Madmen in Tropicana Avenue  had been one of our regular hang out spot with me and my friends, even before MCO. Right till recently, they have revamp the place with Liveband and new Menu. It was then an instant hit as it is rare that you will find a bar with live band in PJ. Madmen certainly is one of them. Check out their daily different live band here: MadMen Live Music, Wine & Beer
madmen tropicana pj
Cozy ambiance as the aircon is on full blast. If you enjoy such environment like me, you will be lurvin it. Right after a few drinks, then you will star to feel warm. Do make bookings if you wish to seat in the mean live band area. It is constantly fully book not to mention especially on Friday and Saturday. On weekdays like Tuesday to T

hursday is often full house. That is why you see most of the table are with reserve.


DSCF7344Chill out place that will never break your pocket and if you are a wine lover, this is one of a wine bar in PJ that you can go after. Not a huge selection but enough to hit your palate with price range from RM 109 onwards.
cocktail in pj
Often we are here for beers, and only till recently they starting off with cocktails. madmen pj menuFor that day, they were on from to order some food before the main famous Modern Jazz Band in PJ go live at 8.30pm.
italian cold cuts

So we start off with Madmen Platter @ RM70 combination of cold cut.  one of an easy combination to go with wine lovers
italian platter
DSCF7365 (1)

If you are a beer drinker like me then these 2 works well. Egg Plant Chips with honey coated @ RM 18. Perfectly goes very well with my Asahi.

Garlic Prawn @ RM 35. Grilled fresh tiger prawns, head fumet reduction, garlic bread and Chives
spanish food

Mains we had Hudang Pasta @ RM 32, Spaghettini, Grilled fresh tiger prawns, cilantro, lime, prawn head infuse olive oil
spaghetti bolognese
Haram-Biata @ RM 28. Love the taste of it as it is generous with mince spicy pork. Spaghetti is cook to al dante. Goes well with wine or beer.

classic carbonaraEggcellent Carbonara @ RM 28. Simple and direct that will never go wrong. Tagliatelle, Smoked bacon, onsen egg, grana padano, white wine creme

wagyu burger in pj

Wah Gyu Brrr-gger @ RM 50. 200g wagyu patty, cheddar cheese, brioche bun,bacon,caramelize  onion.  Cook super  medium rare.wagyu burgerEnding our night with their signature Flaming Brownie @ RM 20

live band in pjMain highlight for the night is this famous Modern Jazz live band in PJ. I didnt know that they do have such a strong follower that one of my friend is also one of their fan. The combination of saxophone : Eddy, Keyboardist : Lee Peng and singer Celist voice is pretty amazing. No wonder they have such strong follower. They are here for the whole month of mid May to June 2022 on every Thursday. Do remember to book a spot!

madmen tropicana avenue

could this be one of the best live band bar in PJ? I think so as every day they do have different genre of band. Check them out here : MadMen Live Music, Wine & Beer


MadMen Live Music, Wine & Beer

PJ 01-17 & 18,

No, Lot P, 12, Persiaran Tropicana,

Tropicana Avenue,

47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 3pm–1am

Tel: 03-76606808

Previously I was recommended to try Omega Pork Noodle as one of a famous pork noodle shop in Kota Damansara, PJ. As one of my favourite is actually Ten Noodle which is just 2 rows away which is also selling Pork Noodle.

So it is kinda Ten Noodle vs Omega Pork Noodle and which is your favourite?omega pork noodle (3)Omega Pork Noodle  operate slightly different as the ambiance for here is certaily more comfortable with air condition. There is a purchase of 1 cup then you get to refill your favourite drinks or try different drinks at your liking at only RM 3.90
omega pork noodle menu

Price here is slightly more than Ten Noodle and with the difference, the portion here is also slightly bigger.

omega pork noodle side dish

There are some side dishes for you to choose .

omega pork noodle kota damansara

Here is my Omega Pork Noodle Soup and of course I add an egg. I add in all the spare parts and it is actually huge. Generous with ingredients and perhaps if you are really hungry, get one portion yourself. They have 2 sizes and mine is the regular. I cannot imagine the 1 in BIG! Starting from RM 9

