I am sure that there area few cafe in Puchong that is quite well known. I was there for a meeting then decided to check out what kind of cafe is around the area. Buranchi 日西式早午餐 at Bandar Puteri is one of a well known cafe in this neighborhood. They are offering Japanese  menu.

Buranchi (1)

If you are here during lunch time, be prepare to queue during this CMCO. Small space with limited seating’s during this covid-19.

Buranchi (2)

Their all menu is magazine type . . . .

Buranchi (3)

Buranchi (4)

Buranchi (5)

This is one of the item that caught my attention. I called it the Japanese Porridge. Clear broth topped with wakame, bonito flakes and saba at the side.

Buranchi (7)

Fresh ingredient and indeed cook to perfection. Something simple and nice where the fish skin is crips and meat is soft

Buranchi (8)

add in the broth and just eat it. You can taste the clarity of the soup, wakame which give a bit of mild fresh grassy taste.

Buranchi (14)

japanese food in kl

japanese food in puchong
Buranchi (9)

try out their French Toast. nothing to shout about.

Buranchi (12)

Buranchi (13)

matcha latte is pretty decent. Thick and creamy.

Consider a Hidden cafe in Puchong that it is located quite deep in Bandar Puteri. Maybe a cafe in Pj to visit? Puchong I mean.

72A, Jalan Puteri 5/5,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,

Operating Hours: Daily 830am-530pm.

Tel: 012-330-2506 is one of a convenient store that is spreading massively across Malaysia. I have seen them evolve alot over past few years and with the latest by adding fresh food into their selected bigger outlets. Adding bento box, sandwich, onigiri and a few others as their quick grab and go section that is delivery fresh daily.

MyNews (6)

with this, now they are running a promotion on every Tuesday (Bento) and Thursday (Onigiri) for ONLY RM1 . What you need to do is only to download their App through Playstore or Appstore.

MyNews (7)

MyNews (8)

MyNews (9)

MyNews (10)

MyNews (11)

MyNews (12)

MyNews (2)

In selected outlets, they have also introduce their fresh bakery section known as Maru Bakes. You can grab their produce that is delivery daily to the outlet.

MyNews (3)

As I look through the rack, it is quite an extensive bread range and I ask the lady at the counter to introduce me their best seller. Pandan Kaya Bun @ RM 2.90. is their best seller and also the lady’s favourite and decided to grab one. Also she recommended Onion Cheese Bun @ RM 2.90.

MyNews (5)

MyNews (4)

New folder

Also another surprise. The bread turns out better than expected.

MyNews (13)

As for the spaghetti, you can reheat at the hot food section and recommend timing is at 2minutes. Will come out pippin out and handle with care. Was told even that I do not have to remove the cling wrap. Can put it in all together.

MyNews (15)

Was recommended again by the lady that her favourite is Spicy Belado Spaghetti @ RM 10.90. To my suprise this turns out to be quite good. A local twist that is punch with spicy (not too spicy) that is just nice for a lunch meal. Spaghetti is not soft nor too hard even after microwave 2 minutes. Pretty good though and for RM 1 promotion lunch. Can definitely grab a few.

MyNews (16)

MyNews (17)

MyNews (21)

MyNews (18)

For onigiri @ RM 4.90 with their Thursday special promo with app is only at RM 1. One of my favourite. Fresh seaweed wrap and cream cheese did not overpower. A perfect simple quick bite for me. I constantly make it take away whenever I take KLIA 2 flights.

MyNews (20)

MyNews (22)

Download their app and enjoy their latest news and promotion. Best of all you get to collect massive points now.

MyNews (14)

More info can refer to their FB page:

Nam Heong Ipoh had become one of a home brand that me and my friends do know about especially when it comes to visit Ipoh. Famous for their coffee and egg tart. However, over the years, they have spread their wings around Klang Valley and with their latest Nam Heong outlet in 1 Utama into their latest addition.

Good news is that Just flash this discount code MLINGTFL or screen shot to get 10% discount

Nam Heong (1)

I still remember, I came across their first outlet when I was paying a visit in Da Men. On the first day of opening till a year later, they had drawn consistent huge crowd. Since then, the brand had been growing steadily over the years.

Nam Heong (2)

Nam Heong (3)

As for this month, they are running a roadshow and if you stumble upon this little fair right at their outlet, do participate and enjoy. There are 2 machines with criteria below:

Base on a receipt value, if your dining receipt is RM 100:

  1. RM 10 per clip / to catch a bear and to exchange a gift (you get to play 10 times)
  2. RM 20 per clip / (you get to play 5 times)

the difference between these 2 are only the premium prizes. AS like RM 20 per credit / exchanges of prizes are as below:

Nam Heong (4)

There are other games station too. Do scout the special appearance of both mascot that represent the owner.

