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I am a fan of Sze Chuan food. Its challenging as once you bite the peppercorn then, the numbness kicks in. Then my friend introduce to me this hidden area in Ara Damansara that this Sze Chuan restaurant is operate by pure Sze Chuan people from China. Of course I would not say no to that.

da feng (1)

Restaurant SzeChuan Da Feng Sho is quite well known to many families around the area as often they have regular patrons and its best advise to head there before 7pm as its often full house.


da feng (2)

Like any other Chinese restaurant, their interior is pretty similar as filled with wooden tables and chairs, floo

da feng (3)

Price here are still decently price and quality of their food is there.

da feng (4)

One of my recommendation would be this Boiled Fish @ RM 38  in Ma lat soup base. I ordered mild cause my sister could not take too spicy and its cook to perfection. Not very oily, fish is cook to soft yet not over cook.

da feng (5)

da feng (6)

Another dish which is good that have a right balance of taste which is this veggie, that is serve with chunks of garlic, century egg, and soupy base. Soup Pea Shoots @ RM 15 

da feng (7)

Another recommended dish would  be this Flavor Lamb Lamb Chops @ RM 38. As the grill then fried, with special marinated sauce. I just finish half of it by myself.

da feng (9)

This is serve in very interesting concept which is Barrel Mustard Meal @ RM 18 . Fried rice is fried with ‘wok hei’ and eat with the spicy fish, is just a perfect pairing.

da feng (10)

Bitter Gourd Soup is simple dish. . .

da feng (12)

Till date, still many people cannot guess what is it when they ate it. This Hot & Sour Potato Wire  is not bad as I still prefer the one in Jalan Alor which is my all time favourite shop. @ RM 12

Its still a great shop to come by for a nice decent Sze Chuan food. Under my recommended list now. 🙂


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8.5/10, pretty good & Recommended -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Da Feng Sho
F-11 Jalan PJU 1A/20D
Dataran Ara Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya

Tel : +603 – 7846 5168 / +6016 653 5796

Opening hours: 11.30am-3pm, 5.30pm – 11pm
Only cash is accepted

One thing I got to know that One City is one of the latest talk in town among many Subang/USJ folks as this new mall is cerntainly one of its kind that offer roof top dining and also house a few interesting F&B in this area. One of the cafe I have tried is Bread & Brew which is two doors away from here.

Charlie Chaplin which is a famous public figure back in the 18th century whereby he is the main Mr.Bean at that time. With his funny act that made him an icon during that time and that brings this Charlie Chaplin International License Cafe to Malaysia.

Charlie Chaplin (1)

Charlie Chaplin (2)

 As you walk upon the main entrance, you will be greeted by his giant portrait with his signature pose!

Charlie Chaplin (3)

 Whole ambiance is design back to the 18th century with classic flowery titles, black painted book rack, black umbrella lighted hanging on the ceiling . . .

Charlie Chaplin (4)

Charlie Chaplin (5)

Charlie Chaplin (6)

Charlie Chaplin (7)

 all of his pictures .. .

Charlie Chaplin (8)

 classic camera that you need an umbrella as a flash gun light. . . . . The whole ambiance, decor that make it pretty vintage and match back to that era also whole dining ambiance is comfy and perfect place for gathering. .

Charlie Chaplin (9)

Charlie Chaplin (10)


Charlie Chaplin (11)

Charlie Chaplin (12)

Charlie Chaplin (13)

Charlie Chaplin (14)

 Menu is pretty direct whereby is not much to choose from and price is slightly high but this is what you are paying for such a concept cafe. . .

Charlie Chaplin (15)

Charlie Chaplin (16)

Charlie Chaplin (17)

As we saw the coffee range, we try to be adventurous and turns out to be quite a unique experience for both drink. Coffee Champagne @ RM 12 as the taste is just does not blend at all and its too sweet to my liking.

Charlie Chaplin (18)

Behind it is Black Forest Ice Mocha also turns out to be quite disastrous in taste. Maybe some of you might like it. @ RM 16

Charlie Chaplin (19)

Since the 2 drinks did gave us a set back to even try further but what tempted us is that the amount of dessert ordered during that hour is alot. Then decided to try the safest pick which is Cheezecake Mango @ RM 16.