Soup base is not as thick to my liking, however decent enough. I still like Ten Noodle over them. (individual preference) – however Ten noodle quality do drop compare to before MCO. To make it extra umph, I add on pork lard. Just too big and abit soggy. Can skip that next round.
best pork noodle in pjwhite curry meewhat caught my attention more is their Nanyang White curry Mee  starting  from  RM10.90. I order with vits noodle another additional RM 1 for this which I think can just sick to bee hoon and mee for my usual classic. I do like the soup base as it is slightly different from Penang white curry mee but the chili paste do make it a lot difference.

taste wise pretty spot on with its chili paste and just that on the saltier end side. 
penang white curry mee in pj

I would come here for their curry mee instead of pork noodle. 😀


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, not bad la!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Omega Pork Noodle Kota Damansara

1G, 1, Jalan PJU 5/4, Dataran Sunway,

47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 8am – 9.30pm

Tel: 0196060118

this is one of a cafe in PJ that i snot easy to find. Feeling plus Cafe is located in this building 5th Place in Damansara. It is a refurbish building that certainly give my uni days vibe. Feeling + is one of the latest hype or maybe 3 months ago for this.

feeling + cafeIt is a small cafe and do prepare to queue. Came here for meeting on weekdays so it is not too bad.

feeling plus cafe

feeling plus cafe menuFeeling + menu is very direct. Coffee, toasties and others. That’s all.

cafe in pj 2022


new cafe in pj


cafe in pj

Coffee here is pretty good. Not too acidic yet the aroma notes is pretty strong and filled with layers. Coffee is pass. The guy at the counter recommended their signature Twice Fried Chicken Sando @ RM 29. Twice fried chicken with corn and nori slow. pickeled onion, milk bread

Nothing to shout about as could be Japanese style and it is on the high price point

feeling +

french toast

It had been long time that a french toast that caught my attention. Feeling + French Toast @ RM 26. milk Bread, Caramel sauce, banana, blueberries, lemon cream cheese and crush pistachio. If you are here, you can consider order this. The caramel is not too sweet yet goes well with the rest of banana and milk bread. Goes well with coffee.

best cafe in pj

feeling plus

To come here, look for this building Five Place in Damansara. Over the food is okay la. Food also okay la. Come here for grab and go coffee is pretty recommended.

Can be access via MRT Semantan station, just right next to it.

*Pork FREE

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, okay la good pun but expensive! Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk–

feeling+ cafe
A-1-01, 5th Place,
The Five Block A,
Kompleks Pejabat Damansara,
Jalan Dungun, 50490 KL

Operating Hours: 8.30am – 5pm

So right now, seems that everyone is out for cafe hunting after locking at home too long. I was lucky to visit dou dou bake at ss4, PJ for non crowded session. I was told that there was a crazy queue previously as early as 7am and to wait for a seat in the cafe will take 1-2 hours. Luckily I got mine within 10 minutes.

best coffee in pj

doudoubake in Taman Rasa Sayang, PJ is run by this famous 2 fellow: The man behind Three Little Birds Coffee and Artisan Roastery has teamed up with three-time Malaysian Barista Champion Keith Koay (2016, 2018 and 2020) to open the design-forward Dou Dou Bake.

this raw industrial cafe is sure my thing as I have always love this kind of design cafe. Cement bar counter with wood element. then with huge side glass panel to get natural lighting in.

dou dou menu

dou dou bake is famous for their signature sourdough croissant and some other pastries. Their pastries will be keep replenishing and changing once its sold out. The only remain is their signature croissant.  If you are looking to dine in , you can check out their menu.

best croissant in pj

brunch in pj

Tadaaa my order.I guess I over order.

  1. Sourghdouhg croissant @ RM 10
  2. Raisin @ RM 10
  3. lemon tart @ RM 12 (if i remember correcftly)
  4. spice bread
  5. Long Black @ RM 10 – nice aroma beans, first few sips is fragrant yet non acidice. nice body. If you leave it too long it become too acidic.
  6. Latte @ RM 13

dou dou bake croissant

Signature sourdough croissant is flaky and crispy top, yet inside is airy.