Beats Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones – The Beats Skyline Collection – Midnight Black
XiaoMI Xiaomi  Folding Electric Bicycle
Macwheel Macwheel 36V 10.4AH Electric Foldable Bicycle Bike
Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) Bluetooth  SM-R800NZSAXME
G-Shock Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary BIG BANG BLACK GA-735A-1AJR Limited Edition (JAPAN SET)
G-Shock Casio G-Shock Rangeman Triple Sensor GW-9400DCJ-1
SOLVILetTITUS Classicist Multi-Function Mechanical Leather Watch (Case Size: 34.5mm)
Tiffany & Co. Double Loving Heart Bracelet ( 7’inch)
Ipad Mini 4 Gold-128gb
Nintendo Switch Add-on (Switch Lego Marvel super Heroes Game)
LG TV LG Smart UHD TV-55′

Nam Heong (5)

nam heong

check out their roadshow and when you are there, do have fun with the game machine.

Nam Heong (6)

Nam Heong (7)

Nam Heong (8)

a place where you get to enjoy the taste that is similiar to Ipoh with quite a wide range of food. With Nam Heong Egg Tarts & Signature Chicken Sou are their best seller.

Nam Heong (9)

Nam Heong (10)

Egg on toast

Nam Heong (11)

Their signature Cham Coffee, 1st cup is Nam Heong Ipoh White Coffee, 2nd Vintage Nan Yang Coffee C, 3rd Cham and my usual order is their Nam Heong Ipoh White coffee if you love a flavour with a punch.

Nam Heong (12)

Not to miss out their  President Toast

Nam Heong (13)

Nam Heong (14)

Didnt know that now they have rice series too. Sweet and sour Pork rice

Nam Heong (15)

Nam Heong (24)

To my surprise, their Signature Chicken Rice turns out to be pretty good. Rice is fragrant and Chicken is just right.

Nam Heong (25)


Nam Heong (16)

Nam Heong Chicken Hor Fun

Nam Heong (17)

For some changes of flavours, you can try out their Signature Dry Asam Curry Noodles. A unique taste of salty and curry with sourish from lime.

Nam Heong (18)

Ipoh Caramel Egg Custard

Nam Heong (19)

Red bean soup

Nam Heong (26)

For sharing for dessert, Mix Fruit Ice

Nam Heong (20)

Nam Heong (21)

A comfort place to for coffee and toast.

Check out on their store locator here. 

Nam Heong
IOI City Mall
Lebuh IRC, Ioi Resort,
62502 Putrajaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

At times we are just too lazy to drive all the way to KL for certain occasions and just wish to find some where near for nice dining. MONTT Restaurant & Bar located in Puchong Utama is one of a restaurant and bar that you can look forward to.

Mont (1)

Ambiance that had been done up tastefully luxury for Puchong neigbourhood. Ample of parking space and Valet available for those of you whom wish to park right at the door step.

Mont (2)

A restaurant that seperates into a few sections, with ground floor as the dining area, secnd floor as the cigar and wine, and 3rd floor is their private function rooms or private dining.

Mont (3)

Mont (4)

Variety of wine that could be pick up here and there are a bottle of wine from Spain that is exclusively bottled for them. Limited quantity available only.

Mont (5)

Mont (6)

Mont (7)

For lunch today, we are tasting off with food pairing. Starting off with Sake Echigozakura Nihonshu Love this sake as it is easy to drink, and definitely pairs well with Chilled Capellini .Bring up the light taste of mild bursting salty fish roe and balance up truffle oil to give a nice floral finishing.

Mont (8)

Mont (9)

Grill tiger prawn is fresh and paired with Misha’s Vineyard – Riesling. The acidic lemon onto the grill prawn bring up the gril prawn taste and end with a nice smooth chilled reisling. White and seafood, never goes wrong.

Mont (10)

This Roasted Half Young Chicken  is done to perfection. Sous Vide the chicken for a few hours, then put into slow grill in oven had made the chicken juicy inside out. Pairing with paired with Dogajolo Toscano Rosso IGT (Italy) which give you a hint of sourness from red balance off the juicy chicken.

Mont (11)

Lets head to something more pungent – Dukkah Spiced Lamb Rib. This is the limited edition wine that specially bottled for Montt Restaurant – Corona de Aragon Reserva Especial 2014 as each bottle of wine are labled with numbers. The wine need to breath for a while or at least 20-30 minutes as the difference of taste is quite prominent. First sip is like shiraz, mild with end spicy note. However if breath long enough, it had become a nice dry wine, that give you smooth body finishing.  Paired with their chef special pork ribs.

Balance it off with prata bread, sour cream and apple salad. A great combination of flavour.

Mont (12)

Mont (13)

For dessert fans, their dessert would be their star highlight. Nice craft and well presented. Peanut Butter Mascarpone mould to perfection, as for it to hold in such sphere shape, ingredient and temperate must be right. If not the whole dessert will just fall apart. Love the creaminess, bitter and end alcohol taste of this. Tiramisu fans, this is a must order item.

Mont (14)

Mont (15)

Their Strawberry Lychee mousse is pretty impressive too. Look at the temper of white chocolate and twirl. That needs skills. A cup that is carefully assemble and inside of it is soft, and slightly wobbly. By looking at it, you knew that it is build from scratch and it is freshly made.

Mont (16)

Those of you hate to travel all the way down to KL yet want to dine and drink in piece, Montt Restaurant and Bar would be one of a good options for you Puchong Folks. Could be one of your destination for a wine bar in Puchong too.