Charlie Chaplin (20)

This turns out to be good. Cheese is moist enough, soft and aromatic with well balance cheeze taste which is not overpowering and the base of it is just right, not too thick yet pair well. Worth recommending!

Charlie Chaplin (21)

Charlie Chaplin Cafe Malaysia
One City, Jalan USJ 25/1,
47650 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Contact: 03 – 51150196

When I first saw this outlet when I was doing my mall survey here, instantly I fell in love with this coffee concept. I have always love a coffee place with industrial look and finishes as there are tons of coffee place like that in Melbourne. Then I am here again for a work discussion and of course I would pick here for a chill working session.

Then it when I start Google it, this is not their first outlet and it seems their first outlet is in Kota Kemuning and they had been in the coffee industry since 2012 that makes them one of the first few and this is one of their latest outlet. All their outlet are in different ID and I love this the most.

bb (1)

 Also my first time that I totally forgot to shoot their interior.

bb (2)

bb (3)

Love their whole I.D as its being cleverly design, with metal paip and specially customade wooden tables and chairs to suits their whole ambiance.

bb (4)

bb (6)

bb (5)

bb (9)

 Price are pretty decent for a cuppa. .

bb (8)

bb (10)

bb (7)

bb (11)

 One of the area I admire the most is their cake counter. Wooden counter with Metal plank finishes on outer layer.

bb (14)

Based on what other blogger written, it seems that their other outlet used ILLY coffee and this outlet they have their own beans.

bb (12)

Not too strong as they use Arabica type of coffee beans as their after taste is mild yet stay a while in the mouth. Latte is pretty decent and the disappointment is their mocha as its pretty mild that even quite near without hint of chocolate taste.

bb (13)

One of a nice place to hang out as I believe the owner of this outlet is Rave kaki. Play all those super nice EDM music in the afternoon.

*Remark – those who use alot of phone or chat group or social media person, here would not be ideal as they do not have WIFI! leave phone behind and chill lah. . .

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10,nice place to hang out-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Brew & Bread Coffee Bar
One City (C-GF-02), USJ 25,
Subang Jaya, Selangor.


Creampuffs anyone? Remember that I was a kid that any of my friends birthday party surely would have creampuff under their desserts section, and surely I would take one piece to try it before I take more. It was such a trendy thing back in those days and now, I must say it had been replace with so many other creative baker that are available in the market at the moment. Kee’s Creampuff is one of them.

kees (1)

With that thought, of course there are still many strong believer in their puffs when comes to another shop that I was introduce by a friend to check it out and before I came over I Google it to check is it worth my trip here. Afterall, it was worth it.

Creampuff to many people is like those traditional that its either plain or with custard, and we order quite a bit to try out and till the owner, Kenneth came out and greet us after watching us busy taking picture from the kitchen.

kees (3)

Then get to learn further from him that they actually started off online 3 years ago and since then their business grow till they decided to open a shop 9 months back to cater for more crowd, from homebase now to little shop with huge kitchen.

kees (4)

Then the owner even print and frame out bloggers article and pictures that were written about them and feature on the wall.

kees (5)

kees (6)

I find the price range are very reasonable as also further understand that all their products are made fresh even down to ingredient as he and his mom R&D the fillings. They have quite a wide selection for a puff.

kees (7)

If you are here for afternoon tea, they even have a set for you to choose from, ranging classic to premiums.

kees (8)

 This is the huge kitchen and all operated by their own family members.

kees (2)

You can choose any of the flavours from the fridge then they will place order to the kitchen to make everything fresh from in there to you. Waiting time is couple of minutes.

kees (9)

kees (11)

On that day after staring at the fridge, everything seems good. We ordered 70% of the range. kekek. . .

kees (12)

 Starting off with Original/ classic, Lemon & Blueberry  

kees (13)

 These 2 are actually my favourite with Chocolate Banana turns out to be another favourite as fragrant of fresh banana and the chocolate pairs well together make it good to have more & if you are a fan of Peanut Butter like me then  another flavour you should not miss as they have slightly tone it down and peanut taste is rather strong to my liking.

kees (14)

 Cookies n Cream & Lemon

kees (15)

 Chocolate top with classic filling

kees (16)

 Hazelnut, Green Tea & Chocolate

kees (17)

 super star of the range exactly like eating, Durian which is also one of their best seller @ RM 2.50 per piece.

