Last week, when I was walking around KLCC and decided to check on the Converse shop to see if there is any nice pair of shoe as I have been looking for quite some time already. When I was at Hong Kong could not find any pair that I liked.

So as my old Converse already very koyak already(by the side, back, front – even open flower) so got no choice have to really really get 1 in a very short time. Been wearing it like since 2005.

As I was looking around in the shop and I was browsing around starting from the top shelves. Then I directly spotted this pair. The color is more outstanding than the rest and I like it a lot. It was love at first sight..keke. Then requested to try it on. Turns out, that I like it a lot, directly bought it. It cost RM159
After wearing it for a week, only realize that I purchase the wrong size. The pair that I tried was size 11 and the 1 that I bought is size 12. So no choice have to wear it. Like it a lot.

Talk about standout in life, it is like a challenge for me. I am a person who do not really like to be infront of friends or people. I am the one who is always behind them but the always behind them, most of the time I turn out to be the noticeable by people. Part of it is I am not so tall, that always got spotted easily in mall, park and other public area.

My friends always treat me very crazy to be come center of the spotlight. When walk in the mall, they never really walk to me and talk to me, when they saw me, they shouttttttttt my name from 3rd floor to 1st floor or from one end to another end. Ended up alot of public ppl know my name and the got shock like what’s going on. There am I, 1 step ahead of embarrassment and to be noticeable by ppl.
I have a group of crazee friends that always take me as a laughing stock which till to date I still remember clearly during my 1st foundation year in college. It was final day to choose Prom king and queen in that event. 70% of the college students were there and suddenly during half of the session, one of my stupid friend started to yell my name where I am just sitting 5 rows behind them. Started by 1 yelling, then poison a few, and becomes a few yell my name every time a guy walked out, and my name become like in the competition of yelling as my bestie group was infront yelling, turns out to be another group that I know from diploma group also started to yell from the back.
From that moment, every 1 start think who is this guy and start to search for me. I was sitting with embarrassment that my name turns out to be even more famous than the participant walking catwalk to show their best. A contestant sing, My name is out. A contestant walking out catwalk, my name is out. A contestant dancing, my name were shouted. Turns out to be at the near end of the session, the emcee announce whoever by the name please stand up and I have to briefly intro myself to everyone. So I guess this is one step ahead to be Standout!
When my friends introduce their friends to me, the most comment phrase I would get is, ‘Hi, nice to meet you, but you sure do look familiar.’ My answer would always be, my face is very pasar face, too common.. so wherever you go, there are ppl like me.
I am always the laughing stock of ppl and I am comfortable with that, as I know, they remember me. The one that always do silly things. Currently I am trying to break through to be standout among my friends. Yell, I would yell the loudest. Dressing weird, would want to be the weirdest. Weird pictures always standout. Dance the most geli. That is what I usually do.
Therefore, I would want be Standout on the party~

It has been a while that I wanted to post this and after watching Confession of Shopaholic and I decided to do so.

This are a few things which I really hate or damm piss me off! Not to all people but just that to those who fall into this category.

1) When you drive and you were in the hurry, and in EXPRESS lane is for those who wanted to go Expressssss…but some how god has created some bloody idiot to do that which is they drive on the express lane with the speed of 60-80km/h and you highlight them they are still just the same, a person who talk on the phone while driving slow on the express lane, and the most annoyed me was those ppl who own luxury cars like Merc,BMW,Lexus just think that the lane BELONGS to them. HEll to you guys~ (just happen on the road just now) The worst case that I saw yesterday was a kancil drinving in express lane with the son around 2-3 years old standing on behind passenger seat with proper caring and drive on express lane for the speed of 60km/h. WTF with the kids jumping around here and there. What a people. Because of this idotic people, accident might happen. Please lah!~ be more considerate. driving slow please move in.!!!

2) Hate ppl tat being late especially Malaysian’s. It has been a damm bad habit among all my friends. Never on time yet being late for another hour. Saying coming out from the house yet can still listen to the water dripping sound or your room mp3 in a very soft mode as the background. For girls, you are being advantage but please just do not practise the habits. I always expect ppl to be punctual yet guys are acceptable of 10-15 mins late. As being for gurls 30-45 mins is acceptable once in a while. I am a very patient guy but when comes to this, it is a challenge for me.

3) Hate those middle age guys especially from 32-50 years old like my DAMM bloody ex company GM. Know how to talk but do not know how to act. In that kind of situation I just believe that anyone could just replace him even you as the person who is reading this now! Which I claim his as do not have such a big butt, please la do not sit on such a big chair. CRAP!!!
Look down on those guys which always proclaim that we are losers when working, do not have future, yet talk about how good you are when have a soft chat with you and at the back criticize how bad you are. 1. Chui Sui Lou. 2)Two face. What a manager or what a GM. What a politic!

4) Hate guys that never keep their promise as what they meant or deliver. As a guy, I do think that it is a sad case as they are such a alienated creature

– They can just promise you to deliver this task and that task and in the end its F.O.S (full of SHIT). Which end up you have to clean their shit mess during work or any other kind of situation when you encounter.

– Guys that are in relationship always never fufill what they have promise to their the other
half. Saying things that never meant in the heart. Like you can go and mix with your friends with a smiley face yet in the heart keep cursing and being uneasy. WTF! You have agreed
upon on it and guys, please keep your promise. It is bad to hurt your the other half. Again, never keep a promise is like promise a kid to buy something thing and they are filled with hope and never fulfill it.(This was my mistake in my past relationship -I have grown and accepted my mistake and will try to improve it in my upcoming relationship if there is 1)

5) Hate guys being so emotional especially guys with career around 30-50. Please grow up or change sex. You are a man yet you being like a women. Please change to be ah kua or go to Thailand to change it permanently. Especially my ex GM. (seriously) and some guys around me. Damm….I just do not know what to say to you guys. It is okay like once in a while but so often it till like you are just a like a women in a man’s body. For gurls, no comment, created like that since from the beginning. Not all are like to that extreme.

If god could make those changes to a perfect one, I think it can be just very peacefull or more comfortable to be with around them but then again they are there just to make our day more wonderfull(indirect meaning)!~ *grin

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