The new dishes got rolled out on 15th March onwards.

Montt Restaurant and Bar
23, Jalan PPU 2A,
I-32 Puchong Utama,
Industrial Park, 47100
Puchong, Selangor

Operating Hours:
Mon – Sat : 3pm – 12am
Sun : 11am – 12am

Tel: 012-969 9230

After heavy drinking a night before, on the  next day, Foo Hing Dim Sum is one of the recommendation to hunt for dimsum. Apparently that, my friend, May told me Fong Hing Dim Sum is her favourite place for dim sum and currently one of the famous dim sum place in Bandar Puteri,Puchong.

Foo Hing Dim Sum (1)

Foo Hing Dim Sum (2)

Foo Hing Dim Sum (3)

I am surprise on the place is pack with people and to take number to queue for a table.

Foo Hing Dim Sum (4)

There are tons of tarts and only was told they are very famous for their Portuguese egg tart.

Foo Hing Dim Sum (5)

Menu seems very direct and simple and felt that there are limited choices.

Foo Hing Dim Sum (6)

Best of all is that the server will still bring a tray of items for you to choose, instead of the typical cart moving around. Still alright as it is definitely much better than self service.

Foo Hing Dim Sum (7)

Foo Hing Dim Sum (8)

This is Foo Hing’s signature Macau style Portuguese egg tarts @ RM2.50 per piece. Look at the texture and crust at the side that you can still see layers of crips. Soft and fragrant in the middle and it is worth to take away. A dessert must have after your dim sum – Recommended! 

Foo Hing Dim Sum (12)

The rest are not too bad as their chicken feet is good, pack with flavour and soft to my liking, Siew mai, pai kuat, xiao long bao is good.

Foo Hing Dim Sum (9)

Not a big fan of this but the crust do have buttery taste which is not too bad. Char siew filling in there is slightly dry for me.

Foo Hing Dim Sum (13)

Foo Hing Dim Sum (11)

Not the best dim sum place as my expectation kinda different but then overall it is a place that can pay a visit as the pricing is affordable, not over price and ingredient seems decent. Will I be back? I dont mind to come back again.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, dim sum place not bad la !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Foo Hing Dim Sum House (富兴点心屋)
31G, 33G, 35G, Jalan Puteri 2/6,
Bandar Puteri Puchong

Tel: 03-8060 0546

Operating hours: 7am – 3pm

Fried Chicken is our most common food in Malaysia. Being one of our favourite brand, Texas Chicken now launched a new range of New Big Deals which is light meals starting from RM 3.80.

texas chicken (2)

Certainly it is good for someone whom is light eater or quick meals. Sometimes, I would prefer something light and these certainly would be a great options.. There are 6 choices for us to choose from:

Each of it have 2 choices. Starting from:

texas chicken (3)

texas chicken (4)

Japanese Roasted Sesame Rice Bowl @ RM 5.80 Crunchy chicken tenders with roasted sesame dressing, served over diced tomatoes, onions, shredded lettuce and fluffy fragrant rice.

texas chicken (5)

Spicy Korean Bowl @ RM 5.80 Chunky chicken tenders, drizzled with sweet and spicy sauce and sesame seeds. Layered on top of diced tomato, shredded lettuce and fluffy fragrant rice.

texas chicken (6)

Out of my expectation, rice are pretty good for the kind of price that they are offering. At RM 5.80 per bowl, I certainly I have no complain over it. Among the 2, Spicy Korean bowl will be my prefer option as gives me the hint of spiciness that I like. Japanese rice is not bad too as it is slightly more creamy from the sesame sauce.

texas chicken (7)

texas chicken (8)

Spicy Thai Porridge @ RM 5.30 Warm porridge with tender chicken chunks, topped with crispy tomyum flavoured potato flakes

texas chicken (9)

Chicken Porridge @ RM 5.30 Tender chicken chunks, garnish with sesame oil, spring onions, crispy fried onions and thinly sliced chilli. This turn out to be better than what we expected. For a chain to offer a bowl of pippin hot porridge, is quite good. This was the first bowl to finish.

texas chicken (10)

Japanese Mash Bowl @ RM 3.80 Chicken tenders topped with roasted sesame dressing and spring onions.

texas chicken (11)

Spicy Korean Mash Bowl @ RM 3.80 Chunky chicken tenders, with sweet and spicy sauce. Drizzled with mayo and sesame seed stop a bed of creamy mash.

texas chicken (12)

texas chicken (13)

It is now available at all Texas Chicken outlets. When your friends opt for their favourite fried chicken, you now can opt for something smaller in size.

texas chicken (14)

Whenever you purchase their set with drinks, it always comes with free flow and I always aim at their Southern Sweet Tea.

texas chicken (15)

Together with their 3 piece chicken, I will never miss out on their famous honey-butter biscuits too. One of these items is a must-have.

texas chicken (16)

For more updates, please visit:

  1. Texas Chicken Malaysia Website –
  2. Texas Chicken Malaysia Facebook Page –


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