No doubt that their range of puff are pretty impressive, with all the different fillings that they have added into making it more savory and spoilt for choices. The puff are soft and airy, that make in a perfect bite size. I just put one piece into my mouth and munch. If you are getting this for dessert , then this is the flavour I would recommend

My top Fav: Durian, Banana Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Classic 

kees (18)

Then they have added into their range Lemon Cheeze Cake & Red Velvet

kees (19)

Love their Lemon Cheeze as its very smooth and light sourish end with the crust at the bottom is just at the right solid and crunchy texture that will surely pairs well for afternoon tea. Worth to give it a try.

kees (20)


kees (21)

 Chamomile and I must say that their tea is very fragrant.

  • The classic creampuff is at RM 1.50 per piece and with flavours cost RM1.80 per piece.
  • For purchases of more than 10 pieces, you will enjoy a 10% discount from the total price.

At the end of the day, tapau durian and it was gone before I reach home. Flavours that I like really subjective and its up for you to try them out.~

Remark: the puff are made fresh and it will last about 2 days only and for Durian is about 2-4 hours. 

*Pork – Free

Kee’s Creampuffs
30-G, Jalan USJ9/5Q,
Subang Business Centre,
47620 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 017-3842813

Business hours: 8:30am-8:30pm

Email: [email protected]

View Kee’s Creampuff in a larger map

I have been to Saujana Hotel for a few occasions from Wedding dinner, events and review and neither did I know hidden this new refurbish Chinese restaurant Ti Chen is actually hidden inside the Golf Club House itself. Hosting many private functions since its opening after the face lift, celebrations for it is not only once but twice this time around reintroducing their newly refurbished Chinese restaurant, Ti Chen back into the market.

Ti Jen (1)

Ti Jen (2)

With its rich red and black tones adorning the walls and furniture of this oriental eatery, Ti Chen has a lot more to offer. Assisting Ti Chen in retaining its stature and reputation are two new chefs, Chef Lai Chong Seng and Dim Sum Chef Yau Kim Yew.

Ti Jen (3)

I love the new ambiance of this restaurant, not only love at first sight as its a total dimension from the exterior out from this restaurant as you walk in you are flank with the modern Chinese yet with classic touch of it. A simple concept that you can blend in comfortably . .

Ti Jen (4)

Ti Jen (5)

The restaurant can be divided into many sections, even for private dining that they do have huge wooden panel to block it off, unique of all they have see thru curtain to make it more elegant and separation between rooms.

Ti Jen (6)

Since its refurbishment, had attracted many wedding dinner to be hosted here that can easily fill maximum 25-30 tables.

Ti Jen (7)

Staging with Chinese lantern make up the ambiance even better.

Ti Jen (8)

A simple conversation flow between the manager and the rest of us then we are greeted with chef signature dish, coming up with Roasted Duck and Mandarin Orange Salad with Wafu Dressing.

Carefully chop duck meat with slightly crispy skin along top with some sesame seed along with wafu dressing make it a simple dish along with lots of greens with fragrant to start off with.

Ti Jen (9)

Steamed Cod with Preserved  Radish. Cod is nicely cut into a slab, then sitting on top of bean spout, as chef creation to make this dish a slight cripsy when you eat along with bean sprout. I always love this simple dish with soy base.

Ti Jen (10)

Top dish in my list for the night is Prawn and Scallop with Green Ginger Puree. Purer are place on top of the scallop then steam along that make the taste blend in very well and freshness of both succulent prawn and scallop just make it awesome. Chewy texture from both seafood,  seafood will make this dish pair very well with rice.

Ti Jen (11)

Appear next is Homemade Beancurd with Crab Meat and Pumpkin Puree. Creamy pumpkin  flooding the whole plate with fresh crab meat, Shimeji mushroom and edamame that top along with deep fried tofu below is something many people would go for unless they do not take beancurd.

Ti Jen (12)

With a few dishes being serve, comes along Special Wok Fried Rice with Tobiko and Crispy Beancurd Skin is one of my favourite too. Filled with wok hei and every mouthfull is fill with slight burst of tobiko make it a perfect dish yet pair along the the dishes above is just perfect. Good enough to be satisfied.