Love the coffee beans blend it it. Not acidic yet very fragrant with hint of chocolaty end. Enjoying every sip of it.


find that their “Dou Dou Bun” @ RM 20 : chef choice of bun, turkey ham, egg and cheese. It is something simple and spot on.

best cafe in kl

dou dou bake cafe could be one of the best cafe in Pj? well, I shall leave it to you to decide as many regard them as one of the best. I will certainly come back for their coffee and pastries.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, great coffee and some pastries -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

38, Jalan SS 4c/5,
Taman Rasa Sayang, 47301
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: Tuesday, 7:30am–7pm

tel: +601169635817

I am sure now many of you have heard about this ice cream Creme De la Creme as the have been continueing making buzz over the months. With their constant awesome collaboration with a few big brands, bring a notch up their flavour profile also. For month of April and May CLDC at Uptown Damansara is collaborating with My Melody and Little Twin Stars.

cdlc uptown damansara

the outlet had transform into the theme to suit the collaboration. With kids and adults who know’s them went yaya over the ice cream and taking lots of pictures around the area.


Pick your spot as they nearly every corner is photo spot.  Do go in daylight, as the area is more colourful.

My Melody & Little Twin Stars

ice cream in kl

Here you go, their special seasonal hand crafted gâteaux ice cream. all is so cutE!

famous ice cream kl

Even in their ice cream series, they do have 2 special flavour created for the collaboration.

ice cream in pj

Izint the center piece of gâteaux looks like one of our childhood candy?

cdlc (9)

cdlc (10)

My Melody🐰 & 🌟Little Twin Stars🌟 

It is quite a limited creation per day as these few are easily sell out.  As these 3 comes in a huge distinctive combination of flavours.

cdlc (11)

My Melody 2.0:🐰🌸 @ RM 20
Fondly named after My Melody herself, this ultra-cute🥺 petite gâteau is a Licklalicious🤤 combination of high-grade Oolong ice cream, raspberry sorbet🍧, passionfruit curd🍮 & white chocolate🍫

For refreshing piece, I find that the guie layer is sourish with passionfruit curd in side and white chocolate is a great combinnation.

cdlc (12)

Land of Stars:☁️✨ @ RM 28

Paying homage to the birthplace of Little Twin Stars💖💚, this is too pretty & picture-perfect to devour! Fill with components like strawberry🍓 compote, cream cheese🥯 ice cream, blueberry basil🌿 sorbet, pecan crumble🍪 & white chocolate🍫

This definitely have its own unique flavour profile. A bit of savoury + sweet as some of you might find it confusing but I find a clever combination. Hint of saltiness from cream cheese with blueberry basil sorbet is unique but top with nice bit of pecan crumble is great!

cdlc (13)

Guiding Star @ RM 20

Given to Lala💖 by her father, her guiding star wand guides the Little Twin Stars on their journey & when waved in a circle, snacks🍦will appear. Here, it comes in the form of refreshing coconut🧉ice cream, coconut🌴 sorbet, caramelized pineapple🍍assam sorbet, pineapple tropical compote, almond crumble🍪, & white chocolate🍫

If you are hitting more for beach tropical note, then Guiding star it is. Coconut tate is quite prominent with hint of pineapple, one thing I like about this is the unique flavour of asam sorbet brings it to next level.

cdlc (14)

This is cute as this was their Esther special edition. Limited time only. Every servings comes with a mini hammer for you to break the egg. find the treasure in it.

cdlc (15)

cdlc (16)

Ice Cream also seperates in 2 huge flavour profile.
Little Twin Stars: 💖💚
A Fantasy-like ice cream that tastes like a beautiful🤩 dream💭 come true! To create the magical🔮 colour palette of 🌟Little Twin Stars🌟, we used ONLY 💯% natural ingredients such as butterfly🦋 pea, lychee, peach🍑 & Madagascar🇲🇬 vanilla.

