hard even after microwave 2 minutes. Pretty good though and for RM 1 promotion lunch. Can definitely grab a few.

MyNews (16)

MyNews (17)

MyNews (21)

MyNews (18)

For onigiri @ RM 4.90 with their Thursday special promo with app is only at RM 1. One of my favourite. Fresh seaweed wrap and cream cheese did not overpower. A perfect simple quick bite for me. I constantly make it take away whenever I take KLIA 2 flights.

MyNews (20)

MyNews (22)

Download their app and enjoy their latest news and promotion. Best of all you get to collect massive points now.

MyNews (14)

More info can refer to their FB page:

Fried Chicken is our most common food in Malaysia. Being one of our favourite brand, Texas Chicken now launched a new range of New Big Deals which is light meals starting from RM 3.80.

texas chicken (2)

Certainly it is good for someone whom is light eater or quick meals. Sometimes, I would prefer something light and these certainly would be a great options.. There are 6 choices for us to choose from:

Each of it have 2 choices. Starting from:

texas chicken (3)

texas chicken (4)

Japanese Roasted Sesame Rice Bowl @ RM 5.80 Crunchy chicken tenders with roasted sesame dressing, served over diced tomatoes, onions, shredded lettuce and fluffy fragrant rice.

texas chicken (5)

Spicy Korean Bowl @ RM 5.80 Chunky chicken tenders, drizzled with sweet and spicy sauce and sesame seeds. Layered on top of diced tomato, shredded lettuce and fluffy fragrant rice.

texas chicken (6)

Out of my expectation, rice are pretty good for the kind of price that they are offering. At RM 5.80 per bowl, I certainly I have no complain over it. Among the 2, Spicy Korean bowl will be my prefer option as gives me the hint of spiciness that I like. Japanese rice is not bad too as it is slightly more creamy from the sesame sauce.

texas chicken (7)

texas chicken (8)

Spicy Thai Porridge @ RM 5.30 Warm porridge with tender chicken chunks, topped with crispy tomyum flavoured potato flakes

texas chicken (9)

Chicken Porridge @ RM 5.30 Tender chicken chunks, garnish with sesame oil, spring onions, crispy fried onions and thinly sliced chilli. This turn out to be better than what we expected. For a chain to offer a bowl of pippin hot porridge, is quite good. This was the first bowl to finish.

texas chicken (10)

Japanese Mash Bowl @ RM 3.80 Chicken tenders topped with roasted sesame dressing and spring onions.

texas chicken (11)

Spicy Korean Mash Bowl @ RM 3.80 Chunky chicken tenders, with sweet and spicy sauce. Drizzled with mayo and sesame seed stop a bed of creamy mash.

texas chicken (12)

texas chicken (13)

It is now available at all Texas Chicken outlets. When your friends opt for their favourite fried chicken, you now can opt for something smaller in size.

texas chicken (14)

Whenever you purchase their set with drinks, it always comes with free flow and I always aim at their Southern Sweet Tea.

texas chicken (15)

Together with their 3 piece chicken, I will never miss out on their famous honey-butter biscuits too. One of these items is a must-have.

texas chicken (16)

For more updates, please visit:

  1. Texas Chicken Malaysia Website –
  2. Texas Chicken Malaysia Facebook Page –


I have been here like at least once a week for 十面埋伏 Ten Noodle Restaurant. Regard them as one of the best Pork noodle in Kota Damansara.

Ten Noodle (1)

They are also consider as the new kid on the block. As in a short span, they have gain their popularity among the working crowd in this area.

Ten Noodle (2)

The best time to dine here is to avoid crazy lunch hour of 12.30pm – 2pm. But then the queue is quite fast as it will be less than 10 minuntes waiting time.

While you are waiting, you can actually browse through their menu and key in your order on the paper. Upon right before your table seating, then pass it to them to place order.


Ten Noodle (3)

Ten Noodle (4)

One of my favourite is to eat along with dry maggie mee or Koey teow and mee mix.

Ten Noodle (5)


Ten Noodle (7)

This is the soup version. For a bowl of Pork noodle at RM 7.50, we cant complain as it is pot with lots of ingredients in it. Quite generous.

Ten Noodle (9)

Soup base is quite strong and the colour of soup says it all. Sweet and flavourful.

Ten Noodle (10)

One of my favourite pork noodle place in Kota Damansara. If you would want a slight tweak of pork noodle cooking method , then check out ah Loy Pork Noodle in Kota Damansara also.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, cheap and good!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

十面埋伏 Ten Noodle Restaurant
Jalan PJU 5/10, Kota Damansara
(waze Chatime Kota Damansara) as it is next to it.

Operating Hours:
Daily : 11am – 9pm

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