Ti Jen (13)

The dinner ended in satisfaction when Sea Bird’s Nest with Aloe Vera in Longan Syrup is serve upon. First time learning this new fact that the marine plant is rich in enzyme nutrients, collagen and mineral substances, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and multitude fibers and jelly form proteins. It has to be cook in this way to preserve the mineral of it. Texture is chewy with slightly crunchy. Refreshing sweetness of the soup base from longan make it a satisfying ending.

Ti Jen (14)

Then we only found out that Chef Lai is from Penang, instantly the whole conversation converted to Hokkien. Its just a switch of language when usually found out kaki lang. :p Chef Lai with his vast experience of 19 years and overseas then found himself establishing  in Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine, and wonders of taste he can do with Chinese food without using pork.

Besides that, also found out that Chef Lai is good in cooking homecook meal with his collection of recepies along the way.


All pictures and video taken with Samsung NX 210

Saujana Resort,
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS,
40150 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

T (603) 7843 1234

F (603) 7846 2789

E [email protected]

Food discovery on my some of my friends favourite place never fail to impress me. Of course I really need to know which friend that have similar taste bud like mine. :p It was a long weekend and decided to drop by Klang to meet my friend as I have not seen her since she move back to KL. As she know I love to eat then she decided to bring me to this Restaurant New Boston in Kopitiam version that is one of the most popolar restaurant in Klang for ‘tai chow’.

Restaurant New Boston is no stranger to local folks here as most of them arrive as early as 5.30pm to get a spot here including us,even right before the shop open whereby the worker is still arranging the table and chairs, heating up wok and steam machine. Indeed they are like the famous restaurant in Klang.

boston (1)

Everyone just bring their own tea and having a great conversation around the table sipping chinese tea while waiting for the store to start cooking. Every one just place their order first then look for a spot. According to my friend, here is one of a favourite restaurant to many of them including family dinner place.

boston (2)

Just the 2 of us, my friend order all her favourite dish that this Tai Luk Mee大碌面/Hokkien Mee福建面 is a must order. To me I am not a big fan of this noodle cuz in Klang valley its hard to find some where that can fried really nice plate out.

boston (3)

I must say I am impress, as the noodle is well fried with ‘wok hei’ that thick soy souce is thick enough to coat onto the noodle, fried along with pork lard and its big chunky one. Superb in taste and finally I have found one of the best that would made it top 3 best fried noodle on my list.

boston (4)

Steamed “Lala” 清蒸”啦啦” is another dish that you must not miss here if you do visit this outlet.

boston (5)

This steam lala is slightly different version compare to those that I have, sprikle with lots of fried onion, ginger and chili padi.

boston (6)

Soup base is absolutely amazing that is filled with spicy ginger taste along with hint of chili padi at the end that make it a perfect combination, chinese wine that they are using is sligtly mild yet soak onto lala very well. One sip of soup base, you will keep continue drinking it. Lala are very fresh and a perfect simple dish to go along. What I meant different version as, the lala taste serve here is mild in taste compare to others that I have tried before yet it stood up pretty well.

Usually my friend come with her family of 5 they would order this 2 big plate. My version is medium size.

boston (7)

‘Nestum Mantis Prawn‘ is another amazing dish from the restaurant. I have yet come accross to any restaurant that put is so generous with their ingredient. Its like a moutain high fried nestum along with mantis prawn and for 2 of us to eat 3 dish is just  too much. Mantis prawn would feed 3 person easily best of all if please order beer to eat along. Its a perfect companion.

Till date this dish taste still stuck in my mind as nestum fried to crips with egg and chili padi make the slight spicy taste in it and its just aromatic.

boston (8)

This is what happen if you come after 6pm, as the crowd just pour in like wild fire, as people already start queue to get a seat and as it head towards night time, this store would operate the whole street.

If you reach here and have not got a spot, forget about it first as you need to place your order first, as waiting time can easily takes up to 60-90 minutes on peak hour. So please do have patient if you come here peak hour.

Best time to come is to reach at 5.30pm or 11pm onwards.

No doubt that this is one of the best yet reasonable price on food that I have come across as those 3 dish cost me RM38. I am surely going to return for more with more people to try out more stuff. – Highly Recommended!


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, ~  very good- highly REcommended! -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Restoran Boston Baru
Jalan Kapar, Klang
(Opposite KWSP, Same row as Lembaga Tabung Haji)
Open at 6.00pm

Tel : 016-268 3104/012-905 3523

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