If you prefer flavour which is lighter then Little Twin Star to go after. Smooth and nice flavour after taste of lychee and Madagascar vanilla.

My Melo’s Pound Cake:🐰🍰
Inspired by My Melody’s love for Almond Pound Cakes🧁, this licklicious🤤 ice cream is hand crafted with almond🐿 ice cream swirled with candied🍭 almonds, home baked🧑🏻‍🍳 almond pound cake🎂 & gooey🍯 chocolate🍫 ganache.

This will be perfect for you dessert cravings. After you enjoy your great dinner then you want something chocolate to hit on your palate, then you can grab a scoop and walk off with this. It is dense and yet quite satisfying end.

cdlc (19)

In for a weekend treat with your friend yet weather is hot! then order either 1.

Omoiyari Star:💫☄️
Found only on the Dream Star Cloud☁️, this highly-instagrammable📸 & refreshing concoction of lychees, mango🥭 , blueberries , peach🍑 & other secret ingredients will definitely leave you starstruck🤩!

Celebrating the iconic colour of My Melody🌸 is this pretty-in-pink💓 thirst-quencher of pink💗 peach🍑 sorbet, homemade strawberry🍓 compote & a dose of zest⚡️.

Look at the ice, that have the character also.

cdlc (17)


coffee latte

If you are the non-sweet person and want to get your coffee fix, they have 2 options. Cafe Latte or Sweet Potato for your choices.

cdlc (20)


cdlc ice cream

If you have a choice of 1 each, then my personal favourite are as below:

  1. Ice Cream : Little Twin Star
  2. Gateaux : Guiding Star
  3. Cafe Latte: quite strong in taste to my liking

Now till 31 May ONLY at our below havens:
📍Uptown Damansara (Flagship)
🕙 Mon – Thurs: 11.30am – 10pm
🕚 Fri – Sun: 11.30am – 11pm
📲 012-281 5123

📍 CDLC Mont Kiara
🕙 11am – 10pm
📲 017-317 0823

Currently there is this big crazy hype on the biggest Starbucks Reserve coffee in Kl. Sorry I mean Starbucks Coffee PJ, that is currently operating in Tropicana Gardens Mall. A new mall in Kota Damansara.

best single origin coffee

Since they are the biggest Starbucks reserve, of course must order Starbucks Reserve coffee to see what’s the difference.

biggest starbucks reserve 1

You can sit at the bench to take nice picture. A  nice contract of white marble with a bit of aqua pale green as a back wall. then sit and watch all the coffee process that they are making for other customers. For me it was super full house hence I only manage to find a side table. Enjoy from far lo.

starbucks reserve menu

They have 2 different counter. Starbucks Reserve counter or the normal drinks counter.

starbucks reserve


If you are early enough, sit at the round table with direct sunlight beaming thru the glass before 11am.

biggest starbucks reserve

cafe in pj

coffee in pj

drip coffee


indeed this is a comfortable Starbucks place.


Merchandize also got Starbucks Reserve. Sorry la, I dont realy go Starbucks.


starbucks merchandise

hand pour coffee

My coffee in the making. with nice aroma. We were recommended in 2 different single origin beans. Panama best to have it in hot and Costa Rica best to have it ice.

I love both equally lots as it gives both different after taste aroma. Single origin Panama gives you a bit dark chocolaty end. Single Origin Coasta Rica is mild and subtle.

single origin coffee

starbucks cakes

starbucks reserve (1)

since here, pattern sikit lo. not much people already.

starbucks reserve (2)

starbucks reserve (3)

starbucks reserve (4)

tropicana gardens mall

Good luck for your visitation to this outlet. As currently be prepare to queue to go in. however the queue is not that bad. We were like 10 minutes? Lucky us, but we were here for early coffee at 10.15am. Best cafe in Pj to visit? ambiance and single origin.

Starbucks Reserve
Lot G-22 (West Walk), Ground Floor2A,
Tropicana Gardens Mall
Persiaran Surian, Tropicana Indah,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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